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NCO20 – Ethics; Leadership; Decisions

2002-07-07  Ethics; Leadership; Decisions

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group #20

Topics: Ethics and Morality in Community Building
Accountability of leadership
Global ethics and global morality
Leadership with an ethical base
Ethical base must match operational base
Political power
Making higher-minded decisions
Individual empowerment
Co-creative healing of Urantia
Making critical decisions
Raising the bar
Survive and thrive to soul capacity
Praise for the Archive Project
IC02 Conference Highlights
Suggestions for next two conferences
Positive growth in Urantian community
Living your principles and values

Teacher: Rayson (TR Daniel)

July 7, 2002

Daniel: For those who are new, has anyone explained the merkaba to you? There is a merkaba energy shaft in the middle of this room, which was dedicated here quite a few months ago. It is similar in nature to the shaft of energy that is in each one of us, but larger and it is maintained by consciousness. Its energy can be directed by our mind energy to those who need it, to situations, to environments, and so I ask you now to hook up to the merkaba, consciously; your shaft of light and energy touching it on the north and south poles. And as you do this, the merkaba energy becomes larger in this household. It’s kind of like looking at an axis through a globe; the globe has longitudinal and latitude lines. Now I ask each one of you to declare your “intent” for being here. Invoke Christ Michael’s energy to accomplish that intent, according to His will.

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. Let us now continue this silence and let us have a period of rest in the silence, the stillness, as you prepare for the inward listening that each one of you are capable of and already receive. (Long pause.) Prepare to bring your awareness to the center, please.

So my friends, you have been to a conference!

Group: Yes, indeed!

RAYSON: It was wonderful to be there with you, to observe everyone who was participating and to see the camaraderie and love and the energy. Did you notice that this conference was energetically a bit different from the last?

Group: Yes. Definitely.

RAYSON: Mortals and “we” have been attempting to soften the intellectual energy of that group, to open the Heart Energy. Mercy and justice are in some ways intellectual, but compassion is heartfelt. And this is a wonderful place to begin. Did you also notice that there were various lines of interest at the conference, where there were fewer in the past?

Student: Yes.

RAYSON: Some of you see this as a community that is “fractured,” but not really. You see, the Correcting Time is working to use all potential leaders to bring their voice to this forum. The Urantia Book is more than just a book, a reference and an index, but it is filled with people who have various interests besides the intellectual. It is one thing to make an intellectual commitment, a commitment out of minded decision; it is quite another decision to make a commitment that is also heartfelt and committed from the heart. And so, you have seen other interests come into this forum. And we are very encouraged by the tolerance that is given by the organizing group to the Teaching Mission and to the Sonship work of Rob Crickett. Not everyone is in agreement with all three, and some would exclude one group over another, and this is to be expected in a group community setting. This does represent a community. Some of you spoke of an interest of a repeat or a re-visitation of the high points of the session that was unrecorded Tuesday night. Is there an interest in that?

Student: Definitely, Rayson. Please. I appreciate your doing this.

RAYSON:  Let us work through this then from questions by you. We do not have an agenda for this item, and so we will respond to questions that you raise now. Please try to avoid global questions, as that would encompass the totality of what was missed, but rather speak to those issues that you remember and are important. You may begin, if you wish. (Short pause.) Or was it all really forgettable?

Student: It was about the first twenty minutes of your talk. Part of it, I am sure was just the preliminary encouragement for the Teaching Mission participants. But I think there were also some comments about the Urantia Movement as a whole, getting all of us to work together with less friction. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Student: You focused most on your emphasis on community building and accountability of leadership.

RAYSON: Is that a point of agreement?

Student: Yes.

RAYSON: You recall our discussion from our last TM meeting here in this location? Where we spoke of teaching ethics and morality and community building? And the educational setting? Truly, the delivery that was made Tuesday evening was a continuation of that at a much more practical level, in a larger setting of your national and global scope. As you move into community building, community building will go past that of the immediate neighborhood, into your local community, which may encompass several neighborhoods, and eventually to a city, a country setting, to cities, to whole regions, a state, and the globe.

This world is becoming a community of nations, and as such, requires global ethics and global morality. One must think and make decisions past those that effect you immediately, of yourself. The selfishness of individuals must be projected to the selfishness of the whole globe, where each is protected equally and each is given opportunity equally. The most central place one can make decisions without hindering others is when you make decisions for yourself. You can be selfish with your time, you can be selfish with your material goods and keep them unto yourself and hoard them if you wish, as long as those decisions only affect you and do not take away from others. But when you begin to make decisions that affect others, then your consciousness must include the consciousness of the ethical base that includes others, the whole community.

And when you have risen in your careers to become CEO’s, governors, presidents of nations, multi-national corporations, then your ethical base must be global in nature. For if it is not, you will see and find that it will come tumbling down and you will be left by yourself, once again. Oh yes, you may be enriched by a golden parachute or by an immense retirement, but with holding resources from those who have shared theirs with you will cause great harm. The leadership, not of tomorrow, but of today must be leadership with an ethical base that matches your operational base. When these are out of sync and do not match, then there will be difficulties.

As you raise yourself in organizational level, your ethics must match that level. A very clear example is the energy corporations. You have one that is called Enron, I believe, which is a very clear example of unethical, even immoral leadership; the manipulation of markets, of investors, shareholders and the market so that the market-share would be raised, the shares that would be sold would be raised, and then those who know about this information would sell their shares and let the corporate shell collapse, leaving millions of investors, shareholders at a loss. Those who are going to retire from a public education system, let’s say in California or other states, that have invested heavily in this corporation, these people are left with a loss. Their capacity to maintain themselves is much diminished and great harm is done through this. And you see that many have lost, and a few who knew what was going to happen, have benefited, having used the collapse of the corporation to their own benefit. This is an ethical standard that is destructive. It is not out of sync, it is simply destructive; it is inappropriate. It is not necessary that leadership be sacrificial, but simply leadership that leads, and is compensated accordingly and appropriately.

We are not talking about everyone becoming missionaries, going over seas and sacrificing their lives, but to make decisions that appropriately uphold the existence of others, cares for them. We also mentioned that your country is in for a bit of a shock. As you see the growth of the European economic-political unit growing in influence and political and economic power, the economic power and political clout of the United States will diminish. This is appropriate; this is natural; this follows the rules of economics and political development. Yet, will the United States continue to act independently as though it had no neighbors, as though it had no partners? Will its interests be selfish? Or will it be generous, kind, sharing, benevolent, partnering, in ways that it once did when it developed the Marshal Plan after World War II to assist the nations of Europe and rebuild the economy of Japan?

Can it rise to those standards once again? We know it is possible when people decide to make those decisions. It is possible when they make those choices that are higher in nature, and though the decisions being made now garner much power for the United States, this power is short-lived, and in the long run, in fact, detrimental to its very existence. On the other hand, were it to cooperate and see itself as an equal partner of equal players around the world, it would go far to influence other nations immensely and to garner tremendous economically favorable positioning for itself.

I offer you the metaphor of the eighth-grade bully playing on the school yard with the fifth-graders, pushing them around, making friends only because they want to survive by being friendly, and those who are not friendly, are beat-up or ignored, or given bad names. You have seen good examples of leadership this last week at the conference, where powerful individuals gave themselves freely to their fellow brothers and sisters in positions of leadership. Decisions are made by individuals, based upon their ethical standards, and that is a choice, too. Now, the aspect we wish to bring out is not so much bullies beating up other children or other nations, but to empower you to empower yourselves. We cannot do this work for you.

Yes, as you know from the Urantia Book, your Father could truly turn this world of torment into a world that is a paradise. But that would not provide those stalwart, strong, souls that are needed as Finaliters to help continue the building of the Universe. You Agondonters have a base of wisdom, experiential faith that is so valuable; but if you see yourself as powerless, then you cannot empower yourselves, and so, we are here to help you do that. And Michael could save your world by Himself, but it will be done co-creatively, and that is how your world will be changed. But co-creation cannot work if you do not participate, do not make the decisions that are higher-minded, and do not empower yourselves.

Whether you TR, whether you are a member of the Teaching Mission or not, you must live your life through the revelation that you see in it, through the guidance and the hand of Michael and Nebadonia working in your life, those choices that are before you. Your world will not be healed by Spirit alone, but co-creatively, and that requires decisions on your part. Even if you belong to no organization or support no group process, making higher-minded decisions by yourself will assist this co-creative process of healing your world.

When you make selfish decisions that work against the healing of your world, if you are a leader or a public figure, your modeling provides a model, an image, a role that others will try to emulate unconsciously. These selfish, error-ridden leadership models are tearing at the very fabric of your society today; it says that those who are in power can exercise their power selfishly and ignore their fellow brothers and sisters and their situations. How will you empower yourself? You will only empower yourself if you see yourself as powerful.

Student: Would I be taking you off track or distracting you if I ask a question? There was some concern expressed about one or two groups that try to foster personal transformation; they seem to sound benign and helpful, warm and…I forget the name of the second one, but they are actually subgroups under the cult of Scientology, and some Urantians expressed a concern about giving these groups free rein at a Urantia Conference. Would you care to comment on that?

RAYSON: Later, please. I would be glad to answer that, in time, today.

Student: Thank you.

RAYSON: Please remind me. Let us continue with self-empowerment using higher-minded principles and ethical base. Michael showed you this ethical base surely, did he not? And you have had many wonderful leaders come into your lives and your world since then, who speak well, who bring light to your world, who provide good examples. You live in a very political world, an adversarial society, one based on money. Even the medical profession is money based, and your services are provided accordingly. So, operating in this realm, in this way, you must provide yourselves with a process of assisting individuals to join together with others of like-mind, to become economically and politically powerful.

Now, we have discussed this at length for this meeting, knowing that we do not advocate contention or adversarial processes, but higher-minded decision -making by individuals to affect their world. Yet the Teaching Mission does not operate in a vacuum, and so the “processes of good,” must be there to work against the processes of darkness.

(I will not say “evil” because many of the processes in your world are economic and are not evil—they just happen to be very selfish.)

You must develop a process, which empowers shareholders—let us use that. Now it is impossible for thirty million shareholders to congregate at Enron’s Shareholders Meeting. There must be a more equitable, personal and favorable means to do so (and please note that I only use this corporation as an example, for there are many corporations who are using or have used those same accounting principles, too.) We are talking about an ethical accountancy. When your professional accountants compromise their ethics and practices, then much is wrong. Then the shareholders must come forward in concert to responsibly correct that problem and similar future problems.

Whatever process you use must be egalitarian in nature and not favor one interest group over another or one agenda over another, but seek the decisions of individuals. We have faith in the human mind. We have faith in the capacity of Adjuster indwelt individuals to make the decisions to rectify these situations, and to set up practices of accountability for executives and political leaders that are appropriate, valid, and supported—by not “just” a majority—but by an over-whelming majority of individuals of the organization, whether it is a corporation or a political entity.

[This is Daniel: I am really reluctant to proceed with the recommendation that was given last Tuesday night, where Rayson mentioned the manuscript that I have been working on for the last thirty years, since I came back from Viet Nam, titled: e-Democracy, the Development of Public Policy in the Next Step of Democracy for the 21st Century. {Available from Daniel at the cost of its production and mailing.} It sounds far too self-serving to include that here, and I have objected to that in discussions with Rayson and do not want to include that. Yet, it is a worthy document and I have no interest in making any money off of it, and I have in fact, disbanded the non-profit organization that supported it. So I am in a quandary, and I guess I’ll just leave this aside and ask that this be left here. I do not want to have a conflict of interest in this in any way at all because I think that it would compromise my integrity as a TR. (Pause.) Rayson is jabbering at me, saying, “Now that’s the higher minded decision we are talking about! I don’t know what to say.” ]

Student: “Nor do I know what to type!” (Laughing.) ;

[Daniel: “I don’t either.”]

[Note from transcriber: I decided to include this since the “cat was already out of the bag” at the conference, and I felt it was Daniel’s opportunity to explain his position on the subject, as he was feeling very uneasy with what transpired during his TR session. Remember, our Revelators like to use “human concepts” whenever they are available.]

RAYSON: This is Rayson, I think this is a good time for a brief break if you wish to leave the table for a bit and come back, you are most welcome to.

RAYSON: This is Rayson, please come to center once again and reconnect. (Pause) Thank you.

Let us shift topics. The topic that we have been discussing has more issues to it, but let us leave them for now. Let us return to the conference. What was its slogan?

Group: Revelation in Action.

RAYSON: We rather liked that! There are more revelations coming into being and in place and in peoples’ minds than most of you are aware. You are seeing greater change in organizations, their flexibility, such as the developments in the conference, than you’ve seen before. We would offer you two suggestions, “themes” for the next two conferences: One would be “Leadership in Action” and the other would be “Community in Action.”

We have been speaking about community and we have much more to say about that. We are very pleased that there is an “Archives” dedicated to the retention of the Teaching Mission transcripts. [ See also,]. Those of you who have organized this and established these two sites are a blessing to the future education of those who do not have benefit, direct benefit to these sessions. And these sessions cannot cover all topics that need to be covered, but must come from many sources and retained in a central depository.

Community building is essential to the survival of your world. Some nations do this better than others, and some locales and communities in the United States do this better than others. Even the simple camaraderie that you might find at a council meeting is evidence of community building, a willingness to cooperate, a willingness to participate equally with others, and invite those who have no voice to share theirs. The archival site is one example of “Revelation in Action;” something has gotten done! And as you know, the Teaching Mission’s primary function is to teach you. But, you can go to school all your lives and be well educated, but until you apply the principles that these lessons give you, to your life and to your environment, your community, then it is education for education’s sake. Somewhere, someone made a decision to develop the archive site and assumed responsibility for doing that.

We have given you the example of a child-rearing program that begins with the pro-creative couple before conception. We would like to see this made manifest. We would like to see leadership given to this topic by someone, someone who is willing to begin this on his or her own, and then join with other like-thinking individuals to develop this program. And with your wonderful electronic community that you have, you can do this very rapidly. And then, what do you do with this? Do you sit on it? Do you say, “That was a wonderful thing to do, a nice hobby,” and then take up something else? No, we wish you to then present this to others. Think of the leadership that is needed to develop the complete human education program for community building. We do not ask any one individual to take this on, but to take on a part of it. If you have a sense, a real sense of the child-rearing process and how to raise self-sustaining, moral and ethical individuals, you might want to consider this as a project.

And then, through your leadership, you may wish to present this topic at the next Triennial Conference. In three years, you could easily have materials in hand to teach the first part. The first part may sound very tight and small, but the education of the procreative couple before and during the time of gestation, nine months, could take you a lifetime to develop thoroughly. And what better time could one spend than to assist in the moral and ethical rearing of children—and their parents? There are almost none. You would be primary to the soul-building capacity of individuals who were touched by your teachings. Do you think this is a worthy task to take on? Do you have the technical skills to do this, whether it is the stenographic work, or the organizing the research, asking others to join independently and forming a working team to do this? What better and bigger contribution could you make to your world and to this growing Urantian Community, than to assist in the soul-growth development of individuals? There is almost no other goal that you could promote that would be larger than this. What a sacrifice, yet not a sacrifice, for in doing so you assist your own soul-growth. You must educate yourself in the morality and ethical standards of your society, and organize those, and then also pull them out of the Urantia Book and all it says about child rearing in the family.

Perhaps there would be another group who would take the era of infancy, let us say until nine months. Developmentally, what can you do to assist the child during those months that would have a positive effect upon the remainder of their life? And what can you do to assist the parent to assist the child during those months? This would also make a wonderful presentation and workshop at a conference, whether it is a triennial conference or any religious based conference; this is sellable material, and desperately needed. And then there is the next era of life, and the next one and so on. If you study the developmental eras of a human being, particularly in their growth eras, from before conception into and through adulthood, until death, there are distinct eras of growth throughout a lifetime, points where critical decisions must be made. Would it not be quite a conference to see presentations of this continuum? And would it not have immense influence upon your educational systems? Particularly the one at home.

We invite you to make this decision in the capacity, in the way that you can. Some of you have already made decisions about the next conference and you have only to put in place your commitments. Think upon these things, please. This is critical to you and your contribution. Some of you have wondered about the purpose of life and the meaning of life, and what you can contribute during your lifetime. There is much you can contribute, whether you are a farmer in Kansas or whether you are president of a corporation, a minister of a church, or an attorney in court. We ask you to raise the bar in your current status where you are. Though we can talk about the ethical, moral education, and spiritual education of your children, there is not much we can do to you or for you to assist in that developmental growth. But through these teachings and the Urantia Book, you can make decisions to commit to the guidance of your Thought Adjuster, or not.

And once having made those decisions, then you can raise the bar for where you are in your society. Whether it is as a teacher in a classroom, whether you belong to a council, whether you are a shareholder, stockholder, whether you are a trustee on a board, whether you are the mother of children, whether you work in the soup kitchens for those who are in need, you can raise the bar for higher standards of ethical behavior. And write those standards of accountability into your charters, and make the rewards commensurate to the behaviors of your leaders. If there is no punishment, if there is no withholding of privileges due to error-making decisions, then error-making decisions will always be selfish when those who are selfishly oriented are in those positions.

When you are in your retirement homes and your nursing homes, how do you wish to be cared for? When you assign your estate for your care, how do you wish to have those assets cared for? You see, in twenty to thirty years, you will be occupying those beds and those wheelchairs. Some of you will still be upright, walking on the decks of ships, basking in the sun on beaches, in lounge chairs; and some of you will not. In thirty years, children who are born now will be caring for you. What kind of decisions do you wish them to make, particularly those who are in responsible positions? I think, we think, we know ahead of time what you will decide and think about. You have a tremendous place of power in your society as individuals. You have only to empower yourself and to assist in the empowerment of others to make appropriate ethical changes in your society.

Think of the banners that you have had, the slogans for your conferences—Love in Action, Revelation in Action—how about “Trust in Action?” How would you see this as being acted out and how would you do that? As “trust” is predicated upon “feeling safe,” do what you need to do to feel safe in your society. We cannot and will not, do this for you, for there is no value in that; you must do it with us; but, we will do it with you when you decide to.

The second theme I mentioned was “Community in Action.” Six years from now, you may have many classes, discussion groups available in how to build an intentional community. Not a planned neighborhood, not a subdivision, but an intentional community based upon higher values in the continuum of life that you live, as children, as young adults, as procreative parents, as workers and productive individuals in your societies and in your factories, government, hospitals and industry and then as “retired individuals” who are winding down their years of productivity. We do not have an agenda for you, though we surely do have an agenda for ourselves, to educate you and teach you in these all-encompassing topics. We want you to not only survive, but to thrive, to grow and to fill your souls to the greatest capacity from having made those wonderful decisions, both of commitment and of service.

The Urantia Book, we have said repeatedly, is a wonderful living reference, a guide for living. You must make the plans for your life and your future based upon the principles that it contains. You must make decisions to take-on those values, those beliefs for yourself and live them out. And through this Correcting Time, this small mission, the Teaching Mission, we are striving to assist you, to educate you, in how to then take those principles and live them out in your lives. Michael has not left you bereft and in ignorance, but has provided his Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Christ Spirit is now in your hearts, in your lives. It occupies the same geography in your being as your Thought Adjuster. You are “partnered” by two wonderful Beings, present here. You will retain these Beings with you throughout your infinite journey. You are not alone; you have much guidance available to you. Open yourselves to their guidance, make decisions, take action, ask for more and it will be given to you. Now, your question, once again, please?

Student: As I mentioned, there was a question at the conference about the wisdom of including a presentation on the “Forum and Land Mark Education,” because, although these teachings seem very benign and even helpful initially, that the more people have progressed into this, the more they have found it leading to a kind of selfishness and having really detrimental effects, and it called into question the wisdom of allowing this kind of thing to be included in a Urantia Conference.

RAYSON: I understand. If a stranger came to your door, and you opened it cautiously, and the stranger stuck the toe of his shoe or his sandal in the door and said, “I wish to speak with you a moment.” What would you do? You’d say, “Let me close the door and look through the window to see who you are.” And when you looked through the door and you saw this “whole personage,” you could better make a decision, couldn’t you? And you would say, “Why are you here? What is your intention? ” For you would want to discover their real purposes before letting them into your house. Sometimes, they are very sincere and friendly, but their intent is otherwise. They may carry a book; they may carry an axe. You wouldn’t know, would you? You must discern why they are at your door. You must see their whole being; you must understand their mind and their beliefs and their ethical base, before you let them into your house. Will they educate your children well? Or will they carry them away? You do not know, so you must discover this.

So too, with this group and any other group that approaches your rather innocent Urantian community. You must be discerning. We cannot make those decisions for you, and we would not even suggest such a thing. You must make those decisions for yourself. So, knowing this, you must know more, correct?

Student: Correct.

RAYSON: Then go forward slowly, for once you make a decision, and they have arrived through your door, it is very hard to make that individual leave, once they are on the inside. Tread carefully; make your decisions carefully, and appropriately. It would also be unwise to leave those who are out in the cold who would want to visit, who are benign and benevolent and have something to contribute. Do not keep out all those who appear to be different, but discern who is appropriate and who can flow with your philosophies, your beliefs, and who is in agreement with your underlying principles, the words of Christ Michael during His bestowal, and the higher principles of the Urantia Book and your other sacred books. I do not make any suggestions regarding this individual organization, but would far rather give you overarching guidance considering all organizations, which approach you.

Student: Thank you.

RAYSON: You’re welcome.

Student: Rayson, you mentioned doing some educational work in terms of before a child is born, making a decision of whether to procreate or not. And you also mentioned giving that type of lesson at a conference. In some ways, that feels to me that would be “preaching to the choir.” I am not sure how the Urantia community would accept that type of information, and yet, the people who need it most, the people who do not want children, cannot afford to have them, or have them for the wrong reasons would be a better target group, but much more difficult to reach because they are not seekers.

RAYSON: A very good question and I appreciate that greatly. Yes, you would be preaching to the choir if you were trying to transform them, but see it rather as a place of validation for your out-reach programs. Do you understand?

Student: Yes.

RAYSON: What better place to get validation for higher minded educational processes and content than those who are reading this book, and who are in contact with the Celestials and Angels? There are few places you could go where you would find better validation. You see, the Urantia movement and the Teaching Mission movement are just the bud of the stem of Michael’s branches, and He is the root. And as you water the branches, the stems grow forward and the buds grow forward. Where do they reach to, back unto themselves? No, of course not. Some stems go forward into the light to receive more light, some bend down and touch the soil and become rooted once again to grow further; some bear fruit immediately. So in this case, these classes, these educational processes would be useful for the out-reach of both efforts, the Teaching Mission and the Urantia book. You see, there is more to produce than just more Urantia Books. There are other documents that must come out of this through minded, careful consideration and development.

Will you go forward to people saying, “This book will save you and your communities,” or will you say, “Here, apply these principles to your education. Think about these principles or thoughts before having children, and decide whether you want to have children or not.” And they read this material and say, “Where did you get this wonderful material?” And then, you can introduce your wonderful book, and your wonderful mission. You must feed people where they are, spiritually and socially, for that is also a developmental path and some are not ready to take on such a huge document, or even such a charismatic, ethereal, disconnected, non-material process as you see here in the Teaching Mission. Both are fairly unbelievable to those who are grounded in your society, but they can benefit greatly from good, ethical, materially oriented, decision-making materials.

Wouldn’t it be quite an adventure to have an arm of the Urantia movement that would be educationally oriented, which speaks of high values, yet does not promote itself; it speaks of basic principles of living, which does not say directly that it came from the life of Jesus. There are many in the world that are offended by the presence or the word of Jesus. Yet Hindus and those of the Muslim faith, adhere to ethical social practices and can make decisions about their own lives too, based upon these principles, these ethics, these decision-making issues, which all people must become involved in when they raise children, to maintain a society, to have a cooperative community.

The truth of the origin of these materials will eventually come out, and if they never do, yet enable people to make ethical, moral, and spiritually evolved decisions, then you have helped your world tremendously, and they have helped their soul immensely, to move on and survive in a world that is difficult, where soul survival is always in jeopardy. You who have begun this path can take that for granted: It IS. Continue to make ethical and moral decisions and you will survive. For those who do not know this path, it is always in jeopardy. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it gives me a lot to think about. Thank you, Rayson.

RAYSON: You are welcome. I recall another question at the evening of Tuesday, which seems to have been an interest of many. And as we have spoken about approaching others through avenues which do not speak directly of your interests of the Urantia Book or Teaching Mission, so too, many have come to the conference to feed those who have interests and ways of learning and contact, which are not traditional within the Urantia community. The question came about regarding ecstatic experiences in religious settings. Again, it is the individual who must make decisions; it is the individual who will have an ecstatic experience when they come to know their Thought Adjuster more personally. And this is a wonderful occasion; it is a mark, a benchmark that will reign always in their life’s history, past this world and beyond. But to get caught up in the euphoria, to maintain that, to maintain it to have more euphoria can be an escapist activity, a way of counter-balancing the tragedies of everyday life. It can be similar to working too much, eating too much, taking drugs, escaping, going into denial. So, if it is a coping mechanism used in that way, then it does not promote growth.

But when one goes inside during these experiences, and comes to the altar, the curtain that has been parted between themselves and their Thought Adjuster, and they are in communion and the mortal asks questions and seeks guidance, then this is a wonderful way to approach that. It is a wonderful use of that, for one can fully know and experience humility of a profound proportion when one is at the presence of the Divine. But to use it often, one cannot then see the Divine, can they? One must live in the moment that is sacred. And for us, your Celestial Teachers, when we engage those moments, we go into deep silence. We revere that contact as sacred and individual, personal, and intimate. We give it deep appreciation and respect that space. And when we exit that space, we are more fully prepared to go on with our life’s work and engage the realities of Celestial progress, more aware of whom we will be embraced by when we reach Paradise. We would hope that you would see these experiences in a similar way. Do not speak against those who seek this; support them in their journey and attend to your own with joy and thanksgiving and responsiveness.

Last questions before we close?

Student: Teacher Rayson, it’s my understanding that we have access to whomever we need, for whatever projects we are engaged in, in the work of the Correcting Time.

RAYSON: I’m sorry, but we do not “do windows”! Could you be more specific please?

Student: Yes, if we are engaged in a project…

RAYSON: Speak of “this project”..

Student: …for instance, the creation of an artwork, and it would be most helpful if we could have the assistance of a Celestial Artisan. We have only to ask?

RAYSON: Yes. Sincerely. And you as co-creator of this project can use this process to become closer to your Thought Adjuster, as respecting this as a partnership, with the resources that are available. Most certainly! These would not be denied you. What is of interest is in your expanded awareness of that which you call “spiritual,” and whether you are fixing your car or baking a cake, or resolving some personal issue. I you have need of assistance, you can request that, either of Michael directly, your Thought Adjuster, Nebadonia—you would be in contact with Infinite Mind through Nebadonia—or you can ask for the specific assistance of some Celestial individual to work with you on this project. Always these assistances are to tease you and make you curious about more. It is not to solve your problems or for you to repeat your problems, or your creative expressions, but to assist you in the expression of that which is already within you.

There are technical problems for conveying artful ideas. And you may say, “I want to paint this flower in a way that through the petals, I see Spirit. And I am not sure of the medium that I should use, or how to layer this project so that it comes through. Would you help me do this, please?” And you can be assured that assistance will be there—it’s probably there already. You can even become acquainted with these individuals by name. It is not necessary to know their name, but to invite their presence, their guidance, as a process of inviting greater spiritual presence to you. You see, dear friend, this process is not a way of diverting your attention from your Thought Adjuster contact, but of assisting you to open those circuits within your mind to accept the eventual presence and awareness of your Thought Adjuster in your life, without over-whelming you, or without over-bearing your consciousness. Does that help?

Student: Thank you Teacher Rayson, yes, very much.

RAYSON: One more question?

Student: Rayson, you made brief mention the other night in regard to a question about the Disclosure Project, I believe you said that any beings that visit our planet do this only with permission, and only in a positive, I assume, loving, motivation?

RAYSON: I do not recall that. I do not recall reference to the Disclosure Project. There was a question about whether your government was involved in projects of a detrimental nature, and I affirmed that, but the specifics of who and where and how to avoid that, was not given. This is a topic which is very emotional and which we are very careful and sensitive to avoid treading where it would cause greater fear, or greater excitement.

Thank you for your time, thank you for being here. You have been given quite a plateful today to think about, to decide about and to move forward. As you are seeing, the specifics of this educational process are becoming more materially oriented, as they necessarily must. This is a classroom and you may come and listen to the teacher all the rest of your lives, but it will all be for naught, even for your soul survival if you do not make decisions about your lives and also to make decisions concerning service. Both areas contribute to your soul-growth, and we wish you to experience the greatest capacity and capability within yourselves to expand your soul survival.

When you think about arriving on Mansion World 2, 3 or 4, how will you do that? You can only do that through making decisions and taking action. Decisions without actions are hollow and speak of a hollow intent. The sincerity of your intent and your decisions therefore rests in the out-working of them in action. You do not have to become a president of any organization or corporation, but you can be a steady worker, a father of a family upholding and supporting his family to do this. You can be a mother at home, raising these children day-to-day and hour-to-hour doing this. You needn’t become a corporate president or the president of some non-profit, beneficial social organization. You can do this where you are. Some of you who have time which is idle, though you have busy lives, you can make decisions to use that idle time constructively that contributes to your soul-growth, and the soul-growth of others, and this is where we wish you to move into. It is your decision, and we will always be here, whether you make that decision or not.

We wish you a good day, blessings upon you, now you re-enter the mainstream of your society and live out your days ordinarily as you would say, but we think they are most extraordinary times for you. Blessings to you. Know that Michael is with you in your heart and lives with you constantly. His presence is always there for you to call upon in every need and in every praise-giving situation. May the joy that He knows for you, be shared with others through your lives. Good day.

Group: Thank you, Rayson.

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