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MAR152.1- Marvel of Curiosity

2008-04-21-Marvel of Curiosity
Marin – MAR #152.1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Marvel of Curiosity
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Marvel of Curiosity
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Thank you for your strong words of insight, and inspiration, and encouragement. You feed our souls with truth and encourage our spirits to come forth and enliven our days. You are our direct parents–indeed, the parents of all the life native to our Local Universe, yet at the same time we share with you being children of God. Thank you for humbly acknowledging us as children of God–just as we are. You remind us that what we are is always transcendent to our conscious selves. Our relationship to our own personality and our hard-earned souls needs to be one of welcoming, one of acknowledging and honoring this deeper aspect of our own selves, trusting with thankfulness that our eternal life has such a co-author as a fragment of God himself. Amen.

NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is Nebadonia. A great part of my delight in being here is to feel the inquisitiveness of your minds. For me it’s basking in the glow of your curiosity. And so we encourage this wonderful aspect of being human and only wish there were more within everyone.


 Curiosity (The marvel of curiosity)

NEBADONIA: You have that funny saying that curiosity killed the cat and, for myself, I probably don’t understand it any more than you do. All animals are curious, and need to be. Michael mentioned last time how animals are so curious and possessive about territory. This is also something they need to be, to preserve their little fiefdoms of food and/or mates. But on their part this is pure instinct; you are far above this primal level. Your being here tonight, or reading about all of the wonderful nights we’ve shared, is very much a direct result of this fundamentally human drive as well. For it is the Spirit of Curiosity, of wonder in the sense of: I wonder what’s happening?–What is this?–that helps you break out of the conditions you were born into, this deep cultural conditioning we’ve talked so much about that both gives meaning to your lives, yet circumscribes you if not deeply questioned.

We only wish that throughout the world each generation would have the wisdom to encourage their children to let their curiosity out to roam free to question everything. This is good for both the question-er and question-ee, if you will. It’s good for the parents to have their children question everything. It’s a wakeup call for lazy minds to trace back to the roots what they believe, and rediscover from where exactly these beliefs came. You are doing this: it’s what you call history, the origins of this human world you live in, especially your social/scientific world of cultural meaning and discovery.

We’ve reassured you before that this curiosity you are instilled with was not put in you to harass your souls so much as to provide the right orientation toward that which is still opaque, indeterminate, unknown. As I mentioned before, you will never run out of a universe of God’s creation to be curious about. There will always remain an infinite encompassing. But even though your philosophy can have no final, settled ground–there will always be so much of your reality that is ineffable, if you are open to it; was it Hamlet who said there was more in heaven and earth that was dreamt of–or even possible of being dreamt of–in your philosophy?–still: there is great merit, even a fundamental necessity in philosophizing, in trying to organize and comprehend all your that your curiosity has discovered.

Everyone has a philosophy of life, a cosmic framework in which they think and reason and understand and comprehend. It’s just a shame that for so many folks it’s largely unconscious, un-examined, accepted blindly, and not so much with faith as that their parents, their society never introduced them to the idea that this framework with which they think can and should be brought into conscious examination. For to exercise your free will you have to get some feeling of what limits it, what conditions it. Consider how many folks don’t believe in free will at all, who subscribe to some philosophy of fatalism, feeling they are helpless pawns in a great cosmic chess game where gods or other beings are just moving them around and their future is fixed, preordained: or worse–feeling there is no reality to spirit and soul at all; they will simply end.

This is a kind of suffering of lost potential, however content they may feel with such a fatalistic view of things, however much they may still their curiosity to accept their situation. We see their souls as flowers that were nipped in the bud, never encouraged to grow. Folks can live their life long never consciously realizing they’re co-creating their own reality. Their limited orientation is simply what everyone around them is doing.

Last time Michael used the phrase–accidents of birth–yet consider how many folks think that birth is no accident whatsoever, that if you are born into some very low station of near starvation of all basic human needs, you somehow deserved this, you somehow earned this because of previous lifetimes–some great karmic debt your soul is paying off. Think of the cynicism involved in that viewpoint which enables others to easily dismiss the full humanity of their brothers and sisters suffering so.


Think of how easy it is to dismiss as some pre-ordained cosmic justice, the real pain, the blighted lives, the dimmed vision.
When Michael was among you as Jesus, so many who opened their hearts enough to really hear what he had to say could not allow themselves though to be moved to act. To them his truth was too idealistic, too other-worldly, too disturbing their smug sense of fatalism, the sense of other people somehow deserving the suffering befalling them. Whereas we assure you that from the human standpoint there truly are accidents of time and space.

 Negativity (Fatalism)

NEBADONIA: Most of you will spend many phases in your coming Morontia life encountering spiritual laws that will give you fuller and much more comprehensive concepts of total cause and effect. For it is true that the highest reaches of human philosophy, devoid of this purer spiritual insight and perception, can only touch some of the lower realms of Morontia mota, or universal spiritual laws. So when we say that, from the standpoint of the Supreme Being–God in time and space–the evolving experiential personality of Deity–there are no accidents, we are not pointing at some cosmos-wide fatalism where everything is predetermined. We’re just saying that from God’s point of view, and even our own as Creator Son and Spirit Mother, we see the full causes of every effect.

Long before a child is born God knows the full biological inheritance within every molecule of their DNA. So much for nature: as for nurture we see and appreciate every iota of culture of the planetary stage of the social/scientific world into which you are born–its influence upon you in all those early years of your slowly accumulating self-consciousness. This is the totality of your soul that we enjoy. But as we keep reminding you, my children, we also see as real and determining, even critical, the way you see yourselves.

We assure you of the way and the degree in which this is co-creative, the fact you can grow into responsibility for the part of reality you are creating through your attitudes, your responses, even your unconscious projections of value and meaning out into your world. You can grow your awareness and hence your response-ability for the part you play in your own life. Here again there is nothing so wonderful as curiosity to nudge you along, to tease you forth, to dangle an ever increasing freedom of truth out in front of you to reach for.

We hope our positive-ness and our cheerfulness do not annoy you, because we know you are often very seriously caught up in some real determinisms, some real, at times grim necessities day to day. But just as Michael, as Jesus, realized he had to tell about things as he saw them, often irrespective of whether he could be immediately understood or not, so we too need to reassure you, my dear children, of the eternity that is possible for you, and how you can see yourselves and each other in a very positive, cheerful light–in spite of whatever pain you are here undergoing. This leads you to exercise your deepest curiosity as to why things are happening, which leads you to finding the ways things can be changed for the better, in part by perceiving that infinite goodness which always already exists.

This is the delicate, sometimes flying-blind faith you must try if you want to be truly free, if you want to grow your freedom, if you want to feel life becoming evermore meaningful–however difficult. So I’ll say again: this curiosity, this wondering, this uncertainty, was not given you to plague you, to make you uncomfortable in life, but to lead you forth into your true, possible inheritance. You are truly God’s children in this respect. God created a way to not be limited by His own absoluteness and infinity, His pure existential being, by coming up with a universe of expanding experience–ever more relatively independent experiential beings, with all their interactions. Now there can be, truly–in the philosophy of the universe–real beginnings, but need be no such thing as an end.

And so we welcome you into our world, our viewpoint, even if you are only sticking in a toe to test the waters. Spend some time with us. See if you too can be that positive, cheerful soul for all your brothers and sisters. This is our devout prayer for you, and so we ask it for you, of our Father. Amen. Now I’m ready for your questions and comments.


Student: Mother, I think it’s wonderful that you and Michael have such a positive outlook and a sense of humor–that’s not the way I was brought up to think of you. But after a few meetings with the both of you, I began to realize how nice it was that you two, and the rest of your sons and daughters, are so positive and humorous.

A comment and a question: I was in a meeting and I saw a little child being comforted by her mother, and it gave me a warm memory about how I was comforted when I was a small child, which I had forgotten about completely. That’s how you feel, when we are in your love. It may not be warm but it’s nice. Ah…the question is, I’m curious about how we go about contacting your Adjutants of Mind/Spirit?–even if it’s possible. Or is it just automatic? How does it work, I guess is a better way to put it?

 Adjutant Mind Spirits (Human/adjutant kind of mind)

NEBADONIA:: Yes, my son. Well, first off, you have your Urantia book, so you can open the index and look them up. (group laughs) This is really a wonderful way to remind yourself, not only of my assistance in these matters, that these dimensions of my own personal consciousness, my Holy Spirit, are right in your mind helping you, but that you have them on your own too as a gift of God. They are part of basic human mentality–this adjutant kind of mind you have as distinct from, shall I say, angels. Just look them up and meditate on each one for a while to feel what these are in you. Yet don’t be anxious if you cannot yet separate what is your own natural responsiveness and what is my augmentation. Your personality makes them very much one in your experience. Which is why, incidentally, so many find it hard to believe I’m actually in their mind, part of their mind.

But as you read about them just, as you do with our words here, let the words spark and inspire your creative imagination to help you realize each one is a dimension of your human reality, some so basic you share them with even the very lower animals. This is our shared Mind/Spirit–for it both mind and spirit, and it connects both–Adjutant of Intuition, the ability of all creature mind to associate and correlate/organize the most basic perceptions into a relatively coherent experienced reality.
The spiritual part of human intuition we touched upon a few lessons ago, how your intuition is a personally creative ability. Yet this fact is so fundamental most people are somewhat pantheistic; they think reality just comes their way.

The same as with different aspects of the physical universe like gravity and light and material/energy, they don’t consider that their personality dimensions were originally created and are continously being sustained by a creative Being: they just are–always were. So most adjutants folks just take for granted: intuition, thirst for knowledge–curiosity, understanding, counsel or gregariousness, courage, wisdom, worship: all are taken as part of being human, but often with no inkling they can be developed intentionally as well as consequentially by life itself. Yet as you meditate on them, my son, this can give you a renewed thankfulness that these dimensions exist for you. Does that point you in the right direction?

Student: Indeed it does. I will do that. Thank you, Mother.

NEBADONIA:: Though all spirit presence may be experienced as one, it is good sometimes to pull apart, as much as you can, a single-knit reality to appreciate all the living aspects of it, and just how it is united. For ultimately it is your own God-given spirit personality, with mine, that knit everything into one. So be in my love.

Student:  Thank you again, Mother.

Student2: Yes, Mother, I was watching a web cast of a lecture and the speaker was talking about the power of awareness. In particular, if you have a pattern of thought that is not helpful or beneficial to you, which you can separate out from the other parts of your awareness, you can apply an additional awareness to this pattern of thought. Let’s say it’s a habit that is unhealthy or unproductive, and let’s say there is a feeling associated with the habit–the urge to do that thing; and that simple awareness of it, applied toward it, is all that is needed to dissolve this pattern, this tendency, this habit.

It seemed a little too simplified, but there was some anecdotal evidence it works, and I’ve seen it work in some cases myself. He was saying that it’s not just awareness, but the power of witnessed consciousness, the ability to really be, to stand apart from anything, and be separate–witness it, intentionally apply awareness to that mental object. You can be successful dissolving it. I’m wondering what you can say more about–speak to that idea. Thanks.

 Habit (Bad habits–their elimination))

NEBADONIA:: Yes, my son, we generally concur with all you’ve just said. Additionally, we point out that it is a free-ranging, independent spirit that can recognize or bring forth ideals on its own. Because first it takes an ideal of good health to make an unconscious bad habit apparent, and help evaluate it. This is that separation you’re talking about, the initial phase of stopping identifying unconsciously with this bad habit, and so becoming aware of it, bringing it into conscious consideration. This is one of the prime benefits of your meditation, of taking a break from all other activities to sit and be still with yourself.

During such a time if this bad habit is physiologically-based, shall we say smoking or drinking–something that has a physical component, you will definitely feel the urge as you are sitting there. So yes, you need to bring it into awareness for in doing so you are also overcoming the psychological/mind component of denial. (Ah!) It takes courage to admit to yourself this is a bad habit, for most of them do have an enjoyable component, whether it’s another cigarette, another shot of booze, or whatever. There is some stimulant, some pleasing effect. You do call it getting high. You don’t call it getting low.

It’s recognizing this in the fullness of the long term cost, for as Michael said in his last lesson, this is another whole level of self-honesty. Even if you cannot immediately overcome this habit, you can thank your spirit for bringing it up; you can honor this spiritual input even if you cannot immediately comply with it. You can more or less be saying, Thank you, dear spirit of mine, for bringing this up. I will try to lean in that direction. So every time you pick up a cigarette or a beer, or whatever it is, you welcome this awareness that this is a bad habit. You build up within yourself, through this honesty, through this thorough-going understanding of what it’s doing, what was its origin; and above all, what is its full cost–physically, mentally, spiritually? You keep all of this in mind, and bit by bit the scales start to tip.

Your awareness of the full cost of ill health–the shortness of breath, or the being out-of-it, the drunkenness–whatever it is: you embrace this–it’s part of you—-it’s how you are choosing to live your life and add to your soul. Let this really impact you, and the scales begin to tip. Hopefully you simply start to lose interest in it; you find other things. As you know, a full-out, up-front war against a bad habit usually doesn’t work.

Student:  Right.

NEBADONIA:  Some people say it’s not hard to quit, they’ve done it dozens and dozens of times. It’s more or less just out-growing it through fully comprehending it; and growing in your appreciation for health, and life, and strength. So yes, my son, we’ve given many, many lessons on this very issue. We just encourage you to be honest within, open within, look at things spiritually–comprehensively in their full cause and effect.

Student: Thank you for another rendition of a great truth. (group laughs) I have another question but it’s not formulated, maybe someone else wants to ask something. I’ll work on my question.

Student2: Yes, Mother, you talked about determinism and what determines our lives–how we live. Speaking of curiosity, I do question how we live. Obviously the way the planet is, we’re not living correctly or in harmony with God’s pure view of how this planet ought to be. Yet the vision is there or else we would not be inspired to embrace it even against the odds of changing what we are experiencing–global warming and everything else. So I’ve been questioning this in my own life. Why I am living the way I am?

What and why–just the simple fact of earning a living: why is it necessary to earn a living? I know, you know, about the necessities and things, but I’m talking, like, transcendence. We spend all our time earning a living, unless we’re born onto great wealth, and so, you know, why? I don’t think we were created by God to work in some steel mill twenty-four hours–not twenty-four hours, but all our lives. Then we retire and we die. Or someone works making holes in tooth brushes (group laughs)
I mean these are things I think about. We are better and greater than this. We have the determining; this is our lives; but we don’t think outside the box of creating weapons–working in a factory creating weapons.

So I’m looking at another way of shifting that, or transcending those determining factors or belief systems. I wrote down in my computer that if we allow ourselves to rest in this awareness, to rest in our God-given experience and image of who we are, if we are in that place, moment to moment, then war would be a thing of the past. There would be no military, no police force, because we would be guided from our own inner morality. I realize this sounds idealistic for us. But these are thoughts percolating in my mind as I open up to new paradigms of being.

 Correcting Time (Urantia’s history)

NEBADONIA:: Yes, my son, what you are pointing at could be summed up in one word: suffering. (Yeah) As you and most people have experienced, it is not the work itself causing the suffering, but yours and their relationship with it. I think you envision a world in which the necessities of life could be somehow more joyful–no matter what they are. Obviously, being physical beings, you need food and shelter: that takes effort.

And as to the way of things right now, consider how much of the Urantia book is dedicated to enabling you to make sense of your world situation, partly by giving you a uniquely comprehensive history of the planet and the human race that does not exist anywhere else in such detail including our perspective of spiritual meaning and value. Also, by comparing your world to more regular planetary development, you can realize how rare it has been for such an evolutionary planet as Urantia to go so terribly awry.

There is a divine plan for planetary development based upon the actions of personal beings–the Planetary Prince and his staff, the System Sovereign, yet these plans went terribly, terribly away. Just as a family suffers enormously the misdeeds of the parents, so too for several hundred thousand years now Urantia has suffered this miscarriage of the divine potential.

 Nature (What is natural?)

NEBADONIA: If it would help, I would like you to consider the word you often use: natural. Not to be pedantic, but everything that happens is natural from the spiritual viewpoint of seeing the full causes of all the effects you witness. The perpetuation of warfare past a regular evolutionary point is an unfortunate result of Urantia’s departing from divine ways, but warfare itself is quite natural for human beings of whatever planet at certain stages of development. You are still in this stage. You correctly analyze this and realize to move on out of this stage, to transcend it, to move beyond it, does take an enormous increase of personal spirituality, of each individual realizing their spiritual nature and taking responsibility for their part in human-world-creation.

But you are also economic beings and offensive warfare has always been largely a matter of economic determinism–the organized taking by force, land, slaves, resources, life itself; along with the equally humanly-expensive defensive measures. The mechanically advanced cultures of the world are still riding high on the plunder of the less-developed peoples’ resources, stemming from hundreds of years of colonial rule based on brute military power: this enormous wealth of material and energy you have. So to end this phase of economic warfare, to have more social equality of goods and services world-wide, think of what you might have to give up–this absolute glut of power you enjoy–so other folks might simply live.

This is what it takes, and you are right, it takes spiritual courage to begin to examine your own personal life day to day along these lines. The irony is, as Michael pointed out, this would lead to a greater spiritual life, a greater soul-wealth for those caught up in such terrible waste. You don’t need 450, or even 100 horsepower to go down the road. You have people living in huge houses, rattling around in them like the proverbial dice in a cup, while others have only their ragged clothes as they sit on the bare ground. Think of what you call conspicuous consumption, purely for ego-aggrandizement.

Think of the untold billions and billions of dollars you spend on frivolous habits–frivolous because they’re the un-examined, knee-jerk reactions of cultural conditioning devoid of real fun, real spiritual adventure. This is what’s involved, my son, so what is happening is all very natural–given the situation, given your slowly evolving civilizations that are determining so much of your reactions. The only way to break out of this is for each individual to create a better way forward. And it is happening.

What you call God’s pure view includes what we call the potential, the possibility inherent in all spiritual beings–you. And so this was my lesson for tonight: the wonder of curiosity put in you for this very reason, to advance, and grow, and evolve. Yet your cultures are still so primitive in a way–if you’ll excuse my saying so–these concepts are not universally introduced and encouraged as a matter of course by parents and schooling. You will get there–in time.

But you are right: there is so much suffering now, even in something that could be delightful, like earning your daily bread.
Student: Yeah–thank you for that. I know I don’t need to go from zero to a hundred in a few seconds when the speed limit is 65. But it really seems quite daunting in spite of all the teachings I’ve been participating in. I still feel a sense of alone-ness, maybe as Jesus did when he was here. Sometimes I just feel like dying. You know? The situation seems so daunting; so much has to happen–so much more suffering before God’s plan can be re-initiated, or reawakened, or allowed to happen. There’s so many prophesies around about what’s going to happen in the next few years. It seems more inevitable than ever something has to happen on some dramatic level–unfortunately.

 (Recapitulating life and civilization))

NEBADONIA: Yet as we have pointed out so often: it’s already happening. There is no need for any more suffering: there is quite enough. And though it might seem there is an impersonal cataclysm coming down on so many, it is actually quite personal in fact of origin. Keep in mind, as Michael mentioned last time, every individual goes through the whole process of recapitulating the evolution of life and civilization, and how many cling to their childhood feeling that everything is just all One and happening magically beyond any need for understanding or deeper comprehension of what else is possible. Again ironically, many have such contempt for the material needs of life, the physical-ness of your human estate, they mistakenly identify with some imagined, so-called pure spirit, forgetting that true spirit is all-inclusive. They lead and promote unhealthy lives distaining the scientific advances of the last few centuries, the real, discovered facts of life. Also, think of those arrested in rebelliousness and callous indifference, caught up in lives of predatory crime and violence, humanly dreaming, yes, but only of power over their fellows.

It may be hard to accept, my son, but it is not that each individual, indeed each world, has to go through these stages, but they get stuck along the way; with increasing freedom they can refuse to grow. Even materialism represents a necessary stage of isolating–in order to understand and respect, physical cause and effect. It got you standing on the moon, or can put a new leg under you if you lost the one you were born with–the fantastic medicine and sciences you do have. Now the world can live better; the means are at hand as never before. There is that evolution happening too.

It takes a mature acceptance and appreciation of all these phases you and others must come through to reach enlightenment, to connect, now with a genuine, all-inclusive oneness, with God and his creation. Try to appreciate the transcendent reality of who you and the people of this world of yours have been all along, and who you are now–as you are!–as the world is as it is, as every single, living human is as he or she is–right now. This is how your meditation can be a small death each time, dying to the worry and limited view you bring into it, and a rebirth of determination, of acceptance and understanding. To see everything happening as natural is necessary, otherwise you put yourself and others into some kind of never-never land feeling human reality is un-natural, whereas it is actually transcendent–as it is. Your natural life is not one of bliss, but everything you’ve known. Only by standing firmly in a respect for the real can you reach for the ideal.

This is your human situation–at its best. You have one foot on the dock of solid ground of what was and is, and one foot in a boat bobbing around in possibility and probability. You can wonder at times which is the real and which is the ideal.
Student: Yeah, I can’t even comprehend what it would look like living in an ideal world. Maybe that’s good it’s unknowable.

 (What might have been)

NEBADONIA:: Your Urantia book does have a chapter on Life On A Neighboring Planet, which is about the same age as Urantia: how far it has advanced socially, and what life on a world like that looks like, that was potentially Urantia’s. As one of your poets once said, The saddest words of tongue or pen are those which go: It might have been. It’s beautiful poetry, but this nostalgia is why we and your Urantia book caution you, in all your reasoning, to disregard entirely your longing for what might have been, in order to discover what actually was, and is, and can be. (Wow–heavy sighs)

Student2: I’d like to give a brief account of something and have you comment on it. We did have the Lucifer Rebellion–it actually happened, and the human expressions of that led to pre-Sumerian cultures worshiping Luciferian deities and values which, by historic times, were well developed. After Jesus’ life they were set back but still survive, rebuilt, in the industrial age, deep in the political/social/economic systems of today. So in spite of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion several years ago, these elites are ensconced in all sorts of powerful positions and continue to manage and manipulate every aspect of our lives. Most recently with 911–or at least this is my perception–they planned and enabled it to happen, then operated to cover it up; 911 has awakened me to this rule by secrecy–if you will.

Talking of bringing consciousness to negative habits, it strikes me this is an area of world thinking and awareness that has remained in broad denial, a denial that has been supported by these secret elites who can then operate in relative impunity. We face enormous problems now because these elites control much of the technology. I’m concerned about the lack of knowledge and understanding of these nefarious parties and I’d like to become more knowledgeable, and work with you and Michael to expose them for what they are–not through some kind of warfare, but to engage in a true reconciliation, perhaps amnesty, and put an end to this secrecy once and for all. My sense is that it is stronger than any of us think, and we have to get stronger than it. If we remain in denial this will never happen. Do you have any comments on this–my analysis of it? Thank you.

 Rebellion (The essence of Lucifer’s manifesto)

NEBADONIA:(laughing): Where to begin? The essence of the Lucifer manifesto–which you can read for the first time in history, in your Urantia book–is the identification with what you’ve come to call ego, the self-reflection of the smaller part of your consciousness, devoid of true spiritual perception and humility. Ones ego does serve a valuable function of self awareness, but the elevation of this only partial aspect of a person’s being to supremacy was and remains a tragic mistake. Because you are, as well as Lucifer was, spiritual beings, there is a fundamental flaw in this identification, in this partiality, elevating the part over the whole personality, spirit, and soul–co-authored by a fragment of God himself. This leads to building oneself and ones empires on illusions, ego-generated illusions and desires of grandeur. True, enduring growth is elsewhere.

To sustain the ego-feeling of oneself growing larger is difficult because you‘ve thrown away, disregarded, disenfranchised, refused to develop the most creative part of yourself. Instead of having an inner connection with your more absolute and transcendent self, your God-given unique personality and your soul, even the presence of God within you, you go for the outwardly and more temporal/time-limited, only relative power of being more powerful than your fellows. This is the essential flaw. It follows down to today right from the beginning with families, then tribes, then city-states and nations. There always have been those individuals who have acknowledged power within the family or tribe as well as in the inter-tribal/social competition for land, resources, ideas, Gods–ways of life. This is still going on.

This incessant warfare on so many levels of living has been the natural state right from the beginning, the planet being devoid of actual spiritual beings in residence; in other words, a real, loyal Planetary Prince and his whole staff who could help humans get in contact with the divine essence within them. This has been the Luciferian result–to use your words; this two hundred thousand years of incessant warfare. Even the size of the conflicts has kept increasing up until about fifty years ago when, in the Second World War, the energy of the sun was brought to earth over your fellow human beings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You put your long-sought and hoped-for physical transcendence of the material–demonstrating that all material is a form of energy–you put this discovery to work to incinerate tens of thousands of other people.

It is no more complicated than this, my son. Secrecy–secret knowledge and ability is power, inherent in competition and warfare–in political power, so there always have been those smaller groups of men and women who controlled the larger group with whom they did not share their secrets. There always has been espionage–trying to ferret out the competition’s, the enemy’s intentions and abilities. Yet too there always have been saints, those men and women who gave their lives to their fellows, supported by their own inner strength of spiritual connection. This is another competition, between worldly power and spiritual power. What you call secret societies are not denied so much as accepted as a matter of course by way of real-politic notions that the relationship of nation-states is fundamentally one raw power, that war and the threat of war is really what determines their relative positions. It is generally accepted then that within each nation/state there are dozens upon dozens of levels of secrecy peopled by individuals who each have their own interests as well as collective ones: tactics and strategy.

 Expression (Freedom of the press)

NEBADONIA: Yet at the same time there’s been a growth of what you call the fourth estate–a free press of multi-media to balance the executive, legislative and judicial powers of government; even, lately, the populist concept of transparency in government. It is this growth that stands in such a critical counter-poise to traditional secrecy. The fact you can express these misgivings about the government’s declared causes and outcomes of the tragic events of 911, and wonder about who was behind it, what was its true nature, points at a wonderful evolution of the free press, and also the necessity to jealously guard that freedom while trying to increase it.

Here you are in a competition for ideas, within the popular culture, with those who control the media–to the varying extent they do. There is so much more available to you now, socially and politically, by way of the competition between cable channels on TV, and within the internet, than anyone is interested in: a deluge of information. Yet all these thousands of websites are definitely a move in the right direction. As Michael and I have pointed out, there has been a geometrically increasing freedom of information for several hundred years now since the moveable-type printing press, but now really and truly exploding. As we’ve said so many times, now so many can crank up a pedal-drive generator, point a dish at the sky, and bring in the world on their laptop, anywhere on the face of the earth.

This is very unique, very new in the history of impenetrable power relationships determining the fate of so many, even in their personal lives with each other. It is essential you see the psychology of what you call the Lucifer inheritance–the seeking only relative social and political power as contrasted with spiritual power–your relationship with God and the spiritual family. While you are rightfully cautious about who is using what power, you also have to open your heart to any poor, misguided individuals who are so very hollow at center. Realize the truly influential people all through history have been the spiritual. It has been their greater creativity and orientation that has been civilizing the world in spite of such a miscarriage of good leadership from the System Sovereign and Planetary Prince.

Be as open as you can to all points of view, and do your best to help insure their free access. Beyond that, my son, it is each individual’s choice as to what they want to be interested in. You are in a competition for ideas. It depends on free will and the limitations of it, the cultural conditioning within which secrecy has always been an accepted part. So on the deepest levels you can reach, ask yourself, who–and what–is in control here. You could be mistaken if you think it is the material-minded, the power-hungry, the cynical and manipulative. Ironically, they are as much victim as their prey. Some of these power-elites–as you think of them–have very impoverished souls indeed; they associate only with their own kind. But this you have to know in yourself, through your own connection to the greater reality. Keep fighting the good fight for the freedom of discovery and expression.

Student: The pieces you covered are really helpful. I can’t help but think that because of this history we’ve had, that even if right at this moment all this was corrected, and justice was served, and mercy was dispensed, we would still have decades, centuries of consequences. It strikes me there will be a blame game going on where these elites will be called out and blamed for what’s been going on. It will chaotic for all of us. Do you have any ideas about what will happen when all this comes out? What can one do, from a spiritual point of view when, for example, the true facts of 911 begin to come out and be understood? How does one deal with the exposure?

 (Curiosity again)


NEBADONIA:: Again, my son, keep in mind it all depends upon the interests and curiosity of individuals. For what you consider to be the true facts of 911 are out; you are aware of them. So it’s a matter of asking–not rhetorically but actually: who cares? (much rueful laughter) This is where the reality is. It is in everyone’s free will, limited by those very determinisms we’ve been teaching about. The only way out, ever, is by way of individual creativity, and that is spirit. There does not need to be any greater cataclysm than what is happening already, just awareness of it.

People can exercise enormous adaptability by choice before being pushed to it. But the Social Darwinism we mentioned is a fundamental effect that comes into being in the absence of wisdom of choice. If people do not choose the right way, the inexorable demands of a cosmic-wide general evolution will enforce it; the right way for you and everyone else is always present as an eternal outpouring of possibility, of God’s.

So much to think about; much to consider. Thank you for your questions. We hope to steer you in the right direction by reassuring you that contact you make in your stillness is greater than all those only relative powers of comparison–all the social climbing, all the my-God-is better-than-your-God silliness of impoverished souls. There is within you the touch of the Absolute. It just takes a mature soul to realize it. So many of the world’s thousands of separate small cultures are still either in the childhood stage of magical correspondence or the adolescent stage of competition for power and recognition.

True leadership comes from those mature souls who see it all and accept the historic necessity for it all with a great deal of humor, then seriously try to move it one little step forward toward all-inclusiveness. There is always a forward by the very nature of God’s existence. So be in my love, and rest in Michael’s peace from time to time so you can start anew. Good evening.

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