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SCO41 – Nature of Loving Kindness – Uniqueness

Eregon; Nebadonia – Nature of Loving-Kindness; Uniqueness – Sept. 6, 2008 – SCO #41

Southern Colorado TeaM, #41
Pueblo, Colorado

Celestial Teachers: Eregon & the Divine Minister, Nebadonia

Topics: Nature of Loving Kindness
Enactment of goodness complements acquiring values
Kindness without expectations
Universal expansion of energy from acts of kindness
You cannot express this lesson in isolation
Q & A on techniques of sharing
Adjutant Mind Spirits
Unique nature of each individual

TR: Jo Ann

September 6, 2008

EREGON: Yes we are here; we are present with you, our young friends. This is Eregon and I am not alone. Here with me are others who have messages of comfort and friendship, and we have a lesson prepared on “The Nature of Loving- Kindness.” When we last met, we requested of your group to discover a project you might do together. We accept that this is not an easy task, given the nature of your group, however, we still encourage this action and we would wish to see your cooperate, doing even a “one time project.” Put some action behind your education here.

The enactment of goodness is the complement of learning and acquiring values. As you grow in your discovery of the nature of goodness, kindness, love and mercy, you are perforce motivated to enact these values in relation to persons with whom you live or work, or in other ways, cooperate. We have asked that you reach out, even beyond your individual circles to find a group intention, and we will continue to encourage this. We do not wish you to feel rushed or hurried as if there is an expiration date on this request, for there is not.

Loving-kindness is indeed our topic. This is a virtue it is easy to be spontaneous with. Loving-kindness overflows from a soul saturated in the love of the Father within. It is something that naturally you are inspired to offer to others because you receive so much love. As you feel that and fill your soul with it, you begin to exude an atmosphere of graciousness around you that culminates in acts of kindness, and these acts have no expectations of return, no measuring, no counting—they simply are. They are a part of you; they are a part of your growing personality expression, so we encourage you to not stifle these urges born of the spirit within.

It would be useful if, at the end of each day, you could account for at least one such offering to the universe, albeit bestowed on a human being. Within your realm of action and interaction, these offerings are definitely made to the universe at large. As you feel love from Divine Sources, and it overflows and waters the parched souls of your brethren, so this same thing occurs in their hearts and lives and minds. An act of kindness, even a small one, never ends in the moment it is given, just as a seed planted does not end in the moment it lands on the ground.

We have given much to you, in terms of information and inspiration. When we are here we also offer our love and kindness, for we do love you as relatives, as family. You know from your experience as parents that parental love is at least, on a human scale, unconditional. Your children may behave in ways that you cannot agree with or approve of, and yet you love their little souls and their growing nature. You understand that they have potential beyond what they perceive in themselves, as they are growing. This is the kind of loving relationship we have with you. We do understand and perceive potentials that you yourselves may be unaware of. We love you unconditionally because we see the Spirit of the Father active in each of you.

As your human natures become more attuned to this inner guidance, we see your lights shinning more brightly. We perceive your spirits to become more and more fully functional in the love of the Father, and this motivates us to extend more loving-kindness to you. A kindness is an act of love, and even as you are doing the every day things such as preparing meals, you can pour love into this very act, an energy of movement as you do this and it will increase in value of what you offer as food, because of the love poured into it, and there will be a richer sustenance.

We ask you to consider becoming more conscious of the things that you do even habitually, for example folding laundry with love, and as you do this, you can see your family dressed in a beautiful energy, as well as in clean clothing. It is a kind of mindfulness to make everything that you do, a prayer, a blessing, a kindness. We suggest this to you; we do not require it. We wish to have you enrich your own lives, as you become aware of the ways in which you can bless others by the very nature of this experience. You are very likely to become aware of more ways in which you are blessed.

Nothing asked of you by spirit—or suggested to you by your spiritual friends—is a single-pointed experience. All the suggestions we have made for assignments, to do in the world, are not merely an exercise of homework; they are truly little steps to begin changing the nature of experience. What you offer in the way of reality—true spirit reality—may begin with you, but takes on a life of its own, an energy of its own. It becomes part of a greater energy that truly as it grows, is akin to your “hundredth monkey” syndrome. Little bits of loving energy, passed about here and there, begin to affect the energy of entire areas, so we encourage you to be mindful, to be conscious, to consciously contribute to more experiences of loving-kindness. Offer them wherever and whenever you can. As you are aware of offering them, they become more meaningful than things you do out of habit. Even the things you must do habitually can very likely be done as a greater and prayerful service.

These are not the kinds of things you can do in isolation; there must be contact of some kind, with another person, for a kindness to be extended. You can enrich the contacts that you already have; you can extend yourself beyond those contacts. You can create more meaning in the casual kinds of contacts that you have. The ways to expand the Father’s reach into the hearts, minds, lives and experiences of his children are virtually limitless. We invite you to explore and expand your own experience as you do so.

Are there questions?

Student: What is the best way to let people know their relationship with God is the most important thing there is?

EREGON: The question assumes that there is “one best way.” As far as specific actions, or things to say, this is not a correct assumption. The best way is to come into that person’s perceptions and energies, and speak with them heart-to-heart about what is meaningful. The value of relationship with God is not something you can toss on someone’s doorstep like a newspaper, and expect it to make a difference, because this truly is the most meaningful thing in every life.

It doesn’t take much to convince people, but what is perhaps more of a challenge is getting those who do not already experience this in any way, to move into at least, openness toward the experience of the presence of God. Once they discover this nearness, this ever presence, this constant love, they themselves will discover how vital, meaningful it is in their lives. Sincerity, we would say, is a vital part of communication, such as you would like to have. When people discover that your life is full of joy and beauty and meaning, and a profound experience in the spirit, they may ask you to share what makes your life so beautiful. It is simply true that the very best way to illustrate the vital nature of the relationship with God is to be in close and loving contact with those with whom you wish to demonstrate this.

As is well known, spiritual experience cannot be given over to another, simply because you have it. The soul, to which you give this gift, must be yearning for it. As Jesus himself, said, “Why cast pearls before swine?” We do not wish to imply that any of your human brothers and sisters are swine, but simply, no matter how great the value of the gift, if it is unsought for and unappreciated, there is not much point in giving it. Jesus was a master at engaging people and bringing them into awareness of the presence of God, the Father, and his loving nature, and his constant presence within them. You might begin by studying the ways in which he engaged people so quickly, and brought them into deep and meaningful conversation, for it seems this is the kind of question you have: “How do you get to people’s spirits, to bring them into the presence of God?”

Again we reiterate, unless they are hungry for this experience, somewhere within their minds, it is unlikely that you can project it upon them and have them have that experience. When you come in contact with someone who is spiritually hungry, if you are spiritually attuned, you are likely to sense this in some way. You might ask your own spirit to be on the alert for others whose spirits are reaching out, looking and perhaps thereby bring yourself into contact more frequently, with those who are hungry, hungry in the spirit, willing to partake fully of such a satisfying relationship. Does this serve for today?

Student: Yes.

EREGON: This is Eregon. There is another here who wishes to address you today.

NEBADONIA: The sweetly loving presence enfolds you. Here is your Mother; it is I, Nebadonia. I enfold you, my children in my loving energy. I greet you with universal loving-kindness. It is my joy to enfold you, to feed your spiritual and energy selves, with my encompassing nature.

You have learned of my Adjutant Mind Spirits. Let us make a brief notation, concerning each of these, and I ask that as we do this, you allow it or invite it to be fully functional and active within your body, mind, and spirit systems. The first you know as:

  1. Intuition: And you understand it as your connection to certain things in the universe, the directions, magnetic poles, the instincts of animals, and even some in humans.
  2. Understanding: Creativity, the association of ideas; let these be full in you.
  3. Courage: Has many expressions in human life. Be willing to have this corrected, balanced, filled.
  4. Knowledge: What you know and understand determines how you relate to the world.
  5. Counsel: Communication, interaction. Let yours be sanctified, purified.
  6. Worship: The effortless attention stage of meditation and prayer. You simply are in the presence.
  7. Wisdom: Once you have experienced the presence of God in a worshipful situation, there is a geometric expansion of your awareness, a dimensional extension of your ability to perceive and understand how things work. You see the spiritual nature of all; your life is changed and forever growing in a more complete way.

My children, these gifts expressed through the Adjutant Mind Spirits, are individualized through your personalities. The way that each of you relate to the world, to the universe, is unique and you are designed so. The forces that interact with you may be universally applied, but their expression in time and space is unique through each human, through the personality, the soul, the action, and the life. Take pleasure, take joy, take consolation and comfort from the fact that even though our ministry seems so similarly universal, the expression of the spirit in each of you is so individual. I love you, my children, and I delight to see your Divine differences, and I would that all of you had a greater appreciation for the paradoxical nature of what I am discussing at this moment.

It is truly a beautiful thing for us to observe, and for you to have a greater appreciation of the individualized impetus to act on inspiration, would truly be a blessing, and would enrich your lives and the lives of others. The wonder of individuality: What a gift! While you are the same in so many ways—your circulatory systems, your bones, your nerves, your skin, digestive systems, the senses that you have—it is truly miraculous that yet you are all unique; you are each unique. I wish to inspire today appreciation for this factor. That is really the main thrust of my comment here, and I wish to say again that I love you, love to enfold you in my energy. Thank you for continuing to be spiritually driven individuals. Thank you for contributing to the greater good of the universe, by consciously expanding your awareness and creating for yourselves, more opportunities to do good. We all love you, my children. Good day.

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