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SEI26- Growth

2001-07-13.  Growth

SE Idaho #26

Topic: Growth

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Aaron

TR: Simeon


Aaron:  Greetings. I am Aaron. Tonight I am beginning a series of discussions with you on progress in spiritual understanding.


The Teachers

Your mind is not the end all, but it is the arena wherein we have the opportunity to function. Your Adjuster is the navigator of your spiritual development. We put into place some of the directions of the navigator. It would be a mistake for you to consider us as equal to the navigator. That would be like mistaking the rear of the ship for the front. We guide from behind, as a support, whereas the Adjuster guides from the front and asks you to join him.

What then is our benefit to you? We give you exposure to rudimentary skills and concepts of spiritual value. We apply some grain in the machinery which causes friction so your mind is stimulated to ponder the possibilities. This gives the Adjuster some meat to work with. Instead of waiting for you to stumble upon moral questions and dilemmas by chance in daily life, we have been commissioned to accelerate the process by giving a regimen of exercises to you who would listen. We are aiding the evolution of your society by presenting you with information at an accelerated level, which will present you with choices and increased opportunity for growth.

Don ‘t lift this up higher than it needs to be. All glory belongs to our Creator for allowing this to progress. We are in the palm of his hands. Be certain that you recognize our relationship with you as being on the friendship level and the sibling level. Don ‘t get yourself to the place where you are adoring the process and us as relators of information at the expense of your inward development with the First Source and Center. Your consciousness of Michael ‘s spirit will amplify the truth in these words.


Being about the Father ‘s business is the application of one ‘s self to the mission of personal development to the extent that one is released from the fetters of self-consciousness into the increasingly dawning universal consciousness of self- forgetfulness. This is the place of spiritual potential where the recognized child of God claims its birthright and becomes a true source of spiritual power. This is the place where the universe is reclaimed. Self-forgetfulness begins by gaining an acceptance of self, not a denial. You must know who you are and accept it and be willing to move forward, rather than trying to push down your limitations.

You have probably recognized by now that our methods do not emphasize what you shouldn‘t do as much as we emphasize things you can do, steps you can take, to progress forward. Try to look at life in the manner of what you can do. When you get down or feel that you are slipping or missing a beat, then look at something you can do for someone else, or  some project that you can take up that will give you a sense of re-engagement with the path of progress.


At this time I will allow our discussion to end. I would appreciate you reading this information and then offering questions at the beginning of our next contact. Once we are clear with this information, then we will proceed to the next. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to you applying yourself to the projects and goals you envision for yourself and your family. I will help in any way that I can be of assistance. Keep the consciousness of divinity as your goal. My peace to you this evening.

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