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SEI60- Bringing Truth, Beauty, & Goodness To Your Attention

2003-06-24.  Bringing Truth, Beauty, & Goodness To Your Attention

SE Idaho #60

Topic: Bringing Truth, Beauty, & Goodness To Your Attention

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Talatia, Aaron

TR: Bob S.


Prayer by Bill: Our Father and our brothers and sisters who are so gracious to us, let us rejoice to tune our senses to the words of the Spirit, to the sights of celestial glory, to the warmth of love. May tonight’s gathering continue to feed our souls. We ask it in Michael’s name. Amen.

Daniel(Bob S.): My children, my friends, my co-teachers, this is Daniel, your usual guide and stalwart friend. Again, I am kicking off the night’s TR session, but will not be the featured speaker. This I do readily because at our level there is little ego. We have all handed that over to our Indwelling Spirit and placed it in proper perspective. So ego is not a consideration from our perspective. Because of that we are able to allow those with the greater knowledge, the greater understanding, the greatest experience to stand forth to present the lessons. Know that we, your older brothers and sisters, do take great delight in  your humor, your serious, yet lighthearted dealings with one another, your openness, your willingness to reach out in faith and trust to those who are unseen, but speak to you. It is marvelous for us to behold this from our new perspective as teachers, rather than learners. That is not to say that we are not learning with you, but our major role is to serve as your training staff. Well, with those words, allow me to step aside and another will present tonight’s lesson. One moment please.


Talatia (Bill): Greetings. I am here. My name is Talatia, T A L A T I A. I am of the order of Administrator Seraphim. I am on leave from an assignment as a group Guardian Seraphim. I wish to engage your thoughts along the lines of the commentary which was put forth in this group relative to the need for more to be done to arouse the passions of men and women to  seek spiritual growth.

I remind you that the original apostles rode a constant roller coaster of emotional ups and downs because they could not easily comprehend the technique which their Master employed in regard to spreading the Kingdom of God by spiritual means. They were always excited when He performed what to their thinking was a miraculous event. They were always impressed when the crowds of people increased. They were always elated when their movement appeared to be making progress in terms of human measurement parameters. Consequently, they were always depressed when the crowds diminished,  when Jesus would not consent to their materialistic expectations, as when the most miraculous of healings yielded less than five percent success in terms of spiritual growth, according to their Master’s estimate.

As you understand, we seraphim who are assigned to guard you as individuals are preoccupied, or shall I say, fully occupied, with the task of how to bring your attention to the matters of truth, beauty, and goodness impinging upon your lives. It is not our place to make your life easy. Indeed, it is often our task to so arrange circumstances that unpleasant and even tragic things may come to pass. However, you should not assume from my words that we are personally responsible for all the tragedies that occur on Urantia outside of those that are the result of bad choices on the part of individuals. Nevertheless, we have, shall we say, given much thought and effort into the question of what to do to best provide each individual or group member with optimal environmental influences so as to foster decision making which can, at least, have the option of spiritual advancement.

When you hear us tell you that you that you are naturally lazy, we want you to accept this without defensiveness. It is not your fault that you are born an animal of the realm. You did not design your personality vehicle. This was done by others and for the greatest purposes of the Creator Sons and Creative Daughters. It was done in such a way that you, of animal origin, should experience the transition from non-personal mind to personal mind in the course of evolution; and with that gift of personality, begin the ascension of all finite personal experience from the bottom all the way to the top of this enormous evolutionary process. From your perspective you tend to grumble over the fact that you start at the bottom.  You imagine yourselves being created on a higher level, perhaps like the seraphim, of whom I am a member, of spirit status and without animal origin. Some of you may think this would be more desirable.

Someday you will encounter the Havona Natives, as they progress toward you and you ascend toward them. You will discover to your continued amazement that they regard you, an evolutionary being, as having something of an edge over them!  The advantage they perceive is that you have had experiences that they have not been able to have, even if they were willing. They will listen raptly to your recital of your struggles with a special interest to your struggles with yourself and with your environment in making decisions to progress as an animal origin being.

So, when you become defensive over the fact that we say you are inherently lazy, relax. It isn’t your fault! You were created in such a way that you only thought effectively when you are challenged physically. This is, in fact, the status of primitive human mind. Now your challenges have advanced greatly beyond mere physical survival and comfort to the mastering of your  own animal nature by the submission of your will to your indwelling divine nature. Because you are naturally lazy by biological origin it requires effort to meet these challenges, make these decisions and grow. The effort, the work, is the prerequisite to success and, in a sense, its own reward.

I will illustrate this quickly by referring you to the achievement of any athlete who has through physical work and discipline, achieved a level of skill and progress in whatever sport they excel. The same thing is true of those who work in the arena of the mind, who achieve a beautiful piece of writing through the skills of imagination, inspiration, and then the discipline  of examination, rewriting, and finally the inclination to complete the success of such a project by its delivery.

To the charge that not enough has been done to verify spiritual reality we simply say that you are forgetting that every normal minded person has within them Trinity endowments: the Father’s indwelling Fragment; the Son’s Spirit of Truth; and the  Spirit’s Guardian Angels as well as Mother’s presence in the Holy Spirit. If people’s progress in spiritual growth was due to external influences, as some of you are prone to believe, there would be injustice in the universe, as people’s external influences do vary greatly. But in a universe of justice, the Gods have provided that all who are capable of spiritual growth, have equal opportunity to exercise it. You people are not here because you are favored above others. You have not been given special status. You are all here because you have made the decisions that have brought you to this place.

Now, as far as my discussion goes, someone may ask, “You sound somewhat defensive. Don’t you angels ever make mistakes?” (Chuckling in background) The answer is…of course! Some of us were mislead by Lucifer. We were on the same bent that some of you are when we thought that God was doing things too slowly, that the way of the universe could be speeded up and  improved with a little change here, and a little change there!

In fact, Lucifer was popular with those who had this restless heart, who felt that the divine mandates were excessively tedious and slow. So, yes, we understand your wishes to see things improve. Our brothers, the Life Carriers, have regretted some of the experiments that they have done on this planet and have recorded such regrets in the words of the Urantia Papers. (65:5?)But I agree with them, that even though things do not always turn out the way we expect, there is that overcare of the Architects of the Master Universe, and ultimately the Trinity Itself, that everything is progressing as it should.

Now I will stop my speech in order to let you reply or ask questions as you wish. I hope these thoughts have been provocative. (Long silence) Have I so squashed your spirits that you are voiceless? (Laughter) Or are you just not having a concern with this topic? I have been advised that another can take over discussion and other things can be brought to the table.


Bob D.: I think the lesson seems kind of complete. Some of the contingencies you have answered already. I am trying to think of a question, but I would have to stretch too far. Maybe I am too lazy. (Laughter)

Talatia: I interpret your answer to mean that I have done a good job? (More laughter) I will not accuse you of sloth, my friend.

Well, when you chew this over in your next meeting as you feast or strain to chew on the words, as the case may be, perhaps other thoughts will come up. Hearing no further commentary, Aaron wishes to say a few words. One moment please.

Aaron(Bob D.): Greetings, I am Aaron. Thank you, Talatia, for your discourse this evening. I recognize that you have been given much to absorb, so I will not spend much time teaching this evening. But I did want to work on the connection with Simeon, so I would offer a few thoughts.

As you have pondered what changes might be in the wind, so to speak, let me offer you the perspective that your attitudes as individuals within the mission help to determine what steps we can take. Each group has a circuitry with degrees of strength in the connection among its members. As you can build those circuits between you we have the opportunity to apply a little more “juice”. Therefore, do I bring this up tonight in an attempt to instill within you that all efforts we can take will find their success in the efforts that you make with each other and in extending that circuitry outward to include others.

Indeed, changes are in the wind. As you see fit to pursue those enlightened avenues of expression that may be surfacing within you perhaps you will notice a corresponding effort from the spiritual side to bring coordination, insight, and understanding to those efforts that you would undergo as individuals and as groups.


Thank you for listening to me this evening. I am not going to take questions so if you would stand, we can close this meeting with prayer.

Dear Father on Paradise, what a beauty You have created for us to behold, these vast universes of achievement!  Our opportunity as citizens to influence and ascend into higher spheres of enlightenment brings humility, awe, and thankfulness to us. May we all have the strength and courage to face our futures by applying ourselves today to the doing of Your will. Thank you for the opportunity You have provided. Amen.


Talatia (an Administrator Seraphim)

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