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SLL15- How Fear Holds You Back

2013-09-19-How Fear Holds You Back
School Light & Life #15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: How Fear Holds You Back in Life
o 1.2 Group: School of Light and Life
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Circle of 7
o 2.2 TR: Leon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: How Fear Holds You Back in Life
Group: School of Light and Life
Teacher: Circle of 7
TR: Leon


CIRCLE of 7: Today we wish to speak to you about how fear holds you back in life. Fear, like peace, is an energetic state of mind—one that has been readily accepted as real, and the effects of that belief in reality lead people to living a life that is far less than their potential. In fact, it prohibits people from even getting a glimpse of that greater potential. Those who are able to put aside their fear for a time, and are able to grasp the greatest potential that lies within themselves, are readily energized to move forward in the realization of that fear.

What accompanies that is the recognition that the putting aside of fear has contributed greatly to the forward movement that they desire. Fear does appear real to the human mind, and there are aspects of your built-in human circuitry—those elements of your brain which have been hard wired do send off fear signals into your system and you do react to them.

This is a normal and natural way of things for human beings. However, human beings are on a glorious path of ascendance, up and away from their base animal impulses into a more spiritualized way of living in life. And it is through this spiritualization process that you come to be a master of your emotional state, including mastery over the fear based emotions that tend to hold you in place and from experiencing the fullness and glory of life.

So what is your fear? What do you truly fear? Look at it. Do not fear to look at your fear! That simply compounds the matter. Take a step back. Enter into a space of love and from that position, allow yourself to look closely at your fear. Peer into it. What do you see there? If you look close enough it is but a mirage—a shimmering dance of nothingness that entertaining a certain aspect of your mind. That is OK. We are not here to condemn or judge those who live in fear, for all humans do. It is not so much that you are fearless, although that maybe the ultimate goal, but how you work with your fear, how you allow it to influence your life.

Each of you sitting here today is entering in here, in part because of your great desire to experience yourself in a highly expanded state of being: to experience your angelic nature and the connection that you have with all living things when you are in that place. Any fear that you may be feeling at the moment is acting as a gravitational pull keeping you from experiencing that more fully.

I am going to take a moment now, just to invite you to let go of that fear—to just experience yourself expanded in love…open hearted… fearless for the moment. Do this for yourself; give yourself this gift. Spread your arms wide and welcome in all the love that your system is capable of holding. Allow it to fill you so fully that there is no longer any room for fear to be within you.

Now, you are tasting your potential, and now you are in a place to act in spirit full with love. Do you feel this? There is no fear here in this space though fear may attempt to find its way in. Continue to let it go, and open your arms wide again to the filling of loving light. What are you now called to do? What is the action you are called to take from this space? Love is in service to you. It is for your greatest good always, and it is the finest of antidotes for fear. Be accepting of yourself. Recognize the fear. See it for what it is, and know that at no time does it have a grip on you except when you allow it to. You have a choice. Love is always available. Make it so for yourself.

This is the Circle of Seven, and we stand surrounding you today, in light and in love, supporting you in each and every step of your way.

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