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SEI39- I Was Tempted To Use Magic Wand

2002-10-11.  I Was Tempted To Use Magic Wand

SE Idaho #39

Topic: I Was Tempted To Use Magic Wand

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Klarixiska, Daniel, Michael

TR: Virginia, Bob S., Bill K.


Opening prayer by Klarixiska(Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Father, Who loves us all the same, Who knows all about us and understands, we ask that as we come together tonight to appreciate one another, to enjoy one another, to learn from one another that we might also appreciate more what You are doing in the Universe. Encourage us. We thank You for Your love that is constantly patting each of us on the head, both the seen and the unseen here tonight. We thank You for the Spirit that continues to draw us to You. Open our minds, our hearts; curtail our emotions and egos that we might hear what You have to say tonight. Help us to use it to live in the now, to serve our brothers and sisters wherever we walk. May we be a true ambassador of love for You. Amen.

Daniel (Bob S.) Greetings my brothers and sisters, this is Daniel. I remain extremely pleased to be considered your friend, your teacher, your colleague, your companion. It is difficult for you to understand that relationship but I know over time you will not only begin to appreciate it, but begin to understand its consequences. As you have heard, I am not the major speaker this evening. That has been put under the responsibility of another. I willingly step aside for I know what is coming and anticipate its wonderfulness. My friends, prepare yourselves. This is going to be an exciting evening! I now hand the microphone to another. One moment please.

Christ Michael (Bill K.): Peace be upon you, my dear friends. I am Michael, your Brother, as well as your Creator/Father. I come tonight as your brother, as one who has shared, and continues to share your nature, as one who knows you, perhaps even better than you know yourselves.


I am not a man of sorrows. I am a man of joy! Yes, I had some moments of sorrow…you know that. My heart was torn when my family rejected me and thought I had lost my mind. I did not enjoy the ordeal of crucifixion or anticipate it with joy, no! But, for the most part, I was, as I am, a joyful person. My gospel is joyful for it is simply a statement of the truth: that you are sons and I am a Son of the Source of all overflowing goodness and love that designs, upholds, and culminates the loving plan of Universe development and expansion.

Your fine teacher, Daniel, took you on a most efficacious walk into the wonders of your being-ness in connection with your animal origins. We did not design the universe so that “animal origins” would be a lowly and humiliating status, no. We, your Mother and I, designed this universe so that you could fully experience the pleasure of living in the flesh, of being bone and muscle and blood vessel, of having an organic computer as your brain, of being able to touch each other [TR touches people on both sides of himself] and know that you are one in connection of that animal reality.

Yes, I enjoyed living in this mortal body that I had created! Imagine the wonder that I experienced in my adolescence as it became clear to me that I was actually the designer and creator of this world that I was living in! Only at first did I have faint thoughts of this which I dismissed as megalomaniac tendencies. I was careful, very careful not to tell anyone of these thoughts. But, as I grew older I became more and more aware of Who I was before I had incarnated as a man, as a baby, as a man to become. You will never know that particular experience; you are not Creator Sons becoming aware of your status. Long before I knew that I was dwelling in a body of my own creation I was happy to be a joyful kid, full of questions. But always did I know that profound love which I recognized in my parents as a reflection of something that I knew even more deeply. That is why by the time I was twelve I knew that my father’s religion was flawed, that the God of their understanding was not my Father. Yes, I knew that early on.

So, tonight, I want you to know how completely I understand you, my dear friends, my dear brothers and sisters! I am not some sorrowful figure hanging on a crucifix, overwhelmed with the sin of the world, a sacrificial offering to an angry God to compensate for the innate evil of human nature. No! I am your brother. I am your joyful brother. I am  your triumphant brother. I am your older brother. I do know the way, for I am the way in human flesh. Can you feel our common humanity, my dear friends? Can you feel it?

Group: Yes!

Christ Michael: Thank you. Thank you. I did not achieve my divinity by human effort, but I did achieve my perfected humanity status by my efforts. Yes, I had an advantage over you. My Divine Monitor was none other than the One that indwelt Machiventa. It was very skilled. My Divine nature as a Michael Son was not something that you share either. But even though I had these advantages my human achievements were always done without the help of my divine nature. Not all my acts were solely from my human nature, no. I did act as a combined personality. But the achievement of my humanity was done as an animal origin being like yourselves.

Yes, this world really needs joyful humor, not cynical humor. It needs the pleasure of seeing one’s own progress and using that progress as a background to then laugh at one’s previous immaturity, just as you laugh at the things children say when they do not understand what the words mean. Humor that is healthy appreciates progress. It does not make fun of self or others, as you know. So I want to say to you, “Keep on lightening up. Keep on lightening up!”

Our Father will have His way in the end. That which will not cooperate with Him will not continue. Evil, sin, and iniquity are time limited. They will not persist. I know it’s hard living on this planet. In some ways I think it is harder for you than it was for me, for things are more complicated. I know some of you want to wave magic wands that would eviscerate free  will choice among those whom you deem to be unworthy by virtue of their behavior. Be careful with that thinking, my friends! For you are all a mix of levels of maturity. You all are capable of error. Do not judge your brothers and sisters. No magic wand will be provided for it is contrary to my Father’s prime directive.

I was tempted with the magic wand, remember? I was very strongly tempted to use my power, to summon legions  of angels to my side, to do things my way. Oh, yes, I was tempted in my human nature. That was not an unreal imaginary experience. I understood my brother and sister Adam and Eve better after I was in this flesh. I could understand how frustrated they got and how they thought that they knew best. When I said to my Father, “If it is possible take this cup away from me”, of course I thought there might be that possibility. I didn’t see why I had to die in such a manner until I was reconciled to my guidance. Then I was truly able to say, “Nevertheless, not my will but Yours be done”. My basic unquestioning trust in my Father triumphed. I knew that even though I couldn’t understand it, at that moment, He had never let me down; that I was completing my bestowal experience on a broader canvass than many of many of my brothers of my order; that it was not a mistake on the part of my Father and your Father.

So, my friends, I say to you as I said to my apostles of old, “Be of good cheer!” Be of good cheer. Don’t become discouraged. Do what I did. Turn, all the time, to our Father and listen to Him. He will say to you, “You are my son, you are my daughter, in whom I am well pleased”. Yes, He will say this to you.

Of course our kinship goes deeper than our humanity which we share, for we are Spirit sons and daughters of the First Source and Center. But our humanity is not a small thing. It is not an accident of time. It is essential in the progress from animal origin to Spirit perfection. You and I get to know it all! We get to know it all, the experience from the lowest to the highest. Welcome to this amazing and wonderful adventure, the adventure of the completion of Supremacy and the beginning of Ultimacy! (You can look these words up in the Urantia Book. I will not explicate them at this time). Yes, my friends, the adventure! Let us be joyful. The outcome is certain.


Good evening.


After hearing from Michael the group discussed passages in the Urantia Book which related to his lesson. The following passage pertained as is quoted here]

By the end of the twenty-ninth year Jesus of Nazareth had virtually finished the living of the life required  of mortals as sojourners in the flesh. He came on earth the fullness of God to be manifest to man; he had now become well-nigh the perfection of man awaiting the occasion to become manifest to God. And he did all of this before he was thirty years of age. Urantia Book, page 1426

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