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NWB5- Early Teaching Mission Session 5

1992-11-12- Early Teaching Mission Session 
Sarasota #5 

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Alfana – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
Teacher: Alfana, Onario, Agmar
TR: Allene Vick

Session 5
November 12, 1992
[[Allene Impression – November 12, 1992]]
Allene: Dear Teachers, It is late and there is so much I want to thank you for before retiring. Thank you so much for all the help you have been giving Patije and me. I thank you for your guidance and trust that you will continue to guide us along paths that will be of the most service to the Father’s will and not let our own desires lead us astray from this intent. I hope that you will help me/us to be more aware of your help and guidance.

Thank you for such a wonderful group meeting again. It was wonderful to have the Universe Mother speak to us. Her energy was so warm and comforting. I was aware of the presence of Michael and Machiventa. How very fortunate and blessed we are to have such presences grace our humble meeting. For this I am most grateful.

It was good to hear from Olympia. She has such a lovely expression in her communication with us. Olympia, we welcome you very much.

Alfana, thank you again for your confirmation of the classroom experience. Surely, you must tire of my constant doubting. I only want to be sure that I do not lead others astray, especially with the project that Patije and I are undertaking now. I ask in the name of the Father only to receive that which is true and will further my growth and that of others. Thank you.

Alfana, I have a question to ask you concerning what I received from you a few weeks ago when you said that you were assigned as my teacher and suggested that I work with you and my Thought Adjuster. It seems we/I have strayed from these suggestions. What would you say to me about this tonight? Recently, I feel you are more distant and I don’t pick you up so clearly and so often. I don’t feel so clearly impressed with your words or any other teachers at our meetings? Is there a reason for this? I do pick up some things, but not so clearly, thus, I hesitate more and others seem to go on. What would you have me do?

ALFANA:  Allene, you are busy now with much to do. You are picking up our impressions all the time. It is not necessary for you to be so active in transmitting in the group at this time. We know you intent and your abilities. It is time for others in the group to become more active. We were not chastising you this evening in the group, although it was good for you to think about this. All must be aware and share.

Allene: Why do you not seem so clear to me when I communicate with you at times like this?

ALFANA: It is not necessary. We are stepping back to let you get in touch with what we know you know. As you put this forth and see the validity in it, you will gain more confidence.

LOR-EL: Would it help for me to tell you that we have not deserted you? We are pleased with all that you are doing. We learn much as we see how you humans handle different situations. We have seen your willingness and your perseverance. You will not falter. Continue with your work and let us see what happens. You have much to do now and we are pleased to see the direction you are choosing.

It is good that you come to us when you have questions. We are always here to help you as the need arises, to assist you in understanding what you need to understand. Your plate is already full. If we put more on it before you can fully digest what you have, we will only add confusion and slow you down. Your mind is ever active and we know you will be constantly asking more as you study the Urantia Book.

You are learning more than you think. You will be rewarded for all your efforts as more will come forward to assist you in your study and search to know more. Now it will be good for you to rest as much as you can and to gather your energy for all that you are about.

Allene: Thank you. Agmar, Alfana, any of you, will you please shed a little light on what I experienced the other night with both you. This puzzles me and yet I am learning to trust what I perceive more and more.

AGMAR: Allene, this is Agmar.I am real. I am of the Father. I am about the Father. You seem to think that all the beings above you are perfect and perfectly co-ordinated. This would be nice, but this is not so. Do not trouble yourself about what you perceived between me and Alfana. Have you not thought that perhaps this was your doubt speaking and not your beloved teacher Alfana?

Do not be so quick to judge. Alfana has instructed you all well to accept any impressions that come to you. I am more than an impression. You are willing to reach out and stretch yourself and this opens you up to more experiences. Later as you look back on them you can judge them if you will. Better now that you simply let yourself go with the flow as you say and see where it leads you. Do you not trust us enough by now to do this?

Allene: Yes, I guess I do.

AGMAR: Well, while you are at this again tonight, I wish to ask you the same question – what do you think of the classroom idea?

Allene: I think it is a great idea and I can see that if a group ever got really connected and open, this could be a wonderful way to teach us. I still am not sure how much you all would learn, but from what we are being told about having so many come to observe our thoughts and reactions, it seems it might be more effective and helpful for both of us if we could simply discuss this from both sides. What would you like for me to do in order to continue the classroom experience? Is this something you would like to do?

AGMAR: Yes, I am interested in pursuing this potentiality further. It is not easy to find one, such as yourself, who is willing and capable of participating. I would ask you to do nothing at the present time. Your consent is noted. It would be helpful if you would give some more thought to this and let the idea rest gently in the back of your mind for awhile. We, too, must see how best to proceed. Thank you.I shall return.

Allene: Alfana, Lor-El, Vanessa, Onario, Van-El, what do you all think of this? Did you like the original format? Would you be willing to help me in this? I would like to hear from you.

ALFANA: Yes! We would very much like to participate in this. Yes, we will help you. We, too, will think on this. The idea has so many exciting possibilities for all of us.

Allene: Dear Universe Mother Spirit, I thank you so much for coming to us this evening.I would so much like to know you better. Please guide me in the days ahead that I may know you better.

Dear Thought Adjuster, Please guide me ever forward and upward, even though I may be ever so wayward at times.

Dear Father, I thank you for stirring Yourself that all the events that are unfolding are coming to us.

I am most grateful. I am most excited. I am most joyful. As you know all these events are beyond my full comprehension. I am in my way trying to absorb what I can, let the rest be, put my doubts aside and move forward in trust to take action and participate when I feel impressed to do so. Your humble servant. Allene.

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