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SEI220103 – The Prime Directive

Southern Idaho

January 3, 2022

*            Machiventa: What is the prime directive?  This has not changed.  When you ask in your minds, or ponder upon our purposes here, or your purpose in the world, there is a sort of pecking order, so to speak, that can help keep you from being distracted from the primary mission which can be found in the final paper of the Urantia revelation.  The great challenge is to achieve better communication with the Divine Monitor within your being.  No other task should ever supersede this directive.  It underlies and prefaces all other things of value in your spiritual development, in your soul development.

Know this.  More than anything else, God desires that you know God as your father, mother, brother and friend.  Whenever you feel ungrounded, disconnected, or lost, taking the time to re-center in this awareness will help you to achieve calm and to relax back into the relationship that underlies all other things of value.

I am Machiventa.  I share this opening with you so that you understand undeniably what the core of your mission is.  No other thing will bring you satisfaction and connection to the degree that your inner awareness can.  So as you hear about other happenings, other potentials, know that these never take the place of the prime relationship if they are valid, if they are real and worth spending any attention upon.

Michael and Mother lead us forward in an effort to bring about rehabilitation for the quarantined spheres and to reincorporate all of existence back into the plans of our Universal Parents.  So, indeed, we, too, have a mission, and this is a real mission with purpose and potential, but it does not take the place of your relationship to God.  If we achieve awareness of ourselves for your world and for our universe and neglect to bring about the awareness of the Indwelling Spirit and the connection that individuals can make, then our mission is folly and would be false.  So understand at your core level the importance of knowing that each day your first purpose should be in that connection.

We do intend to make inroads on Urantia in the years to come, and you may hear about efforts that resonate with some of the same directions you have taken or considered.  It may seem exciting and confirming at times, and you are welcome to be a part to the degree that you are able and desire to.  But it will never be to the neglect of your relationship to God, your growing understanding within, and how you manifest that in your environment with your friends and family and the people you meet each day.

We look to turn the corner into a new era, and, yes, we use symbolic things such as dates and events to the degree that we are able to manifest some light.  So as you move forward into your new year, think about the word “clarity,” what it means to have “clarity of purpose” and what “clarity of purpose” can do for those who are sincerely seeking and sincerely led to do what is right and good.

I am sure we will talk more about this with you in the time to come, but I wanted to encourage you, my friends, to recommit to what the mission is for you and what the core of this mission is – which is to know God and love one another, as it always has been.  Thank you.

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