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NWB13- Early Teaching Mission Session 13

1992-12-01- Early Teaching Mission Session 13
Sarasota #13


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Alfana, Lor-El – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 13
December 1, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions December 1, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers, Always, I have this problem of whom to address – Father, Michael, Creative Mother Spirit, Thought Adjuster, Teachers, Visitors and the list goes on. Can you help me with this?

ALFANA: Allene, you know it does not matter. All that is on your mind and in your heart will find its way to the Father. Your thoughts and questions flow through the circuits and are known to all of us who are working with you and watching you. Have you not noticed that when you address one of us, often another appears to assist you? Why not just address whomever you feel inclined to address at that time?

You need not concern yourself that you are leaving anyone out. This is only a human perception that has no meaning. As you spend more time in the stillness, you will connect with a knowing-ness that seems to have no source. Just know that all knowing-ness and truth comes to you ultimately through the Father.

You are doing well. Each time more is opened up for you, you forget how far you have progressed from the previous step. Already you have forgotten much of who you were less than a year ago. It seems so unimportant and part of a far distant past that has little meaning or relevance to who you are now.

LOR-EL:  Amidst all your doubts and confusion, you have chosen to pursue a venturesome path. Your doubts are like hazard signs that you take as warning signs that you are about to fall off the path down some crevice into self created fantasies of your own imagination. Let us assure you that this will not happen. It is good that you question, for this leads you to expand your thought processes and to see more, but do not doubt that the path is safe and sure.

You will not fall off by the wayside. It may seem that way to some, but as you spend time in the stillness you know that this is not so. The confirmations and affirmations you see almost daily now are being presented to you to encourage you and support you in your journey.

It has been good that you and Patije have given of yourselves and your time to start the small group. From this you can see much that will help you in the days ahead. We will work with all those who truly come seeking to you to find us. As you make the opportunities available, we are ever ready and available to assist you. This you have seen and it will give you much support to continue with your plans.

Now is a gentle time of rest for you as you settle into your new tasks. Each day new ideas are forming like seeds for the days ahead. Some will be developed, some will fall away and from all of this the future will unfold.

Now you can see the importance of sharing. For as you and Patije share with each other, you become pillars for each other – pillars of strength, pillars of faith and pillars of support. Your willingness to share your individual experiences and the example you set of how much more is accomplished with teamwork, will help others to see the value in banding together in twos and threes and more to be pillars for each other. This is not a time of isolation. This is a time of joining together – of oneness. The times of separation are rapidly being altered into a new way of looking at yourselves, your families, your communities, your nations to see your planet moving into one of togetherness and cooperation.

There is more to share with you, but the hour is late and you will have little sleep. Rest now and we will speak more of this at another time. Lor-El

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