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SEI139- Remain Committed

2006-09-10-Remain Committed
SE Idaho #139


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Remain Committed
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Daniel, Minearsia
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Remain Committed
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Daniel, Minearsia
TR: Nancy, Simeon


Prayer (Nancy): Father, we desire to do Your will. We desire to know You, to grow, to become more like You throughout our mortal life and far, far beyond. We appreciate the teachers that You have provided to us to help us in that task. We appreciate the help that is here to correct our planet that concerns us so greatly. Help all of us to be centered, to be open, to set our egos out of the way, that we may be of service to You this evening and that we might hear what Your servants wish to communicate. We ask this in the name of our Father, Brother, Lord, Teacher, Friend, Christ Michael. Amen

DANIEL: Greetings, I am Daniel, your friend, colleague and admirer, here to greet you and to smile my blessings upon you. I intended that odd combination of words. I wish to share with you my sense of joy, appreciation, pride and greet you with a blessing. I wished you to know that I was smiling upon you… … one minute please… PamElla is struggling and trying to anticipate where I am going rather than staying focused on the wording and faithfully reiterating what she is hearing. One downside to infrequent meetings, for this T/R, is that the rust does build and the confidence in speaking what is heard slides.

The room is full, of course. We have been observing your interaction, and we appreciate the meaningful and free flowing way in which discussion took place—sharing at a personal level and discussing the group dynamic in a natural manner that led to a sense of completion for this particular meeting. Well done, my friends. And so this is what I personally wished to say. Aaron is also here and desires a few words. I will defer to him. One moment please.

AARON: Greetings, I am Aaron. It is good to be here with you again, to come in from our travels and spend time together, relishing in the spirit of all that unifies us.


AARON:  For many years now, you have viewed our efforts together as multiple things. And it is true that we have transitioned in our purposes with you over these years, coming into different grades, so to speak, taking up new subject matter, moving from basic fundamental spiritual concepts, to your relationship to the First Source, your relationship to the universe, your relationships with each other, your planetary relationships. But throughout all this time, the primary focus is on your personal relationship to the Indwelling Fragment of God within you.

We honor your decisions as a group to experiment with what works with regard to your gathering with each other. Diminishing the number of meetings does not necessarily require the diminishment of your commitment and purpose in serving God. For, again, it is your own individual relationship to God which is of prime importance here in our efforts. As you transition in your relationship to each other in this group, we hope that you can parallel this with increasing commitment to the Internal Fragment within you—your pipeline to all reality and your awareness of your part and place in the scheme of things.

It is our overriding hope that one meeting a month does not signify twenty-nine days of disinterest and one day of regrouping. No! For it is your daily approach to God that we are concerned with, and your meetings have always been a secondary concern for us, even as they have sometimes seemed as a life-line to you. This is an opportunity to exercise freedom, to utilize the information you have gained, the maturity you have gone through as a result of your interaction with these concepts, and to signify through your efforts that you have acquired the license that will go with your liberty.

We sincerely hope that as you meet each month, or each time you get together, you can, along with your camaraderie and retouching with each other’s souls, experience it also as an opportunity to rejoice at your deepening daily commitment to the First Source in your individual efforts, to reflect that honorable commitment to remaining focused rather than becoming scattered and disinterested.

Remember that fasting can kill hunger; therefore ignoring spiritual realities can eventually diminish your hunger for spiritual reality. We sincerely expect to witness your spiritual hunger growing, and your diminished reliance on gatherings to fuel your commitment should instill in you the realization that there is another fuel that can fire your engines such that all efforts take on the flavor of spirituality and relationship building.

I hope my words to you this evening are received well and that you understand our emphasis on maintaining your spiritual drive even as you may diminish your physical convergence with each other. We are certainly here for questions this evening, as well as always being open to others receiving. I welcome your comments.

Nancy: Is it correct to hear an admonition to stay focused? Is there a concern that a change in schedule that diminishes the regularity of meetings will be like fasting and we will lose that hunger? I guess what I am asking for is your assessment of where we as individuals in the group are. If we are—and of course there are many different individuals that make up a group—but if we are capable or ready to move to a less frequent meeting schedule or if you perceive us as still needing greater frequency to stay reminded and do our work. I’m not asking you to tell us what to do. I’m asking for information about your perception of us because that’s helpful in our discussion and in our thinking this through.

AARON: Our underlying wish is, and always has been, that you would come not out of compulsion or habit but only because you desire to come. And our efforts have been to instill in you this similar desire to take your life, in partnership with God, forward to newer and higher levels. Therefore we see this as potentially productive in the sense that you are choosing to utilize this group experience more of when it is conducive and available than to do it because you “should.”

The possibility always exists that you could wander off into the wilderness free of commitment and bury your treasure under a rock, only to come back ever so often to see if it’s still there. But you have each gained tools of awareness such that there is no need for this to happen. You know how to invest your talents to hopefully earn interest and compound your resources. None of you are alien to the stillness and the value contained therein.

So, your decisions make sense based on current circumstances—not to mean you couldn’t make other decisions—but they seem to have a sense of knowledge and awareness underlying the decisions and recognition that it isn’t a requirement as much as an opportunity to gather your collective individual wills together. I hope this has offered some perspective. Obviously we would work with whatever decisions you make. But if you find that you are unable to maintain focus and wish more physical support from each other, you can obviously change the nature of your current decisions to reflect what is necessary.


Nancy: Thank you Aaron.

AARON: : Do my words this evening concern you, inspire you, or cause you to contemplate? I would love to hear each of your responses to those questions.

Nancy: I’ll go third.

Pat: I’ll go first. I think all of those things, Aaron. I’m not going to say I am concerned. I think personally for me it is a challenge that I need. It will be a challenge for me to spend more time in the quiet, to read and to learn, perhaps on my own, and not be dependent upon the weekly meetings. I certainly hope I can be successful at it, simply because I don’t want to lose that which I have and want more of — time with the Father. So I think I will take this as a challenge. Thank you for your encouraging words. (You are welcome.) And certainly I have appreciated so much all of the teachers and your commitment to us.

AARON: : And we do remain committed, yes. Kenneth?

Kenneth: Committed, eh Aaron? Yes to all the above and I concur with my wife and her statements. It will be an opportunity for serious growth here in the stillness, pushing myself to these new boundaries instead of relying on the weekly meetings to center my focus. Now I must center myself daily, in the now. So thank you Aaron. Thank you to all those present. Good meanings in your words this evening, some depth – solemn — but good depth. Thank you.

AARON: : As is usually the case, the preparation of this lesson is the work of a body of personalities and one of us gets the nod to share it. PamElla?

Nancy: Well, I am going to be perfectly honest. I was concerned and it caused me to contemplate more than I felt inspired. And I think there are a couple of parts. In part, I feel like I am the cause of the change in schedule, and so I feel guilty and responsible. And I think if there was someone that could consistently host a meeting and be a T/R every week the group would like that. Maybe, maybe not—the transcriber probably wouldn’t—but I’m sure the individuals that have had the freedom to come and go when it suited them would like that.

So that’s the first part. I just feel sort of responsible. The second part is I’m concerned about my own level of commitment, perhaps not commitment, but I haven’t been practicing the stillness like I have at other periods in my life, and I’m having a lot of difficulty with trusting some of the T/Ring I’m doing. And some of the times I’m totally “on” and I trust it with the personal work I’m doing. But I don’t know what I feel about the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time — in particular my faith. I’m having problems of faith right now.

I’m just very distressed with world events. So I can see the possibility for me personally of finding that fasting takes my hunger away. And I’m tired, and I don’t really know that I feel like being challenged and inspired. And I know I’ve been kind of in this “not fully in” place for a long time now. And so I really don’t know how I’ll do. I don’t really think I’ll do any worse than I have been doing. I haven’t found that I have been any more motivated by our meetings than I am when we are not meeting. I’m just not very motivated. So I guess that’s my honest response.

AARON: : Very candid. Do you believe that we teachers are surprised by these revelations you share?

Nancy: Oh no, you watch me. You know where I am.

AARON: : We understand.

Nancy: That’s why I figured you gave us the “fasting” metaphor. I think I’m the only one that you’re concerned about losing.

AARON: : We did use the metaphor for it does have implications on more than one of you. But sometimes taking the step to let go of something that has served you in the past, but feels like a barrier in the present, can open up new avenues of exploration in the future. And thus while it may seem that this could have you spiraling off into self absorption and spiritual withdrawal, the reality is that new opportunities will open as a result of making a decision to do things differently.

We could care less what you believe about this teaching mission — whether you believe in it or not — if you can move closer to the Source within you. There are many thousands of people throughout this world who have come face-to-face with this experience, only to reject it in favor of finding God personally in their lives and not relying on secondary beings to serve as ministers for them. And we have applauded each and every one of them.

Now the universe does not require you to go it alone. We are here to minister because it is what has been ordained by Christ Michael as a course of action to bring this planet back into corrective alignment proceeding toward Light and Life. But by no means are we required for this to happen, for it is your hands, your feet, your decisions that will move this planet forward.

Nancy: That’s the other part that I’m having difficulty with. It seems like we are totally ineffectual. From where I sit today, it doesn’t seem like… I’m trying to think of how to phrase this. I think maybe I am just really disappointed in myself or something … or I’ve expected too much or… I don’t know, but it seems there are a few individuals that are placed in positions where they have influence and effect, and I’m not really seeing how the living of each of our little lives does much.

And even as I said that, I don’t totally believe it because I have noticed that at times in my life when I smile a lot, it seems to bring joy to people that are around that I don’t know, are smiling back at me. Maybe that’s the whole point. But I’m really frustrated with systems that have such inertia. I just don’t see them ever changing.

AARON: Systems will always move slower than individuals, sometimes excruciatingly slow. And recognize that the world changes each and every time you change, for the better or for the worse. Your energy cannot be isolated as though it is not playing a role in the overall patterns of functioning on this planet.

Nancy: I used to believe that.

AARON: You said it yourself; the very act of smiling produces joy. The very act of despair and sadness can produce a void from joy, not only for yourself but for those who find themselves in your presence. You may never see the transformation that you want to see on this world. You may never recognize the one person who was inspired by you to go on and become a great leader in your world. “The acts are ours. The consequences are God’s.”

And so, letting go of the burden of knowing, of having to know or see your place, will help you immeasurably if you can recognize that you can simply be a part — that cog in the system that we spoke of on a previous date. You can play a role daily.

Experience a blessing in moments of stillness that will instill confidence and inspire you to action with your family, with your friends, and colleagues. And if this is all you do each day, the chips will fall where they may and repercussions will spiral out from one to another, to another, to another, and change will occur. Will it change the entire world and make everyone recognize how to live healthy, happy unified lives? Perhaps not in the immediate scale. But even a brighter Pocatello will eventually produce a brighter Idaho, a brighter America, and a brighter planet.

But again it falls down to you and your ability to place your hope — not even your confidence or your faith — but your hope in that Indwelling Fragment of God that can inspire you again and continuously. When we converge here on October 1, let’s hear how you have done.

Nancy: Okay, I feel a little more challenged, if not inspired. I have been praying for hope, courage and fortitude, those three things, of late. Maybe I will be in a more hopeful state three weeks from now.

AARON: We perceive that your individual and your group’s decisions can lead toward a place where you can exhibit each of these three characteristics.

Nancy: Aaron, I really do appreciate you. I think you know that, even… I don’t think… maybe I do express that. I find a lot of solace in your wise counsel, even when I’m still being kind of a curmudgeon.

AARON: I sense the energy of your gratitude and do acknowledge that experience and satisfaction in myself, that one being can still touch another being. Just as our relationship to the Divine Source is integral, relationships to each other still has immense value.


Our time is ending this evening. Are there any last thoughts or questions before we close? Then please stand and join hands. Minearsia would like to take this opportunity to share with you in closing.

MINEARSIA: Greetings dear friends, I am Minearsia, still here in residence. I wish to offer words of encouragement and hope. These struggles that you experience, these challenges of faith, are not to be viewed negatively, no! While it is much more comfortable to be confident in one’s belief structure and in one’s connection to the Source, it is the “in the trenches” difficult work on a rebellion planet that gives Agondonters such strength in the progressive future. We have great faith in each of your capabilities and commitment.

You are self aware, and you do desire God’s Will. Remember it is not the one who says “yes, yes,” it is the one who does the hard work to do the will of our Great Parent. And so it is with joy that I hold hands with you this night—figuratively, of course. Let us give our praise to the First Source and Center.

Oh Father/Mother/Spirit God, First Source and Center, we praise You for the immensity and perfection of Your plan. Help these Your children as they toil in the fields, to be assured that they will know the pleasure of the harvest. We ask this in the name of Your Son, Christ Michael, who has ordained that this planet will be made whole. So be it. Amen. Shalom.

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