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NCO23 – Soul Survivability; Attitudes, Stability, Anxiety

2002-08-25  Soul Survivability; Attitudes, Stability, Anxiety

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group #23
Topics: Intentional Communities
World events
Seek your center and stay the course
Planning essential for achieving right intentions
Universal Mind provides template
Producing individuals of soul survivable quality
Urantia’s capacity to survive
Working with “Spirit”
Benefits of Stillness
Q & A – Choosing a community location
Being “Earth Friendly”
Sustainable quality of life for all
Human growth policies
Amish & Quaker Communities
Open attitude and acceptance
Maintaining stability
Worry and anxiety not helpful
Asking for the Mind of Christ
Use resources available for help
Use discernment with TR process

Teacher: Rayson (TR Daniel)

August 25, 2002

Daniel: Let’s take a few moments of silence to connect to the Merkaba. Through our consciousness we build the Merkaba using the energy that passes through us; by our intention, we expand and forms the Merkaba; our intention directs is use and its energy. Do that and declare your intention and your invocation for energizing your presence here. (Pause)

You are welcome and invited to use the Merkaba energy and direct its course toward the healing of some situation or person. (Pause)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Please bring your attention to the center. The continuing saga of events in your world gives us great opportunity to develop new areas of consideration and instruction for you. You are seeing a good deal of flexing of political and military muscle in the world, and this may come to blows and it may not. And whether it does or not, does not affect our instruction or what we have taught you and shown you. We have alluded to many things that will come into your world to affect your lives, your communities, your society and your nation and your world. And these are ever present in every world, but they seem to be most tumultuous upon yours. And these prospects of even chaotic war and the destruction of nations are not an occurrence that is taken lightly.

Whatever does occur, we encourage you, we exhort you to “stay the course.” And even in peace times, we advise you to “stay the course.” Seek your center; seek that which is permanent, always permanent, and that which gives you peace, that source of love and example Christ Michael gave you. For Community, we say, “stay the course.” Do not be swayed or convinced or persuaded to do otherwise, but continue with developing intentional communities. For us, as you know, this is a developmental process, not dictated by your calendars or the seasons or the years or the decades, but a developmental issue that we know will come into existence. Not necessarily “must” come into existence, but “will” come into existence. And should events in your world become chaotic and disorderly, this will give you a very positive, constructive focus to direct your energies towards and one that would also be very beneficial to your society, to your community, to your family, and to yourself.

A new visiting member greets us today. This is evidence that we continue to forge ahead, bringing like-minded individuals together. We have been talking about developing communities, intentional communities, and as we said in our last session and the session before, this might take much planning before the first brick is laid or the first yard of concrete is poured. Planning saves time, it saves energy, and it saves your abundance to be applied in the right time, in the right way, for the right purposes and fulfillment of right intentions. And so, now you have the acquaintanceship of a city planner and manager. My mentioning this does not obligate this individual to participate but is an invitation to provide a meaningful place/process to invest one’s energies.

There will be other individuals who will be introduced to your group. Although there are other existent communities with similar intentions as the one we have been discussing, few have been brought together with such deliberation and intention on our part. Many have been brought together through the enthusiasm and idealism of individual mortals and groups of mortals. But you will find behind almost every one of them, the input from Universal Mind, giving them a template for part of that community that can be used and expanded and experimented with.

You may know that we have our urban planners, city planners, intentional community planners on this side — Celestial agents/teachers who are working with you and who will work with you as your planning committees develop and engage the real issues of community building. In these cases, we are first and foremost concerned to guide your efforts to the manifestation of really doable community, operational community, ones that are guided by ideals and fulfilled in reality, operational communities that can last. And only in these communities that last, will come forth individuals who are whole and complete and of immense soul survivable quality.

Having sat in planning meetings with Michael for the Correcting Time of the planets that were in rebellion, isolation and quarantine, it is quite a prestigious enterprise to bring a planet, such as yours, within a short period of centuries, out of its chaos of social living, to a point where whole individuals can be brought into existence along with whole families and communities on a regular basis. You have such short lives that you will not see this, but you are participating in a rapidly quickening process to do this.

Few worlds have the capacity, energy and will to survive and grow as your planet does, as you have seen much destruction and death, torment and abuse in your societies. You also have an immense willingness to live and live well. Whereas other planets take tens of thousands of years to go from such social chaos to functional societies, yours will do this in centuries. As we spoke of last time, the process of co-creational working teams can do this very rapidly, yet without abridging or nullifying the self-willed choices of the mortals involved.

These working teams will be a living demonstration of what it is like to live and work with “Spirit.” (Please put “Spirit” in quotation marks, for that is a generalized term and is easily acceptable to many people.) You have the opportunity to discover your own “God Within” working with you in such an intimate co-creative way, as you will see in these working teams. And these working teams will be a public demonstration of the awesome co-creative abilities that lie in the union of “Spirit” and mortal mind when there is willing and willed co-operation to do so. Few opportunities of similar nature exist on your world, though you do see it in your own individual lives, but you will see “Spirit” in action working with you in demonstrable ways in a co-creative manner.

One of the first steps of course, is to acquire knowledgeable, capable, and competent mortal individuals to begin working on the mortal side, and then to attract more capable individuals to work on this project. The next step is for these individuals, if they have not already done so, to begin to grow in their morontial capacity to communicate with us, meaning to TR, to be in stillness and to listen. And whether you hear or whether you see, or whether you see in metaphors, or it is through the process of omens and signs that lead and guide you, you will be shown the way.

This process does not necessitate that everyone believes in God, but it is truly more capable when every individual does so. And thus when each individual has the capacity to be in stillness and to ask questions and to be in that stillness with intention for receiving answers, that is most helpful. Sometimes in stillness, as you know, no answers are heard, no visions are seen, yet there is an awakening awareness of new answers that will come forth in hours and days ahead. You will receive that “Ah-Ha!” before you go to sleep at night, or shortly before you awaken in the morning, or when you awaken in the early hours of the morning at those special hours when we are most busy with your minds. Write those down, please; they will be most useful to you. These are also co-creative moments, where you have given us permission to participate in the spiritual mind-surface that exists in your minds and in your spirit. And as you know, we will never be present in minds that do not want us there. So it is helpful to have everyone on the same page and same team, working for the same intentions with the same interests. These instructions are not solely for this group here, but are useful for every group everywhere that has a similar intention.

Returning to the earlier topic, briefly, you will find that there will be distractions in your world that would seem to take you away from these efforts. Some of them will take individuals away to conduct business elsewhere as they must and necessarily do so for family or for their jobs, or for their relationships or whatever this may be, but the continuing element of an organized group will help give you a focus when there are many distractions. It will give you a higher-minded purpose to occupy your time when you may be wondering about tomorrow. Today is always the most important day, live it well!

I am open for questions before we begin our next topic. Take your time; be at peace. This is not a rushed process.

Student: Rayson, I have a question. Bear with me, I’ve only just formulated it. You continually speak of creating the intentional communities and you have described that this process may well take several decades in some cases. Once a plan has been established—I am a little unclear as to the obvious physical construct, of this process—as you are aware, at least in North America, we have a lot of areas that have already been taken over by individuals. Would it be difficult to start a new community in these areas? Are we talking about perhaps, colonizing other areas that are unpopulated, or am I thinking too materially?

RAYSON: You are perhaps thinking too materially, yet on the other hand, we wish you to think about an unincorporated area. There are villages among and around cities/urban areas that would lend themselves to incorporation as an intentional community. The difficulty with that process is that you would then have to deal with individuals who live in that area, who do not wish to participate in that intention, even though they may wish to live in your geographic location. The idea of colonizing an area is a purist idea and could also be seen as elitist. Aside from that, it offers the opportunity for a concerted, focused, unanimous or nearly unanimous way of proceeding in a community. Everyone would be generally in agreement about the intention of why they were there.

But there is certain impracticality about that, as it would be much easier to use an already existent, yet perhaps removed area. Daniel visited a community named Laporte, which has similar qualities of which we speak. It is nearby a metropolitan area, has natural resources, and an established community, yet it is a bit removed from the metropolitan area. This is something, just as an example that could be looked at for these purposes. You see, in an intentional community, you will need everything that an existent town or city would need.

You will need, of course, an infrastructure. An intentional community is integrated with your world, your planet and could be called “Green” or “Earth Friendly.” You would want your electrical sources to come from a renewable power. You would want to have the water that comes into your city to be used well, and that everything, all the effluent that leaves your town is really not effluent, but clear water, and reusable. Or the effluent could be used in a way that is friendly to the environment, such as marshes and wetlands that naturally cleanse the effluent. So you see, all aspects of this intentional community revolve around wholeness and continuity. It revolves around renewable capacity to sustain itself. It is not necessarily “ultra green,” or purist in that way, but it is very practical;’ it is a community that could exist into the long-term future; it is not wasteful.

All aspects of life in this area are dealt with and not ignored and not swept under the rug. People would be going to stores in the larger city, coming back with sacks full of groceries and goods. After emptying them and eating the produce or using the goods, you end up with a great deal of packaging waste. This packaging waste needs to be useful. How would you use this? How could it be recycled? How would it be used in a fashion that would not injure the community or the earth once it is disposed of? But, it is not ignored! You will find in the future that which is sustainable will be encouraged; the “head-in-the-sand, use-it-up-now, we’ll worry about it tomorrow” sort of philosophy of living is antiquarian, it is 20th Century, it is out of date and it will not sustain your lives, your communities, or your world.

You are beginning to see the necessity of thinking in larger terms. We think in terms of humanity and souls; we have been planning this with Michael’s teams for a long time. Preparations are well-laid and well thought out. The individuals who are here today were not chosen, you self-chose yourselves to be here. Your intentions for living has guided you here and so you participate willingly, gladly and joyfully, and you will produce much, as you have produced much already. So your question is extremely important.

The beginning of “whole community” can be done already, in existing communities that may not have the “intention” of being an intentional community. It may be simply working with a city councilor for policy formation, where you deal with the realities of living on a limited planet. You think your earth is not limited? It surely is. All the resources that you will ever have are contained on this planet; these are all that you will ever get, so using them up now, makes it most difficult to live on this planet later.

The quality of life that you have now is sustainable, surely it is, and it can be sustainable in other nations and in other countries, but there must be also intact human growth policies that are complimentary to the sustaining of this quality of life. You see, high quality of life is necessary for spiritually evolved beings to come into existence. You know from your own experience and that of others, that doing manual labor is brutish, and it blunts the soul, the attitude and the spirit within mankind, whether man or woman. And it is a heavy burden to growing souls; it does not give an endowment to encourage youngsters and growing souls to come forth and build upon that of their parents. It only begets more of the same. You must think in terms of your communities in very responsible ways. You abhor the thought of eugenics, but it is something that you cannot and will not ignore nor be allowed to ignore in the future. You will necessarily think about it. The eugenic policy in China of one child per family is effective, has been effective, but there is a cost for that as you know. (Pause.) (Thank you.) You are most welcome.

Student: Rayson, I have a question. I was wondering about the Amish and the Quaker cultures and what would be the possibility of enlisting their help in the future in developing intentional communities? It seems that those communities do have their individuals …(Inaudible)…spiritual path. It just seems that it would be a way to not ignore them, but to use some of their current values already …(inaudible)….

RAYSON: Yes, I see your question as two fold: One is to borrow from their culture and their society, wholeness-insuring policies, and these must be examined and looked at and incorporated, as they are necessary. I see also the possibility of maybe incorporating, encouraging or inviting this group to look at what you or we are doing. You will find that there are charismatic individuals in that society as well, though they must remain cloaked, as many of your charismatic individuals must do in this society. They see the way forward, too, and similarly they are limited in their expression. Yet, it would be wonderful if they were aware that they are not alone, and that there are others who think as they do. The fundamental principles and intentions of those societies are quite admirable. Yet they too, have the limitation of not being sustainable. Theirs is sustainable within the confines of existent cultural boundaries, the social practices, that which is socially acceptable, culturally acceptable, religiously acceptable, and that which is not. In an intentional community, the intention is so broad as to incorporate all of their best practices and far more. It is not limited by a strict code of conduct, but by a generalized intention for wholeness and completion, allowing the greatest development of soul capacity possible in each individual.

In an intentional community, the intention is so broad as to incorporate all of their best practices and far more. It is not limited by a strict code of conduct, but by a generalized intention for wholeness and completion, allowing the greatest development of soul capacity possible in each individual. The intention is to build a whole community where individuals can be raised in a whole manner, without limitations, without prejudices, biases or physical limitations, where they can make free and conscientious decisions without bounds or limits, to believe in God or not, and to participate in the intentional community or not. Even a society that allows much variation of religious practice and personal beliefs, but whose all-encompassing and unifying intentions are all the same can evolve and aid the development of the planet to grow towards The Days of Light and Life, albeit more slowly than one whose religious practices are in concert.

////////////////////////// Agatha – Please read this next PP carefully. It didn’t have an object; so we added one. It’s awfully long-winded, too. Yikes! //// d

Even a society that allows much variation of religious practice and personal beliefs, but whose all-encompassing and unifying intentions are all the same {to build a whole community where individuals can be raised in a whole manner, without limitations, without prejudices, biases or physical limitations, where they can make free and conscientious decisions without bounds or limits, to believe in God or not, to participate in the intentional community or not} can evolve and aid the development of the planet to grow towards The Days of Light and Life, albeit more slowly than one whose religious practices are in concert. That may seem startling, that this is the situation that exists on planets even now, settled in Light and Life. There are individuals who choose to rebel, to be anti-social or asocial, or to be “not of their kind.” This is a choice, yet they have been raised in a whole community and can make that choice consciously, knowing the outcomes that will proceed from there. But yes, none are excluded; all those who wish to participate with similar intentions are invited and encouraged.

Student: Excuse me Rayson—“whole community”—could you define this concept?

RAYSON: We have spoken about that in past sessions.

Student: Okay, I’ll look it up then.

RAYSON: Please.

The second topic I wish to speak about today involves transitions. This small group is in a transition, as you know, and this is very small news. There are other transitions that are always involved in life, and we wish you to have an open attitude and opinion and acceptance of transitions. You say that when a person passes on, that they have made their transition. This is a wonderful word. We encourage you to use it. Nothing has changed, they have just moved positions; they have made a transition.

So, too, you will see transitions in your society. We know that the everyday “ho hum” activities that you engage in, occupy your thinking and your energies and your attention with tremendous power. You are obliged to meet with individuals to make your balanced budget for the month, to live in accord with your neighbors, and so forth. Yet, we also wish you to take an extra-societal perspective of your life, where you live, your communities and your nation. This will help give you some assurance of stability of when you are in changing times.

There may be difficulties in other areas of your nation and world, and if you are anxious about them, then you may become anxious about your own personal life. Yet, if you really examine it, you will see that nothing has changed in your life, except for your expectations or your anxiety. Your anxieties will not serve you well, for they take you out of the moment and they cause you much worry. Worry and anxiety are always future oriented; they have no utilitarian service for you. Be at ease and be at peace when transitions come. You have transitions in your families; these come and they go. Sometimes you are caught up in them and you have great difficulty. You say, “Woe is me! How will I get through this?” Yet in a year or so, you would look back and say, “Whew! We did it! We got through! It’s okay, everything is fine.”

Or you have a situation that may be difficult, that you are living with and working through. Each day is just one day in the continuum of your lives. Do not be overly anxious about today, but think of it in terms of many days, thousands of days, tens of thousands of days. Think of the opportunity to look upon your life, not just as a piece of flotsam or wood, or a chip bounced around in a violent creek, but one that is sailing along serenely, where it is supposed to be bouncing and bumping along with the events of life. Know that this will happen. Your anticipation of transitions is primary to a peaceful life. Know that they are coming; anticipate them, plan for them, incorporate the thought of them in your life. Do not worry about them.

Look upon the past activities that you had. Your transitions are most easily overcome by thought, by anticipation, and knowing that they will be there, and of course through thoughtful planning. You can apply all of these principles to your spiritual life, for that is what this discussion is about, is to remain centered. You can remain centered, even when there is chaos around you, whether that is in the house, in the office at work, or in your society. This is not a higher-minded idealism, something that can only be learned by some “guru in a cave high on a mountain,” as you see in the cartoons, but is something that you can learn and apply to your lives now. You do not live in isolation. And when you have times when you are in doubt, as was suggested before, substitute your mind by using the mind of Christ. Take on his thoughts as your own; Michael is most willing to share himself with you in the most intimate ways, in the most intimate places in your lives, and that of course, is in your mind. And when you make decisions, he will always give you choices that are higher-minded and will wish you to see these.

Transitions come; transitions go. But they are here and they are here forever. Your life will be a matter of transitions. They will of course, be much more peaceful in the afterlife, on the morontia worlds, and those other lives that come and go in the future. This life has a certain terminal crisis about it from day to day because you see that death is terminal and permanent, yet it too, is only a transition; do not be anxious about this, please. And most of all, do not ruminate about the transitions that you did not fulfill well in the past; do not have regrets about that, but learn from these incidents how you can better prepare for the future by acting well today.

Lastly, before we close, do not forget the many resources that you have available, even here among yourselves. Although Daniel will be on sabbatical for the next four months, he has offered to be available to you. Further, please feel free to call upon us or him should your or your group require. A sabbatical is not all encompassing, it is not an impermeable dam keeping you outside, but only a way of helping the group grow and allowing for growth within his own life. As you know, when something is gone, something else will appear to fill its place. And we are very excited about the possibilities of others TR’ing for the group and for other new groups. We wish you well in this; invite us to be present; invite the resources that are available to reveal themselves to you. You are not alone, you will never be alone; we are always here. Where one road is blocked, another will open; all resources are available to you, and when you are wondering in quandary, ask and answers will come forth.

Let us remain in stillness for a few minutes and give you time to think about these things and any further questions you may have. Of course, our guests are always welcome to ask questions as well.

Student: Rayson, I have a question.

RAYSON: Certainly.

Student: It’s on a different subject. I was just wondering, since we use material resources on this planet as material beings, when we go to the morontia worlds, will we need material resources there also, or will the resources be morontial in nature? Do morontial forms need resources? Does that make sense?

RAYSON: Yes. When you pass on from this mortal lifetime, you will be morontial, you will live on morontial planets, and you will use the resources of those planets, which are completely renewable. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes.

RAYSON: I realize that this session today has been much briefer than those of the past. This is not a concluding lesson on community building, but a closing one for today and at this time. As you know, you will have many questions as the developmental process of community building begins. We will engage it in even more depth, as there is more practical need to do so.

We of the Teaching Mission are extremely grateful for your consistency, your willingness to participate and to listen and to let us experiment with you in this forum. You have not always been aware that we are trying new techniques for revelation in this form. Yet, we have done so repeatedly; and we have done so apparently without too many bumps and joggles along the way. This is not a perfect process, as you know. This is not a way of building excuses but we wish to inform you that this is a very imperfect process at this time, on this planet, with the development of your mortal capability at this time. There will be errors made along the way, and you can and should anticipate that these will be forth coming.

That is why, as you may remember from our earlier lessons approximately a year ago, that we began by discussing “discernment.” This is the fundamental process of right thinking, of participating effectively. Discern what makes sense and what does not; what is of Michael and that which is not; which builds toward a more complete society and that which does not; and that which builds wholeness and completeness and integrity in your lives and that which does not. Do not be hesitant to question what you hear through this TR process. Do not be hesitant to challenge in a friendly manner that which does not make sense to you. We wish to validate this process with you, and we can only do that when you are discerning of its message. Blessings to you — good day.

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