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SCO27 – Increasing Spiritual Receptivity

Eregon; Michael – Increasing spiritual receptivity – May 5, 2007 – SCO #27

Southern Colorado TeaM, #27
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon & Michael

Topics: Increasing spiritual receptivity
Higher ground
The realm of spirit activates the power of soul
Banding souls together for good
Creating acts of goodness
Awareness of teamwork
Exercise to listen for celestial contact
Enhancement of spiritual perception
Responding from soul
Q & A: Choosing projects
Serving the Creator
Experiencing Michael’s love
Suffusion of love is energizing
Higher energies interfering with sleep
Asking for adjustment of vibrations for sleep

TR: Jo Ann

May 5, 2007

EREGON: Welcome children! It is your teacher, Eregon. I and others are with you today. Thank you for reserving this time in your lives and committing your time, intention, energy and dedication to this project, which is for the good of all. We are gathered here in unison, a concert of celestial friends and helpers. It is our desire to address you and to dialog with you today. We are not one, but many who are present here. We minister to each of you in many ways; we are your cheering section. As you go through your lives, meeting the everyday challenges so common on your world in this time, we wish to bless you with the knowledge and perceptions of your celestial friends and helpers. We cannot go into your inner systems and turn up the volume; we can nudge you to help increase your awareness.

When you begin to become aware of the many ways, many times and many attempts that we make to reach you and uplift you throughout your day, you will be filled with joy, as your awareness increases. We come not to make your life easy, but to increase your spiritual receptivity and spiritual responses to the things which you encounter daily, to the challenges, which sometimes seem to overwhelm the human capacity for dealing with things. And indeed, it is not the human capacity that deals with all things in grace and goodness, it is the human spirit, connected to the Divine Spirit, encountering angelic presences, seeking the assistance of teachers, whom some call ascended masters.

It is through the more than human part of yourselves that you are able to make great strides, able to respond in ways that truly are superhuman, to difficulties and challenges in individuals who need care and comfort. When you choose to respond to your life events through the perception of the spiritual part of yourselves, you bring an additional element to the mix of everyday life, which can uplift all your encounters, not only for you, but also for your fellows to whom you reach out. The acts of kindness that one human being offers to another, piled one on top of another and added to, create a change in the overall consciousness.

Whether it be the consciousness of a home, of a business, a corporate establishment, a teaching institution, a neighborhood, a community garden project—we could go on, but we are suggesting here that every moment in which you choose to respond to life and to other human beings in a way that is motivated by the Spirit Within, you are creating higher ground. And this higher ground is always a point of comfort, sanctuary and protection. This high ground that we speak of, as being protective and comforting, should not be interpreted as a way to stop responding to physical events, but of creating a comfort zone. No matter what may appear to be around you, and from within this comfort zone, you and your companions are more quickly and easily able to choose responses that are truly sane—“sane” as based in spirit. Choose paths of higher guidance. Become a group for good. When you combine minds, with the intention of becoming a force for good, great things can happen.

Beautiful ideas can be enriched, embellished and encouraged to grow. We would encourage you to seek out other souls, for whom this is a sustaining priority in their personal lives, and come together for moments of goodness, in whatever groups in which you function. You need not have the same beliefs to do this; it is not that kind of commonality. It is the commonality of a loving spirit within, that seeks to go about doing good and to increase the good that it can do, and this soul-to-soul attraction, we would like to enhance for you. You can be certain, that when we are around you in your environment, we are attempting to do this, attempting to find ways to encourage you to notice other beings, such as yourself, whose purpose and motivation is pure, high-minded and altruistic, for this is the arena of the soul. And do you know, do you recognize that this is the most powerful part of yourself? Your human mind, your motivations, encountering the realm of spirit activates the power of soul. This is the most far-reaching aspect of self.

What one’s self finds difficult to do, several souls banded together can often accomplish with grace and ease. So tie yourselves to other sincere souls, wherever you may encounter them, and send out energy for good. There is no place where this could not be of benefit. We are one with you in purpose, children of light. When you draw humans together for higher functioning, you are also inviting our participation, in helping us to work with you more effectively. In these encounters, it is the motivation—the desire to do good—that acts as a magnet between souls. Begin to pay attention to this attraction, even if it is only a momentary encounter, there is something greater going on, which can benefit more than the two, three or four people present in the moment. We encourage you to believe that this is so, and to look for these experiences and to watch how they might enrich others.

Can you always see the results of the good that you do? Probably not; probably not. There are many gifts of goodness that are offered to you, and many times you will see results. Often you are just peeking at a corner of the whole construct, but there are no limits placed on the expanding ripples, that acts of goodness create. We love you, children, and this is always at the heart of our messages to you: That you are well loved. The single source of all love dwells within each of you, and the great God Father of us all, has multiplied his ministry to each and every soul, by providing angels, guides, teachers—and whole systems of beings, who are dedicated to the soul growth of human beings. We say it often; we say it almost every time that we meet with you, “You are not alone.” You can get this idea into your head, but to feel it in your heart, is what we ask you to attempt, to go for, to reach out for, in your own personal experience.

For this awareness of teamwork, beyond the purely human level gives you the ability to cooperate with us, more and more frequently in your life, for your benefit, and for the benefit of others. We do not chastise you; never is this method used. Within the forces of light, we encourage, we hope to motivate, and we express our gratitude for the earthly team members working with us. If it were not for the hands and hearts of human helpers, much celestial ministry would go unnoticed, unfulfilled. It is the human volunteers who work toward the advancement of civilization in cooperation with the celestial influences that makes the difference, the progressive leaps. We accomplish our goals only through willing souls, and we are glad and appreciative that you are among them, each of you.

We thank you for your attention today. I, Eregon, will retire. There are others who are willing to address this group. We ask you now to sit in silence, for a short moment, while you each listen and see if there is not some phrase or sentence that you may share with others that you are hearing. We would request that each of you share a bit of what you have experienced in the last few moments.

Student #1: Eregon, I’ve been listening very intently and hearing that this is a communal-type effort between man and the superhuman personalities, and I am just wondering, in the back of my mind, I think evolution is to take place real slowly. I am trying to put this together in my mind, whether there are specific projects, new concepts that we can come up with that we can work personally, with these superhuman personalities, and I would like to have your comments on this.

EREGON: One moment please. We wished to go around the circle, while people are still in touch with what they were feeling in the last few moments of silence, and then we can address your comment and question.

Student #2: I want to know what I can give personally, what each of us can do personally in regard to the Teaching Mission, to Monjoronson and Christ Michael. How can we best utilize our influence, how most specifically I am trying to listen—I’m not very good at it yet—more specifically to the Teaching Mission phases and the other beings that are mentioned, … just anything more specific that we could do, and maybe something we shouldn’t do. I am open to hearing any more suggestions. Thank you Jesus for being here.

Student #1: I’d like to comment on what I am feeling at this point. I have been feeling very, very at peace, my breathing seems to be extended somewhat. I must say that I feel a lot of hope.

EREGON: Thank you.

Student #3: I’m not hearing any words today, but I am sensing the intention. What I am feeling is a tremendous amount of light moving through my body, from my feet all the way up. It is very intense and . . . ? . . ., very . . . ? . . . my sense is that there is brain illumination going on, where they are creating space in my brain and I’m guessing that’s all of it—it might just be me—but I’m feeling that there is space being created in my head, and illumination of the brain—almost a rewiring of sorts. It feels really good, and when we get to questions, I have a question about that.

EREGON: Thank you for sharing.

Student #3:  I also feel that this space making, it’s flashes of light and pulsating energy. The message that I’m getting is that we need to—wherever we are—do what we can to connect with those around us.

EREGON: Thank you.

Student #3:  Maybe you’re blowing the cobwebs out of my brain, like the wind blowing through the trees.

EREGON: We have been attempting to enhance your spiritual perception. It is good feed-back for us, that you have experienced these things, and we wish you to take note of the different ways in which this same energy was perceived by each of you and described by each of you. This has been an exercise with a purpose, and it seems that both the questioners have been desirous of receiving specific suggestions for things or projects to which they might apply their energies. We draw your attention again to the noticeable fact of the differing ways in which you have perceived and received these energies, and we tell you that these energies will motivate you in different directions. It is not as simple as saying, “Build this dog house a certain way,” for each of you are inspired by the Spirit Within, and when these energies are enhanced, the responses are as individual as you are.

When you sit and spend time, bringing yourself into a spiritual state of mind, you might take note of some of the ideas that come to you either then or shortly after. We will help you with your spiritually motivated projects, and this is a good thing too, what we most wish to encourage today, was the creating of the awareness of the responses in the moment to things which are not planned projects and activities. We wish to help you create a greater awareness of opportunities. What you can do to create an ever, better world, is to be in a state of love in every moment that you can accomplish this, and out of this state of love, will grow ideas for team projects and works.

The individual responses in the moment, the choice to respond with loving kindness to your true brothers and sisters, all children of the same Divine Parents, this is what will create a difference in your world. So many are willing to respond from the lowest part of their being—your choosing to be one who responds from a higher part of self, the soul part, creates a difference in you, in the environment around you, in the people you work with, the organizations in which you participate. Consciousness is reality, children of light. Consciousness creates reality, both metaphysical and material.

Can enlightened beings continue to accept violence toward other persons, either formalized in war, or committed as crimes? Can enlightened beings stand by while millions starve and suffer from disease, because of uneven distribution of resources? Trust us on this: The projects will grow out of your enlightenment and your personal inner growth. What can you do? Pick a project; choose a purpose; dedicate yourself to a greater good and participate. You will find that not all those dedicated to group projects of progress and elimination of strife, are centered in their inner peace. If you can help them to become more perfectly centered, their projects will produce more peace. You do not have to be the project leader or inventor to become a great influence for good in everything you do. Can you trust that this is so? We are asking for a response from the questioners. Has this answer been helpful to you both?

Student #1: Yes.

EREGON: It is good then.

Student#2: It’s a relief that I don’t have to initiate a new, another project, just find one that speaks to the greater good and support it . . . ?. . . .

EREGON (?): Yes, you will find that even among many with projects to create peace and goodness and an end to starvation, there are souls who are caught up in angst about doing this—having a peaceful presence near them, will help them to stay on the track that will produce the most “good fruit,” if you will. Even those dedicated to peace can be distracted into fighting the forces of evil, and thereby pouring energy into strife, rather than into peacefulness and beauty and goodness. This is a concept that finds resonance in you.

So bring your enlightened souls to projects that can create good, but remember, the light that you bring is as important as the work that you do within these groups. In fact, it “is” the work that you do within these groups, and we wish you well in every endeavor. The more that you are able to interact with your brothers and sisters, in light, the more you multiply light, truth, beauty, and goodness on your planet. Whatever struggles you face personally, or as a planet, this light can be the answer to many questions, the solution to many struggles, for simply by bearing it where you go, you create an expansion of opportunities perceived and achievable. The focus and the light that you hold, in and of itself, expands the opportunities for goodness to be created. We tell you this for it is truth as real as water flowing down hill. Do not save up your enlightened moments by sitting in solitary meditation. Fill your souls and take your light everywhere you go. There is no separation between you and God—ever! My Lord, Michael, desires to send greeting and blessing.

CHRIST MICHAEL: It is I, Michael, Father, brother, Creator, friend. I extend my good wishes and my gratitude for your willingness to serve in our endeavors. You all know and understand that what the Creator wills, is. This is a statement without time constraints. Your cooperation with what the Creator wills creates time variation and waves of accomplishment. We tell you again, your willingness to cooperate with our projects is a vital factor in the journey toward light and life for your planet.

You can always be assured of my presence among you and with you. If you reach out for your spiritual resources, and you find that you do not feel them, rest assured, my spirit is always with each of you, and there is no one here who has not experienced that presence. My love for you is infinite; my ability to be with you is infinite; my companionship for each of you—you are truly walking your path here, among many spiritual companions—my presence pervades all.

I am always here for each of you, whether you recognize me as the person of Jesus or not. My presence is real, and it is personal—and it is always available. Doubt it not, for it is your salvation, to save you from loneliness, to save you from despair, to save you from times of discouragement, I am always here! And I love you—each of you individually, with a love greater than you have yet known in your experience. Feel it now, as I pour it into this sphere of light that you have created; soak up my love for yourselves.

There is one more thing I wish you to notice about this suffusion of energy and love: It is energizing. When you are tired, when you are worn, when you are weary, come again into my presence. By focusing your attention and awareness there, and I will again fill you with this loving energy, and it will overflow into the work you do. Spiritual energy affects the entire human system. My blessings be upon you.

Student #2: May I ask you a question?


Student: When spiritual energy has been so high, so intensified lately, how does one sleep? What can we do to still this when the physical body is getting worn out? I just want to be able to sleep at night.

CHRIST MICHAEL:   Your soul is aware that rest time is essential for your physical mechanism. When you wish to rest, it should be easy to accomplish. We do not perceive that you wish to turn off the energies, but simply to …it is our understanding that you do not wish to stop the flow of these energies, but simply to slow them enough that you may rest in deep peace. You do know how to achieve a meditative state; do you not find this effective as an entry state to your nightly rest?

Student: (Response was inaudible on the tape.)

CHRIST MICHAEL:   Then you may ask your teachers and your Spirit to tune you in to the energies of rest, to adjust those vibrations, vibratory streams, so that they bring you deep and lasting, peaceful rest. We know that this is necessary for you, and if you ask for help in achieving it, it will be so. We are also aware that these energies may be difficult for some to turn away from. Simply by creating a deeper and stronger intention for peaceful rest—resting in deep peace—you will find that your rest does become more peaceful.

You can tone these energies down with your intention. Knowing that your teachers can work with you in your dream state, remind your body that it does not need to be on alert during these times. Your soul can receive messages much better while your body is in a deep, deep rest. You have the right to this; it is good for you, and it is helpful to your overall purpose and intention for life. Asking your spiritual benefactors, and even myself, to help you attune to the vibrations of deep rest, can accomplish this goal for you. Is this helpful?

Student: Yes, it feels right on. Thank you.

EREGON (?): Now we wish to close, end our communication for today, for this circle. Again we remind you, you are never alone. You are loved in a divine way, beyond your comprehension in the moment, and more and more you will experience that this is so. It is our wish for you; it is our gift for you. Go in peace and go with great love. Thank you again, for your dedication in your continuing work, to bring about better times in the world in which you live.

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