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REB-2.8 A Harsh Mistress®

2013-01-01.  A Harsh Mistress.


Revolt of the Rebel Angels: The Future of The Multiverse – Book 2; Chapter 8 ~by Timothy Wyllie



The Consul’s Warning, The Music of Mu, Lemurian Midwayers Withdraw, and Hurricane Inez.

The Goddess? A harsh mistress? Dear reader, please be patient with me while I digress for a moment to discover what I mean by that. As I’ve already outlined, we’re taught that the Multiverse consists of seven vast superuniverses. Each of these contains 100,000 Local Universes and each Local Universe supports ten million inhabitable planets. I’ve talked about how we angels believe the creators of each Local Universe are a pair of high beings, known to us as the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit.

That there are 700,000 of these pairs should demonstrate that while they are high Creator Beings in their own right, they are not to be confused with the Creator of All. This is the Prime Source who remains in the Central Universe, and yet Who indwells you mortals and permeates Creation as the “Invisible God,” while also transcending it and encompassing it. My brief in this work does not allow too much further elaboration on the Central Universe, where we are told the Prime Source exists. Putting it crudely, this Central Universe is the Universe behind the Multiverse we all inhabit. It’s the primary frequency-domain from which energy pours into the Local Universes to be modulated its Creator Son and Mother Spirit into the galaxies, solar systems, planets, and ultimately the life-forms on all the worlds in each Local Universe.

In trying to describe these cosmic events and the personalities behind them I’m bound to oversimplify a thoroughly complex affair which has continued for many billions of years. You can find a more detailed description in the papers the midwayers transmitted early in the 20th century and which have been published in The Urantia Book. What I’m trying to do here, is to give enough of a broad overview of the relevant Multiverse and Local Universe personalities as I understand them; as well as seeking to more deeply understand their nature and intentions. I should mention here something which caught my notice in our training sessions before coming to this world. It has remained in my mind because it seemed to have been subtly more emphasized than some of the other facts we were being taught.

Each Local Universe, so we were told, possesses its own unique tone. This can be understood as a dominating dramatic thread which runs through the interactions of all sentient life within that specific Local Universe. The tone of this Local Universe is said to be mercy and forgiveness. Even when I first heard about the tone being mercy and forgiveness I was surprised that no one drew the obvious conclusions: to be merciful and forgiving clearly requires sufficient wrongdoing, or misconduct, to provoke mercy and forgiveness. This inference worried me for a time, and then when I arrived here with the Prince’s mission, I promptly forgot all about it.

Now, however, when I have the chance to unravel some the less apparent threads which lie behind the rebellion, I find myself drawn back to those thoughts.  I’ve had a chance now to observe mortal behavior on two worlds, both within this Local Universe. A small sample, granted, yet I’ve no reason to believe the fundamental nature of male and female mortals will be that different on any planet in this Local Universe. The reason I can say this with some confidence is that in the essential structure of mortal psychology can be thought of as a distant echo of the natures of the male and female Creator Beings of their Local Universe. While the Multiverse supports life of every sort imaginable, celestial and material, I think you’d be surprised, after a steady diet of film and TV monsters, to find that mortal beings on all the worlds within your Local Universe have remarkable and endearing similarities. You’d certainly recognize them as your interplanetary sisters and brothers.

I trust feminists will forgive me for noting there are indeed fundamental differences between female and male psychology and in the basic impulses which drive women and men. To simplify this, we’re taught by the Melchizedek Brothers that the female energy is inwardly directed, while the male energy is outwardly driven. On the most quotidian of levels, this manifests as women caring for hearth and home, while men venture out into the world. At its best, this can be appreciated as an ideal collaboration, whereby the female energy lays the ground work, preparing the way for the more specifically directed male energy. While this is a generalization, each sex clearly possesses sufficient characteristics of the other that to a certain extent their roles can be reversed.

Yet, the ubiquity of this pattern of female/male relationships in all historical cultures, both here and on Zandana, suggests a deeper source. If we now keep this fundamental pattern of female/male relationships in mind, perhaps we can understand something of the division of energy and labor between our Mother Spirit and her Michaelson. The clue I’ve suggested might be found in the word “mother,” and its close relationship through the Latin mater, to matter. From this simple substitution I propose how deeply the Mother Spirit is embedded in language, as she is in the very matter of the Multiverse. In this way, matter can be understood as the ground of existence into which the Spirit of Creator Son then enters.

I’ve already proposed, in comparing Zandana and Earth, how the impact of predation on a mortal species’ early development can influence the manner those mortals think and behave in later eras. Worlds, we were told, differ greatly in this respect. In our training sessions, we’re taught that it’s the Life Carriers who seed life onto a planet, as it is the Mother Spirit who supplies the essential spark which catalyzes the lifeless material. From this point the natural evolutionary processes of mutation and natural selection take over, until finally a creature emerges capable of intelligent self-reflection. I take this information on faith, since I’ve never had the chance to observe such a moment for myself. I recall, too, that much was made in those sessions of the care and attention Life Carriers take with their original life implantation.

Life is no accident, no random concatenation of molecules somehow “miraculously” organizing themselves into organic life. They assured us of the diligence and ingenuity that went into progressively improving the Life Carrier techniques. They spoke of their extensive laboratories; the experimentation they are permitted on every tenth planet; and most of all, they emphasized the genuine pride the Life Carriers take in their work. I’ve no reason to doubt my teachers when they tell me that the evolutionary life processes are meticulously carefully designed. Yet, what has consistently concerned me, as you’ll have discerned from my narrative, has been the level of violence I’ve seen permeating life on Earth. Whether it’s strangler vines, or parasitic wasps that lay eggs inside their paralyzed victims so their hatchlings can eat its way out of living flesh; whether it’s cats torturing mice, or orcas throwing seals around; or, whether it’s the fearful cruelty humans can inflict on one another; I’ve heard this world spoken about by those with wider experience as being “the third worst in the Local Universe.” And that’s third worst out of ten million inhabited planets!

The issue that started this digression was my observation that Mary Ann seemed to have an exceptionally harsh aspect to her personality. While I was in no position to judge the authenticity of Mein Host’s revelation (although I had my suspicions) of Mary Ann’s Divinity, I could see in the woman something of the ruthlessness of a Mother Spirit, a Creatorix who would sanction the savagery which appears so deeply embedded into life on this world. Let me make it clear I am not trying to find fault here, neither in Mary Ann, nor in the Mother Spirit. If anything, my observation tends to support Mein Host’s revelation. The Mother Spirit, in creating a ground of existence on which mercy and forgiveness might at some future point be demonstrated for all to witness, would have had to prepare the turf by establishing particularly high levels of callousness into the evolutionary process itself.

This would have set a stamp on what was then certain to become a dog-eat-dog world, thus ensuring that when beings capable of intelligent self-reflection emerged out of their animal ancestry, they would be forced to use their courage, their cunning, and their ingenuity in their struggle to exist. As the human species continued to expand in numbers and ingenuity, these characteristics would be sure to create fertile conditions for the practice of mercy and forgiveness.

I will leave it to others to try to understand some of the wonders I observed during my long stay on Lemuria. I simply don’t have the technical know-how to describe the details of some of their advances. Their ability to dissipate the power of cyclones, for example, before the winds have a chance to build up, by the placement of massive stones in combination with the skillful application of platinum, remains a mystery for me to this day. Yet it was obvious their technology worked. Luzon, on the mainland, hadn’t experienced the ravages of a typhoon in many millennia. Even though I might have a better intellectual comprehension of how sound might be manipulated to produce resonant frequencies that would be able to cancel the gravity of enormous blocks of rock, I have no actual experience with your material  realty: so, I can’t say I really understand.

What was of far more interest to me were the social and spiritual changes the Lemurians as a culture were going through. As I’ve previously mentioned, the people of Mu lived lives you would likely find paradoxically simple for such an advanced culture. Their physical needs were taken care of with the minimum of effort. They seemed to be remarkably free of ambition and envy, since as children they were encouraged to find what they most loved to do, and then to follow that passion into adulthood. Yet, something else was happening to the group psyche. Something new. Something that Van and Amadon watched with a certain amount of trepidation. In spite of their long history of social and psychic homogeneity, two new dynamics seemed to be occurring simultaneously, so much so that it was hard to say which one might have precipitated the other.

As generation followed generation, possibly helped along by a growing specialization, Lemurians appeared to be becoming far more individuated. Their longheld practice of each following their own bliss was encouraging them to think more for themselves. I overheard one of them claiming that “ it was as if a whole new space opened in my head.” At the same time I was hearing talk from the midwayers that they were having an increasing problem with being able to reach humans telepathically. I even heard Van remarking on this difficulty in his own case and his telepathic powers were somewhat stronger than the midwayers. Yet, life on the islands continued relatively unaffected. Society remained peaceful. The arts flourished, especially large-scale choral productions, in which many thousands of men and women would gather and sing together in the one of the natural amphitheaters formed in the bowl of a dormant volcano.

A word about the sounds I heard as I lingered in the sweet spot of this vast natural concert hall. I was to learn later more about how they structured their music, but the first time I listened to one of these “performances” I was so deeply moved I couldn’t leave the place until it was over. Incidentally, I hesitate to call it a performance, since it wasn’t really that at all. Nobody was performing for anyone else. Each person there was totally involved with the event. To my mind it sounded both completely spontaneous and yet superbly controlled. The event began as dusk was falling with a whispered monotone from a thousand throats, rustling like a fresh breeze through cedar trees.

Yet, as I listened, I was able to hear what I’d taken for a single monotone was, in fact, composed of a mass of microtones, all weaving and interweaving around a central core of sound. Listening even closer, it was as though I could hear in the sound the flapping of a bird’s wings and the scratching of small claws; and then the sound a snake makes as she winds through dry leaves. As I listened to the sound of trees sighing as they bent in the breeze, I felt I could hear each leaf murmuring to its neighbors. Then it was the waves breaking against the shore as another mass of people took up the chant, layering over the susurrate sighing of the wind, a pulsating roar of waves followed by the hiss of sand as the water withdraws. This continued hypnotically, broken only by the call of water-birds and the occasional boom of water exploding out of a blowhole in the lava. I couldn’t believe these sounds were emanating from mortal beings.

Then, like a massive pipe organ, a thousand throats opened up and a wall of sound reverberated around the bowl, each quadrant amplifying the harmonics as a wave of central tones spiraled around the gathering. The concert, if that is what it was, continued until dawn when the entire amphitheater of perhaps sixty thousand men and women sat quiet, each one turned towards where the sun first peeked over the rim. It was only after this that the people started silently filing out to return to their homes. As I watched this peaceful parade I couldn’t helping noticing how well-balanced were all the participants subtle energy bodies. The singing, of course, was extraordinary, unlike anything I’ve since heard, yet I realized the singing was secondary to the effect it was having on the people.

Had I been more astute and less carried away by the glorious sounds, I might have observed sixty thousand Lemurians shifting into their light-bodies simultaneously, becoming one coherent organism moving freely through the upper regions of the astral realms. And, indeed, this is what I was able to observe on the couple of other times I attended such a ceremony. Mein Host tells me that a modern parallel might considered to be the ‘raves’ which have been so popular for the previous two decades in Europe and America. In both the Lemurian ceremonies and the raves, beneath the singing, the music and the dancing, lay this far deeper level of psychic activity in which a group mind can be liberated from the material realm, to rise in ecstasy towards the light.

Most Lemurians hadn’t heard the telepathic voice of a midwayer for such a long time that when it ceased occurring, the midwayers’ absence was scarcely noticed. Van took this as a good sign that the development of the general state of consciousness on Lemuria was maturing well–almost back to the original timeline that had been so badly retarded by the rebellion. It was always in the script that there’d come a time at which the neurological patterns of a human brain would change with developing individuation and the blossoming of a truly personal consciousness. Sadly, due to Caligastia’s constant interference in the West, this general transformation of consciousness would not occur until around 3,000 BC–some forty thousand years later. That’s how comparatively advanced the general state of Lemurian consciousness was in relation to what was happening on the other side of the world. Then again, the Prince was using his midwayers in a completely different way from Van. It was evidently in the Prince’s interest to keep humans as dependent as possible on midway telepathic entrancement for as long as it could be managed; because it was only under those conditions that he and Daligastia were free to invade human minds at will.

It was a couple of millennia later, many years after the last human beings on Lemuria heard the final faint whispers of a midwayer in their minds, when the first of the sacred places that I mentioned earlier was discovered. It had taken some time for the people to realize what was happening. Since a distant racial memory of the midwayers had by this time entered the realm of myth, a new caste of priests had started to emerge, who claimed to act as intermediaries between mortals and what they came to call “the ancestors,” or, in some cases, “household gods” or, the “Old Ones.” I’d prefer to paint the Lemurian culture in the best light, but even the finest human beings are going err in judgment from time to time–they wouldn’t be learning if they didn’t make mistakes. Frequently this has taken the form of placing more credence in an authority figure–political or military leaders, or as on Lemuria, in priests or mediums–than having confidence in their own personal intuitions. In this case, it was a secret report by the priests that caused such internal contention.

Two so-called, experts, had been called in to assess what was happening when the girls were falling into trances under the influence of the ethylene fumes. The pair of priests had been extremely resistant at first, evidently hoping to dismiss the entranced utterances of the girls as mere mutterings of the deranged. Yet, on listening with more care, they had to no choice but to recognize in the girls’ oracular pronouncements, despite being opaque and issued in obscure metaphors and enigmatic rhyming couplets, the voice of a midwayer making itself known through the mediumistic trance of the young women. I’d no doubt they quickly recognized this phenomenon as a threat to their priestly power. This news also hadn’t been greeted well by other priests.

They’d had over a thousand years to gradually build up a power-base which now wielded considerable influence over the lives of Lemurians. They’d become the counselors; the intermediaries (or so they believed) between the gods and humankind. They clearly foresaw their power diminishing if news got out about this new access to the ancestors which was readily available to any Lemurian prepared to travel to the oracle. Van and Amadon had been doing their best to maintain the spiritual principles they’d brought with them from the city, trying hard to follow the original dictates of the Prince’s mission. Van in particular, had some cause to regret the compromise he’d made with Amadon back before the migration to the islands of Mu.

In agreeing to embrace the worship of Sun and Earth as material substitutes for an immaterial God who required faith to accept, Van must have believed in the moment that Amadon’s demand would be serving the best in humanity. Of course I’m not one to judge the wisdom of Van’s decision. I can only report what I observed while I was present on the islands throughout this key period in Lemurian history. Up to this point in time, I knew that he and Amadon were able to use their loyalist midwayers to support what Van hoped would be a provisional arrangement, but much of that depended on midwayer telepathic contact with humans. However, with the rapidity of the transformation in human consciousness and the peoples’ increasing individuation preventing their previous mental intimacy with the midwayers, a number of trying anomalies were emerging, of which the vastly increased power of the priest caste was the most pressing.

There were a few extreme situations, like the potentially disastrous lead poisoning fiasco back on the mainland, in which Van felt he could justify intervening. But it had to be an exceptional threat of almost genocidal proportions for him to take any action. Once mortals have set out on a course of action, they have to be allowed to follow through and directly experience all the consequences of their endeavors. When two more places were discovered to have the same entheogenic properties, the priests realized something had to be done. They tried to stamp out what was rapidly becoming a populist cult, but by this time it was too late. After some fruitless attempts to kidnap the girls and realizing it did nothing to stop others from falling into entheogenic trances, the priests had no choice but to back down and let the sacred places be.

Naturally, the priests did what they could to discourage interest in the oracles, but they never could eliminate peoples’ innate curiosity. And, although they had done their uttermost to dismiss the old legends of a time when the midwayers spoke to all Lemurians in their minds, as an era of paganism best forgotten, the memories proved too pervasive (and true) to wipe out completely. I observed this profound change is human consciousness hadn’t taken Amadon by surprise. He’d always kept in close contact with the midwayers and it was from them that he first heard of the neurological barrier preventing them from communicating directly with human minds. As a consequence, once this new phenomenon had appeared in a score of mortals, he’d requested Van, on the midwayers’ behalf, to close down direct midwayer communication with all humans.

Since this took several generations to accomplish, the relatively few priests required previously only for the handful of annual ceremonies, had ballooned in number to take care of the general sense of insecurity among the populace which resulted from this gradual withdrawal. The midwayers’ departure from human consciousness proved both a gift and a temptation for the burgeoning priesthood. There were some individual priests who’d built their reputations on being reliable interlocutors for midway counsel and continued to be valued for their wisdom after the midwayers withdrew. Yet, by far greater number chose to pretend to speak for the midwayers long after they’d pulled out. Lacking the midwayers’ vision and guidance these priests became increasingly self-serving and greedy; making up meaningless rituals; building temples for their own aggrandizement; creating religious laws by which they could control their peoples’ natural physical urges; dispensing “divine” favors and punishments; and demanding sacrifices from their increasingly fearful and compliant flocks.

In falsely contending that unlike the common people they still maintained their privileged connection with the gods, the priests of Lemuria contributed to an unhappy situation which persists to this day. When religious (or political) leaders assert the sole divine authority to speak for their God, their claims will tend to be every bit as spurious as those of the Lemurian priests over forty thousand years ago. I could tell that Amadon had been watching the rise of this new priesthood with a certain sense of dread. His midwayer spies had kept him up with the news from Caligastia’s western empires, so he was aware of the Prince’s misuse of his contingent of midwayers, and the corrupt practices of their priests.

After all the work he and Van had done to maintain the spiritual integrity of the Lemurian people, he clearly didn’t want to see the culture then being coopted by a manipulative priesthood. It wasn’t altogether surprising, therefore, to find it was Amadon who had insisted the priests desist from interfering with the three oracles. “Let them develop naturally.” He’d tell gatherings of religious leaders. “The oracles won’t trouble you, so long as you don’t try and suppress them. Leave them be  the people need them, d’you see? They need to hear the voices of their ancestors  to hear their questions answered  .” He’d pause here and look meaningfully around at the priests before lightening the mood and continuing: “ even if the oracles don’t make much sense!” This generally got a laugh from the priests, who’d apparently used this line in their campaign against the growing popularity of the oracles–with their whimsical and enigmatic answers. Yet, I couldn’t help noticing Amadon’s implicit criticism of the priests’ inability to transmit the voices of the ancestors directly; which itself would have signaled the priests that Amadon and Van were fully aware of their deceptions.

This was Amadon’s way. I’d come to rather admire his approach. He was seldom direct in his instructions to others when he could deliver the same message by subtle implication. I remember thinking he’s probably been living in a material body for so long by now, and having to deal constantly with human beings and all their contradictions, he more than anybody, would know how best to handle them. And, over the next few hundreds of years, Amadon’s implicit directions to the priests did manage to hold some of their previous excesses at bay, while news of the oracles spread throughout the islands. For a while, it appeared to me that the Lemurians had found themselves caught between the strictures of a suspect priesthood on the one hand, and on the other, the growing influence of the oracles in which some of the old superstitions were reappearing .

Ever since the midwayers had withdrawn from human consciousness there were some Lemurians who went through a serious crisis of faith. It seemed that one moment they were alert to the voice and presence of this or that household god; the next, there was just the echoing silence of an open mind. I remember thinking; ‘The people are starting to fend for themselves!’ Van had been on one of his long sabbaticals in his monastery in Kashmir, leaving Amadon in his stead–with instructions not to intervene in any of the dramas likely to ensue. His assistant resolutely held firm to his instructions and resisted all pleas for him to step in and help. Sadly for Amadon, he’d become such significant figure in Lemurian culture by this time that he’d been forced to move around constantly from island to island, to avoid the crowds that invariably swarmed him wherever he went. It wasn’t an easy transition for anyone on Lemuria.

I am a Watcher Angel and my name is Georgia.

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