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SEI135- Patience, Enjoy the Ride

2006-06-18-Patience, Enjoy the Ride
SE Idaho #135


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Patience, Enjoy the Ride
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Bob S.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Patience, Enjoy the Ride
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel
TR: Bob S.


LaReen: Our Dearest Divine Parent’s, how grateful we are to be able to meet like this and to be under the tutelage of our teachers with you at the helm Father and Mother. Thank you for the Teaching Mission and the teachers. Amen

DANIEL: Greetings friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, guide, friend and occasional companion. We, your elders, do enjoy listening to your serious consideration of the process we have put before you. While we take some delight in your frustration, know that growth is not easy, that progress comes only with work, that a life without challenge is a life that does not progress.


DANIEL:  So while some of you think we have left you “flapping in the wind” so to speak, know that we have not. It is an assignment we have given you, which requires time, thought, introspection, and more time and more thought. And while we suspect you will shortly come to some decision regarding this process, there really is no deadline. You can take as much time as you feel necessary for you to be comfortable with the decision.

So, tonight a few words from me about patience. In the long term, realize you have forever to become that perfect personality that God has created in you. And while there might be something to be said for rapid progress, the important part is progress. There is no hurry. As some of us have told you, we generally have adopted the adage that “we work as fast as we can without hurrying.” There is no hurry. We understand from our own experience and from our knowledge of you that some of you would prefer more speed in your path to perfection. And if that is your wish, you will be assisted along that path. But I caution you to not be in too big of a hurry, or you may miss the forest for the trees, as you say.

Your life is to be lived and while progress is desirable you don’t want to go too fast, or you may miss something you find interesting or pleasurable or worthwhile which may cause you to take a different tack. As you have been told, “there is no one single way to the Father.” And while your task of developing into perfection your personality, there are many roads that would accomplish that. And if you get into a “too big of a hurry”, you may end up taking the long way, never a wrong way, but a way upon completion you may look back and say “I wish I had done something different. I see I had other options and from my perspective now, I think I would have enjoyed one of the others more.”

So my counsel today is patience; take your time, enjoy the trip. For while life is always a challenge, you will find moments of distinct pleasure along the way, but if you are going too fast you may miss them. So friends… enjoy the trip. Life on this planet is going to be a challenge. There is no other way of characterizing it. Your planet is messed up, you know that. The trick is to avoid as much of the mess as you can, recognizing that it’s probably impossible at your stage of maturity to not make a great many mistakes along the way… but enjoy the trip. I dare say you may even enjoy some of the mistakes.

Yes, they will be frustrating, aggravating, anger producing, hand ringing, but when you look back on your life from the perspective of age, and look at those mistakes you made as a child or youth or even yesterday, most of the time you can laugh and say, “while that was a stupid thing to do, look at what I’ve gained. Look at the people I’ve met. Look at the relationships that I have established. Look at the life I’ve led, and in general saying, it was okay.”

Now a word about the assignment, patience has a roll to play here as well. God is never in a hurry and neither are we and neither should you be, for the sun will rise tomorrow no matter what you do today. We will be with you tomorrow no matter what you do today. The Father through His Indwelling spirit will be with you forever. There is nothing you can do to shake the Father’s love and respect and patience, and faith in each of you. So don’t let this assignment become overwhelming.

Enjoy it. Enjoy the trip. Enjoy the process it requires of you. God doesn’t want any of us to be sad. He has created a universe full of love for all of us to enjoy. And while we all mess up occasionally that too, with the addition of maturity, will be looked at as a moment to be enjoyed. Well, ladies and gentlemen, have you questions or comments for your elder brother or do you wish to speak to any of the others here gathered this evening?


LaReen: Daniel I would just like to say thank you for the description of our God. I went to a sermon this morning that painted God as a jealous God, and I didn’t like that but I loved your description. Thank you.

DANIEL: Thank you. Yes, your world has much to learn, and you see some of the mistakes that are being made and there are others you have yet to discover. You are not yet perfect; hence your world has much to learn. But we take great pride in our relationship with you and know we have the faith that one day we all stand before God perfect, as that personality He has created. But for all of us that time is far into the future.

Some of us are a little further along the way and have the benefit of that experience to provide some counsel for you. But we cannot, we must not, we will not, live your life for you. And you don’t want us to. It is in living that we grow, that our faith grows, that our love grows, and we become more God like. Does anyone else have a question or comment or desire that we can assist you with?


DANIEL: Very well, we encourage you to continue consideration of the assignment and hope you will enjoy the trip we are asking you to take. Now let us stand, as is our custom for closing this meeting. Is there one or more who wish to pray? I would suggest that everyone here take a few moments in silence to offer a prayer you think appropriate and I will close when I feel you have finished.

(Group stillness) Amen.

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