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SEI75- Group Anniversary

2004-01-11.  Group Anniversary

SE Idaho #75

Topic: Group Anniversary

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Tomas, Aaron, Minearsia

TR: Nancy, Simeon


Prayer by Klarixiska

(Virginia): Father, source of all love, we thank you for the freedom that comes from knowing you. We thank you that within each of us you have put your spirit, which we might be able to know you, the source of our very being. We thank you that you have brought each of us to this spot, both those that are seen and those that are not seen by the mortal eye. We thank you that you give us courage to make the decisions that will bring this planet to Light and Life. We thank you that you give us hope, because of what we see around us. We pray tonight that as the teachers share, mortal eyes might be open, ears might hear, and hearts might fill the desires you have for each one of us. Help us to reach the goals that each one, not only believes for themselves, but collectively, that the group might become a stable influence in one another’s lives and in the lives of those they meet day by day. Amen

(Nancy P.): Greetings delightful students. We beam upon you with great joy and satisfaction over your accomplishments,  desire and commitment to continue onward. We congratulate you on completion of another full year of challenges. Yes! Struggles. Yes! Successes. Yes! I am Daniel your gleeful teacher.


As you might expect by now, I am not alone or by any means close to it. The stadium is thronged with the usual but, in  addition, many guests and visitors who are hear to cheer you on. PamElla is viewing something akin to a marathon being run through a major city with many hundreds of people thronging the course, cheering on the runners. This is the sense that I am trying to portray-our enthusiastic and crowded support for each of you individually and particularly for you the family group known as the South East Idaho Teaching Mission Base. We applaud you! We thank you for your continuing effort!

And now as you would expect in the format of an anniversary, I will concede the floor to another. But again my dear students I wish to express my great love and my deep appreciation for each of you. I love you each dearly! I am Daniel.

Tomas: Greetings, I am Tomas, taking advantage of this moment to insert myself into this forum. My dear friends, how I  appreciate the time I spent in your environs. I consider you all to be a part of my extended family. I continue to follow your careers and sometimes confer with your group and personal teachers. On rare occasions, I enjoy direct communication with some of you. Gerdean sends her great love to her sister group, her first real Teaching Mission home. With these brief words I now take my leave. Congratulations on your successes. Continue your efforts. I am Tomas. Farewell.

Aaron (Bob D.): Greetings, I am Aaron. I too am feeling glad for your occasion that signals your consistent effort to know higher truth and to implement it in your lives. My rallying cry this evening would be to build upon the foundations you have laid. Take your failures and make them successes by learning from them. Take your successes and make them further successes, by realizing the quality in the effort and how that can be manifested in other endeavors that build upon the prior. You have heard it said “that all things work for the good,” indeed ! it can and often does, as those who perceive the reality of their circumstances choose to move forward and to learn and grow from those choices into new, sometimes different and uncertain arenas, where the flavor of your effort remains the same, even as the skill you have in making your efforts increases.

Look forward to a time of growth, as each year is. You have had struggles this year as well as good moments and a higher certainty of spiritual connectedness. Indeed, does the world around you ebb and flow, and the circumstances cannot be contained in a box, but your reactions to your environment are under your control, and therefor, looking into this New Year, may you take what you have learned and apply it forward. This is my offering to you my friends, and I would withdraw at this time and allow another to speak. Goodnight.

Minearisa (Nancy P.): Greetings students. I am Minearsia instructor in residence. I too wish to provide remarks to set  a direction for this time of closing and beginnings for such is an anniversary of any event. The topic I put upon your plate relates to the substance of scaffolding. Your early years were spent in foundation building. We tutored you that your spiritual foundation is your relationship to God, the Father/Mother, First Source and Center, and we emphasized the

… (! PamElla cannot find the word) . …

I will suggest the meaning. The critical significance, the absolute need for stillness practice. We discussed this stillness practice as taking quiet time away from the other regular activities of your day to sit with the Father, to be in prayer, to open your mind, to listen to the quiet guidance from within. This relationship remains the foundation; this practice remains critical.

Now is the time for continuing of the structure. The process of building the scaffolding has several components that will be explored over the coming weeks and months. Certainly the practice of extending stillness into your active routines is one aspect of this. But in order to successfully remain connected with clear open channels throughout your busy days, blockages will  require removal. And so part of what we may explore in the months that are before us are the nature and essence of these blockages, that they may be seen for what they are, lose their power and be no more. Then your energy connections will be enhanced, your alignment more sustained, your confidence enhanced.

And so with pleasure I preview for you upcoming attractions. Now I step aside. I give you my love in my enthusiasm to continue in this work.

Daniel: We wish to include those of you here mortally present in this room in this time of sharing. We suggest no format but would rather be interested in whatever reflections each of you individually might wish to share this evening as you contemplate the past, contemplate changes, and contemplate your future together.


Virginia: Daniel, I think as I look at the last twelve years, I have been journaling almost every morning for a long time and most of those twelve years, I guess, long before even Bill knew about it. I think the big difference is, I know that it is a greater being than myself that talks to me. I do not get beat up by my unconscious but rather I am very nurtured and encouraged by the words I hear; that is such a big difference in my life, these twelve years, and certainly trying to remember the stillness, knowing that it is possible to get God’s guidance, if we just ask for it, is a very wonderful thing. I thank the teachers very much for ! their choosing to come and minister to us.

Daniel: Thank you, my dear, and I cannot begin to communicate to you what a great privilege and joy it is for us to function in this manner. We love being your teachers.

Virginia: And thank you Klarixiska very much.

LaReen: Daniel, I would like to introduce a friend that is here for the first time. Her name is Birdy. I am sure she will be coming back with us.

Daniel: Thank you, LaReen, for formally introducing Birdy, but I have no need of introduction, for I know Birdy quite well. We have looked forward to your eventual appearance among us. Welcome my friend.

Birdy: Thank you Daniel.

Daniel: Please continue sharing your reflections.

Nancy: It is nice to be back among you all on a regular basis and very much appreciated. I very much appreciate all the, I don’t know what the word is, concessions, alterations, changes, that you all have been willing to accommodate in order to make that happen. I don ’t feel worthy of it, and I feel very uncomfortable a lot of the time that I’m putting people out with these changes, but I truly am grateful. [ed note: Nancy is referring to the recent meeting time and place changes] It is also! very difficult to come back with the timing of the way it happened. I think we had the first meeting here on a trial basis right before Mom and Dad went to New York. I feel a lot of pressure and uncertainty in his absence (Bill ’s graduation) and in the holes and changes that that created as well. I am very excited to see such a full living room tonight.

LaReen: Well, it wouldn’t be if you guys were not here. I don’t feel like I have been put out at all. Of course I have my own personal driver. (Laughing and bantering) It is just not the same with out you guys. It’s been wonderful. I miss  your father terribly. I hope he is with us tonight.

Bob D.: I had a funny thought this weekend, and I definitely attribute it to my thoughts rather than “up there.” I was shoveling my porch, and the thought struck my mind that Bill wanted to share a message, and I shrugged it off. I said No! No! I’m not going to do that. (Group laughing and teasing Bob) It was something to do with the vast diversity he sees over there, how he is so in seeing the wonder of it all. When he was on this side and saw the problems and struggles and the different things people went through, that that was just the tip of the iceberg of what we are going to deal with when we get to the other side and realize that the differences in our races, our political persuasions, our religious inclinations, are something to the effect that this is just a minor teaser and that his eyes have been opened really wide because of that and recognizing thing in a  wholly light. I did not pursue it too much. Those were just some thoughts that were striking my mind.

Group comments about Bills graduation, expressions of his desire to see the concerts and dramas presented by millions of people participating and his love for the symphony and operas; discussion on the time difference between here and the Mansion Worlds.

Daniel: Are there any other thoughts that anyone would like to share.

Lori: I would like to say I missed you all very very much. It is so nice to be here with you. (ditto)

LaReen: There are holes (in the family) when you are gone.

Daniel: We smile at your presence with this group. You have, of course, always remained within the bosom of this family and with us your teachers. Welcome back. (thank you)

LaReen: Daniel this may be a little premature, and if you decline I understand-or not answer. You said you knew Birdy, do you have her spiritual name for her?

Daniel: LaReen, my dear friend, (laughing) Birdy has the ability to hear this name herself and I will not assist at this point in time. Sometimes the name is given early. Other times it is thought best that the student work to hear it. It is our judgment that the latter approach is the one to take. Birdy, my dear friend, I hope this does not disappoint you too much but when you experience the sensation of hearing it yourself you will know a joy that you could not have known had I answered this evening and I will not steal that moment from you.

Birdy: Thank you Daniel. I’d like to experience it myself. I look forward to it. (yes)


Daniel: Friends , if there are no others with burning thoughts let us stand …

Bringer of light, speaker of truth, may Your trumpet call energize these our students as they enter the new  year; encourage them, nurture them, love them. We thank you for the privilege of serving you Michael in this manner as teachers to these beautiful children. Go forth with joy in the unity of this family. Amen.

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