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SEI9- Progress Check

1998-03-13.  Progress Check

SE Idaho #9

Topic: Progress Check

Group: Pocatello TeaM

Teacher: Olfana, Welmek, Aaron, Daniel, Machiventa

TR: Bill K., Cathy


Opening Prayer

Teacher Contact

Daniel (Bill): “Greetings, friends. This is Daniel. I am here with you tonight, as is my habit, with my heart full of joy and pleasure. You see, as much as you enjoy the presence of each other, so do we teachers enjoy being a conscious part of our students’ lives. When you gather as a group, we are able to be part of that group. And, as Klarixiska indicated in her prayer, it is our supreme pleasure to be able to interact with you because you are enhanced in our perception of our actual presence.

There are those who put this phenomenon down to nothing more than an epiphenomenon of the unconscious mind of the group. However, we find this amusing that you would consider us to be a phenomenon of your own doing. But we are not particularly concerned with these opinions and I will not diverge from my introductory remarks any further. Just be sure that you are truly  in connection with reality that is presented to you.

This evening we have a guest speaker. She is a teacher whom you know personally. One moment.”


Olfana (Bill): “Hello, dear ones. I am Olfana, known to some of you from past contact, and from transcripts. I am with another teacher, also known to some of you. My partner this evening is Welmek. We are touring the various groups of the Teaching Mission; not necessarily making our presence known, but gathering a report for Machiventa in regards to progress. This TR is not familiar with me in terms of transmission and he senses my motion but is not able to allow himself to move as I can do with TRs who are more comfortable. Imagine, then, if you will, that he is swaying back and forth, with his arms moving in this manner, and that he will know it is I, Olfana, for this is my signature. Welmek desires to greet you and he would like to be connected with Cathy. Let us see if this can happen. One moment.”

Welmek (Cathy): “Greetings, I am Welmek. We have traveled far, of late, sometimes making our presence known, often times not, simply observing. We find your being-ness much to our liking. We have been laughing along with you. And we applaud the functionality of the grouping here. I have no particular lesson to give you. Simply our love. I am Welmek.”

Correcting Time, Progress

Machiventa (Bill): “My children, this is Machiventa, once again present at your gathering, for I make a practice of being present as often as possible, at the many meetings which are being held currently. This process of observation that is being done by various groups of teachers is because I have suggested to Michael that in my opinion we are almost ready for an implementation of a more public presentation of the truth, which is known to you all, in regards to your relationship to God, your relationship to other celestial intelligence, and your true natures as sons and daughters of the highest Source.

The progress of the Teaching Mission has exceeded my expectations many times. I refer not to large groups or magnificent numbers,  but spiritual growth, personality integration, intellectual expansion, service motivation, Morontial contact. Understand that I am not making some kind of dramatic announcement such as may be misperceived here. No, I am not saying that your televisions will light up with a simultaneous announcement that will convince everyone against their will that they are in touch with God. But we are confidently striding forward in the program of correction.

As acting planetary prince for Christ Michael I am always honored to be entrusted with this job. I regret that my brother, Caligastia, continued his descent into darkness and forever lost this privilege of managing the affairs of this planet, and ultimately lost his existence. There is no satisfaction among us that the rebels failed to repent. We have no feelings of retribution. Rather, we share the sadness of our Creator/Father, that one of our brothers, several of our brothers, as well as many, many other subordinate personalities failed to find their place in the mosaic of the Supreme Being. However, God’s purposes are unstoppable, and His will shall prevail on this planet, as it does every where, without violating individual free will. Such is the mystery of the providence of our great God.

Finally, my friends, continue to be aware and open to the presence of wonder, even as has been discussed this evening. For your lives are indeed wonderful. My love to you all. Good evening.”

Bill: “This is me speaking. I need some help here. I need another TR. There’s more that they want to say.”

Aaron: “Greetings, my friends. This is Aaron. It is my pleasure to be with you, as always this evening. In the pause, we scrambled to find Lester, but to no avail, as he was down south.

I would like to thank our guests this evening for presenting themselves to you, perhaps giving you a sense that this mission is larger, and has a greater scope than just an individual, or even an individual group perspective. Many efforts are underway to bring this planet into a state of correction from misunderstanding to enlightenment.

If you were to witness my daily activities or any one of the teaching staff, you would be amazed at how many different areas we dabble in regarding the upliftment of your world, and also our education. There are administrative purposes as well as educational. While most of these are not necessary to relate to you, it is good, on occasion, to recognize that there is a purpose and an order, and even  an organization to the efforts that are made with you, rather than a scattered, jumbled, confusing personal struggle that sometimes you may feel you undergo in relationship to ourselves, with all of your discernment and your struggle to understand higher spiritual realities. Nevertheless, recognize that from the other side, from our view, there is no scatteredness to the efforts which are underway.

Michael’s mission to this planet is destined for success regardless of how you see the state of world affairs. We would like for you to keep in mind that positive progression is possible and will occur, and that in seemingly chaos, order can be found. An  unstable society and state of affairs does not always connote to crumbling and decay, but can, as well, symbolize or signal a transition toward stability. This is our perspective on the state of the world, on the state of the system, at this point.

This transition is toward the stability of the knowledge that you belong to a universe of benevolent and friendly beings, and you have a purpose for existing. The chaos is the falling away of misconceived notions of that which is perceived as valuable, in the face of higher realities whose value is self-evident as they are brought from unobtainable shelves of idealism to the  everyday practice of spirituality in the place of materialism; and this process will unfold over millennia. The stabilization may come slowly, but will be sure, as you are the foundation that is being laid to bring this into actuality.

This should give you a sense of purpose, indeed, when you fear that life is meaningless, when the situations weigh you down. May you be lifted up by the higher perspective that you have been witness to glimpses of eternity and relationships and procedures which will bring you toward obtainable goals that make the immediate struggles of everyday existence trivial in their lasting importance, and more purposeful in the ways you approach them in the moment. You have been called to destiny and you have accepted the challenge to fulfill the supreme commands. We are pleased to be enrolled along side of you in the effort to actualize this Supremacy.

At this point in time I have finished my discourse and would ask you each to perceive for a moment, to ponder, what you think it means when we say that you have risen to the challenge of fulfilling your destiny? How does this relate to you?

And now, I suppose, you expect me to ask you to share your thoughts on this. But rather, do I feel the matters of destiny and  individual relationship to it are more of a private and personal nature. Therefore, pondering these things within yourself is good, but there is no requirement to share you perspectives.

At this time you are welcome to discourse with ourselves.”


Daniel (Bill): “This is Daniel. Yes, I understand that the hour is growing late. I wish to take Aaron’s thought provoking question and make it an assignment to you. Not to present at this time, but to ponder, and if you choose, to share at our next meeting. My TR grows weary and the hour has come to terminate this meeting. We must respect your limitations and your schedules. And so, unless there is a  burning question which I will allow, we will draw this evening to a close. (Pause) Hearing nothing from you, I once again on behalf of all of us here gathered, thank you for you continued participation in this Melchizedek classroom. I speak for myself, Aaron, Machiventa, Minearisa, Welmek, Olfana, and your personal teachers. Our love is to you always. Good evening.”

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