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NWB61- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2 – Session 3

1993-02-01-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2 – Session 3 

Sarasota #61



1Topic: Celestial Discovery Group
2Group: Sarasota TeaM
1Teacher: Joel, Olfana, Michael, JarEl, Rayson, LorEl
2TR: Unknown
3Session 1


Topic: Celestial Discovery Group

Group: Sarasota TeaM


Teacher: Alfana

TR: Patije

Session 3



Patije: This is Patije and I invite any of the teachers, guides and helpers. Perhaps, Michael – to come and give us a message tonight. We are confused, a bit sad, and we need your encouragement. Our faith builds bridges, but somehow there is a big step we can’t cross. Can you help us? (long pause)

M:This is —- and I want to call the teachers and our unseen friends to be with us and to help us. I am open and willing. (short pause)

Patije: This is Patije and I heard: “What is your pleasure?” (laughter) I think I’m transmitting Mary!!! :I think so, I think so….laughter…


CHRIST MICHAEL: Hello, My Daughters. I am Michael. You have called? What is it that holds your hearts so heavy? How can you get bogged down in material emotional nothingness when such a spectrum of many energies are open to you, My daughters? (Pause) You can move into your higher consciousness and none of this petty belittling unlike God energy can touch you. Why is it you persist in gazing upon the negative? upon the un-like God? upon that which pulls from our circle of higher consciousness? Why is it, My Daughters, you cannot step into the love energy and remain where the Father’s power is? Where nothing can separate you from the love of our Father? What is it, My Children? You of much faith as strong, are enlightened, are empowered, are touched, by those outside of time and space who can lift you above your material point of view and bring you into the higher consciousness of your cosmic citizenship.

All upon your planet is in chaos and change. This is the Correcting Time. You will find the spiritual sword separating mine from those who choose not to follow the Father’s will. Sometimes, these are put into position to affect your material experience. This does not matter in the grand scheme of things. It is but an experience that makes you strong, that enlightens your concepts and your perceptions, enables you to learn to control your animal emotions so that when you are purged of these evils, you can arise higher and be of more value in your cosmic goals, your cosmic employment. You are Paradise journeyers. I come to greet you, to enlighten you, to lighten your burdens if you will give them to me. When one begins to take your selfhood and abuse it, give it to me immediately. I will carry the burden. I will be your co-pilot. I will be there for your strength, for if you have my strength you are stronger than any un-like-God energy that can possible affect you at this level of your career.

You are placed in this position of your life experience, not only for your experience and what you can learn, but because you are positioned to bring about light and life on a small scale which will send ripples throughout the entire universe. Each greeting, each encounter, each alleviation of fear or concern, or panic or anger, which is brought to you in the course of your life experience, is much relieved moved into a higher level and transmuted eventually to love through your efforts to control your emotions and be a stabilizing value upon the scene of what has occurred in your experience.

Do you not see many from many walks of life coming to you, My Daughters? Each of you in your own experience, with your own talent in your own abilities, counsel and relieve fear in many instances every day of your life experience. This is how it should be. You of much faith have been brought to this point in your life so that you can be a light, a beacon, a candle, among the darkness, among the lost, among the faltering, among those who are confused, and even among those who have evil intentions. None can withstand the love power which you bring, which you stand steadfastly within. There is a light around each of you. That light is the Father’s protection, the Father’s love. The Father’s power. And none can enter unless you give it passage. None can come into your presence where you dwell unless you allow and choose it to be so. (pause)

MICHAEL: I am Michael, I am the Creator of your planet, of your people – your brothers and your sisters. Many will find the way, will find their steps upon the path a little brighter because you have moved among them. You are special, you are selected to have this opportunity – not because I love you more than others, not because the Father respects your place – only because you have chosen to act upon and live your faith which has built many bridges for many people.

I come to you to tell you this because I see your hearts are smarting from the evils of greed, and anger, and resentment, and foolishness of your brothers and sisters upon your planet who do not see the light, who cannot hear the music to which you step. Pity them. Look down upon them as little children, for this is what they are in cosmic citizenship. They are but babes in the truth of reality. They have not raised themselves into the consciousness of their superconscious. They do not know what intellectual meaning is. It is meaningless to them. They have not harmony and choose to create chaos which is evil. They have not any value in this behavior. Do you not see this, Children? (Pause)

Have you any specific questions which I can answer for you? (long pause)


M—-: Michael, I want to get the lesson that is going to help me with my heart so that I can stop being hurting and falling on my face.

MICHAEL: My —-, Child of the Most High, Child of My Heart, you have much faith but you remain caught in the web of unworthiness. This is selfish behavior. You must rise above the old memories of hurt and unworthiness and sadness and darkness. You must come up to who you are and love yourself. The Father’s love empowers you to self confidence and peace within your heart. When this peace is manifest, it shines brightly. Others see it. Why can you not see it, My Child? It is your pathway out of the mob, the bog, the mire, of the human animal thinking which no longer should concern you. You have moved into a place where these are but children’s games to you. Develop your sense of humor. Give up your ego control and allow me to work. (Pause)

Patije: This is Patije. I have my eyes closed and I see hands reaching out to hug you. They are white, they don’t have anything above the wrist but they are just reaching out to hold you close. They distracted me there and I almost lost the train of transmission…

M : Whose hands?

Patije: I presume they are Michael’s. They are beautiful hands. They are hands much like your own, full of healing. They are sculptured in the light of beauty… long fingers, beautiful! And, they look like they just want to reach out and touch and love…

M: I sure need it…

CHRIST MICHAEL: My —-, Dearest One of my heart, you are searching outside of yourself for answers. The answers come from within. Know you not that while you are seeking all over your planet in all of your earthly experiences, in all of the places of negativity… and chaos… and confusion… and concern…, that which you seek stands purely, lovingly, righteously in the very center of your mind? Your companion is with you constantly dwelling within your thoughts. There is one upon the planet which is finding his way to you. When you are ready. Look into your heart. Look into all of your emotional out-of-balance moments and learn to control these, not to stifle them, not to suppress them, not to divert them nor escape from them. Face them. Challenge them. Show them that they are the nothingness of which they are. There is an illusion about the emotions which are in the grip of your ego control. When you stand on the threshold of your cosmic citizenship, and see with the eyes of those who are outside of Time and Space, you will begin to see the nothingness of what disturbs you. It is unnecessary to give energy to these foolish byways of your outward looking. If you can turn inward and focus upon truth, beauty, value, meaning, harmony, stabilizing reality, then you will no longer get so out-of-balance when your ego is barbed by that which should have no way of touching you. (Long Pause)

When I was upon your planet as Jesus of Nazareth, many times I was tempted to lash back at my tormentors, but that which stabilized my actions and enabled me to stand tall in the midst of my enemies, was the knowledge that I was my Father’s son, that I was a child of God, that I was without harm on the planet. Whatever they did to my physical form could not touch the me that was real. This is true for you, My Daughters. That which is within you can be the greatest enemy or your best deliverer from evil, if you will but allow it to die, to comfort, to teach, and to relieve all that is un-like our Father from your consciousness. (long silence)

Patije: Sorry, —-. I started thinking about what was being said through me and I lost the transmission… The power ? is beautiful, There is a healing energy…must be Rayson again?

M: umhmmm. Thank you, Michael.

MICHAEL: You are blessed, My Child. You are blessed among many. Hold up your light for all to see. Venture not into the paths with dead ends, which help you make no progress. That causes you to spin out of control and away from the Father. Learn, My —-, to transmute all ugliness, all apparent evil, all unwanted feelings into love energy. Allow me to heal you. Allow my touch whenever you are faced with a situation which discourages, depresses, and overwhelms you. There is no need for this. Step lightly upon your bridge of faith and know that you have been delivered, that none can separate you from your destiny, that none can take you away from my protection.

I with you always. You are loved. You are one of my love children. You are very special. You are the daughter of my heart. I look to you for many, many actions of faith. You will not fail me. You will not long stumble in the shadows of darkness. You cannot be restrained from finding the light, the pathway to me. I know, My Dear, you are with me always. This cannot change – unless you choose to change it. So whyfor do you allow yourselves to be pulled down to animal levels? You are above that. You have made great strides in your destiny. You have come far. You have far to go. Leave this behind. It is not yours. It is not for you to correct others who choose not to follow. It is yours to discern the truth, the beauty, the spiritual value of all that comes into your presence.

Choose to ignore the illusion of anything else. I understand that it is your employment in this life experience to protect others, to be aware of what is happening, to know the evil, but do not carry this home into your heart. Do not let it permeate the sanctity of who you are, of what you are – a child of God living in the world, but now of this world. This is but a stepping place, a playpen while you prepare for your real life when you leave here. We have chosen to ask you to help us in this Correcting Time, to be an emissary, an ambassador, an apostle, a disciple, a healing master. We have chosen you, Dear. Do you accept this challenge? Do you want this for yourself? (Pause)

M:Yes, I welcome this.

MICHAEL: Carry not the burdens of your heart any further. Lay this to my hands. Give this unto me. Go forth with a clean heart, with a purified bank of memories, with a knowledge and a trust in who you are and what you are about in this time of doing the Father’s business. Will you give your burdens to me, My Dear? (Pause)

M:Yes, Michael. Thank you.

MICHAEL: No more shall you carry them. No more will you feel the ugliness of the relationship in your life experience. No more will the emotions cause you to be imprisoned upon that plane. You now will rise up above and look down upon as if the game was a child’s game and has no more importance, because this is true. (pause)

M:Thank you, Michael.

MICHAEL: I love you, My Daughter. I love you very special. You are unique. You are called for a purpose. You are my child. I will not abandon you. I will not forsake you. You are walking in the light of the power of the Father’s love from this day forward. None can separate you from the power of the Father’s love unless you choose to allow it to be so. Remember this, My Daughter, remember this in the hours of darkness. Remember this when you walk in the shadows of illusion, of discomfort. remember this when you reach out to stretch your concepts. remember this when you reach out to Me. I will always be there. You have but to ask for me and I will comfort you. (pause)

M:Thank you, Michael. I love you and I appreciate everything that you have done for me.

Patije;I love you too. You are my sister – even if you choose to not want me because I eat your fortune cookies! (laughter)


MICHAEL: Thank you, Patije. I’ll never feel alone again.

Patije: I’ll laugh at you anytime….!

M: I’ll laugh at me now too!

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