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SPK44- Treat Yourself As The Master Would

1997-06-01-Treat Yourself As The Master Would
Spokane #44


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Treat Yourself As The Master Would
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Evanson
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Golden Rule
 3.2.2 Manifestation
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Consciousness, Duty
 3.3.2 Fear, Faith
 3.3.3 Stillness, Receptivity
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Treat Yourself As The Master Would
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Evanson
TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers


EVANSON: (Jonathan TR): I am Evanson. I would begin our contact today by speaking on behalf of all personal teachers who are present with you today to ask you to apply knowledge you already have, that you apply so well towards others, toward yourself. This is stated in the form of: treat yourself as the Master would treat you.

Golden Rule

EVANSON: When you are attempting to discern what is best for your well being, it is good to mirror this perspective. The golden rule is as applicable to yourself as it is to others by making the effort to perceive from the frame of reference of the Master. If, in such dilemmas you face, you are not certain as to how the master would treat you, you can observe his treatment of his apostles, his closest associates. Know that you are as close to him as were the apostles. When you are tempted to call down thunder and lightning [1] upon yourself, you know how the master dealt with the Zebedees.(139:3)

You know how he understood Judas. By so doing you can be assured of assistance in your personal growth. You will have the benefit of an objective reflection within your subjective quandary. We who are assigned to you individually are always keenly interested in these personal struggles, your individual issues. As we know so well how you rate yourselves in your success in overcoming your difficulties, we feel it is important to encourage you to let yourself be treated as the Master would so treat you. I am done. Thank you.


ELYON: (Mark): Greetings. This is your friend among you, Elyon. The request from Evanson and the others would be well taken to heart by each of you. Your own personal doubts and concerns as to your abilities may represent some of your greatest obstacles at this point. As you are familiar with the saying, “If you simply believe, you can”, this is a significant aspect to embrace in your path forward. The acceptance of your relative position coupled with your willingness to grow in positive directions will provide you with the direction to take in this regard.

I would ask of you all to take my hand, as it were, and step with me upon the next rung of your ascension wherein your awareness increases to include your awareness of your position in the co-creative aspects of your destiny. The awareness of this co-creativity changes the very nature of this process. By accepting this relationship and desiring to pursue this avenue, you are far more effective in the tasks you undertake. Stop and realize for a moment, as you become engaged with the circumstances surrounding you, that each moment contains the potential to be eternal in the sense that wisdom or beauty or love is contacted.

These qualities go far beyond the moment and indeed can be cultivated and nurtured to last an eternity. Attempt to view each circumstance of environment you find yourself in as an opportunity to open an eternal door, to expose another or perhaps yourself to an eternal aspect of the Father and of the oneness of which we are all a part.

While this indeed may be a serious matter, to be most effective it should also be a lighthearted and joyous affair. The difference in effectiveness will largely depend on your ability to trust yourselves and believe in yourselves, in the direction you perceive to be the right one, and your ability to be aware of your position in the unfolding of this wisdom or beauty or truth or goodness or love. It can be such a small, simple pearl when exposed that can have such a long-reaching meaningful effect to those around you and yourself, if that pearl when exposed is done so in awareness and with sincere intentions.

One could easily overlook such a small pearl of beauty when one does not think themselves worthy of finding such a pearl or one is unaware that such a pearl exists. You have become aware of these pearls in your existence, and you are in control of your response to yourself as to your worthiness and ability to expose this pearl to others. I encourage you in the future to develop these aspects of your nature, to accept that you are in every way qualified and able and, indeed, willing to discover these pearls, to uncover them, to expose them to not only yourself but to those around you. When this occurs realize that you are in awareness of this, that you are taking an active role, a responsive role, in the exposing of these far-reaching truths.

Realize your position within the scheme of this uncovering. You have, each one, earned through your diligent efforts the position you occupy at this time. It is now to become aware of what your position is and how it interacts with those above you and those below you. Your stillness and your searching will provide you with the answers you desire as to the details of this unfolding, but you are aware that the process is unfolding, that you are part of the process, and these are key aspects to the functioning of this process. My remarks are fairly complete. If you desire to discourse on any subject, I will gladly entertain this.

Consciousness, Duty

Jonathan: This topic of how being aware effects the outcome causes me to reflect on rewiring our house, which I have been working on. I know what I want to accomplish, but I was unaware of what the existing situation was. Once aware of that, I was much more clear on how to accomplish my goal.

ELYON: : Much of your ascension is involved in awareness of one aspect or another, be it the position you are, the position you desire to be, the position you were. These are all fundamental basics to be internalized before your progression can come full circle. It is most helpful to realize where you have been and where you are so you can formulate a plan and procedure for moving forward in any of your endeavors.

Evelyn: I appreciate your saying to be more conscious of our, well, duty, of how important it is to become aware of our sharing truth, which can be a daunting prospect. Yet the more we are aware of that, the more you and Michael and others can help us. It makes the project more challenging than daunting.

ELYON: : I would interject that, as uncomfortable as the word “duty” may present itself at times, it is helpful to embrace the fact that, as a son or daughter of God at any position we occupy, we do in fact have obligations, in a sense duties, to our position. We have obligations we must incur in order to complete certain cycles, in order to fulfill certain requirements to gain our merit badges, if you will, so that in time we may graduate from one level to the next. It is required of us that we put forth effort in some regard. That is not to say that there are detailed mandates as to what you must do. Much of these requirements are tailored to the individual ability and desire. Nevertheless, no one climbs the ladder of ascension without effort and without duties of a sort. Is this acceptable?

Evelyn: Oh, of course! Citizenship responsibilities.

ELYON: : Precisely.

Mary: When we meet our duties it’s hard to acknowledge our own talents. In treating ourselves more lovingly and presenting truths we know and acknowledging that is what we are doing, it’s hard to balance that with avoiding arrogance and the appearance of building the ego.

Fear, Faith

ELYON: : I would like to take this opportunity to enlarge the scope of awareness. When you are engaged in pursuits I would ask that you stop for a moment and observe the many workings of your mind, particularly when you are to the limits of your comfort zone, when you are approaching an avenue that is unfamiliar, uncertain to you at all. I would ask you at that time to stop and become more aware of your emotional response to that situation. If one stops at that crossroads when that opportunity arises when you are considering putting your person on the line, extending yourself beyond the comfort zone, you will notice that many emotions spring to the forefront, the emotions of doubt, of uncertainty, and chiefly and most importantly fear, of which doubt and uncertainty are subservient; they are a subcategory of this fear.

I would challenge each one of you to become aware when this fear emotion rises to the surface and presents itself. It has the ability to change your course of action based upon the intensity of this fear. This fear gives rise to doubt that you should or should not be engaged in a particular activity. It gives rise to uncertainty: the outcome of this activity is uncertain; your particular part in this activity may be uncertain; even the activity itself may come into question. These are all triggered by your fear response. If in the beginning you can recognize and become aware of this natural, human fear response, then immediately you are in a position to more easily grapple with this fear response and more determinedly set it aside, remove it as an obstacle for you to proceed.

If left unattended or, worse, encouraged, this initial fear response will dominate. You will become intimidated; you will not become involved in an activity that otherwise would be of great spiritual value and benefit to you.

So, I would encourage each one of you, when considering what role you should play in any given activity, to recognize that one of the first initial responses you are likely to encounter is the fear response. Consciously and with awareness see your response for what it is and remove it as an obstacle to your progression, simply set it aside, disconnect it from your process. At this time it may be helpful for you to ask for assistance from Michael, from the Father, from your personal teachers, from your Indweller. This is, indeed, a struggle, a challenge. You need to grapple and deal with your response.

But realize that it is a simple emotional, physiological response which is triggered at the crossroads of any unknown or new opportunity that is presented to you. It is not your higher self or your Adjuster speaking to you. It is not contact with any higher beings. It is simply an automatic response. You have engaged in exercises of isolating and determining various aspects of your mind. I encourage you to now seek and become aware of this fear aspect and how it may become a stumbling block for you or may prevent you from going in a given direction which is your greatest spiritual good. Has this been stated clearly?

Evelyn: So, in Mary’s example it might be fear of rejection by your fellows for seeming arrogant?

ELYON: : Indeed, it may take many faces all of which are under the fear umbrella. But fear is the overwhelming innate response which gives rise to doubt, uncertainty, jealousy, hatred, and many other unpleasant characteristics.

Mary: The complications of fear pan wide across a spectrum. You can be afraid of failing, succeeding, of being rejected for being good or for being bad. When I look at fear I see how wideranging and pervasive an element it is. I’ve recently tried, in terms of fear of ego, to offer any talent I may have to glorifying God or Michael. Any talent we have is a gift.

ELYON: : Your points are well taken, the fact that the main facets of fear are numerous and also your mention of intent and sincerity; these are two aspects to increase your awareness of the scope of fear.
I would now ask you all what is your greatest tool in your tool box to negotiate fear?

Tom: Love, the desire to do good to others.

Mary: The desire to do good to yourself, too.

Evelyn: The Swiss army knife of faith.

ELYON: : Faith is perhaps your greatest lever to dislodge the obstacle of fear which comes in your path from time to time. Love is also a key aspect, but in this scenario love may be broader and more all-encompassing than the particular aspect of faith for dealing with fear itself. Fear challenges you to be strong, to have certain strength of character. Strength of character often comes from deep rooted faith, faith in yourself, faith in the process, faith in the Father, faith in the entire plan.

If one truly has deep taproots into this faith then when the winds of fear blow and threaten to knock you down or knock you off course, the taproot of faith will keep you strong and held fast to your position. So remember when fear presents itself that, if you retreat to your domain of security, your faith, the storehouse that you have within you of faith, you will hold strong no matter how strong the winds of doubt and fear blow.

Jonathan: The tool I use is from the attempt to not be afraid of fear, to turn away fear, avoid it, so I take out the tool of alarm. Fear triggers the alarm of, “wait a minute; we need to deal with this.” Then faith and love can rally to the cause of the recognized fear. I see it as a signal.

ELYON: : Excellent if you now expand that alarm scenario to include the fact that a fire alarm serves the purpose to make the firefighters aware that there is a fire. The alarm is simply a means to the awareness. The awareness is the goal of the alarm. You have correctly spoken that awareness is another significant tool to the disarming of the force of fear.

Mary: My problem with fear is not recognizing it. So I think my tool would be focus, to stay conscious of what is going on so I can head to the tool box knowing what I have to work on.

ELYON: : The focus, the magnifying glass in your tool box is but another means to enhance your total awareness of the situation. One may use the magnifying glass or the retro-spectroscope (laughter) but the intent is to increase the overall awareness of your relation to the feeling.

Ginny: I’m dealing with the habit of fear rather than a particular moment. I try to do it anyhow, to test it if it is a reality or just a habit that keeps cropping up. Or, like in this conference, try a little bit of something. It doesn’t have to be a big project.

ELYON: : Every opportunity which you indulge yourself in to spread your wings a little bit more, to increase your scope of understanding, helps to propel you forward to the knowledge that fear only contains the reality which you bestow upon it. Fear itself is not a reality. The emotion of fear is a force which may drive you to have certain effects, but it, itself, is not a quantitative reality. You choose at what point you give reality to fear. It may dictate to you what you do, but you choose to accept those dictates. You choose, in a sense, to follow your fear.

My encouragement to you would be to step in front of the train, to not take the leadings and directions of the fear but choose another. Choose to not lend reality to the fear. Yes, every time you prove to yourself that it is merely non-reality you increase your awareness of the aspects of fear. You can prove it to yourself by seeing that it doesn’t come to pass as reality, and you can prove it to yourself by never letting it come to pass from the start, not accepting it as your way from the very beginning. Either way you will come to find out that it is a rather benign force, one that simply has to be identified and dealt with accordingly.

Ginny: We were talking about that since Lucifer is dead will some of the rampant fear dissipate? But I thought that there we go blaming Lucifer for fear, too.

Mary: Fear is part of our animal origin.

ELYON: : As you just said, much of what we think is involved in old patterns is habitual ways of thinking that need to be reexamined, reevaluated, and need to be altered so that we no longer just function as we have in the past. There are constantly new and better ways to be challenged and to grow. We need not fall continually into this same approach to a given situation that we have always taken. We should never be afraid to try something new, to break an old existing mold, especially if the old mold contains with it the unpleasantries of fear and doubt and uncertainty. If you sense these characteristics in an old pattern, that is the time to search for a new pattern, one that does not contain so many of these unpleasant characteristics that we have discussed today.

Jonathan: I’m reminded of a “Church Within” service that talked about animal origins. If you take a bird, it may retreat in fear when something approaches but then return when the danger has passed. Yet we humans inflate fear beyond the initial response and avoid things altogether, real danger or not.

ELYON: : I would also offer the comparison that an animal is never and can never be assured of survival. They operate with fear as a survival mechanism from day to day, hour to hour. You as a human have the ability to gain the wisdom and the realization and the awareness that you do have survival potential. You in fact will survive. Many of the fear responses are simply obstacles remaining from an animalistic past or an unpleasant previous experience. You also contain the ability to form the wisdom to remove these obstacles, unlike the animal kingdom. Therefore one should exercise these capacities that our animal brothers do not have.

Jonathan: Just as we have the ability to over-inflate fear we also have the ability to dispel it entirely.

ELYON: : Precisely. We alone in the animal kingdom enjoy this.

Tom: When fear cropped up recently I remembered from a transmission to petition the guides and Michael and the Father as to what should I think, what should I do, and how can I perceive this differently. It actually seems to work. It supports my faith in this process.

ELYON: : Precisely, my friend. No more could be asked of a developing human than to do as you say, return for guidance, for acceptance, as you have been doing so well.

Stillness, Receptivity

Ginny: I have a stillness question. Because of my cold, I haven’t felt like it; the more I sat the worse I felt. What happens when the body isn’t functioning full tilt? Is there no difference in how you teach us; it’s just that we don’t feel it?

ELYON: : There are a great many physical distractions that occur, any one of which can become, to the mortal physiology, overwhelming. Again I would return to the idea of being kind to yourselves, being generous, forgiving with yourselves. You may experience negative vicissitudes of life from time to time. This is no particular strike against you or detraction from your overall ascension. It is merely a physical fact that you become overwhelmed or distracted by the physical state. This is normally a temporary condition and must simply be endured.

Ginny: There’s no difference in your ability to connect with me? Does it interfere with our reception, or is it that we just feel lousy?

ELYON: : On the whole it is safe to say that the problem is usually not on our end. (laughter) Much has to do with your individual receptivity at any given time, very much. Therefore, we keep trying, and you keep trying, and when conditions on this extremely delicate procedure are just right then it happens. We never volitionally choose to give up on anyone or turn aside from anyone; this is not consistent with our objectives or our mandate. We do realize that from time to time conditions for favorable contact simply do not exist.

Group: Thank you, and Evanson.


ELYON: : Once again, my heart goes out to all of you. You are my beloved compatriots in this mission we share together. I desire nothing more than to be of assistance to you and for us to work together to bring about the Father’s will in its completion. I take my leave now and will be in contact with all of you in the future.

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