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RRS3- Pandemic, Sedition, Fairness, Feminine Empowerment

2021-03-08.  RRS #3, Machiventa

Rapid Response Solutions #3 – (Find this and previous RRS’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

**FINAL RRS document in the series; only #1-3**


A teaching moment

Co-creativity on a decimal planet—ending the “mousetrap” program

Pandemic and sedition have altered celestial plans


The Urantia Book—200 years ahead of its time

Nothing is lost. Ultimately, there are no failures

Program for placing the feminine in positions of authority

Day of Equilibrium—similar to Pentecost

Economic fairness—the Roaring 20’s and today

True patriots and altruism

Retrieving the high ground of political and evolutionary change

Gaining trust

Gardening and gender

How are you today, Machiventa

January 6th and the Lucifer rebellion

The immorality of January 6th

Guard against your ego with self-observation and humility

The end of the “mousetrap” project for the foreseeable future

Empower women from birth

Empower the feminine

Empower the feminine in everyone

An invitation

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation:  Raymon


A teaching moment.

Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. We wish to begin with a question or a statement that we received last time which has opened up many topics of discussion among us (my team, myself, and others) that we’d like to now bring most of that to your attention.

Last time we received a statement from someone who said: “Well, why didn’t Spirit do more to promote the work of The Urantia Book?” Some of my staff were taken aback by that question as some would think it was an impertinent question, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it had tremendous depth and a tremendous opportunity to teach some very major lessons that most celestials have learned, and if not, they will definitely be experiencing a learning process to take that wisdom to heart.

Co-creativity on a decimal planet—ending the “mousetrap” program.

When you begin to look at this question, it brings into question the whole intention and philosophy of the Correcting Time. Questions are necessary to find answers where none existed before. For us this is an opportunity for teaching. Now, as I speak, I want you to remember that our association is co-creative, and for some of you who have a brevity of memory we advise that you have a pad of paper in front of you to take notes. The first note is that this discussion involves the topic of co-creativity. The second is that Christ Michael has in His mind that this is a decimal planet. It is an experimental planet. That is how this world has been created and the Correcting Time must take into its own advisement that this is an experimental planet and further, that the revelations and the advent of the Days of Light and Life are co-creatively involved. When you take those two factors into consideration thoughtfully, you begin to realize that much can go amiss in the programs that Spirit has developed.

I am not the only one who develops plans for this planet, but there are many dozens of individuals and bodies of decision makers who are involved in the unfoldment of the process of co-creativity on this experimental planet. This requires great patience on the part of all involved from, immediately, the Most Highs down to all administrations within this constellation. And one plan that has gone amiss is a plan that we have been working on for more than a century—a plan that we began implementing over 100 years ago at about the time that The Urantia Book began to be more than just a thought in someone’s mind. This plan has developed through the decades. It was populated by numerous mortals around the world (approximately 100) and through the decades and through the vagaries of time, that number dwindled extensively over the decades.

What came about was the ending of the program that we have entitled “the mousetrap.” It had been in the planning and outworking stage for well over a century of mortal time. During that time The Urantia Book came into existence, the Correcting Time had come into existence, the Teaching Mission, and so on. And this mouse trap program was to awaken people to wonderful changes in their democratic societies which, of course, would be available to all societies in the eventuality of time and to the individuals in those nations who would be open to receive such wisdom and guidance.

Pandemic and sedition have altered celestial plans.

As it happened, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it began on its own long before (several years before) it was finally recognized as a pathogen among humans. COVID-19 changed the extensiveness of the program that we had developed. It finally came to a demise through no fault of any mortals that you are aware of, but was a repercussion of the acts of sedition of January 6th, 2021. That was a signifier—an event that denoted a tremendous change in the course of democracy—not just in this nation (the United States) but in all democratic nations.

You are seeing the travesties being wrought against democratic initiations from Hong Kong to Myanmar, and to the acts of sedition here in the United States—a direct assault upon the bastions and institutions of democracy. This was something that we had as one of those ½ of 1% possibilities of occurring in the decades that preceded it. However, as times change, as administrations change, and the tolerance for mayhem and the tolerance for violence was present, those individuals who chose to act in the course of that sedition came forward and did so. That was the final straw that broke this program’s evolution and development.

The egregious acts of a few hundred people were such that we could no longer continue on with the program that we had initiated approximately a century ago. This required our immediate attention. The reason being, that democracy, even in its primitive form as it is manifest in mature democracies such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other mature democracies, that this was something that we had to deal with immediately. It was a matter of scrapping this program that we had begun so long ago in earth time [because] the importance of what was headed toward us had to be dealt with immediately.


Now, that should take your breath away a little bit as it did some of the junior members of our working groups here. Many who had not been experienced with mortal endeavors and mortal difficulties were, in fact, disappointed. Disappointment is one of those difficult mental/emotional/intellectual states that can manifest in many evolved spiritual beings. This, of course, indicates to that individual, their supervisors, and their teammates that there is work to be done. On the other hand, it is wonderful that they have such a feeling for the condition of mortals that they feel disappointment for the lack of a program to assist mortals in the recovery of this world into the Days of Light and Life like so many other planets are doing in Nebadon.

The Urantia Book—200 years ahead of its time.

Now, to answer the question or the statement about the disappointment the individual expressed regarding the lack of perseverance on the part of celestials to assist the development or to provide more efforts to the success of The Urantia Book, is that The Urantia Book was, yes, another of those experimental programs just as the mouse trap was. You can only take a celestially initiated program so far. It eventually has to walk on its own feet. It has to pursue the goals of Salvington, Edentia, and so on—the Most Highs—to its completion without further involvement in making it succeed. The making part is a very mortal, a masculine pursuit. If you simply use a bigger hammer or spend more money on it, you will succeed. But, as this is an experimental planet, we are using experimental programs, some of which are very advanced considering other experimental planets in Nebadon.

We have given great thought to these programs and there is a willingness on the part of Christ Michael, Gabriel, and others to experiment, to see what good will come out of it, and then retain the wisdom of those programs even though they failed so that the wisdom can be applied in other experimental programs. Were you to truly know about the authorization for The Urantia Book, you would realize that The Urantia Book was and is a project, a document, that is approximately 2 centuries ahead of its time. It will be rediscovered eventually, and it will be regarded as a priceless tome of wisdom which was unappreciated by the mortals at the time.

Nothing is lost. Ultimately, there are no failures.

This is not privy information that I’m sharing, but simply some of the history of two of the projects that we have been working on over time. Remember that nothing is lost. There are ultimately no failures in God’s plan for this planet and Christ Michaels plan for this planet or any other planet. Through the initiation of spiritual, divine intentions, the outworking of the First Source and Center’s will for this universe will be complete. It may take the eventuality of time and millions, billions and, perhaps, trillions of years to complete, but nonetheless it will be done.

In that regard I wish to announce a necessity that we will be renaming this series of transcripts. You will have three transcripts in the RRS series of which this will be the last. We have begun a new program that will take approximately 150 years to apply to the global, planetary, and national systems of nations. During that 150 years, a new program will have begun (which it has already at least two decades ago if not three.)

Daniel: He’s saying it began in the 1960’s.

Program for placing the feminine in positions of authority.

Machiventa. It was over 50 years ago that the program I’m speaking of had its initial beginnings which were not known to any mortal at the time. It was one of those programs that we developed… just in case. Sometimes developments come about requiring us to “change gears” and need another program in the wings waiting to be initiated and developed. This program could have begun much later, or it could have begun much earlier. This program, as you know from listening to me and reading these transcripts for many years, you realize that we seldom use short term projects. Sometimes we do engage them because there is something to be gained. Programs of great longevity need to be initiated because of the tremendous wisdom that can be gained by doing so.

This program involves the placement of the feminine in places of authority—of decision making—and of the nurturance of new forms of social organizations and so on. You already know from your demographers that the sexual revolution began with the liberation of women from [the] obligatory birth of children. Women now have a choice to conceive or not. That is one of the first things that is necessary for the feminine gender to come into its own. Until then, it is the victim of its own gender which, as those of you who are mothers know, is a blessing without comparison to bring children into the world. Having said that (and there will be much more to say about that in the future) the era of the masculine has come to the end of its domination. It is necessary that men become aware of this so that they will become the inviters, and begin to invite women more eagerly and more earnestly into the realms of group thinking, decision making, executive leadership, and so on.

You know from the wisdom of The Urantia Book that how the genders treat each other is a sign of the maturity of that civilization. Having said that, you know you live on a very primitive world. Every nation has its dispossessed, its unempowered, the disempowered of which the racial, ethnic centers of the world have become disempowered, unempowered, by never having been given the right for participation even though they hold the same rights of a human being to do so. The disenfranchised need to be and will eventually be represented equally. We have said to you before that equality is the birthplace of morality and ethics. Equality is the generator of fair and equitable treatment of minorities, and majorities such as women and others.

Let us bring this part of our discussion this morning to a close by opening the forum to questions that you may have. I earnestly request that you not ask curiosity questions please.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa, this is Liz. It’s good to be with you this morning. I thank you for that information about the Urantia Book. That has been a puzzlement to me for many years and to know that it will finally, in the fullness of time, come to its due makes me very happy.

Machiventa. Wonderful.

Day of Equilibrium—similar to Pentecost.

Liz: I just read Chris Maurus’s vision of the moment in time when all humans simultaneously across the whole world have a profound, undeniable, spiritual experience where everyone all at the same time experiences God consciousness and the brotherhood of man. I know that this is a vision in his mind, but considering the new enhanced Thought Adjuster circuits is this something that is likely to happen? He calls it the day of equilibrium. []

Machiventa. Call it what you may (it may be called that, or it may be called something else), but it will be very similar to what happened when the Comforter—the Spirit of Truth—descended upon this planet. People became aware that something was different. Even those who were not spiritually oriented recognized that they had experienced something new. And yes, it will be relatively simultaneous. Those people who are more in tune with Spirit will feel this more readily, more quickly, and more fully than those who are not. Thank You.

Liz: Is there anything we can do to bring this about?

Machiventa. Yes, of course. In my statement just now is that you would want to become more spiritually centered. You would want to become more humble about life and living—you do not know all the answers and that you are open to receive answers from many sources. You have the discernment tools that you can use to validate those truths that you hear.

Liz: Well, thank you for that answer. I hope that this happens within my lifetime, and I look forward to that day and sharing the insights with all my loved ones. Thank you very much.

Machiventa. You’re welcome and let me add that this will be a global phenomenon and that it will be preceded by many other developments which will foretell the development that you have spoken about. Does this make sense?

Liz: Well, yes, of course. Cloaked in mystery as usual, but yes.

Machiventa. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you.

[Ed: The question queue was empty, so MM gave us a short recess.]

Machiventa. Let us have a short recess so that those individuals who are pausing and thinking about what has just occurred will have time to reflect on it and pose a question if they have any. We know, I know that we have given you quite a bit to chew on in just a few short minutes.

Economic fairness—the Roaring 20’s and today.

Rick: Hello Machiventa, this is Rick. My question regards economic fairness in a democratic, capitalistic society like the United States. The Urantia Book states that at the time of the information coming through we were experiencing the ends or the heights of the most materialistic era. Yet, in the last 30 years in the United States, the top 5% of the people have increased their wealth by 4, 5, 10, 20 times and yet the middle, lower, and poorer have continued to lose ground. The basic unspoken tenet of our economic system has always been “rising waters lift all ships.” Was The Urantia Book correct that we reached the height of our materialism approximately 100 years ago, and if the answer is yes, why are we experiencing this basic unfairness?

Machiventa. Thank you. For one, at the time, that was the height of materialism, and it had not reached its zenith at that time when it was begun. This does not devaluate the wisdom of The Urantia Book. It was a prediction or prognostication that was premature. We would reframe your statement to generally reflect all materialism. It is materialism that is the shibboleth, the “ghost in the closet” of developing nations that causes great harm to the spiritual psyche of individuals and even of the emotional and personality development of those who are immersed in materialism. And if you do take money—income—as an indicator of materialism, then surely you know that the disparities of wealth have continued to increase and increase and increase.

We would say this about that situation: You of this century should be very, very fearful of what the future holds. That is why we are so strongly in earnest of making inroads into the evolution of democracy and of societies. The primitiveness of your world is expressed in terms of poverty—material poverty, disparities of material wealth. It is important for an evolving nation and an evolving democracy that it take on the woes of the disenfranchised—those who are poor, those of the feminine gender, and those who are politically disenfranchised that this be corrected.

We have said before that revolution is no longer tolerable to an evolving society and nation. Revolution in a democracy is anathema to the freedoms of individuals. If you look at that statement in terms of the insurrection of January 6th, you’ll see that it was the work of desperate people to advance their own agendas. Democracies’ concern is for the good of all. When democracies do fail to raise the water level so that everyone rises together, then it is in its own digression of evolution—it is devolving. Many of the things you say are oh, so true and which we are thoroughly in alignment with.

True patriots and altruism.

As we have also said, and particularly of note to this topic is that Americans, particularly, are slow to appreciate changes. In fact, they will do whatever they can to retard changes even when, in the long run, it is to their benefit. The myopia of people in leadership positions is so powerful that they can influence individuals of lesser station and power in life to think along the same lines as themselves. This is most unfortunate. The reason I am emphasizing this, my friend, is because you exist and live in dire times, and without the watch care of true patriots—individuals who are truly committed to the altruism that democracy can provide to immigrants and to those who are dispossessed, then there will be great difficulty to be had.

Retrieving the high ground of political and evolutionary change.

This is not good news is it? No, it surely is not. In fact, we would, to put it in terms of some of our celestial friends, say this is a very sad situation. And so, we have “pulled out the stops,” we have discontinued the mouse trap program in the effort to retrieve the advantage—the high ground—of political and evolutionary change. We feel that we will have a better chance with women—the feminine—than with the masculine. The masculine has served its purpose. It has fulfilled its mission. It has tamed the frontiers, broken the land to fields and crops, and so on, that the work of clearing land—timber clearance—has passed. This is important for men to realize worldwide. It is important for women to realize that this is their call to duty, that this is their time to advance their agenda and we have begun over time in the previous decades, to assist women in understanding their role and the foundations for their new role. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

Gaining trust.

Doug: Good morning Machiventa. Good morning everybody. I applaud the notion that the end of masculinity in power is changing and I look forward to the time when I can sit into a conversation of a [group] of women, and I don’t taint the conversation with my presence. With that regard, how do I better disarm my presence to women as being on their side so to speak.

Machiventa. I’d be glad to address that. You and many other men have the same difficulty. One is that when you go to a new forum or a forum of women, that truly what you need is a spokesperson to introduce you. You need someone who has credibility among the group who will introduce you and say that you are “safe,” and that you share many of the thoughts, attitudes, and even behaviors that are dear to women such as the motherhood/fatherhood role of men which is vital to the instruction of children. Thank you.

Gardening and gender.

Doug: Just a follow-up question if I may. I’m looking forward to buying seed and planting my garden this spring, and it seems like a simple kind of plan for the future, but the burden of somehow planting the seeds of a 3rd Stage Democracy seems a little daunting from my perspective. Is there encouragement from the discouragement?

Machiventa. One moment. You went from talking about planning a garden to third stage democracies. Could you explain please?

Doug: It seems like the future I see for myself is plant a garden, enjoy the seasons, and things like that. It seems like that’s a little less of a caliber than defending democracy with vigilance, I guess. It seems a little more pedantic than becoming an evolutionary change person—planting the seeds for third stage democracy.

Machiventa. Thank you. What I wish to do now is combine three topics. One is your gardening, one the role of the feminine, and the Stage 3 Democracies. First of all, planting gardens and gardening is primarily women’s work around the world. So, your planting a garden is a combination of the heft of your physical being to plow the garden, prepare it for seeding, and then planting the seeds, shoots, and stems that will grow. The second part is to help others see gardening as definitely respectful. That it is in many ways non-gender oriented. I said that the majority of women around the world in second and third world countries do plant gardens which is substantial for their livelihood and for their families.

You would be one who, in a community, could show that this work is commendable—that it is good men’s work as well. We know that in this nation most people do not think of gardening as gender oriented and that gardening is truly an avocation, a hobby, that is highly rewarding. As far as the Third Stage Democracy is concerned, there must be [a] beginning somewhere and that this gardening is something that can be done egalitarian-wise in any community. In a Third Stage, this Third Stage must be inhabited, governed, and executed by women. The roughness in decision-making, sense of authority, and a sense of entitlement because of the male gender to make decisions must be foregone and must be transferred to women.

So, when you see the attributes that are natural to raising a garden, there is a certain gentleness and there is a certain eagerness for the time of pregnancy before the seeds break into sprouts and eventually produce. You see, you have to be very patient. You have to be very humble to plant a garden and to see it grow into its fullness. And so too, Stage Three Democracies must be executed by that type of nature that is innate to women. Thank You.

Doug: Thank you for answering my questions.

How are you today, Machiventa.

Stéphane: Good morning Machiventa! This is Stéphane. How are you?

Machiventa. I am very well. Thank you for asking. It is kind of you to take that into consideration as I do have “feelings” even though being a Melchizedek having lived here and been acquainted with your planet on more than one occasion, I can take away much of the humanness and understand what people are going through. So, thank you for, not your sympathy, but your empathy and our synergism. Thank you.

Stéphane: You message was very somber today, and I just enjoy sometimes feeling the lightness of your being. So, that’s why I was asking.

Machiventa. (Chuckling) I chuckle because, yes, that is one of the best attributes of humans, of mortals, and when you show that as evidence and conscious[ness] of your mortality, your humbleness, and your joy at the same time, it is neigh on to being celestial. Thank you.

January 6th and the Lucifer rebellion.

Stéphane: So, I’m going to talk about the January 6th event, and I know you don’t like to talk in terms of the rebellion, but to me, when I saw [it] unfold, I immediately thought this is an ah-ha moment for me because it is exactly what our nefarious leaders of the rebellion had in mind, to create events like this, to create the possibility of events that benefit the very few at the cost of the whole. And the same as you (but probably not to the same level as you), I was hugely disappointed with what happened there, and I thought, you know, does that regress us to a large degree? You know in 1987 I think the Ancients of Days called Urantia a civilized planet for the first time. Does that jeopardize that calling? I’m not sure you’re ready to answer that question, but to me, that seems where we’re at. I’m very disappointed, but when it comes to this, all of these seeds that were planted from our rebellious leaders 200,000 years ago are still having huge repercussions in our societies, and there is very little that we can do about them because our leaders are allowing those to happen. Do you wish to comment?

The immorality of January 6th.

Machiventa. Yes, I do. You’ve raised many points, and I may ask you to recall some of those points as This One has a very small mind and short memory. First of all, what occurred on January 6th was full of ego. It was ego driven and it was ego satisfying for the perpetrators such that their delight was truly a slap in the face to all the progress that earnest, spiritually-oriented individuals have given this world during their lifetimes. Further, considering that this act and particularly the mental ego states of the individuals was egregiously immoral—for mortals, an immoral act against the good of democracies, and it was a moral choice, as you said, [that] jeopardized the good of all. And that for the benefit of a few, they were immoral in that they were in the process of causing great disturbance to the welfare of the planet and of all of humanity. You may not think that this is the case in countries that are not democratic, but this was a slap in the face to all people and to the progress that has been made in the correcting time.

Guard against your ego with self-observation and humility.

The lessons here are few, but they are extremely mighty. One of the lessons is that you, as an individual, (not you specifically Stéphane) but you as an individual and as individuals must guard against your ego. You must be self-observing. It is only self-observing people who examine themselves in light of being a child of God [that] can make new decisions to set aright their former egoistic pursuits. Humility and being humble is primary to all spiritual growth. It is not the stoppage or cessation of ego, for you need to have an ego as you work in the world, as you progress. It is the stone against which your soul is sharpened. It is the place of confrontation of yourself with others for your discernment and for your empowerment.

For until you do become truly humble individuals, you will not grow in the soul growth that you desire to aspire to higher levels of morontial entry. Ego is a powerful element in your world as you know, and what is difficult that we see in the democracy and the state of democratic justice in the United States is the lack of humble morality on the part of those who are in positions of power and authority. The lack of moral democratic courage to curb those who would want to overturn their democratic nation in the small and large perspectives, is horrifically immoral. There have been many tens of thousands of individuals who have died in the pursuit and in the defense of democracy in this nation and many other nations. Such immorality on the part of elected and appointed officials is without reckoning. It is without tolerance. It cannot be tolerated.

For your democratic nations to become more mature, they must develop and evolve. And the maturation is measured not in numbers of citizens, or in the size of governments, but in the defense of the humble, the protection of the humble, and the granting of opportunities to those who have been disenfranchised which has been taken from the middle as you have pointed out. There will always be the poor, and it is not the giving of alms that is important for correcting that imbalance, but the sharing of position, the sharing of opportunities, and ensuring that those without have opportunity to fulfill their needs on their own. It may require training and preparation for them to do that, but this is a sign of the superior soul—the superior moral individual who comes forth and says, “I will help you.” Thank you.

Stéphane: And the question that keeps asking, Machiventa, is what is the end of that event? What were these people thinking? What were they trying to achieve? And I think you said, well, it was to brush the ego for themselves, not to brush the ego for spiritual growth.

Machiventa. Correct. And as far as projecting ahead, I do not do that, but I would forecast that these individuals will eventually be quite humbled. Thank you.

The end of the “mousetrap” project for the foreseeable future.

Stéphane: Thank you very much for that comment. Now, I’m going to ask a question that may be perceived as a curiosity question, but that is not the intent from my perspective. And it is around the mousetrap event. Obviously, it was an eventuality that you thought was going to actualize in the last few weeks and months. Is there still energy around that event and that project? And if so, can you elaborate a bit more as to what aligned with that project so that if there is still energy around it that we can still find some energy in ourselves to promote that idea.

Machiventa. I will answer your former question first and disregard the second. I hope you will abide by that. First is that this program has ceased its evolution and development. It is something that, if you were a woodworker and you had a shop full of woodworking tools—mostly hand tools—that you would say, “Well, it’s time to put up these tools, and I will need to attend to other projects that need attending at this time. It is my hope to return to the shop and begin anew on these projects that are unfinished, [and] that I will have the opportunity to complete these projects to their fullest so that they can be admired, appreciated, and enjoyed by many people. And so it is with this mouse trap project. We have set it aside.

The timing was correct, the development was correct, and its evolution, its timeliness was all set in place. The three elements that are required to enact a program/project to its completion had been put in place, but the process of its completion was disrupted, mightily disrupted by what occurred with the pandemic (partially) and the completion of the disruption was on the acts of sedition on January 6th. Past that I will not add any further to it. It is something that we could pick up quite promptly and begin anew as all the resources are available. It is simply that, if we enacted them, they would fall by the wayside and all our [efforts] and mortal efforts would be wasted. Thank you.

Empower women from birth.

Stéphane: Thank you for that. I won’t dwell on that any further then. My last question is around feminism. I work for a corporation that values that. Although not many companies would admit it, human resource departments have quotas for putting the feminine into leadership roles, and there’s not enough feminine in the organization to fill those roles. A lot of the males in the organizations feel that some of these women are promoted not on their merits, but from the fact that they are female, and they think there are going to have to be discussions along those lines. As this improves, women will start seeing that there are opportunities for them to fill the ranks. But also, you see more and more [of the] feminine in politics. I think congress has the most amount that there has ever been. So, do you think that we already have started on that path, and that obviously needs to be accelerated?

Machiventa. There are missing elements that are mandatory for the success of women to rightfully enter into the executive ship of the planet at a mortal level and in organizations. And one is that women must feel from birth, through childhood, and young adulthood that they are being empowered so that the empowerment becomes internalized—not out of ego, not out of social position, or material possession, etcetera, but it must be empowered natively—that the child sees that the world is their oyster, so to speak. And that women are best placed to assist the world become what it should become—will become—through their personal and group efforts. So, first of all there must be an empowerment that is internal to women so that the feminine can be expressed in all its glory and in all of its awesomeness as well. Women have a rightful place and that they demand to have it. Not out of power or militarism within the ranks of women, but that it is rightfully theirs because they are women. The feminine power is rightfully theirs because they evince this in their own natural being.

Empower the feminine.

We are in a program now that will be known to you and others and that it will find its expression within the next 2 to 3 years. You will see beginnings of this within a year and that it is intended to empower women the world over. What we do not want in this empowerment is women with balls if you use the colloquialism of that. It is important that women retain the best characteristics of their womanhood in the feminine. The feminine is that humble individual of great service who sees through their power that they can help others, and they do that rightfully, honestly, earnestly, and humbly.

This is something that we must empower, and if you look at it from a planetary manager’s perspective, who is the most populous gender in the world? It’s women. And so, when we address this, we will be addressing it to all women as the most influential and potentially powerful group in the world. And that their rightful place is humility—not with ego, not through militarism, but through them practicing their own innate traits, characteristics, and qualities that they carry with them. We do not need more men in the world—more dominating self-entitlement by males. We need women who continue the roles that they have always practiced, but now practice them in roles of leadership around the world. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you Machiventa. That was very useful and I can be aligned with your statements. Thank you.

Empower the feminine in everyone.

Machiventa. Let us bring this to a close then. You will probably note in the future that this was one of those signature, identifiable sessions that helped mark the change in the course of Spirit working in the world. It addresses several things simultaneously. One is the correction of the democratic problems. The second is the empowerment of the feminine. It’s not necessarily the empowerment of women, but it is the empowerment of the feminine as having a rightful place in leadership—whether by men or by women. Men and women who are of the LGBT group have experienced many times in their life that they have assets of character that can be of tremendous use in organizations.

Their inclusion is and would be a part of the feminine empowerment. It is not that we are trying to empower LGBT factions, but that individuals within those groups have rightful places within organizations. The hardline organizations that have survived to the present time now must make way for the softer part of leadership which is empowering and strives in itself to empower others. So, you might say that our session today was a feminine act of empowerment for all people. We thank you for your presence here today, your attention to these details, and for listening carefully to the words that are shared. We wish you a good day and know that you are empowered by Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and by all your spiritual helpers from midwayers to your Thought Adjusters. And we wish you good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel. Please stay with us a short bit. Liz has an announcement.

[Ed: Those of you receiving this transcript by email please see the attached file from Liz.]

An invitation.

Liz: Yes, thank you James, thank you Daniel, thank you Machiventa. We are planning to hold a T/R workshop in May with Daniel and Sherille. Tentative dates are May 13-15 in Eugene, Oregon. The price will be just enough to cover our costs. Attendance will be limited to just 15 people, and as soon as we have a venue and have costs nailed down as closely as possible, we’ll put the call out for registration. We’re notifying people in the NOCO group first. They have the first chance to sign up. If we don’t fill all the slots, we will open it up to the complete distribution list of these transcripts. If you’re interested in this, you can email me at [email protected] and I will put you on the interested list. I am interested in becoming a better [inaudible] and learning to T/R, and that will be the focus of this three-day workshop with Daniel.

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