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SEI40.1- Group Direction

2006-10-01.  Group Direction

SE Idaho #40.1

Topic: Group Direction

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: AaronAbraham, Minearsia, TomasDaniel

TR: NancyBob S.


AARON: Greetings, I am Aaron, preceding the opening prayer by commenting on your discussions, knowing that these issues are not always easy, or comfortable. Having things fit in nice packages always seems more comfortable, but relationships are seldom this tidy. Therefore we applaud your ability to work it out, to share what you think, and feel comfortable in sharing what you think. I will step back and allow another to pray with you.

Prayer: (Bob S.): Father of all Fathers, we Your children open our hearts and minds to the wisdom of the ages through the medium which has been put before us. Let us all, with open minds and open hearts, listen to the words, which have been considered and prepared for us, and give us the strength and courage to adapt them to individual needs. In the Master’s name we ask. Amen.

MINEARSIA: Greetings my dear friends, I am Minearsia, instructor in residence with this South East Idaho group. I wish to congratulate you this evening for your willingness to proceed forward in the face of discomfort.


And it is elements of comfort I wish to address this evening, for comfort is a deceiver. The animal nature seeks comfort, the warmth of the sun, the cool of the shade, the slating of thirst, the warmth of a full belly, the fulfillment of the mating instinct, and so forth. And while the seeking of comfort is a necessary component of dual natured beings, comfort can be the antithesis of spiritual growth.

Now I wish to develop this fully, for I am not meaning to imply the extreme of asceticism where there is [perceived] gain only by rejecting your mortal nature, no! Rather, I want you to understand that the seeking of comfort, alone, will not enhance growth, for growth requires stepping into arenas which are unfamiliar.

We could find a myriad of illustrations for this. Any child who is growing must try new things before they master those new tasks, whether they be physical: walking, running, jumping, playing basketball, ballet dancing, and so forth; whether they be intellectual: learning to read, to use a writing instrument, form words, form thoughts. All development requires moving into arenas that are new, that are not known, and therefore can engender fear as well as the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of success.

While we are certainly here to be of comfort, to provide solace, to nurture, to support, we are also here to challenge, to inspire, to entice you in your spiritual development. For spiritual development is similar to physical and intellectual development in that growth requires that you move into untried and unknown realms. While spiritual development itself can be a comfort, seeking to hide in comfort, to resist being uncomfortable, will stunt this growth.

And so I commend you tonight on your willingness to experience discomfort in your discussion and to discuss anyway. And I challenge you to use this opportunity of group interaction to explore areas of discomfort as well as to bask in the comfort that it provides. Indeed is comfort a two-sided coin. The purpose in my words this evening was to draw your attention to both sides.

[TR Note: Initially, Minearsia tried to communicate something about comfort representing a paradox, but I couldn’t get it, and Minearsia switched the analogy to a two-sided coin. Later that evening when I was relaxed, I grasped the concept. I am including it. “Indeed does comfort represent a paradox. For in seeking comfort, spiritual growth is blocked, and comfort recedes. But the individual who seeks growth is willing to experience discomfort, and, thereby, earns true comfort.”]

And now while my words may appear stern, I wish to assure you that while stern they are not chiding, NO! I, Minearsia, am personally grateful to each of you. I respect you. I love you, and I desire your highest good.

I have completed what I wish to communicate. I am not the only speaker this evening.

TOMAS: This is teacher Tomas, greetings my friends. It is a feeling of being home that I have when I return to this environment. I wish to briefly follow up on what Minearsia has said, for his words provide much truth for which most humans would see difficulty. I recall my humanity period, and I, too, would have struggled with this lesson.

Suffice it to say that as you grow you must change. There is no other way to do it. If you seek to grow spiritually, you must be different tomorrow than you are today. The logic of that is obvious. Where humans have trouble is in the application. But if you can, keep this truism in your consciousness for the next few days. See how that changes the way you see your life and your relationships with those with whom you interact.

That is the gist of my comment. I want to say how warm I feel when I am in your presence and how much I love each of you. And even when I am away, I recall fondly our earlier times together. And with that I bid you adieu.

ABRAHAM. Greetings, I am Abraham. Your lips have mentioned my name one too many times this evening, and so I choose to speak up. Often I am present, observing along with others.

Your discussions are heartening. We see you each sharing different reasoning. All have value. The ability for it all to become part of a group process may not always occur, but that results more from the overall will and determination of your group, rather than any particular idea being flawed.

We do not need massive amounts of time to share with you, and, yet, if you have the time to spare, we will utilize the time as effectively as we can to shed further light. There is no pattern that is most effective for learning, quite simply because no two personalities are alike. Each requires different levels of input for comprehension of principles, and we, as a staff, are able to come to you individually and administer to your needs. When you combine yourselves into a unit, we approach you based on the inclinations of various wills and desires.

When I communicate through my trusted friend in Utah, her willingness is at a different level than when I speak through Simeon, Rebecca, Jonathan, or many others who receive. Therefore, I encourage you not to look at particular communications as being the standard, for level of expression will be different, depending on the willingness of the receiver.

You have a healthy grouping in the sense that you are able to share differences and emerge from the experience intact. This has not always been the case with groups. Therefore, note this ability within yourselves and that this indicates a level of growth and maturity. As you look back at markers along the way, you know now that you have gained a level of comfortability with one another, yes, but also that you have grown stronger individually as well.

Nurture your ability to communicate with one another. Allow yourselves to bare when necessary, and try to thwart feelings of failure or inadequacy when your individual desires are not held as group desires, for it is merely the working out of common levels of willingness that you are engaged in, rather than determining the worth of individuals within your grouping.

Our time is up. We do honor your time commitments to the degree that we are able and look forward to further communication and different levels of communication in the months to come. Please stand and allow your familiar staff to close this meeting. Thank you for listening to me tonight.

Group: Thank you Abraham.


DANIEL This is Daniel. Lest you think I am not here, I will say a few words in prayer.

To those who have created all there is, was, and will be, to whose allegiance we hold foremost, we offer our lives, our very souls, to the path You have set before us. Allow each of us, in his or her own way, the opportunity of making mistakes but growing through them. For we all seek that perfection which lies far down each of our paths to You, First Source and Center. Be with each of these, our charges, as they seek to live their lives in ways which will glorify You. In the Master, Christ Michael’s Holy name, we pray.



There was a group discussion on the goals and paths that we wished to pursue as a group—how often and the length and format of the meeting, this evening.

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