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SCO12 – Reversion and Play

Sondjah051205SOCO¬_Reversion&Play – SCO#12

Southern Colorado TeaM Group, #12
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Christ Michael and Sondjah Melchizedek
TR: Daniel Raphael

Topics: Mansion World Reversion
Meaning of reversion
Necessity of mortal play
Music as a harmonizing activity
Developing creativity
Vibration as an art form
Harmonic gratitude
Harmonize with Mother Spirit
Creation of new beings with intention
Visual arts in multi-dimensions
Manipulation of energy will be your playground
Creative laboratories
Will lose epicurean arts
Previews of morontial life
Q & A: Trinitization
Preparation now for head start later
Healing with intentions
Dis-ease and vibrational healing
Unrevealed helpers
The music of the Spheres

March 12, 2005

[Evidently there was a transmission from Nebadonia, through Jo Ann, that was not recorded.]

CHRIST MICHAEL: Children, this is Michael. We will deal with reversion, the amusement, and the play activities of your morontial life. You remember, do you not, that you have been taught “to play?” When I was on your planet as Jesus, one of my greatest thrills was to play with the children, when I was a child. Did you share those like amusements? And not so oddly, you learn so much about each other when you play.

The afterlife, in fact all of your time after this mortal experience, will be balanced between play, work, and rest. You will find that your play activities will encompass hobbies, the arts, and you will practice these at the level of your accomplishment, the level of your ability as morontial and eventually as spiritual beings. You will be at play in the “land of the Lord;” you will enjoy this greatly. And those who are your teachers, those who are older than yourselves, who have experienced more, will enjoy being with you and they will be in playtime as well. Now I will introduce your teacher today, Sondjah, who has done a remarkably good job for you and for me. I wish you good day and be at peace in your life. If you are not in peace, you cannot play well, can you? Good day.

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. It is a pleasure to be here with you once more, having been introduced by my Captain, my morontial Brother, my Creator, my Melchizedek Brother, Michael.

I need you to stretch your imaginations and to play with the concepts that I give you, where I will be describing activities, which you have very, very little experience, or very little understanding. Yet I feel—and my teaching team feels—that it is an important topic to relate to you, so you will have it in your memory registry those things that I share today, so that you will have as reference later.

It will also help you in your play activities on the planet here, as mortals. You have so many things that you could do, which are so much fun, which are not technologically based. You have yet to discover the simple pleasures of past generations, which I have studied thoroughly and which I hope to reveal to you a bit, in conjunction with your morontial play activities.

Reversion is an adaptation of the word “revert,” and to revert back to your childhood days, to revert back to simpler times, to revert back to carefree times when there were no worries as mortals, and where you lived in the moment as children when you played with each other and your greatest thought about tomorrow was going out to play with your neighbor, or your brother, or your sister—or going to some place with your parents to play. When you were children, a simple pleasure you would look forward to was when your mother or father said, “Well, tomorrow we are going to the playground and I will put you on the swing and swing you high,” and you looked forward to that with great expectation.

Your friends might have said, “Well tomorrow we are going to go to the beach and we are going to bring our trucks and our toys and our play dolls and we are going to play in the sand and make-believe,” and so you would go there and use sticks and stones and shells and sand, and your toys that you would bring with you, and you would construct these make-believe places—homes, play yards, activities, playing roles—and you would be practicing for adulthood. From our perspectives, play is practicing for your adulthood as you become more mature as morontial beings. But remember, you will be upgraded—that is a good word—in your morontial experience periodically, as you need more active, precise, and capable morontial bodies to match your morontial capabilities of your mind and your soul and your spirit energy.

You will have those times where you will play and you will practice the things that you will do in the future. And many times, the simple pleasures that you will experience will be reverting back to the simpler times, the earlier times where you were much younger. You will enjoy playing at those things, too, because each of you will already know the rules, the starting and the ending and the middle parts of these games, very, very well. I have used the word “games,” though these are truly not games, as we know them. You might call them games, a make-believe or fun activity, something that is “not work,” though you will have chores as you had when you lived in a house with family members or lived on a farm.

You will be students — you will be learning, you will be active, you will be diligently working on your studies and how to become more mature, developed, evolved, and more complete in anticipation of the wonderful roles that Michael has in store for you in the future. And these will be preparation for those roles in your future life as a spiritual entity in Orvonton’s Central Capitol, where you will again be in schools. This is all preparation for your work ahead. And in the mean time, it should be fun, it should be enjoyable, it should be relaxing. There are no expectations for you to pass tests or to be challenged by those quantifiable, qualitative aspects of your studies. You will be not asked to perform at higher levels than your capability, though you may want to do this anyway.

One activity [that] will continue from your world, from other primitive worlds, as well as future generations of your planet, and future generations and developments and planets to come, is music. Music is a wonderful harmonizing activity, where individuals come together and coordinate, cooperate and complement each other so completely that what they produce is far greater than the sum of all the parts of their musical activities. Music is an important and intrinsic part of your culture, now and throughout the infinite duration of your lives.

If you were to look around at your technological developments, you would see that many of them are promoted, principally for the reproduction of music, for the origination and composition of music. It is far easier now to compose music than it was centuries ago, when you had to have pen in hand—a quill pen, dark ink, and you would place each note on the score—a musical score. This is very tedious, and required a great deal of mental activity, insight, [and] inner hearing of all the instruments. Can you imagine what it was like for the great composers to compose music? We have spoken about this before—they have a tremendous capacity to remember and creatively develop the parts in their minds.

You too, will have these wonderful experiences in the future, in your time of respite, time of avocation, and hobbies [to] join with others and harmonize your activities and your lives. In those settings, you can use your voices; you can use your minds. You can use energy simply of your being. You can make what you would call an auditory sound, with others. You can also complement each other by your presence together. You understand the theory and the operation and the production of “barber shop quartet,” do you not, where one voice harmonizes with another, so that they are blended and you actually end up with five or six “voices” in the piece that is being sung?

Imagine yourself and several others joining together though you are actually “not singing.” What you are doing is raising your body vibration, so that you create an octave, so to speak, of light. You resonate with each other so that your presence together, produces a light, a vibration, or a sound. Now, my descriptions to you, using these parallels of sight and light and sound and hearing, are a gross distortion of what actually occurs in the morontial realm, as you harmonize with others.

Music—let us call all music a vibration—this is the generation of something new, through the presence and cooperation of others with you, and you with them. You can do this as three or four people or thirty or three thousand or three hundred thousand individuals, or many more, where you would all come together and your vibrations would complement each other. And this could be a scene for much worship.

You think of worship in terms of praying, of speaking or talking to God or to Michael, or to other divine entities. Some of you are able to dialog with them, and this is what you call prayer. Prayer for us, as some of you have already discovered by yourself, is simply a silent, harmonic vibration, an alignment, an attunement with the Divine, which is within you. Sometimes you are overcome with this awesome vibration, this humble, ecstatic gratitude that you have within you for this beloved contact, this beloved harmony with the Divine in you. This is your Divine worship response. Likewise, on the other end—the receiving end of the First Source and Center and for Michael, —there is the harmonic gratitude of appreciation that is returned to you. Together you vibrate in harmony of worship; this is rather a musical experience. Let us pause for a moment, please.

So, where you call it “worship,” we call it “praise and thanksgiving.” It is worship; it is a vibration that is above all others. The complement, the synchronicity, complementary harmonic, the sympathetic vibration with the Divine, could be none other than worship, and it is a note of great awe on the part of anyone who witnesses that and participates in it. It is the song of the universe that will ultimately be sung by all beings in the entire universe, when the universe is settled in the Days of Light and Life. You will be there! You will hear this awesome, tremendous, powerful song of praise throughout the Universe. It will be as powerful as Universe Broadcasts. It will be heard by everyone for centuries and centuries; it will become a way of life, of deep gratitude and praise. You, who are the recipients and the voices, the givers of praise, will also be on the receiving end as it echoes back to you.

Music is a most important part of your universe experience. While it may be called “homework,” and “class assignments,” actually, you will be taught in classes of the harmony of the Universe, of the harmony of praise and thanksgiving and grace. You will learn to sing with others; learn to shine with others. This will be playful activity for you. You will feel a peace and satisfaction from this, which exceeds almost all other accomplishments, save that of your soul’s ascension.

Music is not only a part, but an integral aspect of your being as a participant in the universe. You live in the chorus of God; you live in the chorus of Michael. You sing with the harmony of your Divine Spirit Mind, Nebadonia, and the Infinite Spirit. You are “one” with them. You will release your minds to be in sympathetic union with her; you will be relaxed; you will be re-energized. And what more is play than this, than the re-energization of your creative juices, your creative ability, to become like the Creator?

So, my friends take heart; take joy in this aspect of the universe. You could say—in a way—that the universe, the infinite/finite universe, the material universe is the playground of the Divine, where they play among you in creative ways. They are in respite; they are [at] the height of their joy, and the height of their capacity to become more than they are through their creative efforts. And you, my friends, will learn to play this way as well.

I am trying to convey to you—does anyone not have a grasp of being with four or five of your fellow students, being together and beaming in the same harmony of color? Does anyone not grasp that? You understand that? It is like humming—when everybody is on key, same pitch, and as it vibrates, it becomes more. There is that harmony that you seek in your lives, to be side-by-side with others, and be in harmony. You will have the satisfaction of this—which you rarely experience in your mortal life. You find it during those orgasmic moments of your personal life now, [where] you are in harmony with yourself, and you have become and expressed more than you have ever felt before. You will feel this way too, in harmony with others, whether it is with one other person, or whether it is with thousands or millions.

This will give you an inkling of what it is like for the Divine to create new beings. You recall that the Father Melchizedek of Nebadon was a product of union, of harmony of two beings. You will recall that Gabriel is the product of this as well. You have only the vaguest idea of what it is like for two beings to create another, out of their joint harmony, but that is what happens. It is the best description I can give you for the creation of a new being from a new harmony among two or more beings that creates something quite unique and “living.”

Can you imagine, my friends, coming together as a quartet to sing in harmony and create a living note? Can you grasp that? This is most unusual! I am trying to convey to you the concept of play, of creativity and joy that begets more than there was before. I used the phrase earlier that there is something “created” greater than the sum of the parts, and yes, in the morontial and the spiritual realms, and the eternal, what happens was produced with intention and is the creation of a unique being from this union. The product is greater than the sum of the parts, and “voila,” there is a new being. What a miracle, is it not?

It is as though Mozart or Beethoven or Bach had created a new being, that their composition was a living entity. And for musicians who live, breathe and eat and create [with] music, they understand what this is about ¬¬¬— a perfect composition as an entity by itself. Would it not be incredible to be in the presence of a living being who exemplifies, who IS all that that composition is, and you would be able to listen to them at length, at any place in the composition, from start to finish—or backwards, if you like. You will have great fun with this; you will find great joy in joining with others and going to the “play yards,”—the music halls, and reversion studios—where you will have great fun creating new things with others, where you will be at play in the “fields of the Lord.”

Let us take another example: All of these things that I am speaking of, you could or would categorize as art. It is not the same as playing on swings or doing somersaults or playing hopscotch—which you did as children—though there are examples that you will experience in the morontial, which we find rather playful, and I will relate to those in a little bit.

The visual arts, as you will experience them, as you will be able to experience them in the morontial form, are indeed incredible. You will have the capacity to—either by yourself or with others—create visual entities. You will be able to, so to speak, create mandalas in three-dimension with your friends that hang in space. Would that not be most unique and incredible? You would be able to hold them in place, with your minds, create them with your minds, and just as you move your hands in the physical form, you will be able to move forces to bring into place objects that you either create or have been produced by others. You will experience these in different levels. Manipulation of energy will be your playground, whether it is through your voice, through your minds, through the eyes of your mind, or through the capacity of yourself to move with others.

You will find that less and less you are attached to your bodies. More and more you will become less than material. You will become more and more of pure mind, of energy which has a form, which does not so much move material objects on your material planes, or even the morontial, but that you become more like the energy of the Creator. You are intelligent, you are soul, you are personality, and you have less than material form.

As you grow through your morontial experience, you will have reversion experiences which reflect your capacity, but which you will go back and play at the earlier levels, where you will have an ability to perform at heightened levels of accomplishment. What was challenging to you earlier will become easy for you, as you have mastered those skills later on. It will be nothing for you to play game after game of darts, hitting the bull’s eye every time. It will be nothing at all to you to play shuffleboard and have perfect scores.

It will be another thing, on the other hand, to begin to work in the laboratories to create objects using your mental capacities and your morontial hands and feet and extensions of your abilities to move energy and material things. Imagine three or four of you—or a dozen or more—coming together and projecting a play of characters upon a screen or a backdrop, or upon a stage. Wouldn’t it be quite amazing for you to project dance characters on a stage where there were really no characters at all, other than those projections of your ability? You will learn cooperation and coordination, dancing through these figures; you will learn to work hand in hand with your brothers and sisters on the morontial planes, where you reside.

I would imagine by now you are becoming quite tired of these very removed scenes that I have given you through this mortal language. It is difficult to hold in mind, these concepts as they move and evolve. We are challenged to do so through the concepts that this one holds in mind, to strive to convey to you what you will be doing in your reversion times.

It will not be as though you will be in Betty Crocker’s kitchen, whipping up new cookies for your appetites, for energy. Your intake will be much different than you have now. You will be less involved in the epicurean arts there, than you are now. Here these have evolved into greatly developed art forms, so that you can enjoy foods and beverages and desserts, main courses—all sorts of things that you use for intake, that become highly evolved and your palates become more tuned and developed. So too, you will develop similar skills on the morontial planes, except in these areas. The food and beverages will not be a part of your experience there.

You will become more adept as artists at portraying dimensionally and in the material planes and the morontial planes, those art forms, which you will be able to manipulate. Sculptors will be able to sculpt; two-dimensional artists will be able to paint in two dimensions. Yet, there will be a capacity within these art forms to develop the medium in ways that would be totally unanticipated in your mortal experience. The use of colors and depths within these two and three-dimensional objects, will be quite amazing.

You will be able to sculpt in three-dimensions, or four, yet you will be able to manipulate the depth of your artwork. Imagine a luminescence in two-dimensions that portrays itself in three. Your arts strive to do this now; you think of it in holographic ways, and so too, you will be able to sculpt urns and vases that have characters within the depth of those materials that play act or act out a short piece of entertainment for you.

This is an example: You may sculpt a vase, which acts as a voice and sings or hums a particular tune. Would not this be remarkable? Would not this be a remarkable gift to share with friends? You have such wonderful toys as the little wind-up pianos, music boxes that you have and which you pay good prices for, where you lift the lid and hear a favorite tune from the past. These will be more life-like and truly dimensionally different than what you experience now.

Yes, you will have some of the old fashioned crass humor of walking through walls and appearing where you were not before, and surprising others. The fun of this only lasts so long; it is much like saying, “Boo!” to somebody, who comes around the corner. After a while it is “old hat” and everybody has done it, and it is not much fun.

You will find great satisfaction as you proceed through the morontial realms, moving ahead and anticipating your next steps of work in classrooms. You will have many—it is a matter of choice—you will implement many choices in your curriculum in the future, yet you will not be left without all the experiences that will prepare you fully for your existence as Finaliters. You will have a choice of many laboratories to work in; all of them are creative in nature. Some of your media have alluded to these as some of your artists have “seen” some of the morontial laboratories where you will play and work. You will have classroom assignments to prepare to the satisfaction of your instructors and for your boards of completion.

Yet you will have many, many opportunities to practice those skills, ones which you desire to hone in those laboratories, whether it is creating something new, a living form, or whether it is replicating something that has been done by other artists. You will become “junior apprentice creators;” you will learn to create in your own capacity at all the different levels. You are anticipating the life at hand. Just as these classes of the Teaching Mission are preparing you for your life ahead as morontial beings, so too will all your experiences be in anticipation of those which come forward.

You will then have these wonderful activities to revert to, which you enjoyed and want to replicate again and again. Whether it is music, whether it is sculpting or whether it is art in various forms. You will be able to do many, many things, which are unexplainable to you now, which only you could get glimpses of if you can see them in your mind’s eye as you anticipate this new future of yours. We will be glad to assist you in some future sessions, to gain insight and visual access to these realms, even as a mortal. I am not tempting you; I am simply saying that this will be available to you in the future in future classes that are given to you.

As you become more capable of living your life in the mortal, approaching the morontial levels, you will be given permission and support and guidance in how to approach these portals of awareness, during your mortal experience. It is much like going to the movies and getting a preview. You will be able to do this.

However, if you remain attached to your mortal propensities of wrong thinking and wrong doing and wrong speaking, you will be completely unprepared for this; you simply will not have the presence of mind, the skill levels to hold in mind that which will be presented to you. In many ways, what I am telling you, my friends, is that you are being prepared for your morontial lives now, and to do that you must live morontially prepared lives as morals, so that you are ethical and live your lives in ways that are honest and forthright: You are not duplicitous, you are not living double lives; you are not living from a closet in a way that depreciates yourself and who you are or depreciates others. You are living your life courageously, honestly, forthrightly and anticipating your capacity to do so in the morontial realm. Do you have any questions about our lesson today?

Student: It was very intuitional.

SONDJAH: You will learn more by reading the text and reading between the lines. There is much that I have said which you will not be able to comprehend through the auditory lesson that I gave you today, but this coupled with reading the lesson and reading between the lines and seeing the other meanings that are available, you will get a greater idea of what I have spoken of. Your mind operates far faster than your ability to read words, therefore it will prepare you for deeper meanings of the text. Not that I am that great of a teacher, that I could teach at several levels simultaneously, but you will get much more from reading the text, in addition to listening to it today. You had a question?

Student: Yes, I just wanted to pinpoint where that is in the book—is that the Trinitization, where two beings can create a third?

SONDJAH: That is one aspect, yes. You can also see in the text that what was created from the combination of Nebadonia and Christ Michael, joining together to create the first beings in their realm. There are many levels that occur, which are naturally granted. Trinitization is an aspect that you will be able to practice in the future, with another being. You do not have to be Divine to do this. You have to have the intent of appreciating and approaching the Divine, to do this.

Student: I have a question: It seems like the lesson today was more on moving forward with intention to the morontia state. My question is, how important is it to realize that we are in the human condition, and how important is it for us to be successful—like honest and true of heart in the human condition—to prepare us to go to that next level?

SONDJAH: The one is to save the other. You must prepare yourself now, to give yourself a head start later. This world and those others in quarantine, have been set back, so far back, that most individuals on the planet who are living now, will be granted access to the morontial realm at least to the first level, to be given the awareness to decide whether to go on or not. However, if this were a world that did not have those extra dispensational qualifications, those who do not prepare for their mortal transition would simply have chosen not to go on. For you, it gives you a much greater head start in your morontial growth, once you graduate from this plane. Does this answer your many faceted question?

Student: Yes, I have a question:

SONDJAH: This is a wonderful example, and I am glad you brought it forward. When you come together with several others with the intention of assisting the right outworking of healing manifestation in another, you are creating a very powerful presence for healing. What has been missing for centuries and centuries in your prayer work is the “at-one-ness” between yourself and the healing energy and the person to be healed.

You cannot project healing against the recipient’s will. You cannot heal one that does not want to be healed. You can only assist them to open to the awareness, to the receptivity of healing. For an individual recipient who is in alignment and willing to receive healing, they must align themselves, brighten themselves to the vibration of healing. This means that they are open to healing, they are open to perfection, they are open to the correction of dis-ease. Dis-ease is living in a condition out of harmony of perfection or the harmonic of right order of living. When you pray with others, you do so in concert. You form a triad, a duet, a joining of other minds in creating a harmony of right order for the recipient. You must remove yourself and your ideas of what that healing is; you simply do not know! You have not the intelligence, the insight or the morontial development to know what healing frequency is needed in the recipient.

Your chore, your work, your gift, your presence to the recipient is augmented by …(Interruption) [your spiritual helpers]. As you are all “OM’ing” in your mind now, after this minor disruption, so too, you would focus your OM’ing, healing intentions upon the recipient. In concert with your projection of healing is your intention to do so, with the healing artisans of Nebadon. These may be Midwayers, these may be Guardian Angels, these may be elevated celestial beings—they may be other orders of angelic realms—but you pray with the intention of co-creative healing, co-creatively projecting healing energy of the harmony of order in this other person, whether it is emotional dis-ease, or whether it is mental dis-ease, or it is physical dis-ease at the various levels of operation of the body. You would do so with the intention of joining with the unseen realms in helping to heal the individual. This my friends, is most, most powerful!

You underestimate the “concert” of voices, of minds, who work with you in this effort when you disregard or do not join with them in healing. Whether it is for the prosperity of another; whether it is for the right and perfect job opening for another; whether it is for family harmony; whether it is for the healing of mental illness; whether it is for the happiness of a new couple, or a couple that has many years of living in disharmony—pray, my friends, with your unseen friends. Ask that they join you and also ask that they teach you how to pray rightly. This then, has a many fold purpose for you, for Michael’s elevation of your world and for the recipient. Many are benefited by your work; praise be to you my friends, in your right prayers.

Student: I remember reading about when you establish at some point, … I believe that an entity had been created by that.

(The tape was skipping here; there are probably words missing.)

SONDJAH: A fantasy. What would be more correctly stated was that the intentions of the community [Findhorn] had created the commission of a dedicated group of beings to serve with them, at that community.

Student: Yes, yes. Thank you.

SONDJAH: Yes, it is celestial and more. Remember, there are many orders of beings on your planet that have not been revealed to you. You have minor and major helpers all around you who are unseen, who work with you intimately in your lives. You, for instance, have within this home, a “House Angel” as you would call it. Do not forget that this is here, that it is a loving being in your household who supports your lives, your work, and the order of your home. Your home is more than a house. Your family is more than individuals who beget and were begotten; you are a family, a home; you are an edifice that is spiritual and growing.

Student: (Inaudible due to soft voice and background noise.) …it’s in the Urantia Book. It took nine months and I created a slide show …?….

SONDJAH: You produced something other than what you had within yourself to create? Yes. Your sciences and your musicology in this early part of this century are beginning to mature. You think that musicology is of approach of the ears. True, it is a vibration that does enter the ear canals and does stimulate the inner ear and the nerve transmits to your brain, and is interpreted and recorded as music. Your scientist-musicians will discover by some serendipity that there are “other musical” harmonies/harmonics/vibrations, which vibrate in the brain areas which you would call musically oriented.

The music that is to be will approach what you have been told about the “music of the spheres.” It is the music that will bring peace. We are assisting as many individuals as possible, to bring this music into existence. Music that stills the inner beast of each individual; music that stills the autistic child; music that harmonizes the mind of the attention deficit child and adult; music that brings focus to a scattered mind; music that clarifies disjointed ideas; music that brings oneness to your lives and harmony to you in social groups. This will be the music that you will want to hear.

I wish you good day; I open this time to others if they have teachers who wish to speak. Know that when I am here, and as always, God is blessing you, not because I am here, but you are reminded that when you hear angels, when you are in stillness, you are blessed. You forget during your busy minutes that you are blessed always by the Creator. Christ Michael blesses you; Nebadonia blesses you—remember, Nebadonia is the coordinator of mind from the Infinite Spirit—her realms can assist you immensely in the happiness and satisfaction and levelness and grounded-ness and peacefulness of your mind. Seek peace. Seek oneness with our Creator Mother, Nebadonia; she loves you and wishes you well in all your work. Good day.

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