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RIO190- Take the Farther View

2013-11-03-Take the Farther View
Rio Rancho #190


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Take the Farther View on Meteors, Comets, and Young People
o 1.2 Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Take the Farther View on Meteors, Comets, and Young People
Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
Teacher: Merium
TR: Gerdean


MERIUM: Good afternoon, ladies. Relax, I don’t bite. I am your friend and teacher, Merium.

Reneau: Hi, Merium!

MERIUM: : Hello, darling. Long time no see. Sweet to see you again, too, Phyllis. What a delightful turn of events that we can meet this way today. You know I always enjoy a party. We don’t have long, however. What shall we do with ourselves this afternoon, now that we have an opportunity to engage? Have I stories to tell? Only if you let me know what you want to hear about. I am here to serve. Perhaps you’d rather not hear a story. Perhaps you’d rather tell me a story.

Reneau: Well, Merium, I do have a concern about the radiation coming out of the Fukushima plant in Japan and the fish in the Pacific and our food source, having a general question about the safety of the fish and are our celestials really helping, or ET’s, or anything like that to make it safer.

MERIUM: : When did you grow up, child? You grew up so fast! When you read about the crucifixion, when you read the part that said all the angels stood back aghast at what they were seeing, their own Creator being put to an ignominious death, their response reflected this sickness that we feel when we see how Mother Earth is being abused. It’s difficult enough on a developing young planet having to deal with its own tectonic plates and volcanoes and floods and whatnot without adding insult to injury. The ocean really works very hard for you. That is to say it lives and rejoices in its existence and you benefit from it being there and so for you to kill it or maim it in any way is truly to shoot yourself in the foot. We despair of how often so many go around picking off their own toes by their foolishness.

Are we involved in the issue? You could say so. We have some hands on emergency measures that are a part of the privilege of being on a world in time and space, there are certain geologic rules that work in your favor, such as gravity, But the physical is only one layer; the psychology of self-destruction indicates an almost appropriate response to a people who have been deprived of proper parental care and social structure. How did we get here? It’s so bleak! We started out having a tea party!

Reneau: Yes! Sorry. It’s just part of our reality.

MERIUM: : Well, fear not. What can I say? I understand and appreciate the angst, the empathy, the horror that you feel and so you are not alone in your righteousness. Every day individuals are given opportunities to choose whom they will serve. It would appear as though the bad guys were winning but they are, rather, an obstacle, a contention, a left-over moré from another time. Take the farther view. Take the higher perspective and gain insight and wisdom.

In regard to the working out of your destiny, the challenges are indeed great, and I don’t want to just glibly say “and you will get your reward in heaven” because that is unfriendly and self-righteous, but indeed you will, and if you prescribe to the truth of the saying that “the kingdom of heaven is within you,” then you will be happy now, even as your heart knows to bleed when and as evil has an insidious grip.

We serve in that arena. We serve in those moments of choice, to lure the children safely to shore, to higher ground. And look at you. You reward me by showing me a seat in your presence. We welcome one another in this universal embrace, this spiritual fellowship of morontial reality. It certainly is a step in the right direction, away from war and rumors of war and incessant self-destruction. It’s like any addiction or immature behavior. If and when you see its foolishness, dispense with the foolishness, but that doesn’t mean that you need to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” for there is no doubt value in what you experience, no doubt that all that which is value and has value is a part of the Supreme, the evolving

Supreme Being, the experiential God of which you are a part … and me, too. We are parts of the whole, and in that we are one, we know harmony, we know unity, we rejoice, we rejoice. And when we are filled with the radiance of such fraternal relations in His presence, we are eager to engage in the work of the field and to play in the fields of the Lord. “Here am I, Lord, send me.” I feel as though I have had a Sunday Sermon, and we should all break out in song.

Reneau: Fine by me!

MERIUM: : Well, are there questions?

Phyllis: I have a question.

MERIUM: : Yes.

Phyllis: Is it appropriate for me to ask to know more about the heavenly body that is nearby?

MERIUM: : About what?

Phyllis: About the heavenly body that is passing near our planet and beyond.

Reneau: Is it a comet? A meteor?

Phyllis: Well, there are various comments as to what it might be.

MERIUM: : I appreciate your question and what it represents. But I will refer you back to something I said earlier about there being certain rules in place, certain universe laws that are enforced, as far as the inhabited worlds of space and time. Yes, asteroids have been known to hit other planets. Yes, comets have been known to land and leave large indentations. But those circumstances are in the more primitive ages, before the symmetry of organization is settled, stabilized. Once that happens, the environment has all the effects of crystallization. There are no more surprises from Mother Nature. Things have become established.

This is happening on your world as well. It is becoming older and those kinds of upheavals are becoming less and less. The planet is cooling, but it is still filled with molten lava and gases and ores, veins of one thing or another, to which some humans are drawn. Their investigations are the investigations of your world and ought to be appreciated for their scientific effort, but the interpretation of their existence is indeed an interpretation based on conjecture and circumstance as much as fact. What was that about?

Renault: How are things going with the young folks? Those less than 20? Those like my granddaughter, who is 12? So we’re looking at the future, the aspirations, and the ability to run this planet in the next 20 years. How are the young folks doing as far as taking up the banners of whatever it is they need to do?

MERIUM: Well, you must have faith in the young people. [I do. I do. I see a lot.] They have tremendous drive and idealism and they are not stupid. They do some dumb things as a part of their growing, but they are very sensitive, intuitive, intelligent, and if they are their own thinkers, they will be able to contribute greatly to tomorrow and beyond, as we all hope, of course. This is a natural cultural contribution from many generations: the art of living, developing government, civilization, sociology, as well as the mechanics of transportation, computers, and media.

Renault: Is there anything we can do in our immediate locale here, with our immediate friends and family and people who help us? Our friends, people? Can you help us in our day-to-day outreach here? As we muddle through?

MERIUM: : Haven’t we been doing that?

Renault: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We muddle through. We want more.

MERIUM: : Well, you’ll get more. But it’s not entirely what you might have had in mind. We have a whole school of fish that like to think they create their own reality and run their own lives.

Reneau: Eight billion of us.

MERIUM: : Well, I thought you’d never ask. It only takes 1%. So what is 1% of eight billion?

Reneau: 800,000.

MERIUM: : That’s not very many. However, it could be quite a bloc, and if it is intelligent and wise, it can change the course of destiny. So what you could do now, perhaps, is work toward the goal of establishing an awareness of other aware, awakened, concerned individuals.

Those of like mind are able to pull off more than those who have their own idea about how to do it and each goes off in his own direction. Yes, of course, it helps, but there is more power in more people and who should not be more opinionated and purposive than us? We are good kids. And we want good for others. We want peace and harmony. We want everyone to have enough to eat. We want to feel safe, especially in our own homes. We have those rights in the universe, but the primitive worlds are rugged.

Not that they shouldn’t be, mind you. The rights of passage have always included wit and cunning, brawn and bravery, fortitude and fidelity, and on and on, so the more well-rounded young people can be, the more they can bring to the effort in which they invest their energies. We see a great deal of it going on. Yes, there are separations all over the place but in the main in the main you are becoming an organism, advancing the world toward light and life.

Try not to get bogged down in the very real, very disturbing incidents and situations that are publicized regularly. There is also much good being accomplished. Do not hesitate to broadcast the good news. [Pause] I understand there is food.

Reneau: Are you hungry, Merium?


MERIUM: : I had a late lunch and just now enjoyed tea and crumpets, so I am quite full, thank you. I’ve had a lovely time. I hope we can do this again. Thanks for having me. Bye-bye.

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