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SEI165- Family

SE Idaho #165


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Family
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: PamElla
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Family
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska
TR: PamElla


[At the beginning of our meetings we read and discussed the previous lesson before posting it to the Internet. In our previous meetings we talked about reading and discussing parts of the Urantia book. We chose to start with Paper 107, Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters. As you will read, it tied in very nicely with our lessons on family.]


PRAYER: Dear God, we thank You that You do not require understanding to receive Your love. We are so grateful that Your love is extended to each of us. Your Mystery Monitor, a piece of You, indwells us. We would ask that as a result of tonight, we might be more willing to be open, consciously or unconsciously, to the leading of Your Spirit within us. Help us to serve our fellow brothers and sisters as we live day-by-day. Amen

DANIEL: Greetings, I am Daniel, here with you this evening, delighted to welcome back ?, ? and, yes, ?, although ? has been here last time, to this circle of love, of fellowship, of friendship, of family. I am grateful to be a part of your conscious awareness of family and to know you personally as my brothers and sisters.


Tonight we will expand the concept of family to include the Mystery Monitor. Well, you might say “Of course, the Mystery Monitor being of the First Source and Center is family; First source and Center is the Father/Mother.” But no, this is not the way I intend for you to consider your Mystery Monitor this evening. Rather, I wish to introduce to you your best friend, your constant companion, your loving counselor, your tender compatriot, your ever-present betrothed, your missing half, and so forth… And I wish to circle back around again to emphasize and repeat “your best friend”. What attributes does a best friend have?

Student 1: Are you asking us a question?

DANIEL:: It was intended rhetorically, but I am delighted to elicit participation from you. Please my dear.

Student 1: Loyalty, companionship, listening skills …

Group members: Understanding, love, compassion, support when you are down, …

DANIEL:: There are more out there, keep them coming.

Group members: Willingness to serve you, guide, patient …

DANIEL:: All of this, yes, yes, yes, and YES! And a truly best friend brings out the best in you. A truly best friend does not buy into smallness, weakness, justifications, rationalizations, but supports and loves your potential, sees the best and brings out the best even while loving and understanding, encouraging, nurturing, and so forth. This best friend is inside of you.

This week I encourage you to seek out this friendship. Approach your day with full enthusiasm because you get to spend it with your best friend. You get to listen in and together say “what do we truly want to do today?” “What together would bring pleasure in our being and service to our brothers and sisters and love to our heart”? I am using the words “we and our” to underscore the unity of the relationship of you with your best friend and the potential fact of total oneness with fusion.

And, so, my words are brief tonight. They are not intended to answer intellectual questions but to stimulate enthusiasm for the fact of the relationship and the great privilege that we, and I include myself as an ascending mortal, that we as ascending mortals of finaliter status, finaliter potential, have. When you seek the stillness, this is not drudgery; this is the ultimate gift, the ultimate opportunity. I recognize I have stirred enthusiasm in my TR. I am aware of her responsiveness. How about the rest of you? How might I assist you in celebrating this relationship over the next several weeks? I open the floor.


Student 1: That works for me Daniel.

DANIEL:: Thank you .…  Okay, I will more broadly open the floor to any comments, questions or other items of discussion.

Student 2: If it’s true that all of us with normal minds have Thought Adjusters, and I believe it is, why do our fellow human beings on this planet seem to be so spiritually inept?

Student 3: I know you’re not asking me, but speaking for myself, looking at my fellow brothers and sisters, they act just like me. So, I think it’s … I’m supposed to be conscious and do what I do… I should understand why my brothers and sisters are doing the same thing. I think that’s what I’m trying to say.

DANIEL:: You are referring to the speck and the log? [Referencing Matthew 7:1-5.]

Student 3: Well, I’ve got the log if that’s what you mean.

DANIEL:: I smile gently upon you all, and remind you of your planetary history and the eons of dysfunction brought about by rebellion and default, incorrect information, poor parenting, the betrayal of loyalties, and so forth. My dear (Student 3), I thank you for your well-spoken point.

Student 3: It’s just that I’m the oldest one here. Perhaps with [words lost] or else childhood. I’m sorry.

DANIEL:: You’re sorry for making light of your newfound awareness?

Student 2: Oh, I think (Student 3) is just being kind. I have met very few individuals with the spiritual maturity of (Student 3).

Student 3: Oh, please.

Student 2: I’m sorry to have to tell you, but I haven’t. I think all of you will agree…and the mess we find ourselves in the world today is proof positive of that … that human beings have not been listening to their Thought Adjuster very well.

DANIEL:: May I remind you that the Correcting Time is here, and the Teaching Mission is part of the Correcting Time Ministry? Good news is at hand. The spiritual pressure is being increased, and while you may doubt the responsiveness in the hearts of your brothers and sisters, I can attest to a perceptual shift. God will have His/Her way with this planet as with all others. It is a matter of time, and the time is at hand.

Student 2: I suppose it is my impatience. I see the glass half empty rather than half full.

DANIEL:: Yes, my friend, thank you. I encourage you to the find the positive, to walk each day with gratitude, with joy, and to be loyal to withholding judgments. This will greatly enhance the quality of your experience and the quality of your interactions with your errant sisters and brothers. Does this help?

Student 2: Yes.

[Group jokes with one another about Student 2’s tone in responding “yes”. Student 2 responds with “it’s a definite maybe”.]

DANIEL:: I am deeply amused and feel a fond up-surging of emotion. I love you all deeply. My dear friend, Student 2, thank your for your honest expression of what others may feel but are less likely to articulate. I wrap you in a warm embrace.

Student 2: Thank you.


DANIEL:: Are there other discussion items? (Silence) Then I will make a closing observation. We are delighted with the new format and the further opportunities it provides for us to bridge the gap between the intellectual framework of the text and the workbook, which we are. We support both the reading of the transcript and the discussion of the new book material. It appears to us, this approach will provide ample material to digest at many levels and in many ways. Good work, my friends.

Group: Thank you Daniel.

DANIEL:: Klarixiska has requested the opportunity to provide the closing prayer if her charge is so willing.

Student 3: If my cheek is tingling, and I don’t feel that.

KLARIXISKA: Father/Mother, we do thank You for your warm embrace. I would pray that as these siblings return to the day-by-day living, rubbing shoulders with biological family, with other family that are removed but still Your soul aware. Be with them; help them to extend Your love as they each extend what they can to serve. Help them to realize the leading of Your Mystery Monitor within them. Help them to remember as they meet a problem, whatever that problem may be, that, yes, You indwell that problem. Help them to extend Your love, moment-by-moment, trusting that You are the one that will eventually make all things right. We thank You. Amen

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