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SEI169- Loyalty

SE Idaho #169


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Being Whole, Loyalty
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Being Whole, Loyalty
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel
TR: Unknown


Prayer: We pray dear God that You would be with those who are not with us today. We look at the past and realize so many people have come and gone for various reasons. We are grateful that You indwell and love everyone and I thank You for that. Be with ….,…., and have thy will in their lives as we would pray that we would have Your Will in our lives.

In this time, Dear Father, we are gathered as family, Your love is felt. We thank You! Our hearts are full, we thank You for that. This love that we have with one another, we would like to share with all on this planet and all in Your wonderful creation. We give our love to Your Son and Your Daughter, Michael and Nebadonia. We come and we are, in their name. Amen

DANIEL: Good afternoon my friends, it is I, Daniel, your constant friend, your companion, your biggest fan. It has been quite enjoyable to listen-in on your conversation of the many events over the last many many years.

[Note: This is the start of our eighteenth year as a Teaching Mission group based in Southeast Idaho. We discussed our origin and the events of these many years. It has been an enlightening and life changing time in our lives and we look forward to the future.]


DANIEL: Indeed it is true many have come and gone but the group has remained strong and constant and still willing to listen and apply the lessons to your hearts, for this we are so thankful. We are humbled by your determination to move and grow towards Father, to seek Him out, to become like Him. You have been incredibly faithful to this goal, to our goal, to Father’s goal. And when you work together, with each other, with us, with Father, it cannot help but happen. Certainly not in the time you would like it to happen, not quickly, not in this lifetime but you are definitely on the right path. You have felt “belonging” inside of you; you have felt the “pull” of Father even from Paradise. And you have responded to that invitation to come to Him. We your elder brothers and sisters are delighted. We also feel that “pull” and we move towards Paradise with you. You are never alone and will never be alone.

Today I wanted to comment briefly on family, what else! One opportunity for this past few weeks has been world events. You have seen the world responding to one small island, one small group of people in the midst of your whole planet and yet people have come together for support, for all the necessities of life. And I just wanted you to be aware of this display of love, of an awareness of a greater need than individuals. I know sometimes it’s hard to see Father working in other people in other countries, but this is such an excellent demonstration of our Creators love, I couldn’t let it pass without bringing it to your attention.

The love that you have for your Father in Paradise will expand more and more and more. It has even expanded in individuals who do not realize they have a Father in Paradise, that they too feel this “pull”, this love and maybe a sense of wholeness that any part of the planet is still a part of them; of you, it is the whole. Ponder this my friends for the next few weeks of being whole on an individual level, in a family level, in any groups that you are in, on a group level, country level, on a planet level. That is only the beginning because beyond that there are universes upon universes to be whole with.

But for right now contemplate wholeness on the planetary level. And you don’t have to do it alone, you get the love from Father. You just let it flow through you and suddenly everyone is your brother and sister. It is my delight that you have able to meet today in spite of the various weather patterns that are crossing your country. We are amazed that it takes a lot of weather to stop you and we are delighted. And now, any questions? I will be here to address them.


Student #1: I would like to say, Daniel, my friend, that we are starting our eighteenth year as a teaching base group and I personally, and perhaps I speak for others here, have a heart full of gratitude for your dedication to this group; to our teachers, their dedication. We thank you. I thank you.

DANIEL:: You are most welcome ***. It is our delight and our appreciation that I also give to you. We know on this planet it is easy to walk away from a commitment. No one is holding you here and yet you are here and we thank you very much and we give you our love.

Student #1:  Thank you.

Student #2: Daniel that very issue is one that **** and I were discussing earlier in the car while we were waiting to be picked up, and that is that it seems like loyalty is somehow lacking in so many peoples lives today. I know that the U Book talks about loyalty as a high standard for each of us. Am I correct? I think I got that right. Anyway, your comment please.

DANIEL:: Thank you ****. Indeed loyalty is very important. Like love , loyalty often times needs to be demonstrated, to be learned, to be accepted, to be understood. And so it doesn’t come easy or naturally but flourishes better when it is seen in someone else and demonstrated. And so yes, it is difficult to learn when you may not have seen it in your life or in the lives of your friends. But once you recognize it and see it and see the incredible beauty and symmetry that it affords you, it is well worth the effort. Does this help …?

Student #2: Yes, and in fact it is very interesting to have it like love. You need it to be demonstrated and that you only learn it if you do it, yes! Thank you. Something to think about with that.

DANIEL:: You are very welcome.

Student #3: Daniel, I guess this coming from another side of it but I’m still struggling with this… if it’s loyalty that needs to be demonstrated, how in group situations do you do that in the first place I guess, if it’s not, maybe it’s got to come from the family life at home. But it seems like we keep dwindling instead of having anybody there to show any loyalty to. I guess I’m still having a hard time putting it to practical use.

DANIEL:: What a great question my child, yes! Let me start by saying that loyalty to your Creator Father would be number one. Then might I suggest loyalty to yourself, to your growth towards Father. Can you see how important this is?

Student #3: Definitely, but I’m… my question is how do we put that forth to any body else, towards loyalty to a group or loyalty to continuing. We just need to struggle with having people loyal enough to practically keep our group going… that is on our study group.

DANIEL:: First of all you can only control or be loyal with yourself.

Student #3: That’s where I guess I’m stumbling from, so… I get discouraged, I guess, because of the group and I know I can’t force the group to go but I get discouraged when we can’t go.

DANIEL:: Indeed! Indeed, it is discouraging. And yet you were just talking about the group being together for so long. And yes, it grows and it shrinks and you stay loyal to yourself and your growth towards Father. And that can be an inspiration to others or not. They are responsible for themselves. You can only grow your own loyalty, walk your own path, and consider it great if their path coincides or runs along the side with you for awhile and then it takes off in another direction.

You look to Father for your comfort. You love unconditionally to each other, to the group. Loving unconditionally really covers most of it. There is power and there is attraction in loving unconditionally whether the group stays together or breaks apart. That is how you are loved by Father, how we all are loved by Father and my dear that is your responsibility, is yourself. I know that isn’t what you wanted to hear. Perhaps a list of A-B-C of what to do but there is no A-B-C to do. Be who you are and be true to your vow.

Student #3: I guess I understand that and I think part of it is that I need the group to keep going for me to keep going. It’s harder for me to keep going on my own and when the group falters then it’s harder for me to do. So then it’s a selfish thing as well.

DANIEL:: Understood! There is power with more people that keep you interested and growing. Absolutely!

Student #3:  Thank you.

Student #2: As you were talking, and suggesting that we needed to see loyalty demonstrated and love demonstrated, it’s a powerful thing in my life that God’s loyalty and God’s love has remained steadfast for me, through “thick and thin” and probably all transparencies etcetera, etcetera. So, it is demonstrated but we prefer… we would love to see human loyalty and love, and yet it is beautifully demonstrated in the person of God.


DANIEL:: Indeed it is! If there are no other comments or questions, it has been a delight today meeting with you, celebrating an anniversary. We are just delighted that you have chosen to follow this path, to become closer to Father, to learn, to become like Him, and to let us help you, let us walk with you. And the teachers on my side are so thankful that you have incorporated us into your life, into your meetings, reading the words, listening and applying them to your life. We are so grateful and so thankful! And if you will stand another will close with prayer.

IRUKA: Father God, we teachers put our arms around our beloved students. We are so delighted with them. We pray for their absolute best. They are so dear to us and we know they are dear to You. We know you don’t have favorites but it just seems like they would be your favorites if you had favorites. Be with them in their struggles, give them joy, guide them. Help them through the tough times, rejoice with them through the good times. Thank you Father. Amen

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