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SEI63- More Interaction With You

2003-07-22.  More Interaction With You

SE Idaho #63

Topic: More Interaction With You

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Klarixiska, Aaron

TR: Bill K.

July 22, 2003


Klarixiska(Bill): This is Klarixiska. Let us be in worship and prayer. My dear Father and Mother, in one Parent combined, I and my friends are here tonight to take in spiritual food, to ingest the wonderful drink of the love potion coming to us from Your heart. May its energy so stimulate all of us that we may be festive in our feelings, truly rejoicing in life that You give us. May we enjoy the diversity of our personalities and the wonderful tapestry that they make as they blend together in this group in this evening’s meeting. So, help all of us as brothers and sisters to see the needs of others and respond to them, to pull down  the defenses of our minds, so that we may share with each other the love that flows in and out of our lives. All of this we ask that we may continue to honor Michael by following in His way, by living His truth, and by experiencing His life. Amen.

Aaron(Bill): Greetings. I am Aaron. My good friends, I join you in your mood of celebration. You are surrounding by those that love you and who eagerly await the events of the evening to unfold.

Reference was made earlier to the supposition that we teachers wished to have more interaction with you. I will confirm that this was correct. Ken, your wisdom is commendable.


Ken: Wisdom?? (Laughter) Thank you, Aaron!

Aaron: Yes. You properly judged that we desired to have more of a conversational interaction with you. Some of you have been somewhat fearful of me in the past because you expect that I, like some lofty headmaster, will drill you with questions, revealing your inadequacies and your lack of dedication. But I think you are all getting over it [Ed. Note: Aaron has been one to ask questions and encourage replies; or do group therapy type exercises in the past] However, this is not what I mean by a conversation.

Just as you can converse with three and four year olds, understand their language, etc., despite your difference in age, wisdom, and accumulated experience, so we can converse with you despite our differences. In fact, we have a similar feeling when we speak with you and work with you as you do toward these little ones of mortal years. You may be getting the impression that we think of you as toddlers, as interesting little pre-schoolers, but this would be incorrect. We recognize that you have all made great progress in your spiritual and intellectual understanding in these nearly 12 years of training in this Melchizedek  classroom.

Perhaps you have noticed this maturation in yourselves at certain times when you observe your peers in their conversations, in their evident concerns, in their very circumscribed viewpoints. Have you not? Have you perhaps noticed that what used to be commonplace subject matter in your daily conversations with others doesn’t have the flavor, the zest, the enjoyment that it used to have.? It is as though you can observe the childishness of much of your earlier thinking and preoccupation of thought. So, this is an example of your own spiritual and mental growth.

It is not unique just to you, however. People who have made spiritual progress in their mortal lives demonstrate  this phenomenon as well. It is just that you have been in a crash course in spiritual growth that makes this maturation so obvious.

I mention all this so that I could set you at some degree of ease in regard to having a conversation with me. But I may have failed (laughing) in my objective and caused just the opposite to occur! (Laughing) Now you feel intimidated and like little kids sitting in front of their teacher (more laughter) So if that is true, and judging by your laughter I suspect it is, what can we do to dispel this unfortunate comparison?

I know what! What do you do when you want to relate to little children, friends?

LaReen: You get down on their level.

Aaron: You get down on their level; you get down on the floor. So, I am coming down to your level. I was mortal. Yes, there is so much value about your life now that you will realize when you go on to the morontia career. Okay, ask me questions!! What do you want to talk about?

LaReen: Aaron, you said, and I quote, “A crash course”. To me it seems like it has been so slow and not fast enough that I don’t get the lessons as they are repeated year after year. I just think it is interesting that you use the word, “crash course”, cause it seems like the opposite to me.

Aaron: Okay. It’s a matter of perspective. (Okay) From our point of view it is a crash course because we have been dumping so much material into your minds. This has been like what some people experience in therapy. Twelve years of therapy! The only way you could buy that would be psychoanalysis; and this is much better!

However, I understand your point of view. You feel that you are dragging slowly along in progress, barely achieving anything of any great value from one day to the next, that your problems keep on repeating themselves. Am I sensing this correctly?

LaReen:  Yes, Aaron.

Aaron:  Well, have I answered your question as to why I called it a crash course? And I think you are asking me without words, “Can anything be done to make me move faster?” Are you?

LaReen: Yes. Yes.

Aaron: Am I merely putting words in your mouth or have I ascertained your mind.

LaReen: Well, I do see some growth. What you said about conversations aren’t the same anymore. For me, what used to be funny isn’t funny anymore.

Aaron: Yes.

LaReen: I notice it in that respect. I do notice that the same lessons come around, but they are dealt with quicker and there is more love and compassion and understanding, less judgment. But this is a lot of years I am talking about. (Laughing)

Aaron: Well, from our perspective, my dear, we are very pleased with this Teaching Mission and its progress. We realize that many people were attracted to it because it seemed to be “supernatural”, that it seemed to be exciting, that it seemed to be “woo woo”, that sort of thing. If we had announced, “This is a crash course in spiritual growth”…

LaReen: (laughing) . ..nobody would have signed up! (More laughter and comments).

Ken: I would have! (Laughter) Crash courses are fun.

Aaron: Very good! So, all right. I don’t want to get off on a lesson. I want to keep this is in a conversational mode. But I can’t help but try to respond to what you, LaReen, are saying.

My suggestion, which is certainly something that your human therapists would also propose, my suggestion is to see if there is something stopping you from going at the rate of growth that you could, that you apparently want to. I am not suggesting that we discuss that at this point. But if there is something that is clear in your mind that you need to do, get it out of the way so you can move on. If you don’t know what it is then consider the possibility that you may be impatient. The most important thing you can do, which has been mentioned tonight, is that whenever you have the urge to commune with God, your Indwelling Fragment, the sense that you would like to talk to God or allow Him to talk to you; whenever you have that urge, don’t close it off. Allow yourself to talk to God, to listen to God. Then, as that becomes over a period of time more and more habitual, more and more comfortable, that is your spiritual growth.

Remember, to do God’s will is to share your inner life with God. That’s His will for all of us, to be our friend, to be a  loving Parent. What do kids do with parents they love and trust? They share their lives with them! They tell all their silly stories of the day. Yeah, that’s what to do. Anyway, let’s keep talking.

LaReen: Thank you, Aaron. That was excellent advice!

Aaron: I don’t just want to give advice; I want to converse as well.

LaReen: It was a helpful conversation.

Aaron: Good! I am glad it helped you.

LaReen: And I think I will start conversing more with my spiritual teachers, Abigail and Morrel.

Aaron: You see, really what we want you people to accomplish is to hear and talk with your Indwelling Spirit. I know that  the Urantia Book talks about all the problems with that, but that is just a cautionary part of it. It also says that Adjuster communication is the highest thing you can achieve in this life. One of our biggest reasons why we have initiated this contact was to become an intermediary bridge between you and your Indwelling Fragment so that once you learned to talk with us and hear us, that you then will have the nerve, faith, to believe that you could actually hear from your Thought Adjuster. That’s what we want for all of you. We want you to be able to converse freely with your Thought Adjuster. So what do you think of those thoughts, my friends?

Bob S.: As I suggested earlier, the mind is willing, but the body is weak. I end the day saying to my teacher, “My gosh, the day is gone and I haven’t talked to you or anybody since this morning.” Why have I not taken advantage of their presence? I tell myself, “Self, this is what you want.” But it doesn’t seem to be happening. Is it fear? Have I lack of faith? Is it ego? Am I so routinized in my life that there is no room for anybody else to come in?

Aaron: Those are the questions that are pertinent to ask yourself. I cannot answer them for you. Certainly, they  all describe behaviors and motivations common to your human inheritance.

I know that as mortals we are creatures of habit; that’s the way our nervous system is constructed. It is essential that we be able to run on automatic, for the most part. If we had to actually think to make our heart beat, our lungs breathe, imagine…we wouldn’t have space to do anything else. So, we are creatures of habit, for sure. The way that you break or change habits is to connect rewards to certain behaviors. At least that is the way we do it for simple conditioning, as with animals, for example. Some people find that those kinds of conditioning procedures work for them. In a sense it is the same process if you want to change a habit.

You need to figure out what the payoff is that keeps that behavior continuing. Sometimes it can be a positive reinforcement. At other times it can be an avoidance of punishment or aversive situations. So, I can’t exactly answer your question, Bob. But I favor the use of positive outcomes, payoffs, whatever, rather than the negative because the negative is more primitive and the universe is so designed that it is a positive experience to ascend to the Paradise destiny of Deity embrace and the Corps of Finality.

So, perhaps, it is a matter of achieving some sort of enhanced benefit from stillness time. It seems to be the wisdom of most people in their experience that discipline is an external support. So, if you say to yourself that you will prioritize ten minutes at the beginning of the day as well as take some time at the end of the day, then doing this regularly, religiously, is a starting place.

After all, mortals are lazy. They really are. It is not your fault. We have talked about this before. It is just the way that the  natural animal nature is. It does require a certain amount of struggle in order for people to rise to the occasion and make progress. If your life is too humdrum, too comfortable, too much the same day after day, then stagnation mentally and spiritually can certainly occur. Now, knowing that all of you are wanting to do the will of God, I know your angels will not let that stagnation go on for too long.

I guess what it amounts to is this. If you can use some discipline about your spiritual habits, then you don’t have to be stirred up from other problems that would bring you to respond to that upset with spiritual time. Do you understand what I am saying here? Use self discipline so that you don’t have to respond to universe discipline in order to grow. So, I don’t know if that was any help or not. But I do offer those words.

Bob S.: I’ll give it a shot!

Aaron: You know, it’s like going on a diet. You don’t go on a diet forever. You go on a diet to set a pattern. What you get out of a diet right off the bat is weight loss, which, since that is your goal, is very rewarding. If in the process of the dieting you assume the kind of eating pattern which is actually healthy, you learn a new way of eating so that at the end of the diet period, your eating habits are changed. You don’t have to continue the diet strictly, but your eating pattern is different. So it is with quiet time practice. I recommend morning stillness because that is the beginning of your conscious activity. Now you may be appraised that Isaac, here, struggles with this very same problem and is willing to admit it. But when he does follow these guidelines, he does feel better and the day goes better. That doesn’t guarantee that the day is free of problems, but it does have a settling effect. Then, at the end of the day, a review and a time to talk with your Thought Adjuster is ideal. Thank you for bringing that very sensitive and important concern.

Bob S.: Well, thank you for your response. I’ll try to work that into my routine.

Aaron: Don’t be unrealistic. Choose a time period that is doable; maybe say that for the next three days you will do this. Then, at the end of the third day, you can renegotiate with yourself and choose to do it for another three days. Do this, rather than saying you will do it for the next three months. For that probably won’t work. Because as soon as you fail to do it, you say, “Oh gee”. Then when you forget for another day you say, “Oh gee”. Pretty soon you are off the diet and back on the binge.  (Laughter) But if you take a short time, two or three days, that is something you can maintain your concentration long enough to fulfill. Yes.

Others? How are you doing with money? How’s money working in your lives? Is it under your control, or are you struggling? No problems with money? Okay.

LaReen: (Chuckling) For me, personally, the less I worry about it and think about it the more it is flowing for me for the last month and a half. When I was thinking so much about it and worrying about it, I think I was blocking it, damming it up.

Aaron: It sounds like you are following our Master’s recommendation when He said to put the Kingdom of God first, which means your connection with God, and the rest will take care of itself. Do you agree with that, LaReen?

LaReen: Very much so.

Aaron: Well, do you have any questions of me? I am asking you questions and I think it is your turn. Go ahead.

LaReen: I have a curiosity question. Do you teachers stay in contact with our personal teachers?

Aaron: Yes.

LaReen: Are they at the staff meetings?

Aaron. Um Hum. Yes, of course! One of your angels is also present, not the one guarding you at the moment, but the other one.

LaReen: You guys are in cahoots. It is all a big plot to get us all well? (Laughter from Aaron and the group)

Aaron: Yes, it is!

Bob S. : Spiritually well.

Aaron: You know, I answer in a cavalier manner, because it is true! We would maybe not use the word, “well”, because if you think of well as perfect that’s not going to happen in the mortal life. It is most unlikely that your mortality will be perfected; although it is not impossible. What we want to see is you growing. When a child is growing older, stronger, and bigger we don’t say he is getting well. We say he is growing up. So that would be a better phrase. It is our plot to help you grow up! Exactly. We are just like any other older siblings. We are proud to share what we know with our younger brothers and sisters. Indeed.

LaReen: Very much appreciated!

Aaron: Isaac is asking me now about the hardest part for him…how to relate to other people that don’t know what in the world is going on, who can’t hear the telephone ringing [Ed. Note: someone’s cell phone just rang in the meeting] from God.

Ken: That’s the Father calling. (Laughter) Pay attention.

Aaron: His concern is: “How do we share an experience that you have had with someone who hasn’t had it? How can you be a spiritual salesman?” So, Isaac, I’ll answer your question as best I can.

You can’t share an experience with someone else that they have not had, at least not in any satisfactory manner. You can  explain what has happened to you: what you were like before, what happened, and what you are like now; what your  understanding of God was like before, how that changed, and what it is now. Because your experience is yours, it cannot be exactly the same for someone else, as you are different persons. But you can point them toward resources. You can point them to transcripts. You can point them to the Urantia Book, you can describe the stillness process. You can invite them to come to this meeting, perhaps. Finally, you can be in a state of expectation so that you have an answer to give to them when they ask you what you are up to, what’s going on with you, how come you are optimistic in a blankity- blank world!

Secondly, Isaac, stop worrying about it. (Laughter from group) Yes. It’s not your job to make those arrangements. That’s the job for angels. All you have to do is be on your toes. Be aware and be willing to plant seeds as you did so well the other day. Now, that was Isaac’s concern. Anybody else want to interact here? I will say this, my friends, we’re doing pretty good tonight!

The picture that is in Isaac’s mind is a child in a sandbox with a little car and an adult observing and kneeling over the sandbox. The child is bulldozing roads into the sand with his little car…making roads…moving around. The adult is watching with a big smile. The question in the adult’s mind is whether he should suggest to this child anything about how to move that car around to make those roads, or should he let the child just play by himself? Sometimes we teachers have a  similar feeling towards you. We don’t want to give you so much help that you become dependent on us. And yet, as we watch you pushing your car through the lumpy sand, and we can see where a turn to the right would avoid a big clump of solidified sand and get you to your destination more easily, then we feel like saying, “You know, you could try turning this way”. That’s how we feel sometimes and how we wonder. Remember, we are not divine beings. We are ascendant beings. This isn’t a universe of completed perfection; this is a universe in the process. We don’t have all the answers to everything!…either. We have just lived longer and we know a little more than you do

We love to be with you. It is truly gratifying to us, my friends. So, if there are no other concerns…

Ken: Yes, I have one, Aaron.

Aaron: Ah…Kenneth!

Group: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Aaron: Please share it.

Ken: This business, or this point, that you sit around in your staff meetings and discuss the issues. In my quiet time, when I enter into that, I give permission for all to enter my mind to assist, to guide. Is that brought up in staff meetings? What is the procedure there? What is the circuitry involved? And what actually takes place when I invite you in?

Aaron: It is essential that the invitation be given. Otherwise, we are not permitted to invade your mind.

Ken: I didn’t use the word invade, visit, perhaps.

Aaron: No, you didn’t use the word invade. Perhaps that was a poor choice of words. But my point is…

Ken: I guess my question is, “What do you see when you come to visit me, when I invite you in to my thought process?”

Aaron: You want the technical answer, right?

Ken: Well, I would like to know what is going on here when I invite someone into my private thoughts other than the Father!

Aaron: The Father is the only person, other than Michael’s Spirit of Truth, Who is aware of your thoughts. They are the only spiritual realities that know you thoroughly. They are more aware of your thoughts than you are. They do not open  your mind like a cedar chest and shine a light over all the surface, so that everything you have ever thought or felt or done is given to teachers or angels, etc. The information that you, by your permission, allow us to obtain, therefor, is screened by your Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. It is not our business to be nosey. We do not need to know of all your “stuff”, just that information that can help us in our lesson planning, in our adaptation of truth that we can present to you specifically. Are you understanding me?

Ken: Yes. That would be giving me insights or options for my thought patterns.

Aaron: Well, we may not even be that close. Even the angels do not know your thoughts. Only a Thought Adjuster in liaison with the Spirit of Truth knows your thoughts like that. There is this integrity of each person. It is the same idea as the Secrets of Sonarington, the Secrets of Divinington, etc. That is, certain knowledge is only available to those for whom it is relevant. For example, I don’t need to know what you may have done that was wrong in your life. That is none of my business. The only way that it would be my business would be if you would share it in order to ask for help in how to do better, etc.

Many people fear sharing themselves because they fear they will be “completely known” by somebody else. But they won’t be. Your Thought Adjuster does not allow that. Your Thought Adjuster knows you completely and what He/She/It wants is for you to trust so you can open up and share. Did I answer your question or not?

Ken: Er…yes…

Aaron: Do you want to know what we talk about at staff meetings (group bursts out with laughter)

Group: Sure. We are curious beings.

Aaron: Is that part of your question?

Ken: No. But you can tell us anyway. (Laughter)

Aaron: We talk about how we are doing as teachers. We appraise each other’s teaching. We make helpful suggestions  sometimes; but we are usually pretty positive. We might bring up an issue in a person’s life as when a person may be sliding in doubt and fear. We ask, in addition to all that is being done, is there anything else that can be done to help this person. That is why the angels are present. It is not permitted for me to say more than this. I just need to assure you that your personal privacy is secured by your own Thought Adjuster. They make the decisions about what information they will share because it is in your best interest. The fact that you give permission makes it easier for us to be your friends, because you are not resisting and fearful.

Ken: Well, I am not resisting as much. I am still a little fearful.

Aaron: Don’t worry that your free will shall ever be abridged. It will not.

Ken: Oh, I don’t worry about that.

Aaron: And be more patient with yourselves, all of you! You are doing better than you realize. You really are!

Bob S.: It almost sounds in your discussion that patience is something that our teachers are working on as well.

Aaron: Yes, we are.

Bob S.: That they would like to see us moving faster and they are imperfect, although better than we are. They probably have their patience tested as well.

Aaron: I will not quite agree with that assessment that we are impatient about your progress. No, what I am saying is that YOU are impatient with your progress!

Bob S.: Not me! (Tongue in cheek) (Laughter)

Ken: Not me either! (More laughter)

Aaron: No. No, actually we are not impatient about your progress! We are not perfectly patient yet, as we are not perfected yet. Let me make sure you understand this! We are pleased with your progress, in contrast to you. We feel that you are doing much better. Remember that it isn’t where you are so much as where you are going, that matters. It isn’t the state of mind you are in now that is so important, as it is your intention to be in a better state of mind tomorrow.

Bob S.: I think we understand that. But it is so hard to make that a part of your life. I think, intellectually, we grasp that. But in terms of my own life, it is so difficult to make that a part of everyday routine.

Aaron: Well, my friend, it is partly because you have relied on intellectualization for a long time in your life. It has been  a method of avoiding taking action. That’s why my suggestion to you earlier was action based. Thinking about stuff is a diversion, sometimes.

Bob S.: Can be.


Aaron: Okay, I am going to take action and terminate our meeting! (Loud laughter) We are doing just fine, but let  us conclude. Minearisa desires to conclude with prayer. Another will TR, please.

Minearisa(Bob S.): This is Minearisa. Let us be in the attitude of prayer.

To our great wise, wonderful, and impossibly loving Father, Mother, Spirit, three in one: we continue to be amazed at  the  quality of the universe You have created and are continually amazed how things seem to work out in our lives. Help us all, especially these my younger brothers and sisters, to be patient with themselves and with those with whom they interact, for none of us is perfect yet. How fortunate are these, that they have the capacity to grow and become perfect. Those of us without this capacity marvel. It is one of the beauties of Your universe.

We now we pray Your presence with each of these, my younger ones, as they go to their homes to deal with their lives and those other beings with whom they interact. May You continue to be the foundation of their lives, the beauty of their sunsets, and the dawn of their new creation. In the name of Michael and Nebadonia. Amen.

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