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SEI42- You Are No Longer Seedlings

2003-01-10.  You Are No Longer Seedlings

SE Idaho #42

Topic: You Are No Longer Seedlings

Group: Pocatello TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Aaron

TR: Bill K., Simeon


Daniel(Bill): Gracious God and Father, we lift our hearts to You that our minds may conform to the joy and the serenity which emanate from Your mind. We worship You in spirit and in truth and know that You are leading us homeward every day of our ascension career. For these, my wonderful students, I thank You that they and we are united in this quest of divine ascension and perfection. On this anniversary night may they cherish the progress that they have made and pledge anew to continue with vigor, with optimism, and with fortitude the journey that we are all a part of. Let their hearts be light and their spirits bright with hope, with faith, and with love. In the name and in the Spirit of Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth, we pray. Amen.

Greetings, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your friend, and your most joyous companion on this anniversary celebration evening! Indeed, my dears, it has been eleven years that we have been associated together. As I review, through the mind of Isaac, the transcript of our first meeting I see that my intention has been fulfilled and that you have proved to be most satisfying companions on this journey together.


You are no longer seedlings, my friends. You are growing into strong oaks. Your branches are thickening. Your leaves are profusely expressing themselves in all seasons and unlike the literal oak your beauty does not go into recess one season a year, but manifests in gorgeous colors at all times. Your branches will provide shelter and succor for the birds of the air. Your beauty will enhance the landscape for all those who pass by.

You say, “Daniel, what’s all this flowery language”? And I reply, “I feel poetic tonight, my friends. I am in a  celebrative mood”! I am feeling so pleased that I have been your teacher for these eleven years. And no one has given me a return ticket to Jerusem. (Laughter) So, I am on the docket for an indefinite time.

I want you to consider how you now are at ease and totally comfortable communicating with those that you cannot see, with the celestial realm. No longer do you prostrate your minds in awe that you hear from us. Indeed, at times, some of you even become somewhat critical of our commentary, which is not a problem for us, at all.


Ken: Are you saying, Daniel, that we doubt the words of the Most High Observer? Joking, when I say that.

Daniel: No, Ken, I am saying that you are comfortable enough and feel on an equal enough basis, even though your are not in the position of Vorondadek Sons, to interact as you would with a colleague when you don’t totally understand, or wish that more could be said. Doubt possibly enters into some of your hearts at times. But it mostly centers in your own self estimate rather than criticism of celestial personalities.

So, to continue, I wish you to think back to the distance you have traveled in eleven years. This might be a poor analogy but I would suggest that you were like the native peoples of this continent when they encountered the “white man” and were in awe with a sense of mystery regarding these strangers. After a period of time they became quite companionable before they became hostile to each other. I don’t expect you people to become hostile to us. That’s why the analogy is imperfect. In other words, you are on familiar terms with us now.

I also observe that because of this fact you are not as overflowing with curiosity questions in regard to the teachers as you used to be. By assuming the role of teachers to each other, questions are being handled beautifully among yourselves. I hope you will concur with my observations. (Group agrees)

Now concerning our esteemed Vorondadek Observer, your assessment that he was not in a teaching role primarily, only indirectly, is correct. He was reporting, but in such a way as to present a different perspective, the perspective of over-control, supervision, administration, and many other aspects of the relationship of the celestial realm to the material realm. In your list of over-control functions please be sure to include the effects of teaching which has come to you through the mission, and ultimately the effects of your own understanding which comes to you from you indwelling Mystery Monitor. Also, add to your list that the circuits of this planet are being re-connected and more spiritual pressure, information,  and personalities are being added to this plane.

Yes, it remains a fact that none of us can violate free will, and you are pretty clear about this now. Yet as I listened to our Observer last week I agreed that over-control is pretty mysterious being only fully understood by the Supreme and the members of the Paradise Trinity. Even we morontia personalities are very limited in our understanding of how it works. We are under supervision and take assignments from our superiors. But that doesn’t mean we understand everything that is going on. Much more skilled are the angelic corps for they are mathematical geniuses. They are able to understand the interactions of things in an instantaneous fashion whereas we take much longer to grasp the probabilities, etc. The angels are even more efficient than your fastest supercomputers.

In addition to becoming familiar with us, a definite milestone of eleven years, I cite also your individual spiritual progress. The full understanding of this progress is not easy for you to grasp. We have used the picture of mountain climbing as  an analogy of spiritual progress in past lessons; and one of the benefits of mountain climbing is the enhanced view as you ascend the mountain. So as you look at your spiritual progress, consider how your mind has broadened, as one measure. Another measure would be how much time you spend in pondering spiritual reality, including prayer and worship. And another measure would be how much more your are interested in true service to one another, your brothers and sisters. These are all categories of growth.

A third milestone is your group progress, the natural human cementing which goes on as a result of trusting each other and getting past your differences of opinion because you are focusing on common goals. Is it not true that your desire to do the will of God, individually, has resulted in your desire to be a community of Light and Life, one of many, yes, but still a  community of Light and Life? The way your treat each other is ideal, for the most part. You respect each other; you listen to each other; you support each other; you joke around with each other in a comfortable manner. For the most part you are not paranoid, critical, judgmental, angry, fearful, or withdrawn from each other. I am not saying that you have arrived at perfection, because none of us have, and will not do so until we have gone all the way through the myriad spheres of Havona and reached Paradise as residents.

The other side of an anniversary is to look forward. What will our next year together bring? We all ponder this, including me. We don’t know what life on this planet will be like this coming year. All indications from the fear mongers suggest that it will be bad. But they don’t know how God the Supreme will engage in His overcontrol, any more than we do. We do know that all that meets the eye isn’t all there is. There is the planetary administration. We know of the reality of the indwelling  Presence of the Father, and the indwelling Presence of the Spirit of Truth of the Son, and of the ministry of the Mother Spirit through Her many cohorts and universe daughters.

In the Old Testament there is a passage in which the prophet explained to the king that the armies that were on his side were greater than those adversaries he could see and prayed that the king might see for a moment the invisible armies of God, which he did. So for you and for us, let’s keep that vision of support as a constant, assured, and settled matter of fact and source of faith.

Part of the problem of wanting predictions is a subtle belief that there is a deterministic play being wrought upon the stage of life, so that if we could have access to the film strip, the sequence of events, we would know what is going to happen down the road. But life is not simply a deterministic scene. The best that can be done in terms of prediction are probabilities; and they are subject to vast error measurement. This is completely true on an individual level. It is not so true as you go to larger and larger units as the overcontrol dimension interacts with the probabilities and the result is that at higher and higher levels the over control determines the outcome. Human free will, resulting in error and sin, does not prevent the completion of Supremacy, but merely delays it. Even though we are thinking only of one year of time in our next anniversary sequence, it is also true that we have all the time that we need, as long as we keep facing forward in the direction of our goal.

In past years there have been addresses by numerous personalities at our anniversary meetings. This year we  have decided that we want to hear from you. I am bringing my homily to a conclusion so that you might share your thoughts and feelings about this anniversary, your past and your future. The floor is now yours.

LaReen: Daniel, I was just thinking that I have come up to the top of this beautiful mountain with this beautiful fire and how much I love everyone in this room and how I miss them when I am gone. They are more family than my [natural] family, because I can be myself with them. I can be open and talk about anything spiritual or anything political, well some of them. (Laughter). But it feels so natural to be in this classroom with this group. When I first started with the Teaching Mission I was uncomfortable. I always felt like I didn’t fit in. That’s the big difference for me. I just don’t know what I would do without these people.

Daniel: So you have found your true family….

LaReen: Yes.

Daniel: . ..and I sense a profound joy in that experience.

LaReen: Very much so!

Daniel: Thank you, LaReen, for sharing this part of your soul. I am sure you speak for others, as well.

Virginia: As LaReen was talking I thought of the book I am reading Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman[1] and  the contrast between pleasure and gratification. What she was expressing was the deeper experience of gratification rather than pleasure, for pleasure is temporary and we have different groups where we have pleasure. But the things she described are things we can hang on to and have real gratitude, gratification from the experience. The time goes quickly. I think that is the difference between pleasure and gratification.

I think that it is necessary to mention that the big thing I am experiencing more and more is the lesson that Klarixiska keeps giving me about cleaning up the corners and getting rid of the cobwebs. It seem like (laughing) every time I think I got one gone, here comes another one! I clean that up and make amends and in another corner there is a bigger one! But as Klarixiska says, all the work we do now will only help us reach Paradise sooner. That is our quest and our goal. I am very grateful for the spiritual kicks to move forward I have had as a result of the Teaching Mission.

Daniel: So, Virginia, you are saying that for you this past eleven years have been a time of growing gratification and the difficult task of transformation, the transforming of your mind by the cleaning of the cobwebs in the corners of  the secret recesses of your heart.

Virginia. Yes. I have got to say one more thing. I am doing things I would have never thought I could have done years ago. That is being comfortable around adults and teaching workshops with teenagers. It just blows my mind that I am this brave coward that has emerged from somewhere.

Daniel: So all your hard work in sweeping the corners has not simply been hard work. It is resulting in  gratifying personality expansion, specifically with regard to your status as a worthwhile, competent, and loveable individual among your peers.

Virginia: Thank you!

Daniel: I see all of you moving in that direction and becoming more convinced that you really are valuable sons and daughters of the Living God. Others, who wish to share?

Bob S.: I would like to say, thank you, Daniel, for this opportunity to think about our progress. I tend to be one who doesn’t dwell on ceremony nor emphasize anniversaries, those kind of things. But, I think in this case I want to thank you for this because it’s allowed me to see more clearly how the world is getting better slowly. As you deal with the world situations that we are in now it’s easy to be overwhelmed by that. I think we only have to pause and think about how we have changed as individuals, and because of that see more clearly what is happening out in the real world. Because of that it makes us feel better, I think. The other side of that coin is, the more we grow, the clearer we see and the more problems we see out there(laughing) that we have to deal with, like Virginia was talking about and you see the world more clearly as well. But I think we can more effectively put worries aside or in perspective and feel better about the whole situation when you, and others, have helped us deal with this; when we take what you have said and make it part of our thought process. So, thank you.

Daniel: Thank you, Bob, for sharing some optimism, some hope, and some transformation. You have described it as personal and attributed it to others, as well. Yes, it is gratifying for us, teachers, to be told that our teaching has had  some positive effect that you can consciously grab a hold of. That way you aren’t left in the position of having to take our word for it that you are growing, but you can clearly point to areas in which your perspective has been altered or your behavior has been uplifted. Others who wish to share?

Ken: Yes, Daniel, I will. You asked about the past and you asked about the future. I would like to say that I am glad and fortunate that you were given a one way ticket here, no return ticket. In the past you came; in the future you will be here. For that I am grateful. I am also grateful for my personal teacher, Lorenzo. He has been with me. He has touched me. He tells me that I have listened to him. What has happened in the past I expect to happen in the future, also, the same one  word….change. I will continue to grow. I grew in the past, and I expect to grow in the future. Thank you, Daniel. Thank you, Lorenzo. Thank you, Father.

Daniel: Well spoken, Kenneth. Amidst the certain change there is the stability of your decision to follow the guidance of your Mystery Monitor, to listen to the guidance of your teacher, and to attend and participate in this classroom, as well as many other things. So, while change is inevitable, so is progress when that kind of commitment is present in a mortal will. Thank you for your words, as well.

Are there others who would care to comment on their perspective upon the past and/or their goals or perspective on the future? (Joking) This is not an Aaron exercise, friends,

Ken: It sure sounded like it.

Daniel: . is just an opportunity to get your licks in; to share your heart. Or you may ask any questions you wish to about the topic tonight, if you have them.

Lori: Well, I would like to say thank you, Daniel, and all the teachers, and Altern. When I think of the past with being introduced to the group, I had no clue. Since that time every Friday that I have come it has been steady,  small confirmation within myself. I can be in the worst mood, and come here and it completely dissolves away and I leave with clarity and direction…two things I didn’t know near as much about in the past and things that I intend to know more about in the future! And this group as a whole, these wonderful people are the ideal group. You are all like my best friends, my big brothers and sister, my aunts and uncles, and my parents, all rolled into one!  I can’t thank you enough for being you and I really feel like I have grown so much in every way, and it is also interconnected. You will never know how much you have helped me and how you are all a very integral part of what I do: my work; parenting; marriage; getting along with my parents; all of it. Well, thank you…all of you and all of you celestials.

Daniel: Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement and truth! I sense that each of you resonates to the things that Lori has said, as you have benefitted and shared and become truly a family together.

When we say that this is a Light and Life experience, we do not use those words lightly! We are telling you that this is the way life is on a planet which has normally evolved, where all the horrors of rebellion are unknown and most of  the handicaps of evolution have been overcome. There are worlds whose people relate to each other as you do. Wouldn’t that be an amazing experience on this planet? And yet, as Carol pointed out several weeks ago, when the season of Christmas comes many people transcend themselves and move into a temporary consciousness state that is approximate to an early stage of Light and Life.

This shows that at your stage of evolution you are close enough to the beginning stages of Light and Life to be able to do that. If you were all as barbaric as the bad news on the media presentations suggest, you could not envision such a jump from barbarism to altruism. Consequently, my friends, it is true that your world is progressing and the barbarism of hatred and war, sexism, racism and all the other isms are becoming very repugnant to the more elevated levels of societies, whatever their racial, ethnic or national identification. This does tell us that progress is being made. Before change for correction can occur, we have to identify the problems.

A lower level is indicated by no awareness of the problems, as Bob pointed out. As you become more spiritually advanced then you can see more of what needs to be transformed. Well, you can ponder this as I have talked about this issue before. I don’t mean to get back into my lecture mode. Please continue for there are several of you who haven’t spoken. If you desire…..I wish to persist and allow you all to complete your sharing.

Carol: Daniel, I want to thank you for the very poetic beginning to your anniversary speech tonight. I thought it  was beautiful. I felt very much a part of the tree and branches. I thought it was wonderful. Thank you. I feel very much an infant in this group. I feel that probably I am just beginning and need a lot more time and work before I can say that I am even progressing very much. But I am hopeful that I will be able to (words lost in microphone noise)

Daniel: My dear Carol, thank you for your sharing. Thank you for bolstering my poetic feelings. Let me assure you that I understand how you feel as the newest member of this group. However, I put a different assessment on your progress than you seem to feel. You are, in my opinion, progressing as quickly as you could, given the circumstances of your life to this point. Do not feel discouraged or belittle your progress simply because you were not with us from the beginning. Everyone moves at a different rate of progress in different areas according to their individual needs. My impression of you is that your willingness is one hundred percent in the direction of progress. I am pleased to have you as a member of this group.

Now, there is a last call for one who might have a burning desire. Otherwise we will conclude.

Bob D. Personally I have been going through my own affairs of dealing with the children and haven’t been able to spend as much time on spiritual topics and philosophical thought as I used to be able to spend. It is quite a struggle. My wife even sees me saying that I want to do this and want to do this; and by the time I have time to do it I am so tired that I just want to close my eyes and go to bed. So lately I have been carving out time, the last couple of months, to spend  in stillness, prayer and reflecting about all these things. I have started to receive a few pertinent messages, I am sure you are aware of, that have been just getting into a slight process. But I still feel a little disjointed. I am not quite in the flow of where I want to be. The other night I just took a moment to sit down and write these thoughts that are just on the edge of my mind for a long time because I don’t know what I really feel about this mission. So what came out is what came out in the e-mail. It actually took two and a half hours to write and I went to bed at twelve thirty, which killed me the next day. But I didn’t stop once I started.

So, really the perspective is that the Teaching Mission is for everybody. A lot of times we lose sight when we  are interacting on line. We are interacting not only as individuals, but as groups with other groups. There are so many differences and purposes and differences in perspectives that we clashes there about ideas, beliefs. The realization that I was coming to for myself was that it isn’t really about the beliefs so much as it is about the…..If we want to be a community we must almost set aside beliefs for the higher purpose of finding God; and recognizing that everyone is on that path of finding God. You don’t have to sit there and say, “Well, this guy is wrong here and this guy is wrong here”. We are commonly searching together, yet we still have differences. I guess that’s where I am coming from in my thoughts.

Daniel: I would like to reply to you. You are really engaged in family building at two levels, Bob. One, the primary or family level of your wife and children, which is by the way, one of the most spiritual efforts that you can do as a mortal. It is hardly less than a spiritual endeavor. (Bob: I know that! It doesn’t seem quite as fun as the . …) The other family building is your desire to keep the family feeling in the Teaching Mission, rather than deteriorating into philosophical battles between armed camps of thought. You are, and have always been, one who desires to reconcile and unify divergences in the goal of moving forward in the ascension. So I thank you for that contribution this evening.

Bob D.: Can I ask you another question, though?

Daniel: Please.

Bob D.: I had a prior question in reading transcripts that I have been going through. There has been an idea of possibly publishing, so I have been organizing all the transcripts that I have done over the years. Mostly Aaron, but there were a couple from you before I moved to Pocatello. You had a couple of conversations with a friend of mine named Ann and in reading them I was so blown away by the way you interacted with this person. I just want to know your perspective on: First, sharing those in a publication that would be sold for money. I know the money element isn’t really the issue, but I also want to find out what your perspective is on that. I go back and forth. I see positive aspects of publication and then there is the potential negative. So I have always been wishey-washey on whether to publish or not. I just want to know if I can share these transmissions of a friend. She agreed to it, but I want to ask you along with other transcripts. The second question is what you feel about publications in general.

Daniel: The biggest consideration, permission on the part of Ann to have her words with me made public, you have already taken care of. This will allow that for the purpose of edification and help for other people. If you judge anything to be appropriately confidential, then I trust your judgment. Obviously, this possible book on the teachings of Aaron would not be published for the purpose of making money primarily or for crass entertainment, but would be for spiritual purposes. Correct.

BobD:  Yes.

As far as publication, there have been other teachers who have received publication status as you know: Tomas, Will… and I am quite okay with sharing a part with Aaron, since Aaron is willing also. Does that answer your questions?

Bob D.: Yes, it does. Just for clarification I wanted to know for sure before pursuing that angle, so, thank you.

Daniel: Of course we don’t have what you would consider to be “ego involvement” in this. We see the whole universe  picture. Sharing information with other people in order to lift them up is the universe education process. So, based on that, we have to say that we are in favor of every noble and appropriate way of doing that.

Well, my dears, this has been a delightful night. Is there anyone who wants to make a last comment? Otherwise Aaron has requested that Bob TR in prayer if he is willing.


Aaron(Bob D.) Indeed, I am here and I would give you my congratulations for your strong efforts as a group over these years, working through your comprehension and understanding of our words; learning through struggles; and keeping mind and will toward the purpose of becoming more like your Father in Heaven. Tonight, let us pray to the Source of our seeking.

Dear Father, grant us understanding of Your will. Shine forth Your pattern of destiny for these friends of mine in each of their hearts. Show us the beauty that is possible when together we set our minds and wills toward Yours to do those things which will enhance understanding of the cosmic family which you have formed. Amen.

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