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SEI3- Effects Of Universe Broadcasts

1996-09-13.  Effects Of Universe Broadcasts

SE Idaho #3

Topic: Effects of Universe Broadcasts

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Rantarason

TR: Simeon


Rantarason: Good evening, this is Rantarason.


Universe Broadcasts, Preparation

When you begin to perceive the presence of the influencing factors for the regaining of mental perception of universal  broadcast information, the resultant effects have the potential to be earth shattering and many personalities will be disoriented as this occurs.

We are here to prepare you as liaisons for ourselves, to be ambassadors of understanding, yet even you who are on the edge of perception, striving to hear, have no real basis for understanding that which will occur, presently soon to be. We realize the importance of preparing you.

The experience will be as an angel from heaven descending with a shout, calling forth all souls to rise up and hear the proclamations of a new day. You will be jolted with energy and your attunement to these happenings will resurrect many feelings of inadequacy within you to know that what you perceive now as an invisible kingdom, stands presently aware and resoundingly clear to you. The communication network will be less one of perception and more directly one of real sensory reception, utilizing even physical senses.

What you will be commissioned to do is to go to the flock and feed them information, calming them, bringing them understanding of that which is occurring. It is important that many individuals be able to react favorably with a minimal period of shock and hesitancy.

You can provide much in your roles as ambassadors. We look to you for support and we have faith that you can rise to the challenge and proclaim the good news with assurance, poise, and balance, reflecting security and trust in that which is transpiring for the welfare of your planet and its final inclusion into the universal family, the last vestiges of quarantine and isolation having been removed.

This will be the first step in a series of developments upon your planet that are ordained by our Father, Michael, and Mother Nebadonia. Our asking for you this evening is to work to prepare yourselves for that which is un-prepareable for, to be ready for the transpiring of this awakening and to respond as quickly as you can muster your courage and understanding, to be a calm voice in the midst of a crowd. I would be open for questions this evening if you have any.


Ann: This sounds like it is going to be in our lifetime the way you’re talking. Is that correct?

Rantarason: At this point in time it appears that this is so. Without giving actual time or date, which is impossible, I can say that in all likelihood, you are going to be needed in this role as material ministers for this awakening.

Ann: Could you give us some guidelines as to how we can perhaps on a daily basis prepare our hearts and our minds to be in tune with that Creative Spirit so that when the time comes we will know of a surety that the spirit of God is with us and that He will work through us and He will show us how to prepare ourselves? I guess I asked a question and partly answered it myself.

Rantarason: Yes… I would comment.

Ann: Thank you.

Rantarason: You have already been in preliminary preparation. An integral part of the Teaching Mission, as it has manifested itself in various groupings of people throughout your world is this preliminary belief and effort to work in relationship to celestial forces. By having done this you have a first step toward realizing the nature of what will occur.

Your continued effort at calmness regularly, through meditation, the stillness, will help you to stay in tune to the spirit residing within you and be more readily able and capable of receiving assurance and insight as the time comes. Once again, do the stillness. It is important.

My announcement to you this evening offers you another awareness that it will happen and that you can prepare yourselves for that sometime day where, when you are disoriented and perhaps unnerved, you may look to this moment in time and remember what I have said and hopefully react favorably.

Ann: Will this disturbance… is that a result of energies coming into the planet?

Rantarason: Yes, most definitely and there will be a reconnecting of circuitry, almost as a light switch being turned on that can  seem blinding to those not used to this sort of light.

Timing, Circuits

It is deemed important, however, that the reinstatement of the broadcasts shall occur relatively soon. It is important  to understand relatively to mean a frame of time, not to expect it to occur right away and yet to know that it could occur very soon, but that it may very well be years, perhaps even a decade or more. We cannot pinpoint time very well, being spiritual, for a material realm. What we see happening tomorrow may very well be as much as a century in your realm. That gives you some idea of how difficult it is to accurately project occurrences. So our difficulty in even relating this information to you is the timing aspect of when it may occur.

It might even be important in some way or manner to prepare your young ones for such an occurrence, much as those who created the garden for Adam and Eve did so for many generations waiting for them to come. Thus if you pass on, the awareness will still exist within new generations. Do you understand my meaning here?

Ann: Yes. This call that goes forth, is that going to be like you said, as an angel? Or is this information to be given to those on the planet to give forth the information? Or will it come from both sources?

Rantarason: The entire nature of this occurrence is impossible of relation to you. It is possible that it can utilize  actual personalities relaying information, preparing either spiritually or manifested materially. It is also possible that it will be simply like a musical concert striking up next door. What you can be certain of, is that it will be as no experience you have been privy to before. This is why the element of [disorientation].

Many things can happen in combination with this event. The event itself does not require personalities, rather circuit enhancement, the allowance of energy flow, information transfer in lines that have not been utilized for multiple millennia.

Ann: Do the polar shifts have any significance as far as we’re concerned? Do the polar shifts affect us? I hear talk of this, but I don’t quite relate to it, nor do I understand it.

Rantarason: I would tell you that the physical shifting occurring now is not a manipulation by spiritual forces. Yet some of the expected geographical… geological changes, will certainly influence events on your planet. Of course this is nothing new. Specifically, these shifts that you speak of, are not relevant to our purposes here, nor yours.

Excitement, Stillness

Sheila: I’m feeling kind of prepared in an unprepared kind of way and I have a tinge of excitement that goes along with that. Is that how you guys feel too?

Rantarason: We would try to downplay your excitement, for this emotion tends to produce impatience as the expected does not transpire within a satisfactory (Note: quotes are teachers emphasis.) amount of time to your mental framework. We are certainly excited and have been longer than this mission has been occurring, for what will transpire, for what we are able to be a part of here, but this excitement does nothing for the actual preparation and actually can impede and produce distortion and delay of development. So do not focus upon the excitement.

Sheila: I’m probably just more thankful to be a part, to have an important part in the whole scenario rather than anticipating its arrival.

Rantarason: Everybody wants to be part of the game. It is natural and it is not an admonishment, rather a real reach toward you because we deem your efforts to be important, that you focus upon the preparation and let the excitement be, rather than feeding  the excitement and neglecting the preparation. My reach to you is in love, as I know your gratitude is much in the same spirit.

Sheila: When you talk preparation are you meaning being more in the moment and more aware of our contacts or are you talking of a physical preparation?

Rantarason: Being aware, keeping to the stillness, remaining perceptive, working through your difficulties. The level of insecurity  and fear you have remaining in your life can be a barrier which tends to overamplify the disorientation and uncertainty that may occur rather than facilitate the regrouping and outworking we hope for from those of you that understand what is occurring.

Sheila: Then stillness and listening within would be the message that we would give to the young ones?


Rantarason: Go to your daughter and son and tell them a story. Say, “What would you think if someday these “aliens” came to help us and what if they took over a big radio station and sent messages out to us all, sharing with us information about what is occuring in other places and how we can further develop ourselves?” Work to introduce the ideas and tell them perhaps that it probably will occur someday and that they too can prepare. It doesn’t have to be so freaky.

Sheila: In order not to scare them.

Rantarason: Exactly. . ..But yet if you make it out to be fiction, it may not impress them to incorporate the thought in their mind.

Ann: Is it a possibility that there are those aliens who desire to come to our planet to set up, take over, to have a place for themselves?

Rantarason: Are you talking hostile?

Ann: Yes. I have heard this elsewhere.

Rantarason: This is not allowed. It will not occur.

Ann: Very good.

Rantarason: It cannot occur.

Sheila: And when you say aliens, do you say that because we call it that?

Rantarason: Exactly. When I used the example for your children, “aliens” was a quoted word, rather a familiar symbol to share, to better reflect an angle that you could approach. You could also say, “What if angels and spirits came…” It does not necessarily mean that there will be people from other planets involved in this outworking. It is simply preparing people with the idea of something occuring that  will awaken the planet to higher ways and to relationship with other systems and within this system.

Ann: So the purpose of it is the awakening as you stated. Is that correct?

Rantarason: Most certainly. This is what will occur as a result of the broadcast circuits reopening. Even some of your  structured religions will fall apart very possibly, for their doctrine will no longer hold true in the light of what is occurring. That is why the uncertainty and instability and fear could occur. That is why your calmness and higher perspectives are truly needed in such a time as this that might occur.

Sheila: They’re actually just our brothers and sisters, just from another planet, right?

Rantarason: Exactly, but again, do not focus that personalities will necessarily be involved with this manifestation. It is the opening of the circuits which is the actual occurance. Other actions may occur in combination with this happening, but that is not decided at this point in time. That is why your preparation for just about anything to occur.

Ann: I feel I understand a little better when I focus on that, that these are going to be circuits and I can understand with that energy coming in, those that do not have the understanding that we have will be very confused and the fear will rise up within them because  their foundation is literally shaken. I have been in the church. I believed. I walked that path so I understand how they will feel.

Rantarason: It could very well be seen as the end of times . ..

Ann: Yes, very much so.

Rantarason: . ..and yet it is truly, really, a beginning of things.

Ann: Yes, that’s very encouraging. Thank you for sharing and explaining more fully to us.

Rantarason: Realize also that that is a very good approach to take when being as the calm voice, to do away with the ideas of the end and let them know that it is simply a beginning of better things, of higher ways. And do it with a smile.

Ann: Hmmm . .. wow.

Sheila: Thank you.


Rantarason: Thank you for listening to this, this evening. I know that Simeon is rather uncertain about all this and yet it was definitely needed to share with you and others. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share with you again.

We Melchizedeks look forward to the times ahead with enthusiasm and yet work to diminish excitement and be patient for the outworking of the Father’s plan.

Michael has a handle on this universe. Doubt this not. Everything is going as planned. That is all.

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