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SCO38 – Riches of the Spirit

Eregon; Mary – Riches of the Spirit – June 7, 2008 – SCO #38

Southern Colorado TeaM, #38
Pueblo, Colorado

Teacher: Eregon & Mother Mary

Topics: Apply these lessons to your lives & relationships
True wealth, abundance and prosperity
Transcend fearfulness
Divine Directive to improve the planet & its beings
Q & A Discouragement of light workers
Message from Mary

TR: Jo Ann

June 7, 2008

EREGON: Welcome children of light. It is I, Eregon, your friendly, familiar teacher. Once again we meet in the midst of a beautiful day, and we thank you for coming and holding a space in your lives, to learn and discover with us the higher and better ways of living, even on the material planes.

We congratulate you on your continuing interest and dedication to the improvement, betterment, and enlightenment of your home planet. We ask you to attend these meetings, not only as listeners, but also as those who intend to be inspired to action in their own lives. To listen and to hear is good, but to act and apply is better. We ask you to accept these teachings in your hearts, but also we invite, encourage and challenge you to find ways to apply them in your lives, especially in the areas of relationships with others, for it is only with interacting with others that you really have the opportunity to demonstrate your own personal growth.

You can take our good news and our friendship into your heart, and into your mind, and yes, it does enrich you in a larger perspective of the universe, but until this confidence and trust of the friendly universe is shared through interaction with others, it is not truly realized in your thinking and feeling. So we ask, invite and even challenge ways to interact with your loved ones, family, friends, co-workers—even people you meet by chance in your day-to-day errand running—to apply these things, to enrich the lives of others, even in the smallest way, even by just a kind smile. These things have meaning and value; they are truly the currency of the universe, a currency that does not depreciate in times of trouble, but only continues to enrich, both you and those who receive it.

In the troubled times that you are now living in, these gestures become even more meaningful. When people all around you are stressed, feeling pressure and tension and fear, a smile, the warmth of meeting someone’s eyes and saying something encouraging, these things can be much more valuable than contributing a dollar or five dollars to some fund. When you are rich in spirit you have unlimited wealth, which is not depleted, but increased by sharing. And since these riches of the spirit are the true wealth, abundance and prosperity, it is good to know that you have an unlimited resource on which to draw and share. What a treasure chest! What a treasure you have!

The riches of the spirit never diminish. And when things seem worrisome, it is so good to immerse yourself in the spiritual abundance that nurtures the soul, makes the heart happy, ministers to the mind and culminates in the ability to find joy, even amidst the toughest of times. Is this not something valuable? Yes, we see that it is, and we hope that you will learn to apply this wealth with wisdom and grace, in friendship, in fellowship, in compassion and mercy. These qualities themselves are part of the abundance, which we are calling, “Riches of the Spirit, Wealth of the Spirit.” Your souls are hungry for such things. Take a moment now to search your memories for kindnesses received. Remember the feeling of how they affected you, the confidence of being loved, cared for and cherished.

In addition, know that every time you have received such a kindness that filled your soul to overflowing, you have also benefited the other by receiving graciously, for kindness, mercy, compassion and friendship are like hugs. Though there is a perceived giver and receiver, both people benefit, and you can trust that this is true, and you do not have to rely on trust, for you have your own experiences, which prove this to you.

We come here and meet with you to encourage you. We would love it, if in response to our teachings you find more and more joy in your life every day, more reasons to be happy, more reasons to celebrate spiritual reality being dominant over mind and matter. Bring your spiritual wealth with you, everywhere you go. You cannot fail if it is your intention to share it, and again you are blessed by the giving, as much as the other is blessed by their receiving.

You have an ever-renewable resource in the love of God that resides within your soul. You are assisted through your life by angelic companions. You acquire spiritual wealth by continuing to give. Is this not a marvelous paradox? We have spent some time on this topic before, but we have brought it to your attention again, in order to encourage you to look for the good, the bright, the beautiful in every facet and aspect of your lives. The joy that you feel welling up in appreciation is contagious, my friends. Be willing to spread it around.

If you sneeze and it blesses someone, would you not be willing to sneeze more frequently? So we are asking you to spread this contagious, joyful, thankful attitude, carrying love wherever you go. Truly try to be like your hero, Jesus, who went about “doing good,” whose watchword was, “Be of good cheer,” and again, “Fear not.” The example of this one person, who lived dedicated to creating an atmosphere of good cheer, joyful expectation, trust in a loving God, has effected millions and billions of people. One person, truly living according to these beliefs, in harmony with the Spirit within, can change the world. Imagine hundreds, thousands, truly adopting this program of contagious good will—do you see that you need not fear any material hardship? When this abundance of the spirit overflows all around you? There truly is no need and no reason to fear.

We have talked on the topic of fearlessness, prior to this and it is a theme that we will continue in our work with you. We are not simply talking about screwing up your courage to face whatever adversity may be around you; we are talking about transcending the attitude of fearfulness, and truly realizing that all is well, all is good, all is peaceful, all is trustworthy, when you depend on your spiritual sureties.

If you were sitting at the beach and digging in the sand, and the deeper the hole got, the more you became involved in it, until your entire perspective was filled with this hole in the wet sand. You seemed to have forgotten the people around you, the beautiful sunshine, the sound of the waves, the plants on the beach, little beach animal life of lizards and crabs and seashells, butterflies—and probably mosquitoes and flies too. This simple example serves to show how you can become so involved, so committed, so concerned with something right in front of you that you are creating yourself, that you neglect to see and perceive myriad types of beauty, an abundance of experiences all around you, that have not gone away, that have not disappeared, simply because you are looking into a hole in the sand.

So do not dig yourselves into holes of depression and fear, timidity, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, envy—you can use all of these tools to dig that hole—why not bury them in it? Cover the hole with sun-warmed sand, get up, and interact. Exclaim to your neighbor about the beauty of the day, the warmth of the sun, the gentleness of the breeze, the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, the patterns made by beach grass in the sand, the prints of birds across the sand as they walked. Find a thousand things to appreciate every day, and you will enrich your own experience by multiples!

We cannot, will not, arbitrarily change your life experiences, but we can and will definitely encourage you to change your minds, so that your experiences are experienced differently. We want for you to live your lives in joy, not simply because it give us good feedback about our work, but because more joy increases joy, multiplies joy, produces peace and we are under the direction of a Divine Directive to bring improvement to your planet and the people on it. This is our mandate; you are our volunteer helpers. The more of you that we can reach with encouragement to joy and peace, and happiness and love, the more quickly all of you—all of you—can live more joyful, peaceful lives. This is indeed our objective, to bring not only your lives, but also entire cultures into a higher functioning state of being, into a more close alignment with the Divine Plan.

Progress is our goal; progress, it brings you all closer to an age of light and life, bit-by-bit, heart-by-heart, person-by-person. Progress does not always have to do with increasing technology. Morality and ethics are places where your culture could benefit from progress. When people grow in spirit, in spiritual confidence, things begin to change in ways that are not technical. There is much improvement to be had; why wait? Why not improve yourself, your life, your friends, every chance you get? And you can create opportunities, if you feel you run out of them at home.

Are there questions this afternoon?

Student: Why are so many people, who are light workers, struggling right now? Struggling with peacefulness and …(inaudible)… finances? It seems to me with what we know about moving spirit …(inaudible)…?

EREGON: Why are so many light workers struggling? With things both attitudinally and worldly, is that your question?

Student: Yes.

EREGON: Light workers are not exempt from the material challenges of life, as you know. Maintaining an attitude that is productive and useful to others, is a beneficial thing to do, but again, even light workers are not exempt from being affected by their surroundings. Again the key is to center and focus within that spiritual reality that is a never-ending source of love and energy and supply.

Even those who are enlightened, for instance even your Mother Teresa, are subject to times of discouragement. This is not a failing; it would be a failing to continue in that state of mind. Both the object and the function of a light worker is to use these episodes to learn, to grow and to re-establish connection. No one can live a life on your world, especially in these times, without being challenged to maintain their peaceful state of mind. No matter how advanced they might be, perfection is a state, which you are working toward, and if you had a teacher who claimed it as their possession, would you not then become suspect of even that respected teacher?

None of you, children, are exempt from being effected by the things that go on in your lives, but the surety of your connection means that you can make these episodes shorter and shorter, as you grow in spirit, day-by-day and year-by-year. If you could be perfectly unaffected by everything around you, you might be considered aloof, disconnected, or even dissociative by your peers, and you might truly be in an unrealistic state of mind to be completely unaffected by everything around you, even your health. Even Jesus Christ suffered episodes of discouragement in his human mind, so again we reiterate, being one who is chosen to carry the torch and bear the light, does not exempt one from the challenges, difficulties, and yes, even sometimes the inner attitude of discouragement. But light workers know where to go to replace those attitudes, and again, the more often you are challenged in these ways, stronger becomes your connection, in the way of overcoming them. Is this an adequate answer?

Student: Yes.

EREGON: We would ask you now to sit a moment in silence, and for all of those here to listen within their own minds and souls, and to share the inspiration that you might feel you are receiving. Is there someone willing to share?

Student: I think I’m connecting with Mother Mary and she says that there is such an incredible radiation of love and beauty, here present today, and that each of us in our own way has been struggling with centering in that love. There’s been—not necessarily doubts, but disconnected times, and we are being encouraged to move into that peacefulness and that love, because that is why we are here, to radiate that love, to be in that love, no matter what it is that we have to be doing with our hands and feet. There’s an exquisite power behind this radiation of love. Move in it; move through it; act through it; speak through it; touch through it. That’s all I’m hearing.

EREGON: (Jo Ann): Anyone else? If there are no others willing to bring something to the table to share, then we will close our meeting and you can go to the other kind of table and share. Good day, friends, we love you!

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