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SCO43 – Economic Crash

Eregon; Michael – Economic Crash – Nov. 1, 2008 – SCO #43

Southern Colorado TeaM, #43
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon & Christ Michael

Topics: When all things earthly crash
Re-directing cataclysms
The poorest of the poor
Altruistic and noble causes
Repercussions of untrustworthy people
Challenges of reorganization
The factor of hope
Qualities that become more valuable as money is devalued
Michael’s words of comfort and encouragement

TR: JoAnn

November 1, 2008

EREGON: Dear ones, we are present. We know and perceive your souls within your physical forms. We see the light of Spirit in you, around and through you too. We perceive our oneness with you, through the energies of Father, Son and Spirit. We come to greet you; we come to meet with you; we come to teach you; we come to fellowship with you. We truly have a friendship and affection for you, that reaches through the barriers of time and space, into the arena in which your lives are performed and outworked. Your material forms are the vehicles through which you travel this mortal time/space framework. They are not the true reflection – their inner spirits bright burning, golden glowing, light of love – but they are the vehicles through which you must travel in this material and mortal realm. This is Eregon and there are others here. We greet you with glad tidings.

In our vast array of topics and lessons, we will present today something that we desire to be timely: This TR has said frequently to friends over the last few days, quoting Jesus, “To a God knowing Kingdom believer, what does it matter if all things earthly crash? There is the unassailable bastion, the citadel of the spirit, in which you may take refuge.” When you look around you now, you can observe what has been referred to as “re-directing cataclysms.” Be assured, they really are the framework to a higher and better way of living. The chaos that ensues as a result of financial attitudes and actions that are occurring now, truly is the scaffolding of a new and better way – at least [an] improved way – you are finding as a global people that you are united in this struggle.

And those of you who are affected only marginally, are also able to observe how these economies and their variations affect the poorest of the poor, who’s very lives depend on donations, made and given by those who have what is determined to be their own surpluses. Even when it is the richest of the rich who are losing the most in terms of dollars or dollar value, it is the poorest of the poor who truly suffer the most through these challenging times. Do you wonder what you can do to help them, when it is difficult to cover your own expenses from day-to-day, or month-to-month? We perceive that you still desire to reach out and donate to the charities, which you are committed to support, and have habitually supported.

We wish that we could fill your bank accounts, so that all those who are upstanding, altruistic and noble in their handling of surplus, would have surplus in these times, while those who are less than trustworthy, would have less and less with which to work and manipulate the lives and well-beings of others. You will see that as these things slowly work out, some of that effect will actualize. But we encourage you to continue to be altruistic and noble to causes, which need the support of volunteers, in order to continue.

As has been said before, giving from your plenty is good, but giving from your own needs produces an effect that is different within the giver. It is a more profound and noble type of gift, as in Jesus’ story of the widow’s mites. [The Urantia Book: Paper 172: 4.2] Sometimes a little, given with much devotion may somehow be made to go further on the receiving end as well, because of the love that is poured into the giving. Trust that this is so! A little given with great love actually does give more than the material part of the blessing. What a beautiful thing to contemplate now. Trust that we can deliver more than money, more than funds, when the gift is given with great, true, and noble devotions.

And for yourselves, how do you maintain inner peace, when your very ability to have a home may be threatened? If you had been lazy, if you had been irresponsible and had to face these consequences, perhaps you would learn to exercise better discretion and other qualities of character, through these threats. However, you see now that these things can affect even those who did not participate in irresponsibility or selfishness or greed. You have probably realized since childhood that the actions of a few untrustworthy people can have repercussions, which affect many who are trustworthy and responsible. Perhaps one of the challenges in reorganization is to see that those types of people and organizations do not have so much power. Free market capitalism may be a dirty-word phrase by the time your world has recovered from this series of events.

Every type of organization, be it a business, a church, a community government, a national government, financial institutions – all can be operated and organized with rules that can be interpreted either in a noble and idealistic way, or in a selfish, money-grabbing, low level interpretation. Can you force organizations to operate from the highest ideals of their rules? No, children, sadly you cannot. Think of the lesson from your Urantia Book: Jesus talking on the interpretation of even the golden rule, to where it may be interpreted in a base and far less than noble way, by one who’s heart and soul is less than noble.

People have believed that by creating rules and regulations, there would be a way to enforce honorable behavior, but honorable and moral behavior comes from an honorable and moral soul. Perhaps what is needed is more training in the home, in regards to nobility of purpose, commitment to goals and ideals, heartfelt sincerity and trustworthiness. When these values are instilled at an early age, before the age of 10, they are carried throughout the lifetime of the individual. Perhaps it would be good if much more attention were given to child training in these early phases. Still, you cannot control how everyone will teach their children, and there will always be those whose aberrant behavior affects the innocent around them. Your culture and your country, and your institutions will find and adapt more ways to reduce the effects that these kinds of individuals [and their] decisions and behaviors, can have on those around them who are not guilty of the same base motives and behaviors. This is an on-going process.

The institutions and regulations set in motion because of the Great Depression, beginning in 1929, the organizations created after the end of World War I, did not prevent another war. The things set in motion at the end of the Great Depression, did not prevent another financial calamity. The change must be in the hearts, souls and minds of the participants of a culture, and especially of those in power. The next great question might be; “How can it be created, that fewer and fewer of those with untrustworthy ends, disloyal and selfish motives, reach positions of power, whether it be in government, or in controlling the financial well-being of many, or the spiritual well-being of many?” Yes, even spiritual leaders are subject to the temptation of using their power for personal purposes.

Perhaps it would be good to set up training for those coming into any kind of power, from the level of city council to bank president, all the way up to those who participate in national and worldwide organizations of both government and trade. This would be a great challenge, to come to agreement on how to train these things into people’s agendas. It certainly would not be an easy thing for all to agree upon.

We love you, dear children; we stand by you as your comrades and companions, through your challenges, and we call out to the best that is noble, altruistic, faithful and hopeful in all of you, for as you have noticed while watching your stock market, the very factor of hope changes the economic reality of Wall Street. If you can see the effect of hope in such things, can you possibly doubt that it works in your own life as well, on a personal level? Do not neglect to be hopeful, happy, thankful and gracious. You will find that these qualities – mercy, kindness and friendliness, faithfulness, honesty, trustworthiness – become more and more apparently valuable as your money becomes less so.

Fear not for the true well-being of your souls, but trust the Spirit within to guide you; trust in the Holy Spirit to keep on saying, “This is the way.” The challenge of owning and possessing and caring for so many material items, may be lessened. You may find a lighter burden allows you to more easily come in touch and under the influence of what is truly real and good, to have in your lives. So fear not, and call out the noblest qualities of your soul. Remember that a cheerful heart does good like a medicine, and fill your heart with love and gratitude every day – even more than once a day – for even though you may have challenges, you are loved with an unbounded love. You are surrounded with forces that are dedicated to your good and your growth. The true meaning of these things is not how to hold onto your possessions during these struggles, but how to make a stronger connection with your spirit reality.

We would sit with you for a few moments, pouring peace into your circle, and we would like you to consciously focus on allowing it into your souls and minds. Now, children, another would address you with a brief message.

CHRIST MICHAEL: It is I, Christ Michael. My children fear not; be of good cheer, for your cheerfulness now is of greater value than when all is well. If you are faced with great challenges, be thankful and reach out for your non-material resources, which are always in abundance. You have friends, family and loved ones in physical forms and in spirit forms, around you and available to you at all times. You are never alone. The comfort of those who care for your well-being is always available. Avail yourselves of this great richness and resource.

My children, we love you! And though the material world may challenge your courage, let not your hearts be troubled, for what is true, beautiful and good can never be taken from you, can never be reduced in value, is always there when you need it, is always reliable and has the potential for infinite increase. The work we ask of you may not pay off in material bonuses, but it will surely sustain your soul and the souls of those around you.

We love you; we love you; we love you! Do be of good cheer and share this cheer as if there were an unending supply of it, for there is. My blessings upon you, my little children; I am with you always, and through the Spirit of Truth, my peace is always with you. Go in peace and go in joy. Bring the blessings of beauty appreciation to as many as you can. It is possible that you can drive the recovery of your economies with the beauty and strength of your spirits. What a grand experiment! Blessings, my children. Good day.

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