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SCO10 – Separation – Morontial Life

Sondjah120404Separation_MorontialLife – SCO#10

Southern Colorado TeaM Group #10
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Sondjah (TR, Daniel)
Machiventa Melchizedek (TR, Mary Jo)

Topics: What is taken into the morontial life
Mortal and morontial struggles
The struggle with self
Divesting the animal nature
Importance of stillness
Engage your life consciously
Experiencing ecstatic gratitude
The ultimate challenge: Separation
Value of uniqueness
Dissolution of separation barriers—techniques
Live in the morontial “now”

December 4, 2004

MACHIVENTA: It is I, Machiventa, come to visit your group. Such a delightful gathering of children of light! Yes, we have seen your light and we are drawn to it, indeed. This interface that you create by your intention is very inviting to us and we delight to take this opportunity to utilize this creation that you have made, for the expressed purpose of speaking with us and we with you. Children, do you realize what a gift this is? Not only to you, but [also] to us. And we in turn, long to share with you the beauty and grandeur, the ways to heal. We only await your willingness. And so we greet you—I greet you myself, personally—and I am honored to attend this enclave today.

There are those here who would speak with you. There is great activity afoot in and around your planet at this time. You are being apprised of the situation over your means of communication and through other spiritual means as you connect intentionally with your brothers and sisters of light throughout the world. A web is being cast, children, and you are a big part of it. Continue to exhibit your light to your fellows. Yes, be the beacon, speak the truth, ask for guidance and you shall know what to say, where to go. You have within you at all times the unerring pilot of your ship of mind. Utilize this pilot in every moment of your day. Become more conscious. Children, I cannot stress it enough—become more conscious. I shall withdraw at this time, however I shall not leave. I wish to greet you all, I wish to lay my hand upon each of you with love, affection and peace. I am Machiventa.

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. Thank you, fellow Melchizedek, Machiventa.

It is a pleasure once more to be with you on this winter day, for the air is clear and the sky is blue, as you perceive it. The snow upon the mountains, the dryness of the ground, this brings a certain clarity of Christmas to your thinking. These winter months, these winter days, provide you with a means for clarity in your thinking and with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Today’s lesson has to do with when and why mortal and morontial efforts go awry. We have told you numerous times that much of your temperament, your bearing in life, your being, who you are, how you feel, the emotional state that you have, will be in many ways replicated—taken with you—to the morontial levels. And only through many, many dozens of transitions, will you burn away this mortal, human material, [the] animal states of thinking and being. The cast that you were born in is the same for all of you. You are material, you are limited, you are given limited faculties for engaging your environment, even though your environment as we see it, is very narrow. You will struggle with your environment, and you will think that it struggles with you, and if you think that passing into the morontial levels will have this all evaporate, I want to you let you know clearly that the struggle will continue.

The struggle is with yourself only, but you will project that struggle onto your teachers, your fellow morontial friends and those in your class, and you will learn—you will learn a great deal. If you think that when you pass from this mortal, material realm into the morontial, that you will leave behind these struggles, think again. No, you will not have to go to the store and buy groceries. No, you will not have to worry about earning a living to buy those groceries. And no, you will not have to worry about changing the diapers of your children, for the children that you will experience in the morontial realms if you are on the nursery world. No, your struggles will be more true to the higher struggles that you have here.

It is not the material struggles that you will have in the morontial realm, but that of the struggle with yourself. And let me leap ahead, to the point after fusion—if you think your forgetfulness will be complete when you fuse, think again also, for you will struggle with your animal side yet with a higher bearing of higher reliance. You will have the true access, immediate access, to your Thought Adjuster, [to] dialog with your Thought Adjuster. You will be no stranger to this fragment of the Creator in you. This will provide you with a higher, more accurate, eternally true perspective to aid you in your growth. Oh yes, surely you will be fused by the time you arrive in Uversa, and many of those struggles will be long passed. You will then be engaged in the growth of your being, your spiritual self.

The major issue of your mortal and morontial struggles is to divest your self of animal thinking. And when you have done that, then your struggles will be to become more mature, more deeply grounded in the center of the universe. And yes, if you ever were in graduate school, college or high school, and you struggled with your exams, you will struggle with these exams too. But the struggle will be much deeper and the cost will be much more valuable and the rewards you will see will become and approach those that are eternal.

I paint these various levels of achievement and struggle for you so you can grasp more appropriately your spiritual discoveries in your form now. Your material teachers, the masters, have taught you that this material realm is really a façade, and I reinforce that to you. This material living that you have is a mechanism for your inner growth, the morontial growth of your soul, and for your successful transition into the morontial realms. You could learn these lessons that you are learning now as easily if you were living in a yurt in the desolation of Mongolia, in the jungles of the Amazon, or as you are here, today.

We do know that your Twenty First Century life styles truly do not contribute very much at all to your spiritual growth. This is a very complex façade that you live and your attention is diverted from your spiritual tasks at every turn, in every minute of your life, it seems. That is why, if you did nothing else but to meditate only once in stillness for fifteen minutes a day—we recommend twice, of course—but only once, you would have opened the flood gates of your Thought Adjuster’s download to your mind, to your life, in ways that you will not know the full measure of until you have transitioned well into your morontial existence.

And you will be able to review in that morontial existence those times, very pointedly, and know very clearly, when your Thought Adjuster was at work. From the morontial perspective, you are taught these things so that you will know in the morontial realms more clearly when your Thought Adjuster is acting in your being.

And when you become fused, you have only to access and dialog with your Thought Adjuster for those moments when it will be involved in your life in a very intimate way. Now, as Agondonters, you can only guess and truly, our hearts—yes we have emotional hearts—go out to you, our compassion is deep for you, for you have not this knowledge, this awareness. And that is why we so diligently, repeatedly, fervently, admonish you to live a life of consciousness, living the spiritually conscious life, knowing that yes, you do have to make a living, and that learning about your spiritual growth is optional.

When you engage your life consciously, knowing that the coming and going, and the buying and the selling, and the arranging for meetings are only props for your spiritual growth, then you begin to see, become more aware of who you are, your value, and what your real purposes are. Become aware of your own struggles, and your emotions. For some of you they run rampant, and they challenge you at every waking moment and even through the night. For others of you, you are placid and you need to have more emotional excitement to juggle your thoughts against your emotions, for your emotions are the cutting edge, the honing stone, for your spiritual growth. Dealing with them is important; that is why you will carry with you, many of your emotional states, when you traverse into the morontial realms.

We wish you could engage personally a morontial being in this classroom today, a graduate from a planet, a graduate of numerous schools who could be here and make you aware of the struggles in those realms that you will deal with. You will not be “numb automatons” in the morontial realm. Oh no! Oh no, you will be mighty warriors of feeling, mighty angels of feeling. This energy empowers you in ways, which you can only guess now. For some of you, you understand the ecstasy of that Thought Adjuster contact when you are so deeply reverent, when you so deeply feel that connection with the Creator.

And my friends, when that ecstasy traverses through your being, you are truly in immediate, intimate contact with your Creator through the worship contact of your Thought Adjuster. Some of you experience this as that ecstatic gratitude, unlimited thanksgiving, a deep loving connection with the depths of the universe and every being in it, and you are glad and happy and joyful, in that moment. Yes my friends, this is worship!

There are rituals and ceremonies that too often take you away from that —not the times when you are kneeling in the pews in thanksgiving, in that wordless moment when you are deep in ecstasy of thanksgiving and worship when you are in the presence of the Divine. That is why Adjuster contact is very limited to you in the beginning because it is hypnotic, it is drug-like, it is euphoria, it is transpersonal and transcendent at the same time. Ultimately, for those who are unprepared for it, it is disastrously distractive from your mortal journey. For you must waken from that state and re-engage your world and begin again your morontial journey in the flesh.

When Jesus said that this “is but a moment” he truly meant it. The veil that separates your mortal life from the morontial that is called death is so transitory, so gauze-like, so porous. When you understand this, you will be able to more appreciate your journey as a morontial-being-becoming in this lifetime, and that you will step through this doorway, much as you would step through a large hoop that is too small to walk through. The best way is to intentionally step through, one leg at a time, ducking your head, and passing through. It is as easy as that. For some of you, when you stand before the gate of consciousness, you can see through that gauze, you can see through that hoop to the morontial realms.

What is the ultimate challenge in the mortal and the morontial realms? My friends it is simply separation. The word “separation” is a simple word, but it is manifest in ways you must discover in your life now. Your fervent prayer, your fervent, delighted intent to your Thought Adjuster, to Michael and Nebadonia, Machiventa—to remove separation between your self and all else, is one of the most important dedications you will ever make. When you say, “I will to do God’s will” that is a way of removing that separation. I give you the word separation as something that you can knock against, something that you can almost palpably feel. And some of you know all too well in your hearts and your lives, what this separation is all about. You may have been rejected by parents or siblings, by peers, by your professional group, by your neighbors, and by your friends, occasionally. That is one form of separation.

The other side of separation is integration —oneness. I will not speak of that today, for separation is one of those issues you must discard and leave behind, to dissolve in the passage of your lifetimes in the morontial realms. Yes, never mistake that you are unique. You will always be you. You have that Creator gift of personality, the uniqueness of your self that sets you—not apart—but “among” other unique beings in the universe. You usually use the words “set apart from” as you express your uniqueness. But I say to you, change that and say, “set among others of uniqueness.” This will help you gain in understanding that you are unique and not separate.

We are most touched by you at times when you weep—in your stillness by yourself in your homes, in your cars, your office, your bedroom—where the loneliness and separation and isolation that you feel from your Creator, from others. In your sobbing and your weeping, you feel unloved. This exercise, teaching of the dissolution of separation, is most important to work through. Separation is at once “feeling” and also, my friends, it is a “barrier” to integration. You may not have thought of that way, but I want you to think about that.

Feelings of separation are energetic and cannot be dissolved directly by others, but only indirectly by others. They might say, “Jane, come to dinner at our house tomorrow night. You live alone; we want you to share your time with us.” And so, indirectly they are saying, “Do not be apart from us,” and as you prepare to go to dinner, here is what we wish you to do: We wish you to command the dissolution of feelings in the energy of isolation and separation. “I hereby dissolve all separation and all energy of separation in myself and around myself.” Say that powerfully.

Then say, “I engage the love, acceptance, the integration with others immediately and afar.” Instantly, you have changed the equation of your life. Instantly, you have gone from being “apart” to being “among.” And when you do that, you have dissolved the layers in multiple dimensions of your being and your existence—not just these three dimensions or a fourth, but other dimensions of your being.

We could hereby begin a new lesson, to move forward to help you dissolve your old hurts and pains and rejections, but we will not, for today’s lesson is complete in itself. When you declare the end of separation, to dissolve the energy of separation in your mortal life and in your morontial being (your soul), also declare the integration of yourself to be among others, doing it in the NOW —this moment! This moment leads to the next moment and the next moment, and the next one. We want to get you to live in the “morontial now.” And once you get into the morontial state of being, we will urge you to live in the “eternal now.” But for now, this moment, in these material dimensions, we wish you to live in “this now,” immediately! We hope that you will be able to develop these instructions for the dissolution of separation and the integration of those energies to be among others and to see the lessons that can develop from this.

Let me take you forward once again into the morontial levels. There, you will be able to examine, through the assistance of your teachers, through the assistance and review of your life scenes in multiple dimensions—[with] Technicolor and sound, and holographic reality—those lessons of regret, spite, envy, for example, without the immediate charge of those emotions. You, in that morontial moment, have the opportunity to actively dissolve those old emotional energies and to review them for their worth.

In the state of morontial existence, all the negative emotional instances that you ever had will truly be observable before you as things of the past. And you will simultaneously be able to examine the immaturity of yourself, with the echo of those emotions in your current status as a morontial being. It may seem paradoxical, even ironic, but this is possible. You will still need to live with yourself, but those old hurts will not have their sting they once had.

They will only have their energy as a pattern in you on the morontial level. The patterns of detrimental emotions is what you must dispel; that is what you must dissolve to eventually become fully integrated among your morontial peers, superiors, teachers, and eventually to stand in Michael’s presence. Only then will you be received fully, and the only barrier to that are your feelings of separation from him. You see how important it is then, to begin working on this now? Only you can place yourself effectively in the presence, in the embrace of your Creator, Michael, on Salvington.

Bless you this day, and every day. We hope you understand why our presence here, this immense effort of Michael that he has invested in the Correcting Time, why this has been done. It is done for you, you individually, each one of you. We will do our part to encourage your decisions of rightness, to remove separation, and to be among us easily, peacefully, and joyfully, as our peer. You are needed; you are wanted; your presence is desired on all the morontial levels. We want to encourage you to appreciate that too. If you have questions, I will entertain them now.

Student: Is our active participation of being aware of situations in our lives, and taking that situation into sacred space with you as we communicate with guides and allies, the type of work that is being referred to?

SONDJAH: Yes, you cannot do wrong by being in that space with your teachers and your guides. You must also be in that space of awareness with your self to do this work. Bless you Michael’s children. Bless you in this moment. Bless you in this moment that is eternal. Know that blessings rain down upon you, and not only rain down upon you but fill you as water fills a vessel. Take in this water of life, the water of light and let it radiate through you. It is a source for much energy within you. It is a resource for your own development as a life being “becoming.” Know that you are here not by mistake, not by an accident of time, but because you were desired to be here, and so you are. Good day.

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