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SPK10- Enjoy Your Humanity

1994-01-14-Enjoy Your Humanity
Spokane #10


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Enjoy Your Humanity
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Joy, Humanity
 3.1.2 Action, Moment
 3.1.3 Self Esteem
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Enjoy Your Humanity
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Simeon

Joy, Humanity

AARON: My wish is to impart to you to be as human as you can, to experience this side, to feel yourself grounded. Lavish in the human things that bring you pleasure, such as going for a walk in the snow and feeling it crunch under your feet. To not let these things pass you by while you are concerning yourself with flying, for there are so many things of this nature to be experienced while you are on your planet that you will never have the opportunity to do again. This is in short saying to live life to its fullest and enjoy all as you pass through and to not have it pass you by.

Allow yourselves to be the human that you were born into. As always the timing of what everyone is working on is usually what the messages are about, and they coincide with the inner feelings that need to be worked through and understood, liked, and accepted.

Remind yourselves that you are human with the potential to be perfect at one time in your ascension. For now, always focus upon the Father, Michael, doing the will of the Father, and know that your soul growth,–spiritual ascension, starts now.

However, you are within the confines of your human structure and even though the light is imparted upon you every day you cannot yet see its brightness, see its sheer truth and understand it, but know that it is your right and your gift to enjoy the human part of you to the extent of its fullness. As you continue on your journey on your planet, soften the blows of growth experiences and lessons by always pulling into yourself the goodness and the beauty of the planet on which you live and the people on which she is inhabited. To know that all are bound for the same goal if they choose.

All have desires. All have strengths and weaknesses. To flourish in your humanness, to flourish in what you call the animalistic behaviors. Sometimes you may feel that you would like to not allow this happening. With the consciousness and the Godmind-ness that you desire and bestow upon yourselves, the materialistic part of you will begin to also flourish and enjoy life more and not be so ready to pounce and protect.

Through the more minimal things that happen in your life, know that there are times when you will need to protect or pounce in order to protect yourselves, your family, etc. To find balance in all things, to know that you are with spirit, are with ego at this time, and to learn to live with that in harmony. Enjoy them. Yes you can enjoy your ego, for it can also have a desire to grow and do what’s right. It’s intent can be positive, though sometimes it seems not.

To look at yourselves in a different light and know that with each moment soul growth is available. Possibly hugging a tree for a day would give you the soul growth and the love and abundance that you would need to carry you through the day in order to portray this love out to another and give and share. My light shines to you all. I will say I am female and have been with your group, have not been assigned to anyone, and thank this opportunity to come through and share some of my thoughts.

Action, Moment

AARON: : Open into the being of this present day. As you look behind you to see where you have been, as you look ahead of you to see where you may go, always ground yourself into the fact of where you are. This is the realm of action.

Forward is the realm of dreams. Behind is the realm of remembrance. If your mind is in either the forward or backward mode, you cannot be in the realm of action. It is important in all that you do to keep that focus towards the attainment, the progression.

What can you do today? As you write your thoughts, or share your feelings, as you communicate with those near and far, you perpetuate all that you are becoming. This is a sincere wish from myself and Elyon, that always you keep to your steps of progression, daily living, the now. No room lies for embarrassment in taking care of a young one, or routine tasks, for it is the engagement of your nature to manifest what you are into your human tasks.

As you prepare, be careful not to bog down your motion by focusing too far. Keep sight on what needs to be done and deliver upon that. Hello, I am Aaron. It is a simple message today, going hand in hand with your human nature. Aim for the highest and work in the level on which you are at. These are my comments.
(Pause, switches T/R’s)

Self Esteem

AARON: : Go deep within yourselves and pull out a positive quality that you see in yourself and share this quality. Begin with B.


B: I guess a quality that I find admirable is that I care. Beyond everything else, in my thoughts and actions I truly care to make things right. To find the truth. To share that with others. That would be my quality that I would share.

D: A quality of myself that I wish to share with the world? That I’m very honest, and that I sincerely do seek the Father with all my heart. I have a deep love for Michael, our Creator Father. But I could say nothing more of myself than that.

G: I feel that a quality I have is sensitivity. I have hidden it and blocked it and didn’t use it. It made it real hard for a long time because I couldn’t look at the world. It made me sick. But now I’m starting to realize that it is a gift that I have and I am very sensitive to other’s needs. The more I develop that, it will become a great gift for me.

AARON: : I would like to give you a lesson to do this often. Make it a daily procedure to find a positive quality about yourself and write these down. If you can’t immediately come up with something, go back through your day, your actions, and see the positive things that you did that day. Begin to realize the efforts you put forth, the things that you do in the line of the will of the Father. You will start to see more and more qualities come up that have been there that you were not aware of. This will help to build your confidence and help to build your foundations, for you will be looking at your positive qualities rather than looking at what you did wrong that day.


Start to project out those qualities as you feel them. Feel their existence within you, then you can start to mold them, and bring them to greater value in helping your brothers and sisters. Thank you for exercising this lesson today. My love. There are further messages.

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