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RIO168- Organic Nature of Re-Encircuitment

2009-09-06-Organic Nature of Re-Encircuitment
Rio Rancho #168

Topic: Organic Nature of Reincircuitment
Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
Teacher: Merium
TR: Gerdean


VISITOR: Greetings. I am a visiting teacher. I have no title for you or nomenclature that makes a difference. You do not know me. You will probably not get to know me very well because I am just passing through. But I wanted to visit, having this opportunity, watching, observing what is going on in this small enclave of believers on such a far-out outpost of the universe.

I have been fascinated by you mortals on Urantia. Not just you in the avante garde, not just you in the reserve corps of destiny, but all of the intelligent life on your world has been an eye-opener. I have been around. I have visited other worlds, but I have not seen one like yours. In fact, each one is unique but even in uniqueness yours stands out as somewhat bizarre, frankly, by comparison to the many worlds that have a control factor, being not one of the experiential worlds, and then too, not having experienced a rebellion and a default. You are frankly a bit of an oddity, how you have evolved, how you have been retarded, and how amazing is – not just the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit, but the Human Spirit in those who are completely unconscious of the divine Indweller, the influence of spirit reality.

Intelligent life forms are always such a fascinating study to those of us who have been away for so long from the material worlds. One might think “what possible interest could be there, in a world so primitive?” but it is not as you perceive it. We are all endlessly intrigued with the process of life as it emerges from the vast array of worlds of time and space. Ask me a question.


Student: What kind of a world are you from, then?

VISITOR: That is not the question I expected to hear.

Student: It’s the one that popped in my head. But you know, are you an ex-mortal or are you a … what? You are a teacher from somewhere else and we are primitive to you.

VISITOR: I am a student visitor.

Student: Hi.

VISITOR: No. Not high.

Student: I mean “hello.”

VISITOR: Oh. Hello. Not a highly positioned being, such as a Creator Son or a Magisterial Son or even a …

Student: But are you another mortal? From another planet?

VISITOR: No. I am not, actually. I am a created being. I have a job to do, a function to fulfill, but since I had the chance I stopped by to visit. I am an intelligent life form. I have studied evolving life on many worlds.

Student: How are we doing?

VISITOR: You are endlessly fascinating.

Student: (Chuckling) So are you.

VISITOR: I had hoped you would ask such a question as would lead into insight into yourselves.

Student: You want a general or a specific?

VISITOR: What is it you would like to know more about, in terms of the evolving human?

Student: From this planet?


Student: Okay, then. It’s our understanding the “circuits” are open and we have visitors such as yourself coming when you are available, that people are getting a spark of enlightenment growing, around the world. Is this just a far-out feeling I’m getting or do we still have miles to go?

VISITOR: Yes, yes and yes. You have miles to go, indeed, but the circuits are opening. Not opened. It is not a done deal, but they are opening as you open. As you connect yourself to the power that creates greater illumination, but the potential remains for much greater circuit connection, and the more there are who get connected, the more data will come through.

Student: From ….

VISITOR: From the universe at large, including my own order.

Student: Like radio signal kinds of things?

VISITOR: Let’s see. There is a town, a village, a hamlet that follows a certain geographic pattern based on hills and valleys, river ways, gully’s and so forth. The town grows. The original paths become roads, become streets. Gradually the hamlet becomes a city, requiring a Department of Transportation, road crews, in order to accommodate the growing number of travelers and the more sophisticated nature of conveyances. No longer are they horse and buggies or sleighs but automobiles, trucks, vans, and it will continue to change in future times such that the transportation system will continue to open up and thrive, thus the comparative of your circuits opening up.

As your path follows the natural course of conveyance, and you get from here to there, your channel is open, your circuit is open and you can convey yourself and your packages and your goods and services and culture forward. And so we can say it is open, but it is not as open as it will be years hence when there are streaming highways, freeways and eventual circuits more akin to seraphic transport.

It would seem you perceive of the closing of the circuits and the reopening of the circuits as if an electrician were to come in and flip a switch on a circuit breaker and instantly the power comes on, the TV comes up, the radio plays and the lights illuminate, as if you had been in a power failure and the electricity has come back on. But this is not the way it is in opening the circuits.

Student: More like the number of little cars going along the road, as the number of people who think enlightenment happens. They are aware of increased traffic and as the years go by more people are opened aware and the traffic increases.

VISITOR: Yes. It is actually much more organic, and yours will plays a part in it. It opens as fast and wide as you are able to contribute to its advancement.

Student: Right. Seek and ye shall find. Ask …

VISITOR: And as you ask and seek and find, and the results are manifested in your life, in your channel of operation, others observe (possibly) and they are moved to accelerate their own evolution. Even as there are those who like to think they are just along for the ride, who will allow others to do the work of opening the circuits so that they can benefit from the increased light. But at some point, on some level, they will recognize the truth and will want to participate fully in the process. And as more people decide to more fully participate in the process, the circuits open yet more and stronger until gradually they are opened completely. You are still in a process of opening. You have been in the dark for a long time. And, as you know, too much light can be blinding.

Student: And very confusing. Sure.

VISITOR: Yes. Over rapid growth can be dangerous, even suicidal. Slow and steady is the watchword. Perseverance is a valued quality, particularly in these early days of planetary evolution such as you enjoy. The potential is so great. SO much of the dark is behind you. Emerging into the light of this epoch is or could be compared to a kid graduating from high school. The future lies before him or her, with nothing but potential, opportunity, fortunes, romance, adventure and a legacy. There is no urgency from my visit. It was simply to greet you and be on my way.

Student: Thanks for stopping by.

VISITOR: Farewell.

MERIUM: This is Merium.

Student: Hi, Merium!

MERIUM: I thought an old friend would be a welcome guest among all these unknowns and student visitors. You know more or less what to expect from me. What a charming display you have created, Gerdean, showing off your Teacher friends on the Harp of God site. It is childlike and appealing, non-threatening, and yielding, giving us much delight, in particular the celestial artisans who enjoy embellishing communications with splashes of color, rather like I enjoy punching up your comfort zone with pillow talk and opening the windows. How have you been?

Student: Me, I’m doing well. Enjoying life and work and this and looking forward to starting the Urantia group back up and having a wonderful time, pretty much.

MERIUM: It’s been a good summer for you and a good fall season conspires to lead you forth in good faith. I overheard you to say you wanted to thank somebody for something.

Student: Yes. I have prayed to make a very difficult situation easy on everyone concerned and true to form, it happened in a celestial eye-blink and our prayers were answered. Thank you. Thank you so much. To make it easy on everybody, apparently, as hard as it was.

MERIUM: I am sure you are welcome. It is a pleasure to see things fall in line, as it were. There is pattern that works and the advantages of working within a pattern that works is so much more efficient and productive than maintaining a pattern that does not work, that continues to present a snarl in the lines of communication and fidelity. It is often the case, however, that these knots cannot become untangled unless and until it is acknowledged there is an unbearable situation. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired of a situation, you will do something about it. The thing about that is so many people take matters into their own hands as an act of desperation and it only makes it worse, or sets off the solution to a later date. The ideal is to reach that point and seek direction from On High.

Student: And assistance.

MERIUM: The assistance is all in the system. Once decisions are made, it’s like dominoes. Things fall into place.

Student: It’s so wonderful.

MERIUM: It is so wonderful, yes. It is wonderful to observe. For those of you who play Free Cell, it is like a game of free cell where all the cards are jumbled up and if you go too fast without studying the configuration, you could get yourself into a hopeless snafu and lose the game but if you take your time and strategize, you are far more likely to find a solution and then such a reward when all the cards fly into the proper pinholes. Such a rush of accomplishment.

MERIUM: A case in point. Your neighbor, to underscore the message from the Student Visitor about how bizarre you are on this planet.

Students: (Appreciative laughter)

MERIUM: Amusing indeed. It’s not so bad when it is amusing. It’s when it becomes deadly and hostile that such a world is not such a pleasant place, and yet it must be acknowledged that most worlds have a degree of primitivity. Is primitivity a word? There should be one. Anyway, yes, I am excited to hear there is a party coming up. I’ve been observing the preparations and anticipation registers On High as surely as harmony in the universe reverberates all the way to Paradise. Borrowing on the Visitor’s analogy, it’s these gatherings you have are rather like store openings with the beacon light that shines and directs the traffic to the location where the event is being held.

Student: Our little lights shining.

MERIUM: Rather like a lighthouse. How’s your speech going, Gerdean?

Gerdean: I’m afraid not making much progress on it just yet. I still have a bunch of little yellow stickies and very vague concepts, so I don’t have much to show for it yet. Do you have any ideas?

MERIUM: I’ll toss it around with Athena and see if there is something she would like to convey. Perhaps if you were to ask her to visit once in awhile, you would benefit from her counsel. What’s with you, girl? You seem to have shut down completely. Except on these rare First Sunday occasions when your friend comes to visit.

Gerdean: I’ve not shut down. I’m still talking to Michael and—

Student: Light and Life line.

Gerdean: I do transmit on the light and life line.

Student: Frequency may have decreased.

Gerdean: I have been, actually, having some fun with a young T/R who has been working with me and I with her, me with her, practicing, and that has been of great benefit, because I do feel the effects of isolation, particularly after so much action, running around the country with Tomas & Company. It is – it feels isolated here, now, by comparison.

MERIUM: All the more reason for you to keep your channel open in whatever way you can find to shine the light and keep in contact with your celestial support group, whatever level of service you choose. There are other areas in which to work besides the Monjoronson Mission, if that’s what’s hanging you up.

Gerdean: Well, I was kind of taught that the Teachers need a group, and a group is more than one or two.

MERIUM: That’s a fact. But that is not to say there is no value in a pair of learners or even a single-minded religionist. If it is made clear that this is a solo transmission, then that can be taken into consideration by the reader, just as those kinds of mitigating circumstances can be applied to any configuration of students in any given group. Every configuration has its own character. Even the Light Line sessions, which is comprised of entities in distinctly different areas of the country, of the world, not seated together, is still a group that provides a consensus to which the curriculum can be directed.

We have the advantage of oversight, which is a distinct advantage to those of you who have only limited perspective, for you tend to become very enmeshed. You get tunnel vision and assuredly if you transmit yourself in an effort to keep yourself from sinking, you will be admonished by your loving peers if you have become too single-minded and myopic if your own prejudicial perspective is predominant. This is a part of the vetting process that allows for truth to prevail and error to fall away.

There isn’t one T/R in existence that has not made transcription errors. It is inherent in the process. Just as, I might add, your discernment of God’s will for you is a wild and chaotic array of stabs at it and not always hitting the bull’s eye. That is what it is to have experiential learning; you learn through experience and that involves making mistakes. It is a peculiarity on this world that so much shame is laid on the making of mistakes when in fact those are the mechanics by which the light is turned on, the dimmer switch is turned up.

You would have been taught these things had your parents not defaulted, had your culture not collapsed, but as it is you have this tremendous opportunity to do with God what your elders could not do, would not do. We see you grow weary, get tired, give up, but we also see you haul yourself back to the starting line to begin again the process of learning the lessons that you will need to get to the next level of consciousness, and that lure is great, as is the energy that directs it. What shall we talk about then? Do you have any questions?

Student: No. Thank you. I can’t think of any. Do you have any?

Gerdean: I don’t know that this is a question, but I was thinking about how hard it is for me to get involved in a conversation with Monjoronson.

Student: Just why that seems to get in the way.

Gerdean: Not only from myself but from anybody else!

Student: Nobody wants to talk about him?

Gerdean: Maybe it is knowing what to talk about; maybe it is knowing what to feel … I don’t know. I don’t understand it. But I know that I came to learn to learn the Teachers by talking with them, by spending time with them. That’s how they became real to me, was by my association with them. And I can’t seem to feel an association with this entity and I can’t seem to get involved in a conversation with him. I had one, once, with Mark and he was quite friendly but that’s only one conversation. How can you get to know somebody when you don’t converse? I need to have someone help me develop a rapport or an association with this entity. I don’t seem to be able to do it by myself. Is that a question?

MERIUM: It would seem to be a request; a question, yes. It has been interesting observing your development here in this conceptual arena. You will no doubt be provided this opportunity since you have indicated an interest and I would suggest that just as you learned how to T/R through journaling, you allow yourself the opportunity to let this Monjoronson entity address you through journaling or through your own probing and asking questions, even before you reach out. You have not given him a chance. You have denied his existence. And as you pointed out, he will not become real to you through an act of will. It happens through association, through relationship. You will need to develop your own relationship with this Magisterial Son – this representation of a Magisterial Son.

In that way you will find out more about him, what he is doing here, and how you might be of assistance – if at all. You have served the Teacher Corps well. You have served the celestial artisans well. There are many venues in which one might serve, and it is not necessary for you to do it all. And so however this turns out, nobody loses; everybody wins. Rest easy on it, as you have been told by Michael, “Don’t worry about it,” and as children who love fantasy, creativity, and imagination, you are in a position to create something that you can work with, as you co-create this concept of the Magisterial Son on a mission to be of service to Michael and his creation.

Think of it in terms of writing a script, Gerdean. You have a character in Andromadeus. You have characters in the Teacher Corps. You know of the midwayers and the seraphim, just open up your list of characters to include a sketch about this Paradise Son. Invite him to play with you. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and perhaps you will not feel so intimidated by His Honor. You know enough about these things which he represents to add your own insights in terms of mutual interest. If you spend some time with him, I am sure he will reveal to you ways you may be of service that will allow you to fulfill your destiny and conserve your integrity.

That was a good question. It’s been a long time coming. If you would like for me to hostess the dialog for you, I would be happy to accommodate. It’s always handy to have a friend there in these situations of getting to know someone who has heretofore been a virtual stranger, kind of a social buffer, as it were. And you know how I enjoy good conversation.

Gerdean: Yes, Merium, I do know that. It’s a wonder that you aren’t a morontia companion.

MERIUM: What makes you think I am not? We teachers have been selected from all manner of life forms. As you well know, however, I am a formal mortal.

Student: A Urantian mortal?

MERIUM: No, not a Urantia mortal. As far as I know, only Abraham and Mary are formal mortals from Urantia who serve in the Teacher Corps.

Student: Not Joseph? Mary and Joseph?

MERIUM: They have not been inculcated into the Teaching Corps. Certainly not to my knowledge. Which is to say I don’t know everything.

Student: I do have a comment from an outsider, that all you guys are pretty friendly, no matter where on the hierarchical ladder you come from. We have supernals and archangels that come, we have Michael that comes and talks to us – oh my gosh! – and everybody seems so nice and friendly, so I would rather imagine that Monjoronson would be the same. We’re just a bit odd, I think.

MERIUM: You are a lot of work.

Student: (Laughter)

MERIUM: That’s more to the point than your oddity. You have a lot of baggage, a lot of complexities in your packaging. This is why we have placed so much emphasis on the stillness. The stillness allows the dust to settle so that we are able to begin the work. Until the dust settles, it is rather ineffectual to try to go in and make changes; you just keep stirring up more dust.

Student: Have my morning meditations been of help?

MERIUM: Yes, indeed, they have.

Student: Good. I’ll keep it up.

MERIUM: Morning meditations tend to set the tone for the entire day. You have a much better chance of maintaining energy and equilibrium, even graciousness, throughout the day if you have a good spiritual breakfast, taking in nourishment from the Eternal Parents. Then in the evening you can have a light supper and reflect upon your day in stillness, so as to discern your actions and ask for guidance. This allows your Adjuster to have your permission to work during the night, and so you, by this process increase your dependency upon the divine spirit such that you are more inclined to keep your channel open, knowing that without this quiet time with divinity, the door will eventually close and you will find yourself in the dark. Now, as conscious sons and daughters of God, this may not be a frightening experience.

You will never fear the dark as you did before you knew “salvation,” but it is such a bore to sit in the dark when the sun is shining and there is so much to do outside. So do yourself a favor and enjoy your youth, your spiritual youth. Play outdoors in the light and life.

We will also help you work on that presentation, Gerdean. It won’t take much. You have a plethora of counselors and guides to assist. Get some resource material together and an exercise or two with which to demonstrate your points and you’ll be fine. Let it not bother you to the extent that you forget to BE THERE and enjoy the experience of the conference itself. Friendship is an end in itself. Make sure you eat hearty at the feast and drink deep of the living waters that will be poured out among and between you all at this gathering. Laughter is the best medicine. Don’t forget to breathe. Are we replete for the afternoon?

Student: Probably, but very appreciative. Thank you, thank you.


MERIUM: Give my best to our friends when you run into them. Let them know we think of them often and look forward to our next time together. On behalf of those in the invisible realm who hover over you, and work to uplift and comfort you, I bid you adieu.

Student: Adieu.

MERIUM: Bye-bye!

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