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SEI46- The Satisfaction of Living Water

2003-02-28.  The Satisfaction of Living Water

SE Idaho #46

Topic: The Satisfaction of Living Water

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Michael

TR: Bill K.


Prayer by unknown entity (Virginia): . all the lovers. We ask your presence and insight to be[?] as we teachers give that which we trust will help motivate, create, and support these, your servants. Amen.


Michael (Bill): Peace be upon you. I am Michael, your Brother and Father. Many are the times that I am with you that you are unaware of My presence, and yet I do not turn away. Many are the times that there are distractions that overcome your spiritual sensitivity, while you stand next to the well of living water and allow yourself the unnecessary experience of thirst. These words that I speak are not meant to be words of chastisement; they are simply words of recognition.

Some people do not know that they are thirsty. They are vaguely uncomfortable. They are restless in spirit. They are  unsatisfied in soul, but as to what precisely what they lack, they do no know. I have come that they may have life, that all may have life, and have it to the fullest. I have come to this planet in My bestowal that all in My universe may recognize what that vague and unclear longing is; that it is a desire to consciously connect to God, My Father, and the Father of Universes.

You in this room, and you who read these transcripts, have all experienced the satisfaction of living water. You have all savored its sparkling and refreshing flavor. You have all been enlivened by its energizing power. You have all experienced the permeating of your soul with this life-giving energy, this contact with the Indwelling Spirit from our Father, and now  also My Spirit within you. While it is necessary and acceptable to convey truth to others through their belief systems, at the same time it is helpful to clarify the source of their vague longings. It is preaching the Gospel when you tell them why they hunger and thirst, and for Whom they hunger and thirst. It is the role of truth to expand and crowd out error. As truth grows there is less room for untruth. Therefore, your job, as it was My job, is to offer living water to your thirsty friends and acquaintances, to your brothers and sisters who know not whose family they are part of.

I commend you on your efforts in doing this, for this is being prophetic. This is saying the truth about God, and  consequently, about man in ways that will connect with where people live. Your ministry is like Mine. You need to be connecting to people as you pass by, as you go through everyday life. It is not My wish that you construct soap boxes to stand on, or that you brow-beat people to your beliefs. When my Apostles and I did our missionary journeys we used mass preaching and teaching techniques because they were relevant for that time. Today communication is much more easily facilitated, and many great efforts are underway to use those methods.

But it will ever remain true that your most effective method of sharing living water is when you take in hand a cup of that living water and give it to another in person. You can say “I have found this living water. It is the best water I have ever tasted. Would you like to share this cup with me?” And should they say “No,” do not be offended. They may remember your kind gesture, and when they experience another bout of thirst they may come back to you and say, “Do you still have any of that wonderful water that you offered me before?” Should they accept initially, you have made another friend. You have established a connection with your brother or your sister.

It is hard for you to let go of the same notion that the first Apostles and Disciples had, the notion that somehow the proper display of power will change the hearts of the multitude in the right direction. “Walk out and step off into the air, and impress the crowds that the angels will hold you up” was a thought that had been expressed in my time. “Declare yourself the king of the Jews and the nation will rise to throw off the Roman yoke”. “Announce Who you are on the television sets of the world, and every knee will bow and confess that you are Lord.” But they won’t; and, anyway, those methods are not permitted. They are manipulative and disrespectful of human free-will prerogatives.

I never pressured people nor used my intellectual or spiritual power to overwhelm anyone. And so, neither should you. My friends, do not become  disheartened that you are unable to baptize 2,000 people with one sermon, as Peter did. You should not make the mistake of substituting the enthusiasm of your emotional experience for the truth, which is the Gospel, the Good News of an infinite, loving Parent, a Father of Universes; and that we really are connected to each other in the most intimate way; that we are all brothers and sisters because we are all children of one Father/Mother.

My administration on this planet of My bestowal continues to labor to my fullest satisfaction. The angelic corps are working overtime, especially the Angels of the Nations, to bring about progress and a greater understanding of this commonality, this brotherhood, this sisterhood. You must believe that all is being done that can be done within the limits of the laws of  interpersonal relationships. You, and all mortals on this planet, are very important in this process. As I have told you before, it is you who are Our hands, Our feet, and Our mouths. When you are ready to share your cup of living water, remember that you do it literally as I did. You not only do it for Me, but you do it as Me. You are Me in that act of love and sharing.

So, my dears, while you do not always hear My whispers and you do not always know of My presence, you have tasted the living waters. You have known and you do know me in an intimate fashion, and truly walk with me every bit as closely and did Peter, James, John and Andrew. When Paul said, “For me to live as Christ, and to die is gain,”[1] he said exactly the way that it was true for him. Each of you is my friend. I don’t speak to you as servants. I don’t speak to you as bondsmen and bondswomen. You are not my slaves. You are my friends. I share the intimate connection. So like all friends, let our  friendship flourish! Take time to think of me, and as soon as you do that you will be aware of my presence.


My dears, I take leave through the mouth of this TR, but I do not take leave of you, ever. Always will I be with you, to the end of the ages. My love goes with you. Be at peace. Good evening.

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