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SLC5- Oneness of Spirit, Relationships with Divinity

2005-01-13-Oneness of Spirit, Relationships with Divinity
Salt Lake City #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Movement
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tonsah
o 2.2 TR: Dianna
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Exercise
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Movement
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Tonsah
TR: Dianna

TONSAH:  Your teacher, your friend here today to teach you more of the various techniques regarding oneness with spirit and the ever-developing relationship between your celestial Parents, Thought Adjuster and you.

Let us this evening begin by bringing our attention to the moment at which you experience a substantial feeling of anger toward another person, for this is also something that is not a part of Michael’s plan for recovery of the planet.

Now, find an example of a situation where you have experienced anger toward another then let me hear how you were able to resolve your anger into a more forgiving state of being. Let us begin with that. Do you require any further instructions?

Ryan: Does it have to be specific, Tonsah? Does it have to be an example?

TONSAH:  I am requesting that you only provide an example of how you were able to confront this emotion and resolve it peacefully. Does this answer?

Ryan: Yes.

TONSAH:  Please begin.

Ryan: One example could be getting into a fight or an argument with someone… not being able to tell your side of the story fully, and not being able to explain to them what the problem is as you try to explain yourself. Sometimes they do not listen. To resolve it, I usually do some stillness and know that the person is going through a hard time in different ways. And even though I do not know what is really going in that person’s mind, I forgive them and take everything into stillness. Is that what your looking for?

TONSAH:  Yes. In your heart would you say that you were able to completely absolve this momentary emotion from your body, mind and spirit? Were you able to completely put the emotion aside for the greater good of all concerned?

Ryan: It is very hard to do, but most of the time, it may take me a day or so, then I usually get rid of it. But if it happens again, and other things come up from the past, or from the same situation, I do not think I fully get rid of it. I am not sure, because I still think about it when something else comes up.

TONSAH:  Exactly. This is what I was hoping that you would recognize. Thank you for this answer. We will continue on with the others’ responses for now.

Marshall: Well, Tonsah, this is Marshall. I feel that when I get into those circumstances and I get really angry, it is usually at those closest to me. I am playing out this anger… and I think it is really anger that I have for myself… an unworthiness, a shame, a guilt, something I am holding within. When I take it out on others and react, sure I get it out. I realize that in this process, if I allow it to get out without stopping myself, that yes, I have released it, but the other person I have afflicted greatly. Seemingly, I am able to release this anger, as I will go about, after some stillness, with no ill feelings within for that other individual, but just for myself… for reacting in such a manner.

Which leads me to conjecture. Whoever it is that I take it out on is just a mirror. Even though I think the anger is out of my system per se, I am only fooling myself when I am convinced that the anger for that other person is gone. It was never really there… for them. But, it is still there for me… anger for myself. Yes… just to realize this, I think will be helpful. I did not (so clearly) realize this before, Tonsah.

TONSAH:  Thank you. This is an excellent observation of your past behavior, but it need not continue to be. But let us continue on for now with the others. Thank you.

Lanceson: Tonsah, this is Lanceson.

TONSAH:  Yes, I know. (Ha! Ha!)

Lanceson: The episode that comes to my mind was an angry outburst I had with my fiancé, recently. It surprised me that I expressed my anger on this occasion, because my normal pattern is to hold it within. But on this occasion it did erupt with some profanity. I immediately felt remorse about venting verbally. I could see the damage I caused and immediately took action to regain my composure and apologize. But I still feel bad about it because those words live on and the memory is still there. I need help, you know, healing these wounds. That is all I have.

TONSAH:  Thank you. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you have indeed done damage to another’s well being through the use of your anger, but as I said before, this need not continue on in you, and in time the results will show themselves outwardly to all around you. Your presence will be healing instead of causing pain. Do not worry for this is a transition that will pass and you will become greater for the effort to rid yourself of these spirit poisons. Thank you very much for your answer. Next, please.

Simon: Anger is for me like an impulse. It can either dissipate into words or strategy, or just relax into that moment of what could make me angry and act on it sometimes. Say, “Hey, you are stepping on my toes!”… or “I cannot do it right now!”… or “Be patient, wait your turn!” So this is how I dissipate it and release it, learn what I can learn from that emotion… from that experience. Should I feel it real intensely or dwell on it, then probably not. I will see how that really serves me, so I can figure out what I need to do to resolve it. There is always a way… there is a door that Father seems to open, and there is a way to resolve it.

TONSAH:  Yes. Indeed Father always finds a way for you to learn in a variety of ways. However, we are discussing the opportunity that you possess to transform a situation through self-mastery.

Simon: There are truths that people say when they are angry and so I often work to resolve to be more committed to the better part of the situation.

TONSAH:  I am concerned that you are misunderstanding the element of directly choosing when you experience the first flames of anger that you have the responsibility of directing yourself to a resolution that brings peace, love and abundance to all concerned. When you are experiencing love, would you not say that another person can perceive this feeling?

Simon: I suppose we are mirrors to each other.

TONSAH:  No, that is not what I am saying. When you experience a positive feeling or a negative one, this experience is shared and you have the choice to either expand the sharing of love verses the sharing of pain. Does this make sense?

Simon: Yes.

TONSAH:  Let us continue for now. Anthony, are you ready to provide us with your answer?

Anthony: All right. My current anger seems to be revisited with a former supervisor at work. The first, and probably only time I was really angry with him was before he became my supervisor, when he needed to have everything done his way. But he was not my boss, then. He became my boss later, and still needed to have it done his way. Then after he was no longer my boss, he tried to get me fired because he realized I was still trying to suggest that his way would not work. Now, it still comes back as issues for me to fix the things that did not work because we had to do it his way, so I do not think I have forgiveness for him, in the real deep sense.

But, it comes to me as a realistic view as it gives me something to do to show that I am still needed in the work environment, yet trying not to have the attitude of, “I told you so!”, then getting myself in worse trouble. And also, by trying to show that my communication skills are not inadequate, as he has said, and insisting that I summarize things how he can understand them, so that he can say that he was right, that I could not provide him with the information that he needed in the way that he needed it. So I just try to do the best I can and try not to get in trouble, and make it so that it will work in the future. But, forgiveness is not really in my heart.

TONSAH:  Why would you say that you have maintained such strong feelings of hurt due to this individual? Are you ready to let go of what it is that you are protecting from this individual? You do have a choice in the matter. Either you continue to hold yourself in a position of pain or you can choose to allow forgiveness to enter your heart. I understand this may be a very difficult situation for you, but you hold the keys to freedom in your hand. Let us be clear about that.

Before I summarize this evening’s lesson, let us take a moment to revisit any other questions that you may have regarding your experiences of anger and resolution. Are there any questions based on the responses from the group? Please give me your feedback.

Marshall: I have always known that I just do not hold grudges, nor am I vindictive. I let things go, but I am coming to realize that even though I may not hold these feelings towards others, there are a certain amount that I do hold for myself… the fear of lack, the undertones of unworthiness that I have not yet fully released; shame, guilt. This just comes into my mind as you ask, as I now respond to you. I would love to hear more from you on this, my friend.

TONSAH:  For now I will only say that you are indeed discovering the root of all of our fears, and therefore how we interact with the world. Yes, this is indeed a good observation, my friend.

Anthony: For my situation, you remind me in a sense that it not anger, as much as it is a fear that I will be on the spot and in trouble again, over the same recurring problem. We talked about fear last week and if I can remember, there is no reason to fear this thing. Over the last few days, it has turned into a problem, so hopefully it will not be a problem tomorrow.

TONSAH:  You are beginning to grasp the enormity of the preciousness of those moments that we have, that are free of all fear. What a day it will be when you can call yourself completely free of the thought that there should be any reason for you to fear. Excellent observation, Anthony. Thank you. Another, please… (no response)

I am sure that you all have deeply drank from this evening’s lesson for this is quite a challenging topic.
As we have discussed, there is much pain and hardship suffered on both sides of these emotions. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have the ability to transcend these feelings of despair, shame, guilt or anger for they are merely the perceptions of one who does not truly understand their status as a child of God. Once you have begun to understand that you are the one responsible for change, then you will begin to realize the power you hold in your hands to change not only yourself but how you can change the world.

Listen to your inner voice more carefully throughout the week. Notice how you are able to diminish feelings of anger once you fully comprehend that you are experiencing emotion. Once you have accepted the fact that you are angry for some reason, take yourself to a quiet place if possible to pray for greater understanding of where this emotion is truly coming from. You may not immediately recognize the source of your emotion but by taking yourself away from the situation, you have given yourself the opportunity to master this step of injuring another with your presence.

This may be difficult to accomplish at first but do not be discouraged. Eventually the transitions can be accomplished in a matter of seconds or less, but this takes practice. To reiterate, I would say this lesson is about challenging yourself to take command of your emotions through the use of spirit to guide you in the right direction… (A telephone call taken by the answering machine interrupts meeting.) Simon: I am sorry Tonsah, but the answering machine was making me angry.

TONSAH:  Take a moment to refocus yourselves and bring this meeting’s energy into a stronger state for the transmission. I will be able to transmit more strongly if you are all focused and attentive.

Let us conclude this evening with this message:

TONSAH:  You are the soul proprietor of your thought-action. You are responsible for the delivery of loving kindness throughout the world, throughout the planet. My friends, this is the challenge placed before each of you. It is not to worry over or to criticize your actions at all, but it is the way, the truth and the light that comes through each of you that determines the ebb and flow of loving relations in your life. With that I will take my leave. Thank you for your patience and attendance. Good day.

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