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SLC3- SRC, Unearned Knowledge, Pyramids

2004-12-10 SRC, Unearned Knowledge, Pyramids
Salt Lake City #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Second Revelatory Commission Project
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Rayson
o 2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Second Revelatory Commission Project
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Rayson
TR: Daniel Raphael

Daniel: Okay, they are ready.

Mary: Okay. I would like to ask three questions. They are brief questions. They are on behalf of a woman named Saskia, who has about twenty people in the group, a preliminary group. I feel these three questions will help the entire group with some direction.

  • Should we close the group to new members for the time being so that we can learn to work together and be productive?

RAYSON:  Good afternoon, this is Rayson. Yes. You will want to limit the number of people to any one group. We anticipate however, that there will be numerous groups functioning as you do, with a moderator such as yourself [Saskia] and members. It is important that you have a working group that works together, rather than a squabbling group. It is important that the size of the group facilitate that process, that thoughtful generation of probing questions. Yes, we foresee that this will be one of approximately a dozen such similar groups throughout the world. We anticipate, we look forward to, several groups as this in the future here. You are welcome to simplify this for your own handwriting if you like.

Mary: Thank you.

  • Am I on the right track by giving assignments and expecting those who have signed up to participate?

RAYSON:  Yes. It is not so important that the assignments be handed out, but it is important for them to be handed back in. This is a cooperative group, not of twenty individuals operating twenty separate ways, but that twenty people work together with one mind. Remember, it is one mind, the consciousness of oneness, you are searching for and striving to develop.

Mary: Thank you.

  • If I am being too strict with this group, should I allow someone with more relaxed methods take over as moderator so that I can work with a much smaller but closed group where everyone is on the same wavelength?

RAYSON: You have more than one question here. Could you divide the question, devise the question as several questions?

Mary: I will. Is Saskia being too strict with this group?

RAYSON: No. It is essential that there be discipline to begin with and then the members will become self-governing under the umbrella of direction and guidance. This too will facilitate inner discipline for the group. One mind that is scattered, is of no use.

Mary: Thank you. She did ask about allowing someone else to moderate this group and she go off and work with a smaller group, but do you see that as necessary?

RAYSON: It is too early to tell at this time. If there is another style, that would like to come forward, and followers would like to participate in that, we have no objections with the group deciding amongst itself to do that.

Mary: Would you like me to continue with questions? I’m satisfied. I wanted those specific questions asked on her behalf so that this group could gain some direction.

RAYSON: As long as you feel confident you have the support of your group and that you feel there is a consensus that would form to accept you providing questions on your own, then please proceed.

Mary: I actually did send these questions to Saskia. She seemed pleased. They are not specific Urantia Book questions. That would be for the future. These are more general questions.

  • Where do we need to be before questions begin?

RAYSON: Well, let us explore this then. Select your questions.

Mary: Yes, I’m trying to pick the ones I think would be most relevant. Okay…
On November 28th, Rayson, you said, “I am not authorized to answer questions at this time, until the conditions that Gabriel set forth have been met.” And you also said, “This process is not here to encourage you to develop into a “group-thinking mindedness”, but individuals coming together.” Even after rereading the transcripts, I am unclear what exactly the conditions are that Gabriel set forth. Where do we need to be before the actual process of questions begin?

RAYSON: We are in fact quite advanced past that point. We are now answering questions.

Mary: Oh, wonderful! Actually, I’m thrilled to hear that. Thank you.

RAYSON: Let me explain further. Regarding the ‘group think’… We are seeking to develop through you, a strain of consciousness that is operational or workable, from the group. We are not striving to develop group-think process that has been suffered through in many organizations of your government and in corporations. Do you see the difference?

Mary: Yes, I do.

RAYSON: In other words, we do not seek to have twenty people come together and say, “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” but to have twenty fervent sharp minds come together and devise questions among them, honing them with greater and greater ease. It is our hope that what will occur is that as you, as individuals in this group, tap into this consciousness, that your questions will be honed through your own mind connection with your self, your teacher and your Thought Adjuster. These processes may not be conscious on the inside to you but they will become more visible as to what happens when they are presented to the group. You may devise questions which the group will say “Yes, there is nothing wrong with this question. We cannot improve upon it,” and submit it.

Mary: Thank you. That clears that.

  • Curiosity questions with Pyramids as example.

Mary: I should like to comment on curiosity questions. My understanding is that curiosity questions are deemed as having no actual value to our spiritual growth and therefore they are not answered. Yet, there are, for lack of a better word, ‘mysteries’ which many, many upon our world truly wish to understand. An example would be the pyramids.

Who actually built them and with what technology? Why? What is the significance of the mathematical properties contained in these structures? Do the pyramids have a role in our planetary future? Is there a spiritual component to the pyramids? I am not seeking specific answers to these questions at this time, but merely trying to understand what sort of questions will be allowed in general. So, would such questions likely be addressed?

RAYSON: Yes. They will be addressed. I will be glad to address the situation of the pyramids in very generalized terms. First, they are very significant to the history of mankind. Second, there was a cooperation between others and the Egyptians. Yes, there is more than significant symbolism in the mathematics of those structures. Four, all the relevant detailed curiosity adventure questioning that you have, will be answered in the future.

Mary: Wow! This delights me beyond…

Warren: May I make a comment? I just envision us being able to hear from Imhotep himself, the Andite architectural genus.

RAYSON: There are archival structures that could answer your questions from him. These are more than algorithmic answers. They are answers which could be available to you. We do not wish to expose this technology to you at this time. The adventuring that you will have into these archives will be very interesting to you, and they will be able to be validated by others simultaneously in the future.
Warren: I take it that it is unearned information at this point in time?

RAYSON: That is correct.

  • Seeking clarity on ‘unearned knowledge’ and what questions might be allowed.

Mary: As a follow up, I wish to understand the idea of unearned knowledge, a bit better. For example, The Urantia Book does confirm the existence of life on other worlds – confirming what we call UFOs. Since no authoritative human group actually ever documented, for the public, proof of life on other worlds, why is this not considered unearned knowledge? I realize that in order to move forward as a planet and be released from isolation due to the rebellion, and brought back into the cosmic fold, it is necessary for us to have such knowledge.

Yet, there is confusion in my mind because our world suffers biologically due to the Adamic default. Why is more not revealed regarding physical healing and the conquest of disease? Likewise, third world countries suffer tremendously from an imbalance of resources that free energy technology could rectify. And, finally, there is an imbalance of power on our world that threatens the entire planet, yet, this is so complicated that I feel any questions I might develop, would be deemed as unanswerable, as unearned knowledge. So, what determines “earned knowledge” and how is it different from just confirming what we already believe? (pause) I’m sorry that’s a hard one.

RAYSON: It is not that your question is relevant or irrelevant, for it is important and we do not want to cause divisiveness in acceptable or unacceptable questions. There are other, many, deep, alternative ways at looking at questions and the information and knowledge that you ask for. I cannot answer the questions in detail that you have asked, but I can state to you a significant answer to the policy question you have asked.

Unearned knowledge is available to you. Unearned information is a name, a title, which we would like to avoid using. We are pragmatic in the revelation of information and knowledge to you, for how would it assist you – you individually – to grow, spiritually, and how it might help you to evolve, spiritually. Policies of the Correcting Time must at once address you – you individually – yes you, the reader, the listener, and you the people of this planet, for policies cannot be divided as you can get away with temporarily in your government and your corporations, but must be consistent, and that is the test of great policy.

Earned knowledge means that you have to work for it… means that you would be getting it free, if we gave it to you. But, that is not the criteria that we use anymore. We are revealing information, knowledge, to you, to assist you to rapidly increase the maturity of your culture, your civilization. Not by short changing or short cutting the process of growth but through assisting you to see through those steps to make decisions effectively. We cannot make those decisions for you, but we can assist you to more rapidly progress through the stages of maturity with fewer errors.

Warren: Rayson, it seems to me that we have the skills available to tap into and get the information ourselves, through the cosmic mind, with the proper training.

RAYSON: Correct. But you lack the oneness, the consciousness, the compassion, the tolerance to abide by answers that differ from your own. We, through this process, want to assist you to learn this process and to come into a oneness of consciousness that pervades, that is networked throughout your globe, your planet. This must be built first, we feel, in order to elevate your society simultaneously.

You do have very backward nations and you have very technologically advanced nations. But, I tell you brothers and sisters that there are highly evolved individuals even in the most primitive societies. And, were they to be given the supports for a good body that works well, such as minimal nutrition, ease from fear of death, imminent death at any moment, you would see great people come forward from these countries.

Warren: Do you foresee a liaison team of blended mortals working with celestial parties and being led to these individuals, kind of a special force team, of getting together, locating these individuals and bringing them collectively together to further the evolution of the planetary consciousness?

RAYSON: Your question is most excellent but it is not time to answer it. That is a question for Monjoronson’s staff to answer and they have not the authority to reveal that at this time. And, this is not the process to direct them to that group.

[Note that a personal question was asked which resulted in much discussion. It has been omitted.]

RAYSON: Let us bring this to a close as the emotions of these topics have caused (inaudible). You have seen within this process why it is essential that your questions (inaudible) a group; that there is a concerted effort to seek distilled questions, for not specific answers, but for answers that can aid you to make sense of your world.

You see what happens when you ask personal questions that are dear to your heart, that are stressful, that cause you to palpitate. These are situations which we have sought to avoid. I have been given permission to expand this discussion this afternoon to answer these questions as a learning tool for you. You can see how quickly people can become upset and their thinking gone awry. We do not want to have this occur. We know that you are filled with emotion, that you are a very emotionally energetic individual.

Your peaceful spiritual development and evolution can only grow through peace, love, understanding, and so on. Our efforts must support that process. It is not that we have to or will ignore the other, but we will diminish this possibility so that the most constructive, positive outcomes can be produced by us and our appropriate efforts. I wish to thank you for this day. Bless each of you. You have a good idea of what to do as we do too. Good day.

Mary: Thank you. God-speed.

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