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POC25.1- Three Areas of Evil

1992-07-19-Three Areas of Evil
Pocatello POC #25.1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Three Areas of Evil
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Bob S.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Evil
 3.2.2 Sin
 3.2.3 Iniquity
 3.2.4 Progress
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Tradition
 3.3.2 AIDS
 3.3.3 Christianity
 3.3.4 Compassion
 3.3.5 Ascension
 3.3.6 Error
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Three Areas of Evil
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel
TR: Bob S.


Opening Prayer: Invocational prayer followed by Prayer of St. Francis in unison

DANIEL: “Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. I have enjoyed being here with you this last hour or so and hearing your conversation. It is this exact aspect of you working through these temporal questions that you must do throughout life. We are a small group this evening. I send my love to you and our friends who are not with us this evening.


DANIEL:  Today’s lesson will center upon the aspect of the three areas of evil. First, of course, there is that which is the natural part of the unfoldment of life, the general evil. There is, also sin, and there is, also, iniquity. Let us look at the first aspect.


DANIEL:  Because you are ascending beings, because you have not been created perfect, because you are endowed with your free will choice in all aspects of life, there will be this natural term, this natural aspect of evil. Evil, in and of itself, will, over time, be alleviated, will be rectified. Evil occurs on a planet where there are those who are not knowledgeable, those who are immature in their spiritual growth as well as in their human growth. Evil occurs in that realm of not knowing. Through your innocence there can come about evil. And know that one should categorize themselves as not being evil for evil’s sake, but that evil is a part of your being; that in order for there to be the perfect sphere on one end, there must be the imperfect on the other.

For there to be growth there must also be the opposite of it, regression. In order for there to be good there is always the other side, that of being evil. So inherent in your own being is this capacity for evil. Do not get stuck in this realm of thinking that you are evil. Rather understand that it is a part of you, but you, because you are an ascending mortal, can ascend beyond the evil that is inherent. Many, in fact most of the times in your life when you have felt disharmony, have felt guilt, have felt you have been in wrongdoing, stems from this level of your not being able to understand, not being able to transcend your humanness.

It is in your ability to understand that when you err, that it can be and already is forgiven, that you must in turn forgive yourself and do what you can to rectify any of this wrongdoing, this evil that has transpired. So in your desire to follow the Father, the First Source and Center, you put forth a covenant with Him that you will strive to ever be on this plane of ascension; that you will work for not only human enlightenment, but also spiritual enlightenment. All of you have within you this wonderful aspect of being able to continue, to keep moving forward despite the outward appearance, despite the calamities of the activities of daily life.

So I admonish you to look at yourselves and continue to do those thing which cause you to ever move forward. Stagnation is a plane which, on occasion, is OK, but to remain there does not forward growth, and remaining there can, over time, cause one to regress.


Sin is different from evil in that it is a deliberate attempt to do evil, that which you are knowledgeable about as being evil. Yet [when] you continue to manifest this in your life, you are, therefore, sinning. Often it can be easily rectified. Often these kinds of errors need for you to also further your knowledge about why you continue along this path. What is it that you are gaining from following this path? You see, in your ascension to know and do the Father’s will, you are striving to be like Him. You, the ascending mortal, you are moving to more God-consciousness, and to remain in sin through your own willingness, does not give you those tools that will keep you moving.

The more you can understand who you are in your human realm, the more you will be able to grow in your spiritual realm. When you are caught up in error and sin you are running and hiding from something within your physical realm, or you may also be running from that spiritual reality that you have. You are somehow denying it. So, again, look to who you are! Search for the purpose and meaning of life! When this is within your clarity, within your realm of understanding, you will quickly shed the shackles of your sinfulness, and again be on a right path.


Iniquity is that very, very willful and deliberate attempt to bring about evil, to bring about sin in this life. It is one’s attempt to completely deny his ascension, to completely deny light. It is those beings, those ascending mortals who would rather snuff out the lights of the world for darkness, that fall in the path of iniquity. I am most confident that you sitting here today would have a very difficult time following this path. For you see, you have transcended, you have within your faith/bond with the Father, the First Source and Center, already come to an understanding of your divine nature; that the human aspect that you are now a part of is only temporary.

The biggest errors that are primarily made by you are those of lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, lack of compassion, lack of not wanting to move forward, of being in a state of ‘I’m OK where I am; don’t push me any further’. The path to the First Source and Center is not an easy path. There may be times of rest, but most of the time it is a state of learning and growing, and learning and growing, and becoming.
This area of evil, sin and iniquity is not one that is easily spoken of. For it is one that can, if not understood by individuals bring them into despair, into feelings of guilt, into a self made prison. I speak about it today as a way to help you to see, to grow, to look at your own life; that those areas where you need to grow the most, you can seek to grow there.


Look not upon yourselves as sinners, as those who have fallen from perfection. Rather, see yourselves as ascending mortals, growing to perfection. Never let yourselves be caught up in this aspect of wrongdoing: that you should feel that because you have erred, you are worthless. For the news that Christ Michael brought was to let everyone know that part of life will be those times when you err. It is when you can turn the error into experience that will propel you to further growth, that you will learn, that you will be made stronger because of the error. Do not imprison yourself if you have erred.

Use it as a opportunity to see with more clarity, to rectify and move forward, always knowing that you have within you the love of the Indwelling Spirit, that you have within you the capability of always being able to move forward; that since Christ Michael’s day you also have the Spirit of Truth working throughout the land and in you. Know that you are part of a grand scheme that is built upon love and mercy. And it is through your giving of love and being merciful to others that you really begin to experience and understand with divine clarity.

The First Source and Center, because of His vast knowledge, His mercifulness and His love has given you, His children, those opportunities for you to move in an upward and outward direction. Always, always be mindful of His love, His mercy, and in your relationship with others also show love and mercy and compassion. I will now accept questions.”


K3: “Good evening, Daniel. I send my love. It’s nice to be back. We have a visitor from the Corvallis study group with us tonight, C6. She is a long time reader. And we would like you to welcome her.”

DANIEL: : “Yes. And welcome C6. I am pleased you have taken these teachings to heart in such a wonderful manner that you would take part of your travel time to be with us this evening. Welcome, and continue your outpouring of love help and giving to others. I welcome you.”

V1: “Good evening, Daniel. This is V1.”

Daniel: “Hello.”


V1: “Last week I failed to tell you how much I missed you two weeks ago and I really appreciate all the lessons you give. And I think tonight it was really scary for me, because of, of well, original sin! The doctrine itself has caused so much pain and separation. I think not just from God, but family roots and from other people. And it is so wonderful, and I thank you for your encouraging comments, the God that is, is so much greater than this doctrine of sin. This morning I thought about this when I was reading Montessori again(sorry about that). But she said that one of the things that parents do that is so detrimental and causes so many problems is this very doctrine.

She didn’t use these words, but I thought of that. Because we are so concerned this child, you know, I’m looking at myself, and seeing them as imperfect, that we have to make them ‘right’ for God. So this really, really touches me because certainly that’s on the level of error, of evil and mistakes. And it is something that the churches have taught forever! And I don’t know how long you have been with me, Daniel, but my father said that my bladder was too close to my eyes(uproarious laughter)..but this is really a scary topic to me because the doctrine that is so believed by human beings is so destructive, so . ..I guess I have said what I wanted to say…but I really appreciate your messages and I’m so grateful that the Thought Adjuster, my Indwelling Spirit, has continued to pull me in the direction of God.

And I just want to say thank you for all you have given me and for your encouragement that none of us are iniquitous. I appreciate that, very much.”

DANIEL: : “Well understood, V1. And your emotions fill me, even though you can laugh at your considering this to be a bad trait. When you can see who you are and laugh, then you know you are all right; that this is part of self knowledge. And I think back to my own ascension in your phrase of your eyes being too close to your bladder. This is a wonderful analogy. I appreciate it. And let us talk now about this big picture; that part of my giving this message tonight was given with much forethought and worry that many would take these messages incorrectly; that when one begins to talk about the evil in the world, that one can bring forth much pain, can bring forth ideas that are not correct, that are erroneous.

And part of the big endeavor for this mission is for there to be an understanding regarding this ‘original sin’; that it is through these very concepts of trying to understand God that man has throughout the ages, under every type of disguise, every type of understanding, tried to, in his own way come to grips with this concept of God. And it becomes so imperative that those who are raising children be taught that that which they give their children at very early ages reflects in their life always; that even though many, many parents, many religions, bring forth guidelines in the hope of trying to help others, often times, [they] do just the opposite.

When one can begin teaching the fruits of the Spirit as being the guidelines of doing, and going out and being a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of man, of giving of one’s self; that when this is the method that is taught, no longer can the dark, gripping, fear binding aspects associated with much of the realm of God be anymore of account. For you cannot understand, know, or feel a part of God’s love if the God of your childhood is one that is manifested as fear, always standing over you. It is when you can get rid of this notion, that you are free. And it is when you can instill the true Kingdom of the Father in the children, will there be brought about radical change.

And again, one cannot judge or condemn. For many, many, only fall in this category of evil, of instilling these kinds of concepts out of their own lack of knowledge. My dear students, the ability of man to learn is one that you should value! For in your reaching and striving to know, you bring about much change, a better life, a better understanding. And with each successive generation there has been a greater flow toward the good. And while it is not always able to be seen in your day to day life, know in the overall picture, this has been a time proven aspect; that there must be forward motion. As more and more people are brought into enlightenment, then the dark hole of ‘original sin’ will fall to the wayside. It will take much time, but it will occur. And you, my friends, can begin now with spreading those seeds to help others in this regard. Has this been helpful?”

V1: “Yes, thank you Daniel.”

B1: “Hello, Daniel.”

DANIEL: : “Hello.”

B1: “I was earlier thinking, ‘I’m going to say that Daniel sounds like a hell fire and brimstone preacher’, and then you said you were nervous about the topic and how we would react. I want you to understand if you were reading my mind at that point.. I wasn’t serious. I was joking…because”(laughter)

DANIEL: : “Understood. I understand that about most of you, that you have many thoughts. They only bring forth amusement on my end.”

B1: “OK, good. That could get me off on a diversion as to the thoughts that I think sometimes about you teachers, but…you understand that they are always, they are not bad thoughts..I joke about these.(Much laughter and commentary from group).”

DANIEL: : “They are usually generated in love.”

B1: “Usually, yes, usually..that’s right.(more laughter)..but what I wanted to tell you was, (and you probably already know this so maybe I am telling everyone also here)…one of the things about the Urantia Book that so excited me when reading it, and you now have clearly elaborated on it.. is a different understanding of sin and evil than that of traditional Christianity or other world religions.

My question then,…and this is how I understand the Urantia Book..and I want to know if you agree or if I have it right…I have a sense that there is a qualitative difference between evil, sin, and iniquity, rather than that that is a thing along on a continuum. What I mean is, with evil, this is error and mistakes and lack of knowledge and etc. With sin there is a definite awareness that something is wrong, but you choose to do it anyway. And then with iniquity in the Urantia Book it is a hard, locked in kind of sinning that goes on and on. To me those seem to be not on a continuum. It’s like there is a qualitative difference. And I right about that part?”

DANIEL: : “Yes, and you are right in most degrees in this area. What you must realize is that if, over time, one never tries to move forward, never tries to rectify, learn, to grow, that there becomes, then, this evermore ability to be sinful; that when you remain in stagnation, the forces that are in this world, the undoing of man of free choice, are ever available for those who remain stagnant to regress dramatically, which can, in many respects, lead to willful sin. Do you see?”

B1: “So not progressing..let me see if I understand you…so not progressing is almost tantamount over any period of time, or over a certain period of time to going backward then. This is what you said, right?”

DANIEL: : “Yes, this is most likely to occur.”

B1: “You, also, said earlier, however, that we might stagnate briefly. I don’t know if you meant by that, rest, or get lazy temporarily..did I get that right? What did you mean by that?”

DANIEL: : “Yes. In your ascension, in your life, there will be those times where you must take a breather; that you need not be continually in full motion. Take a little time to digest and understand what you have become before you take your next step. This is what I was referring to.”

B1: “Well back to the question of qualitative verses quantitative. There is a qualitative difference; but you are saying that evil can slide into sin if there isn’t a forward motion. Is that correct?”

DANIEL: : “Yes, yes.”

B1: “OK. Well I think that has clarified that very well for me, Daniel. I appreciate your input.”

DANIEL: : “You are most welcome.”

B3: “Hi, Daniel. This is B3.”

DANIEL: : “Hello.”


B3: “I have just read that section in part IV of the Urantia Book where Christ talks to His disciples about evil, sin, and iniquity. And I had a lot of questions as I suspect you already know. So I appreciate the lesson tonight. It was right on the mark for me as it always is, and I want to thank you for that. My question is about the AIDS epidemic. We are not making any progress on this side. Is there anything you can report on the work on your side, any progress to report at this point?”

DANIEL: : “Of course there is being work done, groundwork being laid out to help to rectify this great injustice, this calamity to Urantia. The biggest and most helpful aspect that you as mortals can do in this regard is through education to help those brother and sisters who are not aware of this great evil, as to the means of protection, to help retard its growth. And this is being done in many countries now; that many of the third world countries are getting on board, so to speak, in helping to educate the populace about the spread of this disease. And as I have said, there are things being done to help bring forth a cure. In the mean time, you cannot sit back and wait for a cure to happen. Knowledge of all things will bring forth growth and progress. Education is essential. Is this helpful?”

B3: “Yes, I fully understand that. I’m not very optimistic, I’m sorry to say. I work with young people all the time. They just don’t get it, I’m sorry to say. Our teenagers and young adults, I’m afraid if this gets loose, they are going to be devastated because they, they uh…well I don’t need to tell you this, you all know what teenagers are like! So I’m preaching to those who know. So I’m really not very optimistic. Is there anything we can do besides information, which I think most people know. Is there any wisdom there that you could pass on that would help us help others in this regard?”

DANIEL: : “There is often a big difference helping people through education and really allowing them to really know. And you see, those who will listen, will glean knowledge, and those who already know it all (as many teenagers do), will unfortunately, learn through experience, which can be, of course, fatal. If there can be some way that the experiences of others who are already gone past the mark, if these people can be the ones that can be part of the education, then there can be more progress. And I think in the terms of teenagers that it is peers, other teenagers, who can speak to them best.

And in your own lives, if you will daily put out and seek God’s guidance in this, to put out into the collective [consciousness] of mankind those thoughts for guidance for all, for guidance for finding a cure, guidance for helping educate about AIDS and guidance for those who are trying to decide in their lives will take the higher path, will look to who they are, that they will seek for higher paths. This subject is one that, because it is so uncertain, because you are working with free will creatures, brings forth much unknowing.

You see, it all stems back to greater problems within society; that there really does need to be a revamping of so many aspects; that when you as ascending mortals can truly understand that in order for there to be true freedom, true liberty, there must be, also, true discipline. There must, also, be responsibility and accountability. The license of liberty is not really understood by most. And this should be, perhaps, a lesson it itself at a future date. Know that through your prayers, through your outward working in your relationships with others, that you can bring about some change and this is part of total change. Every little step brings forth another step. Is this helping?”

B3: “Very much so. Thank you.”

C2: “Daniel. This is C2.”

DANIEL: : “Hello.”


C2: “I’m sitting here with a variety of emotions in regard to the whole notion of the doctrine of original sin. I guess I feel very blessed that I have been forever in the church but not yet ever been taught that I was evil to begin with. And so I get very defensive when I hear collectively that the churches have done this. It feels to me as if we are ‘church bashing’, and that is difficult for me because the church is one of my major commitments. And one of the reasons it is my major commitment is because somewhere through the grace of God the Urantia principles have been working a long time, because every single one of my teachers from the time I have been involved in the institutional church has not ever given me that doctrine.

And I am not alone. I am incensed by those institutions that have put that forth and I am incensed by the effects that this has had on so many people. But I am also, (the word is not incensed), but equally passionate when I hear the church being spoken of collectively and stereotypically. And I don’t know what to do about that! Except to just feel!”

DANIEL: : “Yes. And please understand that I personally am not trying to judge any institutions; that what you say is very true; that there are through many churches many people being nourished, many people understanding the Kingdom, many people knowing of the love that comes from the Father. There is in all areas always two sides to every story; that even the concept of God, Himself, Herself, you see. All thing have double, dual outlooks; that whatever you are raised with from your beginnings, this is predominantly the way you view life. And those people who are so fortunate to have the beginnings like you, to have had the nourishment that you have had are freed in many regards. For you can begin your ascension and know the love of the Father.

You do not have to backtrack as many have had to, to come to terms with a God and father figure that to them did not provide love and nourishment. It is not only the churches, but often parents that do this as well. So my words to you are this: to continue with your ministry, to nourish, to shed light, and know that over time the misconceptions that have been brought into the churches will be laid aside, will be rectified. Know personally that I am not here to do ‘church bashing’ or ‘people bashing’; that I am here to explain and tell things as they appear, as they are in general. Happy are those in your realm that have been nourished!

And this evening, you brought to the attention of the group a paper that went to the pastors in your church that had Urantia backing. Through this, and many avenues will there be more seeds sown, that part of the collective will be the truth and the actual words that Christ Michael brought regarding the Father and His Kingdom. Continue on your beautiful ministry and know that you are all loved, you are looked upon as teachers to others. Is this helpful?”


C2: “Yes, thank you Daniel. I too believe that God, in spite of ourselves as mortal, that God’s will and God’s grace, the help of teachers, and ministry to each other, will certainly alleviate the issue. I guess I would just like to ask that when members of the group are saying….that they might like to say, ‘my church’ or ‘my family’ because my church is my family or part of that and it didn’t do that!! So I would like to be a little more specific as we identify those kinds of things.”

DANIEL: : “Yes, and this is a good point for all to remember, that when we speak, we must be mindful of the feelings and the understandings of others. It would do us good, us well always, to say, ‘my experience has been this’. And C2 know that often times when people speak of the church or whatever, they are not doing it to really offend someone else, but that they come from their own pain and experiences, their own joys and knowledge. And they are in error of lack of compassion.

Compassion for others is one virtue that is always needing to be addressed, always needing to be broadened and expanded. We, even on my ascension, have always had to, have always been a part of growing and learning and becoming. And on this very first plane, you are beginning to see the beginning steps necessary to become a full citizen on Paradise Isle. Is this more helpful?”

C2: “Yes. And I want to say to you and also because I am speaking to the members of this family that I do understand that that is unintentional, that that is an error, as any of us tend to generalize by virtue of our own experience. So therefor it is very easy for me, if the word is forgive, overlook, or whatever the appropriate sentiment is, in love. But also, I work very hard so that I don’t do that, that I am accountable. And I tried to move my conversations among people to be inclusive and not stereotypical or general and so own my own. I guess that is where my passion comes from and it is very easy for me to say, ‘those people’ or ‘us’ and speak collectively in ways that are not helpful. Thank you.”

DANIEL: : “Thank you C2 for being a teacher, a reminder for us all. We love you.”

C2: “And I love you and every one of us.”


N1: “Daniel. I still have some confusion about original sin. And certainly when the topic came up tonight my emotional reaction was very similar to my mother’s. I think it has perhaps been clarified as I was thinking about what evil was and then…I guess, first of all, I would like clarification on evil. Is evil making mistakes, making errors. What is evil? When I hear the word evil I get this overwhelming sense of horribleness which I think is mixed into this idea of original sin. And when the discussion was occurring between you and mom,

I was not sure if you didn’t leave it saying that original sin is a part of who we are, but somehow many churches have used that doctrine incorrectly. I heard you say that we do have the capacity for evil and I guess I would like to understand what you mean by evil. I prefer the concept of original blessing that we were created perfect and beautiful in the image of God, not that we are created evil. So could you address that, please!”

DANIEL: : “All mortals are created with potential actualities. You have the potential for good; you have the potential for evil. Evil, as I spoke tonight in the context of evil, sin, and iniquity, is to establish the fact that most of the times in many lives, those times when you are out of harmony, you have erred. You have done so in the pretext of evil because of your lack of knowledge, because of your lack of understanding or the like, or because of just mistakes made. When one speaks of ‘original sin’ in the context that original sin is the stain, the mark put upon man by his birthright, his inheritance, that this is a man made dogma; that because of the ‘fall’ of Adam that is brought forth in Christian thought, that you are a person, an ascending being who has therefore got ‘original sin’. This is not valid!

You are born an ascending mortal who is reaching toward perfection, who strives to reach God-consciousness, who strives to become more God like in your ascent. As an ascending mortal you have duality. You have your divine-ness and your humanness which are ever in flux with one another, merging, departing, merging. And with all of this, there is forward motion when you are attempting to ascend, to be in a God-like mode. No matter what path you take, no matter what religion you may be in, whether you are even one who claims to be an ‘atheist’, you are always capable of making a choice. But you were not born with the ‘mark of sin’ on you!

Those who come into this notion always feel a sense of guilt, always feel that the God they are ascending to is one who ‘watches over them’ one who carries a big stick. Let go of this notion. Know for a fact that God is a loving, merciful God, who desires for each of His children to move forward, to experience the joy of love, the joy of being part of His family! And in all families there will always be the ups and downs, the ins and outs, but you are still family; there is still love; there is still progress and you move forward. Is this helpful?”


N1: “Yes, Daniel. That is helpful. I appreciate that. I have one further question. The Course in Miracles has taught that there isn’t sin, there is only errors in perception. There is either a call for love or an offering of love that is misperceived. I think it is a semantic thing here in the sense that what it’s really getting after is what the essence of God is like. Often in the traditional sense of the word sin, is the idea that it is irrevocable. There is heavy guilt and it cannot be forgiven and looked beyond.

And I am wondering if my understandings of the two, of what you talked about tonight with evil, sin, and iniquity, if that could be fit into that understanding from a Course in Miracles, that there is a problem in perception in not seeing the call for love, the calling for love? Could you comment on that?”

DANIEL: : “You see, when Urantians can be of like communication, then the semantics and the various things that bring misunderstanding will be alleviated. And yes, partly what you say can be used with what I spoke about tonight. However, one must always realize that there is forgiveness always; that the First Source and Center has already forgiven any evil, any sin, or even iniquity, if you, yourself can forgive, and if you, yourself choose to change or move forward, to be willing to ascend; that forgiveness is an essential part of the First Source and Center; that for Urantians to understand this concept would bring about much enlightenment for many. Do you see?”

N1: “Yes, Daniel. I do. Let me, if I can, push it just a little further. The Course in Miracles says that there is no sin, there is only error. In many ways, then, error is on the part of the individual who is not choosing to follow their ascension career, is turning away from that spiritual love, or in the sense of sin as you talked about it, it is an error and it is correctable because the will creature can at any time change and choose to follow the love of the loving Parent. Is that correct?”

DANIEL: : “Yes, it is correct in the fact that because of free will choice, that even those who commit the most horrendous deeds can always fall back into grace, can always become one with the Father; that there is much time given for those who err, those who sin, those who are iniquitous to either continue in this mode, in this thought, or to come around and follow the First Source and Center. Yes.”

N1: “Thank you Daniel. I have been wanting to clarify that for some time and I appreciate it.”

DANIEL: : “You are welcome. I will accept one more question.”

C6: “I’m wanting to know what it is that I or my group in Oregon can do to help facilitate our getting a teacher?”

DANIEL: : “Your desire to get a teacher has been noted. To build your foundation, to take the lessons that you receive from other teachers to heart, to be open, to be willing to grow and to change; these are the prerequisites. Your comments have been noted and we will work towards this end.”

C6: “Thank you.”


DANIEL: : “My dear friends, I leave you this evening with the desire for you to turn your doubts into those things which will bring you on higher ground; to turn your fears over, to lay them aside; to feel the love of the First Source and Center; to feel love of your brothers and sisters and to give it out to others. My peace and love go with you this evening.”

Group: “Thank you. Good night.”

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