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SEI137- Issues From the Past

2006-07-23-Issues From the Past
SE Idaho #137


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Issues From the Past
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Daniel
o 2.2 TR: PamElla
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Issues From the Past
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Daniel
TR: PamElla


Nancy: Father, please calm our minds, provide solace to our hearts, that we may hear clearly the words of Your servants who are here to be of service to us. Help us with our willingness; help us with our desire to put You first, to be willing to view those barriers that keep us from doing Your Will as fully as we otherwise might. We ask these things in the name of Christ Michael, our Father, Brother, and Leader in this correction time. Amen

AARON: Greetings, friends. I am Aaron, delighted to be with you this evening. I have a few remarks I wish to make. I appreciate, sincerely appreciate, how diligently you have applied yourselves to the lesson of the floater, rock and ship. I appreciate your willingness to apply this metaphor in your individual lives, as well as in your collective life, as you consider the structure and format of this group and what it is that you desire from your participation.

Do not be alarmed by the topic. It is error to perceive that you have been wrong by us presenting this lesson, No! Life consists of ongoing changes. Taking an opportunity to assess where you are, why you are there, and where you want to be, and how you might proceed toward that goal, are healthy activities, important steps, in many endeavors in your life. And so, this lesson is before you, yes, to help you individually and collectively think through these questions.

Primarily we offer you a structure in which to operate. I offered this lesson to provide a framework to assist in your thinking. You do well my friends. You all do well. I wish to correct any perception to the contrary. And so, yes, I chose PamElla as my TR to more strongly make this point since she is in need of it. That part can be stricken from the transcript. It is not necessary, but is personal to this group.


KEN: Excuse me Aaron, isn’t there a lesson there? You say to strike that.

AARON: : I said it can be. (Thank you.) It is totally up to this group. If PamElla is comfortable with having it put in, then by all means send it out. My friends, it is a pleasure to use that word, for each of you is truly dear to me, and I love you each. I enjoy you. You do amuse me.

Yes, my friends, I do have humor, and as you are all aware, Daniel has been the more serious one. You will recall Tomas kidding Daniel about his serious perspective. Now, that it is not to say that Daniel is without humor, for indeed, that is not the case. But as you were told, different individuals vary in their humor quotient. I have my share.

I will be passing the baton to another, the microphone, the opportunity to address you, in a moment. But before I do, I desire to know if anyone has thoughts or questions that they would wish to interact with me? As you all know, it is my joy to interact with you. Are there any takers?

Ken: We are all smiling at your humor Aaron.

AARON: I am most pleased, and with great joy I bid you farewell admonishing once again that you do well. Peace friends.

(Group is quiet)

DANIEL: I am Daniel. I have been knocking for sometime and have been having difficulty getting anyone to answer. I apologize for the long delay. PamElla was convinced that she was making things up and wanted a stronger signal before responding. Others of you have your own stories.

Now that I have your attention I will not hold it for very long. This is not a night when we wish to put a new lesson in front of you; your plates are indeed full. You are taking to heart Aaron’s lesson. I would ask you to tie this lesson—that has been a theme now for the last while, of the rock, floater and ship—to a previous sequence of lessons on barriers to doing the Father Will. There was a sequence of lessons in that vein, as there has been a sequence of lessons on the latter topic.

This week and over the coming time frame, consider those things, those topics, those people, those issues, those items from your past, etcetera, that are barriers to your doing the Father’s Will. And place them in the context of a rock, floater, and ship. If it is helpful to review those lessons, please do so.

And so you have a tangible assignment. In addition, I would remind you of the foundational assignment that never changes, and perhaps I should not call it an assignment but a reminder, to go to the Father. Go to the Mother. Seek the source, in quiet, in contemplation, in gratitude, in openness, in prayer, petition, and enjoy knowing that your petitions will be heard, solace is available, energy is present, a tender loving ear is attentive. Are there questions or comments before I take my leave tonight?

Virginia: I would just say one thought, Daniel, thank you. But I think any time I have a barrier, I become a rock. I’m not willing to go with the current. And that is something to think about as I consider what barriers I face and exactly what it is that God would have me do that I don’t do.

DANIEL: Thank you, my dear. Yes, indeed, does fear cause rock-like behavior.

Virginia: How did you know I was thinking about fear? (laughing)

DANIEL: Fear is associated with every barrier. The phrase “Love is letting go of Fear” is not trite but is indeed powerful truth. Coming back, the lesson before you all is what to do to pull up anchor, to move from that rock-like existence into some new direction. What direction shall that be, and how does one get in to motion again? And so forth. We will explore this in greater depth—excuse the pun—in the future. Thank you.


DANIEL  And so, my friends, I will not be leading your prayer time, your closing time, this evening. But I do encourage you to continue with those traditions that are meaningful and stabilizing for you. We will assist you in your closing…. That is all. Farewell.

Virginia: Dear Lord, of Thee, three things I would pray; to know Thee more clearly, to love Thee more dearly, and to serve Thee every day.

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