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SEI33- Keep Hope Alive

2002-02-01.  Keep Hope Alive

SE Idaho #33

Topic: Keep Hope Alive

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Paradise Finaliter, Daniel

TR: Bill K.


Opening Prayer: All glory be to You, Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, Creator of the suns and stars, Designer of the magnificent splendor of the universes! All glory be to you, Father, our Parent, Giver of personality and immortality. All glory be to you, Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia, for You are repeating in time and space the incredible realities of Havona. May we join our hands with all brothers and sisters of creature status, of immortality potential, tonight and every day of our eternal career, to do Your will as it is done on Paradise. Amen.

Bill: I don’t know who that was, it was just the words I heard!

Ken: Wow! That dealt with my issues around immortality, Wow!

Bill: I heard the words and I said, “Oh, it is just me. I don’t want to do it. Let somebody else pray”. Then I heard the words again and then I thought, “Okay, I guess I am supposed to repeat them. I repeated one long sentence and then the rest just came. I don’t know who that was??? It wasn’t Daniel was it?

Group: It didn’t sound like Daniel.

Pat: The voice was different, I thought.

Ken: It addressed several was just outstanding….what gives you immortality….the Thought Adjuster

Bill: Was it Lorenzo? Huh! You suppose? It could have been.

Ken: It could have been. I dunno. I don’t know who it was but it sure encourages me to write more, because they answer questions. (Laughter).

(Period of stillness.)

Paradise Finaliter: Great and wonderful are Your works, Oh God, transcending time and space! Incredibly generous is Your heart of love, which expands ever outward from the Center of Your divine residence to embrace each and  every personality in the Universe of universes. Indeed, do we worship You. Indeed, do we bow down our hearts in overwhelming joy that we are Your sons and daughters and that we have been called to have a part in the creation of Supremacy. All glory be to You! Even so, amen.

Daniel: My dear friends, this is Daniel. Welcome to our weekly get together. We are honored to have in our midst this evening a Paradise Finaliter, who, having embraced the Father, has been assigned to the Universe of Nebadon. He was given permission to come to our meeting this evening to uplift your faith and help you understand the level of supreme joy that shall one day be yours and mine. We will postpone my assignment inasmuch as all of you have not completed  it. Understand that there is no problem with postponement, for I desire that this be done in a most propitious time frame rather than a compulsive obedience to my request. In other words, I am say[ing] that I understand that other concerns can come along. They are of no lessor importance than my request. So, let’s try again for our next meeting. Again, I emphasize that I wish you to prepare it in writing and read it without consulting each other ahead of time during the group meeting prior to our TR session. I wish to speak you tonight about the importance of keeping hope alive.


This has been a most difficult time on your planet. Especially has this nation, the United States of America, struggled to recover its equilibrium from the terrorist attacks in September. For many the material comforts and securities have been forever shattered. Those who have put their hope in the damaged oars of their failed boats have seen that the storms of the seas may sink their boats and bring them into mortal danger. They, who do not have the light of life, cry out in despair!

They are swimming without life preserver and their boats have gone down. You, on the other hand, are in your sturdy ships with totally seaworthy equipment, including life preservers which are attached to long coils of rope. It is our task to fling out those life savers to the shipwrecked souls who are growing weary of treading water and are about to succumb. You do this in many ways. Tonight I wish to emphasize the role of hope. It is a fact that when a person loses hope they are in danger of dying. They may succumb to disease as in cancer. They may succumb to depression, and when there is no hope, resort to suicide. Hope is life giving.

Your great hope is the goal of your eternal existence. You and I walk by the light that hope sheds upon our pathway. If the light grows dim and our hope is faltering, the pathway becomes increasingly obscure and we fail to see the stones that trip us, as well as begin to doubt the value of the journey. It is God’s great wisdom to reinforce our hope from time to time as we need it. This reinforcement consists of evidences of the reality of that hope. If this were not so the storms of life would sink every ship, for all the ships would be bereft of compass and seaworthy equipment.

Hope is not the same as foolish gullibility. Hope is not a delusion. Hope is reinforced by inner confirmation. It is reinforced by an understanding of the circumstances that come to a person in such an intricate and purposeful way that mind can grasp purpose and intention behind these events of a benevolent character. Hope is based on the trust in the truthfulness of the words that are believed. A promise is made and hope springs from the trustworthiness of the hope giver.  Our Paradise Finaliter, present with us this evening, comes back to universes that are still evolving, with evidences of the goal, the embrace of the Gods and the reception into the Corps of Mortal Finaliters. You cannot see him tonight, for we are not on a planet in advanced stages of Light and Life. But you have heard him, and he is true and faithful! You have listened to us teachers and you have believed our words. They have given you hope. But most of all you have validated your hope by your contact within, with the Spirit of Michael, the comforting truth giver and your Father Fragment, your Thought Controller.

Again, when your hope is flagging and you are discouraged, don’t allow yourself to remain in that condition. Think about the truthfulness and the confidence you have in the evidences for your hope. Choose to believe and put away your unbelief. Let the light of hope shine so strongly on your path that you will easily circumvent the boulders that would block you, that you can avoid the chuck holes that would trip you and the stones that unsettle your steps. Let the light shine sufficiently that you can see just far enough down the path to know that it does not end in a meaningless drop off, but proceeds upward to an ever brightening, glorious conclusion.


My dear friends, ponder these words. No questions this evening. Good night.

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