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NWB2- Early Teaching Mission Session 2

1992-11-02- Early Teaching Mission Session 2
Sarasota #2 


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Alfana – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
Teacher: Alfana
TR: Allene Vick

Session 2
November 2, 1992
Allene: Dear Teachers – All of You, I am really trying to learn to write with you on this computer. A pen does seem a much more personal way to communicate although it takes so much time to put it all on the computer. I hope you will help me in time to be as free with this medium.

My thoughts tonight are on tomorrow’s election. I know you all are busy on many projects and many are working and responding to your presence and the will of our Father. I know that you cannot interfere with our wills, but I do hope that your gentle presence that has been felt by many will bear fruit tomorrow towards the start of a new chapter in the history of America. I feel an excitement inside and hope that it will not dissipate into disappointment tomorrow evening. I have felt that if people voted their hearts they would vote for Perot.

He says vote your conscious. I believe by this, too, people would vote for Perot. I am not sure how many are awake enough to hear either. Perot may not be the answer, but I think he would start us all off in a new direction towards better answers to our overwhelming problems. So I can only pray that during this time many will be awakened. I may not be right, but in my heart I believe in this man as imperfect as he may be in some areas.

I pray that all that are open will be guided towards the right choice, even if that choice is not what I see to be the right choice at this time. I am so thankful that our class is progressing so well and thank you for all your help in this.

Vanessa, I am curious about several things. So far it seems that you are the only Midwayer that has contacted our group and maybe all the groups. What about all the other Midwayers? What about David’s comments tonight about taking time off and exercising your free will? Can you or anybody else comment on this.

VANESSA: Well, in some ways David is right about this. We have a general duty to perform that we are more aware of than you are of yours. Within this we have freedom of choice. Some of us have specific assignments just as you are receiving. Mine has been to work with all of you on this project if you will. We are the caretakers of the planet and cannot leave until the planet is settled in Light and Life, thus we have a real vested interest in seeing this task completed. You on the planet are just beginning to wake up to what is underfoot. It is as if you have been sleepwalking. Now as you become awakened to the changes beginning to happen, you will be more aware of your duties and responsibilities.

Allene: Why do we not hear from other Midwayers?

VANESSA: Because if the cast of characters becomes too large, you would lose sight of the purpose. How many of you can read War and Peace without a guide as to who is who? This would cause the same confusion. Isn’t it better to know one of us well than many? If you were aware of all who are here working with you, you would be greatly overwhelmed and not know who to address or how to proceed. Does this answer you question?

Allene: Yes, Vanessa. I thank you very much for this answer. It does make a great deal of sense.

TEACHER: Allene, you have been wondering about being contacted by a most high authority. Those of you who are open and ready for this kind of contact will be contacted. It is to let you know that the circuits are now open for this kind of contact.

This is not to say that this was not possible before, but man had no idea who was speaking to him. Now that you have some idea, vague as it may be at times, it seems rather astounding to you. My dear child, you are all just beginning to become aware of what a grand universe you live in. Your blinders are coming off. The isolation is over.

This is as much a joy for us as it is to you. The difference is that these things are not new for us. You have been living in darkness. Now you are beginning to see the light. It is through ones like you who open themselves up to ridicule to persist that we may make ourselves known. As ones like yourself venture forward to discover the universe personalities and potentialities, you will lead the way for the more timorous ones to follow.

It was not so long ago that the earth was perceived to be flat. Look how far you have come in only a few centuries. The sleeping planet of Urantia is now awakening.
What you are now experiencing would have been conceived of as being a state of dementia not too long ago and still is by most of your brothers and sisters. We can assure you that this is not madness. To us it is madness to live to live closed off from all that is ever around you. You who are willing to be perceived as mad are really the sane ones.

So my child, put your fears and doubts aside. You could not long survive the natural intellectual assault of your doubts if this experience was not substantiated by the improved quality of your existence in ways that you cannot deny.

For those who have been struggling with doubts, I ask you to ask yourself these simple questions:

o Do I experience more joy in my life now that I know?
o Do I find more peace now that I know?
o Do I feel closer to God and Michael/Jesus now that I know?
o Does life make more sense now that I know?
o Am I becoming a better person now that I know?
o Is life more relaxed and easier now that I know?

You are wondering why I say now that I know. I say this because even with all your doubts, you know that you know. Is this not true?

Allene: Yes, in some way I cannot explain, I do know.

TEACHER: Allene, what is causing you the most problem with this is your infernal question of knowing what is you and what is coming from beyond you. It would be good for you to put this aside for now and just accept whatever comes to you whether you think it is you or not. Others will have to learn the art of discernment in their own way.

Do not allow the judgement or discernment of others to interfere with your process. You are each unique. No two of you are the same. You do not share the same experiences although many are similar in nature. How you choose to look at these greatly determines what you know.

You wonder about the constant reminders you all are receiving about sharing and how this will be received – whether it will shed light on the same dilemmas others are having or whether it will only add to the confusion of some. It will do both. This is unavoidable. The question is whether you are willing to take the heat so to speak or whether you choose to take the easy way out and be quiet. If all choose to be quiet, the outcome will be the same, but it will be much delayed.

Allene: May I know who has been speaking to me now?

TEACHER: It is better sometimes that you do now know as it has been seen that knowing this has also caused some confusion. If I were to tell you who is speaking, would you then say how can this be that I am being spoken to by such a one when I am so far down on the scale of things? You have had trouble believing that Michael was actually speaking to you. Did you not experience this just last week?

Keep in mind also that these things are new to you. As you stated several times last week, it is beyond your current understanding to fully comprehend the dimensions of what this means. You do not so much reject the experience as your mind finds it difficult to put it all into full perspective at this time. You have no experience to relate this to at this time. Therefore, it is better to simply accept it and not try to understand how this could possibly be.

There is another aspect to consider. You all have not begun to exercise your full potential. As you stretch yourselves in this way, it becomes a two way communication.

Your mind is actively processing the seeds as they are mentally planted. If we merely came to you and answered your questions and gave dissertations on certain subjects, it would be more reassuring to you, but would not begin to develop your potential. Those who are able to develop their capacities to greater degrees are given the guidance to do so. Each one who sincerely seeks for a higher purpose is guided along the path that will be most beneficial for their development.

We encourage you to share your experience, but caution others not to pattern themselves on your experience, but to seek their own unique way. This is why you have been asked in your group to share your experiences and to lovingly allow others to share their experiences. The validity of another’s experience is not to be questioned. You are free to accept what fits into your understanding, but you are not in a position to judge one another’s experience.

As you freely share, you will all grow and in time will be able to laugh at your mistakes and misperceptions. It is all part of the process. Why not be more light hearted and just enjoy this? Your mistakes will have no eternal value and will evaporate as the dew in the sunlight does each day. Lighten up a little!

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