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SEI77- Progress

2004-01-25.  Progress

SE Idaho #77

Topic: Progress

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Minearisa, Aaron, Klarixiska, Minerva

TR: Nancy, Simeon, Virginia


Unknown (Nancy): Let us pray. Father, Mother, First Source and Center, Creator of all that is and ever will be, we join with these, our students, in praise of You and in gratitude for the miracle of life and growth in eternity. Help us help Your children to come into better knowledge of themselves that they may remove those obstacles that do not serve them and that interfere with the free flow of Your will. We ask this as the servants of Michael in this wondrous time of correction. So be it.


Daniel (Simeon): This is Daniel. Greetings, my friends. Indeed, it is a pleasure to oversee your discussions this evening, where you contemplate the meaning of our words and ideas. In an attempt to utilize this classroom and the potential herein, we  would like to keep you on the edge of your comfort zones. We do this not to see you fail, of course, but to bring forth the potential that lies within you, for the benefit not only of yourself, but for the potential edification of your fellows here in this community. Virginia, my friend, I would ask of you if! you would be willing to lead next week with the initial discussion of the evening, T/Ring for a teacher whom I will not name at this time? Do you think you would be comfortable doing this, my friend?

Virginia: I know I would not be comfortable. (Laughter)

Bob D: All I could hear in response was “Touche’.” (More laughter)

Virginia: If the lesson is about 3 sentences long, I can handle it, or I can read one from Klarixiska.

Daniel: In an attempt to broaden the lessons that you receive, it would be an honor if you could serve. I would like to keep you open to the possibilities of growth, as well, for while we can certainly communicate through the “seasoned” T/Rs, there is also a nuance of understanding that can be shared through different vehicles. Therefore it is our feeling that you might be able to both grow from the experience and provide an insight that perhaps could not be shared through the normal pattern. Does this entice you any further to consider risking in this manner?

Virginia: Growth is always enticing for me, Daniel. But whether or not I’m up to it next week, I can’t even say I’ll try, because to try means you’ll do it. So I’ll be open to what might be the situation.

Daniel: Indeed, that is all we can ask for, and certainly within your willingness to receive will we work with you in this regard.

Ken: Well there goes your week. (Laughter and comments.)

Virginia: Well, I don’t sleep now, as it is.

Bob P: Maybe you can make use of that time. (Further laughter)

Nancy: I want to add something while we’re chatting. I haven’t been sleeping either. The other night I was up and was taken through that head exercise that you shared Pat. It was like my head got turned and then turned another way and then lifted into this incredible stretch and when it was finally over it felt like I was opened up in my neck and shoulders  and energy was flowing better. I read somewhere that violin players, or creativity in general was somehow linked to being elongated in the neck and to keep your shoulders down and letting that energy flow. I felt like something like that occurred with me. That’s part of what happened with my Friday nigh! t anyway.


Daniel: And now that I have put you on edge, perhaps I can bring you back into the calm center of spiritual fellowship and bring this session into focus for the evening.

We are pleased with the progress that we see. Your attempts to look at the lessons and then to apply them in your lives are increasing. Recognize that your perfection is not required now, only your desire to grow and become more today than you were previously.

The universes are, in a sense, powered by motion, and spiritual energy is also at its highest potential when it is moving. If you can see yourself as a ball of energy rather than a physical thing with limits you might realize momentum is important and the direction you’re flowing generally has a higher degree of importance to the overall growth and development than the  fluctuations that arise when dealing with disturbances in your patterns. For in eternity you will be as energy moving, almost like a pocket of intent, and this intention flows toward the First Source and from the First Source in a circular pattern.

At this time in your development you are limited in some manner by the present stage that you find yourself, but the vision of these limitations is increasingly dissipating as you progress from your mortal life, to your morontia life, to your spiritual life, to your eternal life where the limitations and your boundaries are no longer so recognizable, where you are seen more by  the quality that you contain rather than any quantification.

I believe, this evening, by sharing with you this idea that you are energy and that this energy will become increasingly  more vibrant as you grow and as you move toward the First Source, it can strengthen you at a core level to recognize that you are contained in that circuit of divinity that flows through you to the First Source and back. By holding this vision of your eternal potential may you look at those disturbances in your life in a manner where you can realize that these urges, or instincts, can be smoothed over by turning your intention back to the circuit of divinity.

As you try to consciously realize this power and this flow, you may be able to begin by thwarting the instincts that would cause you to react in ways that you feel are not your highest. As this conscious behavior becomes more predominant in your being you will find, increasingly, that it simply becomes your pattern of behavior and no longer requires so much conscious attention.

So my call this evening is for you to see yourselves as part of this circuit, see yourselves as capable of maintaining the flow even when irregularities may rise up, and bring yourself forward by your conscious intention to move toward the First Source by maintaining the presence of Michael and his Spirit of Truth in the mindal currents of your Mother Spirit, which in actuality is what you are doing by consciously choosing to address these patterns in your life.

At this time I will step back and allow for another to speak. Your questions and comments are also welcome this evening as we move forward. Thank you.

Group: Thank you.


Minearisa (Nancy): Greetings, I am Minearisa, picking up the passed baton and continuing with the concept of changing behavior patterns so that the new way of behaving becomes the norm. I wish to return to the concept of “acting as if” which you discussed several weeks ago. For readers who may read this lesson and for those of you who did not participate in that session, let me remind you what it means to “act as if.”

Once the awareness of a particular negative behavior pattern or a behavior pattern you notice no longer assists you becomes apparent to your mind, you may wish to change that behavior pattern. However, as with any activity that is new there is an unfamiliarity and a not knowing how to proceed in the new manner.

“Acting as if” was offered in a general discussion as a way of overcoming the newness. In one’s mind they saw the pro, the one who had experience in this new way of behaving, and they became the actor and acted this new role. This is what “acting as if” is about. It is seeing the way you would like to behave and then trusting that you have the “know how” and the ability to make it so.

During that session we made the distinction between the ego, which might “act as if” not for the purpose of growth, not for spiritual expansion, but rather from a very limited desire to have control of the situation, and we suggested that “acting as if” is successful when one allows the vision, the expertise, and the know how to come from that spiritual connectivity to Father.

And so my assignment to each of you this week is to think about something that is causing you the greatest  personal emotional distress. Then consider how you might be in your essence, how you might behave in your outer activity to experience joy and peace. Once you have this vision, “make it so,” to quote the mythical Captain Picard. Act as if. Put it into operation. Allow the awareness of that aspect of yourself that is most uncomfortable to you at this time to be found with the assistance of Deity; allow the vision of your potential that could overcome this discomfort to be found with the assistance of Deity; and with the! assistance of Deity, put that new way of behaving into operation.

Daniel and I are now open for discussion, comments and questions.


LaReen: A curiosity question. In the Woods Cross group Abraham said he saw us as energy, like hot fumes rising on a hot highway. That’s how he saw us. How do you see us?

Daniel: Indeed, much the same, we see you as energy, and yet those of us who have lived the mortal existence do also have the ability to see you as you are in your current state. It depends on the method that we’re using to observe you at any given time. Does this answer your question?

LaReen: Yes, thank you.

Teacher Contact

Birdy: Hello, I have a question. Two weeks ago, when I was here, I had someone in my head saying this is Minerva. Do you know who this is?

Minerva (Nancy): I am Minerva, your personal teacher, pleased to make your acquaintance in this manner. I have spent many years as your friend and companion and the voice whispering direction in your ear. We share many common thoughts. I have had the intense pleasure of nurturing you for many years, my dear friend. I look forward to much greater contact. I am thrilled you heard my name, you have no idea.

Birdy: Thank you, Minerva.

Minerva: My sincerest deepest pleasure.

Lori: Well, I’d like to say thank you for this renewed direction and I will try hard this week to remember the energy and the “as if.”

Daniel (Nancy): Lori, you do well. We look forward to participating in these exercises with you. I am Daniel.

Aaron (Simeon): This is Aaron. I take this moment of silence this evening to step in and say hi. I also would like  to encourage you to utilize those resources throughout your week, keeping in mind, as always the importance of stillness. We teachers are present and available. Even those who do not always consciously perceive our presence can still receive guidance by utilizing this process of stillness consistently.

So as you work through the issues that arise, keep in mind the importance of trying to maintain a still focus, which means  a balanced, centered, and connected relationship with God. I look forward to your efforts this week, Lori and others of you who choose to utilize these tools. Thank you.

Lori: Thank you.

Aaron: Are there other questions? (Pause) Then Daniel, could you lead us in closing?


Daniel: Let us stand. My dear Virginia, are you up to the task this evening, or do you prefer to pass?

Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska. Father who brings justice to the universe, Christ Michael who brings mercy to your universe, and Mother who brings us each the mind that desires You, we thank You that all resources have been given for our development. Help each of us and our students to call on these resources and yes, to use the tools that will keep one foot in front of the other down our path to You. We would ask this week, as these students try to use those things you give to them, may there be confidence, may there be unconditional love, and may there be awareness of Your presence in their lives. Amen.

Group: Amen.

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