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SLL11- Where Do You Want To Go?

2013-02-11-Where Do You Want To Go?
School Light & Life #11


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Where Do You Want To Go?
o 1.2 Group: School of Light and Life
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Prolotheos
o 2.2 TR: Leon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Where Do You Want To Go?
Group: School of Light and Life
Teacher: Prolotheos
TR: Leon


PROLOTHEOS: Where do you want to go? It is not a question of travel; it is a question of understanding your direction and your purpose in life. The paths you face are numerous and plentiful. At any point you have an almost infinite amount of choice as to which way you choose to go. But where are you going?

We would like you to direct you attention to your inner orientation. There is residing within you a point that is akin to your eternal compass that knows at any point the direction it is most optimal for you to head in. There will be times when where you think you are going and what your compass is showing you seems to be in some sort of contradiction with each other. In those times you will be required to discern and choose what indeed the right path is for you.

It can be challenging to peel away all the layers of belief and thought of mind that cloud your ability to see and hear the orientation of your inner compass. The directions you set for yourself are set because at some level they bring you something that you believe you need or desire for your future good. It is not that you should not head towards those inner impulses and desires, rather we are encouraging you at all times to take pause and to tune into the inner orientation of your compass that is showing you the way to go in that moment.

And where are you going? What is it that you are moving towards? Do you really know? It can be said that the inner orientation for all is the same, and yet this inner orientation manifests itself externally in a variety of ways, so the path of each is varied. That variety is indeed the spice of life- the possibilities for journeying are infinite- and no two lives resemble each other. Yet the ultimate destination is the same.

Know this, even as you arrive at your destination there will be variety, there will be difference, there will be individuality. What a thought to behold! But all along the way you walk your own path. Your inner compass is there to support you in making choices, and to reflect to you the optimal way. Where are you going, and how would you like to get there? There is this way. There is that way. What is your way?

So take time, my dear friends, to tune in and listen. What is your way? What is your compass showing you, and how best can you let go of that which you need to let go of in order to follow your optimal way, for the optimal way is the path of least resistance. It is not free of resistance, for resistance stimulates your growth in more ways than you can imagine.

With that we leave you today. This is Prolotheos and I am with the Circle of Seven. It has been my deep pleasure today to minister to you in this way. I am always a thought away.

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