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SPK3- Taking Action

1993-07-13-Taking Action
Spokane # Spokane


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Taking Action
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Action, Faith, Barriers
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Growth, Hope
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Taking Action
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Unknown


AARON: To come into understanding with the arms of openness, beyond the anticipation, the nervousness, and the tremblings of excitement and fear of unknown, this creates the ground to deliver the measures by which you can adhere to in your quest for evolving growth to the Father. Hello, I am Aaron, and it is good to be with you this evening. I come as a friend to offer support for your decisions of love and action.

Action, Faith, Barriers

AARON:  There is a level of awareness that can be had in achieving goals. When you reach out to make your hopes real, when you attempt to grow in understanding, then you have delivered forth on your Father’s wish for you to work towards perfection. Your inaction is a result of the inability to foresee the ways to create reality out of the concept. In a sense inaction can be defined as a hopelessness that your ideas and wishes cannot be achieved.

In-action, and I say this as two separate words. In action, you may fail to achieve what you saw as the goal ahead, but you have achieved on the levels of faith and hope that it was possible. Your awareness on the conscious level may be of disappointment and dismay for the lack of results, but on the inner conscious—the superconscious level, you have grown in the ability to accept your possible dreams and goals as defined by you and your Father within as being possible. You have taken a leap in hope and faith to believe in the realities of your action. You may have grown to understand that your actions will not be completed, or completable always, but you have certainly seen the growth in stepping.

To move this forward: When you come to the wall of destiny for a certain course of action, you might find it within yourself to make more than one try at clearing the wall. In the failure of the initial course, you may see a chink in the armor of this structure. You may see a possible second avenue to go about, to cross. It may be with a rope. It may be with a shovel. But you have seen step two, and you may leap again. You may fall and scrape your knee this time also, but you may have seen a crack develop on the wall, and you can see that as you continually move forward to develop your understanding on a course to a destiny, then new avenues may be presented which cause hope to continue to be present.

And you may turn back at the first leap, realizing in your mind that it has been folly to attempt such a thing. Still you have grown, but you have not seen the second level, and on occasion, truly it may not have been meant to be for you to cross this wall yet. And so you go back on your course until you see a new branch off the road to follow to its wall of destiny. You will continue this course, not in just this life, but for an eternity of growth. Always you will find barriers, walls, steps to take in your achievement. Some will be worthy of your course and you will make full attempt and continuing attempts to cross this wall, and you will do so when it is meant to be. Sometimes you will turn back only to find the course which was meant for you to take.

If a barrier has been given up on prematurely, then you will find in your new course a manifestation of this wall of destiny once again, as you develop yourself. But when you achieve a goal beyond expectation, beyond the initial desires, then you will certainly realize a level of growth that can be had in succeeding that cannot be had in supposed failure, and you will sense your satisfaction and assurance on the inner level that you are still on the course which is for you to follow in your Father’s eyes.

Even in your existence at this early stage you can know, even if you cannot necessarily see, that you have many times succeeded in crossing a wall of destiny. From infant to adult you have proceeded, recklessly, carefully, in caution, and with enthusiasm, on many courses. Sometimes you have hit headlong into a wall of destiny only to fall back scratching your head, but on occasion you have leaped a wall with scarcely a notice that it was there.

On the more common level, you have hit the wall, bounced back and hit the wall again, and bounced back, and carefully you have crossed this wall to achievement and success and satisfaction in new awareness. There is much your inner conscious and your superconscious levels are aware of that your conscious understanding is not, and that is a record of your achievement from birth until now, and even to the future.

So let yourself become aligned, not with just your own understanding of a general nature, but with your Adjuster in your superconscious and in your snaring of universe personality information. All of this is available to you when you reach out to understand, and you will know inside the answers to what you seek. In crossing the walls you will become aware of this growth on the conscious level. I am glad you have come tonight and shared with each other. Continue to grow upon your relationships, not only within this group, but with those around you, for this development is key to the progress of this mission of outreach. I would take a few questions this evening.

Growth, Hope

R: Hi Aaron. I was thinking about the wall and our planet at large. Does it seem like this time period we’re in now is one of those episodes where we might actually be climbing over one of those walls and getting into new territory? Can you comment on this?

AARON: : Growth is coming about on a variety of levels here on this planet. You are in your willingness becoming aware of personal potential. Still you must act to decide and to define where this potential will lead and you as a whole are taking steps daily, weekly, to understand not only this mission, not only the Urantia book, but to understand those around you, to understand those who agree with you, and most importantly, those who disagree.

But your greatest goal in your search is the seeking and understanding of your internal presence of the Father, and you are succeeding at this. I speak to not just a mission of people that are involved, but to the Urantia movement as a whole, even those who have not necessarily accepted this mission- as it pertains to the teachers.

People everywhere are seeking for the Father. Some are looking far away from themselves to distant places. Some are looking around themselves, to others, and some are looking within themselves. All avenues of seeking are fruitful, for it is the hope which is the stage for belief, which is the stage for faith.

I see the growth amid the desperateness of a society that is fear ridden, in a seemingly hopeless situation of stagnation. But in this material viewpoint, the personality of man combined with the push from God, is developing character and hope among a vast number of potential beings that are coming above the circumstance that can be seen with the eye, to realize the hope that lies within them. So yes I see the growth and development out there, and I see the walls being climbed and jumped and crossed on an endless level of success. Much lies ahead still, but there is hope… (Last word or two of response was lost due to tape turning.) Does this answer you?

R: Yes thank you.

AARON: : You’re welcome. Would there be any more questions this evening?

B: I’ll just say hello. I don’t have a question. It’s getting late and I think I may not be the only one who’s getting kind of sleepy.


Aaron: Then I will bid you a goodbye tonight and know that it is good to set aside the time to allow the interplay of dialogue, for growth of relationship occurs here as well. When you reach out I will gladly return with what I can offer. Thank you for being willing and know that my love is for you all. Goodnight.

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