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SCO52 – Giving, Sharing and Receiving Gifts

2009-12-13  Eregon; Elowain-ha – Giving, Sharing & Receiving Gifts

– Dec. 13, 2009 – SCO #52

Southern Colorado TeaM, #52
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon and Elowain-ha

Topics: Spirit of giving, sharing and receiving gifts
Appreciate the value of the Spirit Within
Activating the divine potential
Seek enlightened living
Focus attention on personal and global intentions
Uplifting the consciousness of all humanity
Enrich your body, mind and spirit with positive emotions
Bring about better times for your planet
Take responsibility to act
Create networks to uplift the whole
Act upon your inspirations
Co-creating a better world

TR: Jo Ann

December 13, 2009

EREGON: We are with you, children of light, seekers of wisdom, activists for light, torchbearers, and heart singers. We welcome you as you welcome us to this sacred space, created with your intention and your energy. We delight to fellowship with you in this way. This is Eregon, and with me is Elowain-ha, also a teacher.

As you are approaching your holiday season, our lesson tonight is on the spirit of giving and sharing and receiving. We come to you with joyful anticipation, much as you go into your gift-giving circles in times of sharing with your loved ones in this holiday season. We come to you with the delight of sharing something we love to give and to share with you. It is the presence and love of our Grandparent, the Spirit Within that unites us all in every type of family gathering. We are ONE with the great Source and Center of all. There are so many gifts in this relationship: such an astonishing potential for growth, goodness, perception. We truly delight to be able to contact with you in this way, to see your brightly burning spirits, hungry for spiritual connections, and we assure you that we also crave this kind of connection with you, not simply for the beauty of relationship, but because it becomes a part of the greater good for each of us to be more strongly linked with that spirit within, which guides us through life, and through the lives beyond this life.

You have—each of you—such a great gift within you. It is a rare human indeed, who appreciates the value, and places this relationship in a deservedly prominent point in their lives, where they are never unaware of this divine presence and guide. This spirit within is a gift of such astonishing proportions, dimensions and possibilities, and it is truly impossible for you to completely understand and appreciate what you have as a resource in your every moment, of every day of your lives. The Divine truly looks out through your eyes, perceives the world through your mind, and seeks to teach you the most ideal use you can make of your talents, your skills and your experience. It is merely a matter of seeking, of desiring on your part, to activate the divine potential in every area and aspect of your life, be it your work, your family, your home, your future directions, all your friendships, and even the rescue of relationships that seem less than fulfilling. Yes, you can even learn to appreciate certain aspects of relationships that you have left behind, because they hurt or were damaging to you. Everything—every event, every potential, every possibility—has a divine potential and possibility, as well as what you see in front of you in the material world.

When you learn to create the habit of seeking this, at every noticeable choice-point, you are living an enlightened life. Is enlightened living what you seek? What you yearn for, to move along the perfected path of wisdom, each step of the way? To feel the divine presence every time you shake a hand, see it when you look into every one’s eyes? This is truly “the gift that keeps on giving,” children. Have you sought out ways to make this more real, more meaningful, and more noticeable in your lives? Can you imagine becoming more aware in this way? We do not wish in any way to discount the efforts that each of you has made to grow spiritually in this life, but we can assure you there is no end to the progress you can continue to make. There is no human living that does not have room to grow even greater awareness.

It is awareness, focus and attention that determine your experience, moment-by-moment, day-by-day and year-by-year, as you progress through your material life span. Even when you are not consciously aware of it, it is you who is choosing where to place your attention, and it is the placement of attention that determines the nature of your experience.

You hear the expression, “Joy to the World,” “Tidings of Comfort and Joy,” “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men”—this is what your celestial benefactors are willing and able to provide for you, and it is through your willing cooperation and your focus of attention that these things are achieved; achieved on a personal level, all the way to a global level. It is the joy and the peace and the love and goodwill in the heart of each and every human being, that creates a network that uplifts the consciousness of all humanity. And while there is no such thing as too much of these good things, we are still able to assure you that every instant you live in joy, peace, harmony, love and goodwill, you are enriching the lives of those around you, and more.

Will you choose again today, tomorrow, the next day, and every day, to assist us in bringing your planet to higher levels of awareness, by increasing your own, and at the same time, enjoy the gift of focusing your attention on love, peace, joy, harmony and goodwill? You are worthy of it; you deserve to have this enriched experience. We long to take your spiritual hand and walk with you on the path, and point out the beauty of sparkling flowers and dewdrops of spiritual attunement; the shining stars, the precious relationships and their moments of friendship. You have available a wealth and grandeur, truly beyond your capacity to imagine in most cases. What we are saying in essence is: Choose, again and again to enjoy, to live in joy. There is no harm in such spiritual optimism, and why not enrich your body, mind and spirit, with the positive emotions, feelings, and yes, even the hormonal responses that come from feeling good. We say again, you deserve it; you were created to enjoy it and to sustain it.

If there is one among you who is willing, we would ask you to make a personal commitment to consciously—at least once daily—find something to be joyful about. Perhaps many of you are willing to make a personal commitment to find joy on a daily basis. It could be profound or simple joy—a baby’s smile, a memory of a kiss, gratitude for the depths of meditation—this is a gift we would like to give you with this challenge, this question that we say is a gift you will give yourself as well, and the universe too.

We would ask at this time that you take a moment to be in silence and search your awareness, even in this moment, for something that either now or in the past, gives you joy. We thank you for participating in feeling joy.

Treat your planet with loving kindness, by giving loving kindness to all those around you. In every instance that you can do this, you are helping to create a sustainable future. Thank you for gathering and listening. This is Eregon. There is another here.

ELOWAIN-HA: This is Elowain-ha. I have long been present here, observing the progressive struggles through many generations. I wish also to encourage you in your idealistic endeavors to bring about better times for your planet, each of you in the way you are drawn to do. There is no part too small to be done poorly. Every part makes a difference for the whole. We do so dearly love you all, and though we cannot do all things for you, we are willing to assist in many directions.

You face many challenges, individually and globally. Consciousness and awareness are changing. The consciousness of humanity continues to be uplifted at a greater rate than it has in past generations. You are part of this swelling tide. It is good that humanity understands the things that are happening now are not punishments from God, but are a result in part of the way that you, as a race, have lived on your world for the last several hundred years.

It is good that you understand—many of you—that responsibility must be taken to act, to create new ways of being, even if these things are not agreed about globally and acted on globally, small pockets of aware and activist individuals again create a network that begins to uplift the whole. There is no part too small to play well. There is no thing that you are inspired to do that is too little. Every bit counts, and every bit done with spiritual intention and sincerity of desire is enlarged and enriched by your spiritual benefactors. We urge you to trust that this is so, and continue to pour your hearts and souls into those things that you know and feel you can do, to make things better in all kinds of ways, from the most mundane and material, to the most ideal and spiritual. Act upon your inspirations. We do so love to see this because it is the opening into your world, where our actions can enrich those of the human ideals and create something even better.

We encourage you, we thank you, we appreciate you, and we love to work with you—co-creation is what we call it—and we love the souls that participate in such actions. Thank you and blessings on all your holiday gatherings. Thank you for being with us this evening; you are well loved. Good evening.

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