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SPK50- Collection Sessions1-15

1998-09-25-Collection Sessions1-15
Spokane #50


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon, Philonia, Lantarnek, Aaron, Anna, Rantarason, Andason, Solonia, Timothy
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson 1 –  3.2.1 Growth, Service
o 3.3 Lesson 2 –  3.3.1 Worship
o 3.4 Lesson 3 –  3.4.1 Gratitude, Grace
o 3.5 Lesson 4 –  3.5.1 Love
o 3.6 Lesson 5 –  3.6.1 Patience, Process
o 3.7 Lesson 6 –  3.7.1 Stillness
o 3.8 Lesson 7 –  3.8.1 Life
o 3.9 Lesson 8 –  3.9.1 Truth
o 3.10 Lesson 9 –  3.10.1 Relationship
o 3.11 Lesson 10 –  3.11.1 Opportunity
o 3.12 Lesson 11 –  3.12.1 Truth
o 3.13 Lesson 12 –  3.13.1 Influence
o 3.14 Lesson 13 –  3.14.1 Spirituality
o 3.15 Lesson 14 –  3.15.1 Spontaneity
o 3.16 Lesson 15 –  3.16.1 Adventure
• 4 Note

Topic: Collection
Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon, Philonia, Lantarnek, Aaron, Anna, Rantarason, Andason, Solonia, Timothy
TR: Unknown


MACHIVENTA: Gathering as you do, be it in small groups or in large conclaves, you are presenting the pattern of fraternity. In this spirit filled universe the drawing together of one being to another in fellowship is the most fulfilling experience to have, more rewarding than any accomplishment. The vitality, the light that exchanges between people is the same created love that manifested all that you have before you in this vast universe. Love is so transcendent, yet so very real that you do know its existence. All your collectivity is for itself, the sharing, simply sharing, being what you recognize each other to be — children of a Parent so magnificent. I am with you in spirit. I give you my love. I am Machiventa.

Lesson 1
Growth, Service

MACHIVENTA: : Tonight, shortly I will speak to you on two levels. The first is your personal development, each of you. I acknowledge you each, good friends, old friends, new friends. Your presence here is an addition to the ever expanding circuit of love and the connection of brotherhood and family upon this planet. Know your contribution and you are thanked for it. The personal goal is the mastery of your motive, the increasing desire to do the will of God, and you will learn that the motivation comes in love and is amplified in effort.

If you can grow personally in relationship to the First Source and Center, and if that is your major focus in life, then no other thing can happen than that you will serve your brethren, for it is a natural outworking of God-consciousness. Be aware how important the time you spend in quiet, stillness, reflecting, worship — how important this time really is. It is illuminating and transforming. It gives you an assurance of purpose. It answers your questions and your confusion in life. Try with all motivation to allow this time daily, to spend with The One who loves you with the purity of that word.

Now I will speak to you, those who have this motivation. I am Machiventa. And because of your increasing God-consciousness and your seeking for eternal realities and truths, you have enabled our efforts to proceed at a rate which is most exciting and brings enthusiasm to us.

Your secondary effort, having attained this internal guide, this affinity for light, this passion for progress, is to, in all effort, show forth the reality of the conceptions of brotherhood and sisterhood. Take seriously the role you perform, the privilege you have to be a light in another’s darkness. Understand that you can, aside from an individual perspective, show in relationship with other seekers, the unifying concepts of love and truth and beauty as they have coalesced into your soul and brought an un-quenching thirst for transforming ignorance to understanding by projecting tolerance and unity in your efforts to work together for the common good of all — not as isolated pods, but as an ever growing band of good fellows, as an expanding unit of cosmic consciousness. So grow personally and know that your awareness will bring you the understanding and the desire and the manifestation of more collective effort. When opportunity exists, then take it. I have concluded.

Lesson 2

ELYON:  You recognize worship as an inward experience directed to our Great Creator and service as your external expression to your fellows of the truth you have gained in your life, the goodness that is within you to express. Realize that worship is, in itself, service. Service is, in itself, worship. When you worship you become surcharged with the affection of our Father. This propels you toward acts of kindness, of ministry. When engaged in your ministry you become uplifted; even when depleted of your energies, your internal soul realm is actually invigorated. This charging transforms itself into the urge to be in embrace with your God. The pulsing back and forth between service and worship drives you forward, progresses the plans of your planet, enlarges the overall working and expansion of this universe. We exist because the Supreme exists; the Supreme exists because we exist. The flow back and forth is mutual, continual, such that the cause and effect become merely irrelevant. Again, like your AC current, actually there is no real plus and minus; it’s a continual trading of polarity. Give to the Father and receive. Give to your fellows and receive. Receive from life all around you and give in return.

Lesson 3
Gratitude, Grace

PHILONIA: Grace you receive from your Creator, bestowed upon you for reception even when you are as yet unaware of the gift. Gratitude you may return in response and recognition. Gratitude simply completes the cycle of giving initiated by your Creator Parent. As you live and express your gratitude to God, you increase the range of grace to be placed upon your soul.

This gratitude does not, in function, need to be directly returned to the Father in order for it to receive divine recognition. Freely as you have received, freely give. With joy and thanksgiving pass the love, the light you receive, to another unconditionally and you thereby honor the one who loves you.

Gratitude is as much the continuing of the bestowal of grace and the chain of service to your fellows as it is the completed acknowledgment of your reception from the Divine. Whatsoever you do for our Son, the one who Fathered your existence, you do in living for your fellows.

Give gracefully. Give through thanksgiving. It is the ideal method for acknowledging your gifts and carrying on the work of the spirit. Share your talents. Overflow with the grace you have already received. Give it away, and the joy that you experienced in its discovery, and in so doing you receive the gratitude of your Father. I am pleased to be here. Goodnight.

Lesson 4

LANTARNEK:  The immense effort of God in this universe is toward the purpose of effecting the experience of love in every creature. This love is infinite, expandable to embrace ages upon ages of creation after creation with beings who seek this very experience.

You are informed through many ways that love is your highest experience with the Divine. You are encouraged to love each other as a reciprocal experience, both contributing to your realization of love between you and God and to realize the quantity of love you are able to give to many and over and over again. Love is multidimensional. Love functions as an all embracing power, as well as a particularly integrating power. When with another individual you experience the integral factor of love, one to another, this love grows in relationship. It is not experienced as hypothetical. It is dynamic and requires the interface of two beings.

Embracing love is the love you feel for all, even when alone, when disengaged, even when not in social or fellowship arenas. In order to truly experience embracing love, time spent loving any single individual will build your abilities to cast love upon all unconditionally. When you go about your activities, ever strive to experience love embracing all. When your energy depletes and you discover decreased spirit luminosity, look to immediate people around you. Make efforts toward specific love exchange and not surprisingly you will re- energize into the experience of an all encompassing love for everyone. Be not concerned for the type of love experience, for each is valued and contributory to the other.

When you are experiencing love with a specific person, relish the comprehension. This love you may give or receive from everyone. When you are experiencing a love that engulfs all of humanity, all of celestiality, refresh yourself with the knowledge that you can love anyone thusly. That’s all I have to say.

Lesson 5
Patience, Process

ELYON: : Greetings, Elyon speaking. Much of life’s frustrations are due to impatience and so I would speak about patience. The desire in each of you to attain, to unfold, and to realize, draws you ever onward toward the goal sought. Valuable is this destiny which you project for yourselves and see yourselves as accomplishing, however, the process of reaching and attaining, of unfolding and realizing, will always continue no matter what level you set your attainment at. Once you arrive, new vistas will unfold before you and you will again proceed to attain unreached realities.

Life is best understood when perceived as like a dance. Whether you two-step, or waltz, or perform a pirouette, regardless of the complexity or intrigue of the movement, the process of learning, coordinating, and executing the moves remains quite similar. The skill received in the effort, irregardless of the action, is vital toward accomplishing any step desired.

Therefore increase the degree of patience in your progress, the patience of action, which includes perseverance, the patience that is motivating and enduring, not the patience of lethargy, of unconcern, of “oh well”. In every element that makes up your life you will find the same process occurring multi-dimensionally and cyclically. A wise man is the one who realizes the patterns of lesson one and continues to apply them at lesson one hundred. I am here with you because I love you and I desire to serve.

Lesson 6

AARON:  The runaway mind is the cause of much difficulty on your world today, the mind that can’t rest. What we find beneficial in the activity of stillness is that you begin to practice directing currents, forced at first for some, plainly difficult to achieve with satisfaction. The one who practices, often cannot perceive the effects at first, but in your search you have temporarily focused toward the positive energy source. You have focused the mind toward a purposeful solution to the vicissitudes which are incoherently scrambling your mental waves. Now many do not recognize they have done this, but it is so.

Be not afraid to become a proponent for the stillness. It will aid in the reconstruction, the correction. It will aid in directing currents to positive channels. It will enable people everywhere to find clarity and it will, by its practice, initiate and illuminate the purposes of patience.

Lesson 7

ANNA: Calm and gentle is His voice, the guiding hand within who takes what you give at your best and molds you, forges you to the likeness of an endowed being with purpose and destiny. In your birthing you will awaken to a realm that allows you freedom from restraint. It is like the pages of a book, the life you lead now. It engages you into understanding circumstances without revealing the plot which can be found only when the foreword ends and the story begins.

Lighten your minds from the burdens held in the material with knowledge that you are simply setting the circumstances of your foreword, and that you will soon begin a tale of epic proportions. How could life be anything but a joy with this on your mind? While important work you do, this does not mean that you must take it as critical. It is not the making of a tragedy but instead the beginning of a grand, adventurous, action-packed drama. The happy endings will come in another chapter, but you are the makings that can bring this to light.

Lesson 8

AARON: Good evening friends, I am Aaron and glad to be here. I would like to talk to you about the continuity of truth. Realize in your efforts that what you know is but a simple tasting of the reality. Truth is a heart search, it is an attitude, a desire to know. Fact is not truth, although the actuality of the circumstance can be contained therein. Truth is the development of response toward spiritual leading.

Recognize that your loyalty to love, your devotion to God, are very true, yet in your quest for knowing such realities, the conceptions you hold may contain more or less factual error. This is why we separate truth from fact, for in the desire to know you are being very truthful.

The conflict or confusion you hold when faced with new realities is simply the adjustment of your comfort zones of knowledge. The misalignment with truth that can be borne in the religionist’s search comes with the refusal to allow expanded meaning and understanding, the misalignment of the desire to know the real, the true, in favor of the satisfaction and comfort of the stable.

Always make truth your goal and thereby you will be less apt to think you own it or have acquired it in finality. Allow the factual representations to aid in your expansion of knowledge, but always try to make the sincere search for truth and love override the need to be correct at another’s expense. This ground will breed tolerance. How often can you see an incorrect assertion from another?

It is really of little importance in the overall if you know they are a child, too, of the Father. This breeds patience. It lays the field, the search for truth does, for increasing unity of ideal with a decreasing importance on uniformity of doctrine. That is my word this evening. I thank you for attending, old and new. Blessed are the lights which shine within you.

Lesson 9

RANTARASON:  This is Rantarason and I will address you this evening. Figure the relationship you have to your Father. Look at it. Is it existent? Do you feel that connection beyond mere words? Understand this as the basis for relationship — personal, intimate, all tolerating, all loving. Now look in contrast to the relationships you hold with your fellow brothers and sisters. Each one in some manner should reflect in some way an image to you that could fall into parallel with the relationship you hold to the Divine. If this is lacking, now you have a basis to work to develop that relationship, that circuit, with that individual.

Even with a partially parallel relationship you can further enhance and demonstrate your recognition of God in yourself and in them by enhancing the connection to further reflect different qualities of your relationship to the Divine. And so you see that no relationship outside of a divine one is ever complete and eternal. Always there is room to expand and enhance and further be aware of divinity within and outside. And by recognizing the combining factors you may even glimpse a deity relationship, the unification of God as present — contained, with the recognition of God as all and everywhere present. And that would be a recognition of the universal circuit network. Thank you.

Lesson 10

ANDASON:  I would continue to speak further on the composite nature of your existence in the association with your partnership to the Divine, your Indweller. You have functioning within you, the magnificent power and glory of the First Source and Center. You have the ability to allow this radiance to pour forth into this realm of existence. You have the potential to bring forth the divine will into the material realms, thereby establishing a connection to the Divine, and creating the possibility and reality of the divine embrace in the finite realms.

This is not abstract. This is potential that you have the ability to make real. It is the ultimate experience and accomplishment. It is the grand purpose of this level of creation to become infused and permeated by the love and the light and the life of God. There is no higher or more worthy occupation. There are no grander achievements other than the recognition, the experience, and the bestowal of your Father’s love.

Once again, you are reminded of the opportunities that are uniquely yours to function in an environment that is in such need of the divine grace. Once again, I would allow you the understanding that created beings all throughout the universe seek only to apply their efforts in a situation that you find yourself by chance. You would be forever grateful to recognize that you took advantage of such a rare opportunity to bring forth the greatness from the darkness. I am Andason. Thank you.

Lesson 11

ELYON: There is but one truth, and it, like your sun, radiates upon you continually. It is your orientation towards truth that creates the apparent diversity. Whether you stand in the full light or in the filtering of your trees, the clouds of material concepts that get in the way, or whether your back is turned to the light; this creates the apparent differences. In regards to a lie, this is similar to using a prism to distort the light to create divergence of the light from its original path of illumination. The truth is one truth; the experience will vary greatly.

Lesson 12

AARON:  What does it mean to be powerful? That is a question which, if answered to the individual or to a group with clarity, will result in mighty influences upon all neighboring personalities. In this quest to understand power, I would offer some perspective. I am Aaron.

An individual, by themself, has resident the Infinite Source of goodness and truth and light. Alone you have the potential for power. True power resides in the individual recognition of that Source and its leading, thereby humbling the person who knows. In this humility, they become a conduit for true expression of that Source Within.

At varying degrees of understanding, one may blend personal initiative, self-motivations, with this potential. Fear inhibits and often times one with partial awareness will portray honesty and humility in a distorted fashion. Fear is crippling to the enhanced growth and expression, for so often the individual is protecting themselves with layers of self-deception. To shed one’s cloak is rather terrifying, therefore many times it becomes easy to stay within the boundaries of self-will. The resident Power Source still finds expression, but it is quite limited in its influence beyond a limited scope.

What does it mean to be powerful? Powerful individuals will act with whom they are at each moment and will express what they feel and understand as it is present in their mind, regardless of fear, for if it is fear, one who is powerful will say they are afraid. And if you can recognize the expression of your Power Center, then follow, you will find that in due course you will not need to express fear, for it will no longer exist.

But the key is in the moment, for as you hold thought it begins to be conditioned by the layers within. To be powerful is to be filled with power, to be influenced by that Presence and to do so without let, without hesitation, without compromise. Now understand that all this is for perspective and that discernment, discretion, and wisdom all play in as factors in your growth, but powerful people are those with the capability of expressing uninhibited, the whole range of feeling, even to the frailties.

Begin your day with a look to the light and decide to encompass and purvey to the world around you a perspective of concerted and focused attention to the details that allow you to trip the switches in the direction of goodness. Be always alert for your chance to tip the scales to the side of beauty. Display the truth with a charm that is yours if you desire. And know that the world will be drawn and attracted and pleased with your efforts.

Know that there is much need for comfort and assurance in a world that seems vicious and dark. There are many hiding for fear and uncertainty and insecurity because the light of love has not been cast upon their souls and this is your challenge. Illuminate your fellows. Demonstrate to your peers the love that you enjoy. It is without blocks that you should give. It is to your gain that you distribute. It is to your advancement when you teach. Our roles are clear. Our direction is straight. Our momentum is satisfying. Continue and your attributes will sparkle and the air around you will ignite a response from reality. I thank you.

Lesson 13

SOLONIA:  There is much taking place in all walks of life, regarding our contact with individuals and groups. Most are unaware of our presence, yet at some time or another they made the personal request for guidance and this, in itself, was sufficient to offer to them personal teachers, when there were enough available. You’d see it if you would look.
Wherever you turn, if you are aware, you could see the out-workings of spirituality within individual persons who are attempting to be their true selves, their true essence. They are attempting and succeeding in the initial stages of soul identification.

They are and you are and all are gradually learning to become more in touch with living from the perspective of your soul’s experience. As you become more in tune with your true feelings and understanding of your true desires, you begin to recognize the Father’s hand in your experiences. As you release the control to the Father within you, your desperate need for ego to control each situation diminishes. You realize that what the Father has in store for you is that which you most truly desire.

You need no longer fight with yourself for control when you choose the Father’s will in all things. You are not giving up control of your destiny and your life. You are merely allowing your inner partner to work in more direct harmony with you. When you give control to the Father, He immediately gives it back to you, but then you are seeing from a different perspective. You are seeing now from all of the valuable experiences in your life which have been accumulated in your soul experience. The negatives which were so necessary for your earlier survival and development no longer have the power over you that they once did. You now have the power to draw directly from them.

This is the goal of each teacher, to bring you to that awareness of your true morontia self, that essence of your personality and potential divinity which lives forever. You are emerging from the shell which protected you in your embryonic growth and are becoming a true cosmic citizen. All of us who are teachers, companions, guides, learn from you as well as teach you. It is our privilege to experience your growths. This is why there are so many volunteers from our side for this mission. Our purpose is to live, learn, and grow from experience. This is why we are here. And in this, we have learned to love you. We have learned of your value to God’s creation. And we learn humility and patience in our missions with each of you.

Be aware of our influence with others. It is a sight of beauty to us to observe the Master’s life as interpreted by his children. Learn continually to communicate with your inner self. This is the place from which you grow, from which you become perfect. We love you. I will leave now.

Lesson 14

TIMOTHY:  Good evening friends, this is Timothy. The recognition and understanding of the love of God is the starting point for any spiritual ministry. Children are most precious and adorable when they are expressing themselves from total realness and pure innocence. Be as a child in your devotion and in your ministry, simply as one who spontaneously reflects and illuminates the love of God.

There is nothing more precious than to see and experience this in others and it is so in your spontaneous expressions of your own recognition in your own personal experience of life. For you to be truly effective you would proceed in this manner by simply radiating what you have experienced in your own personal journey of the truth. Our Master Jesus was most powerful and effective because he spoke with understanding of who he was in utter sincerity. If you speak with no other intention than to share this love, you have nothing to worry about.

Do all your ministry from your center of understanding as it is at the present moment. The understandings will change and they will grow, but where you are at this present moment is the only place from which you can proceed. Share your convictions as they are, for each one of them are precious and true. Your guidepost if you need such, is your intention. You’re all willing and anxious to extend your ministry. Each time you do this is a step in the right direction. Be bold, be courageous about your conviction, and yes, we will be working with you. You will have our input. That is all. Good evening.

Lesson 15

ELYON:  Out on the seas before you is a great adventure, and there may be many on your little vessel who are overwhelmed by the great expanse. They may benefit greatly from the assurance that they are not alone as if in a canoe, but actually you are in one great fleet of vessels. Whatever you can do to expand the awareness of your brethren will go great distances in helping us to educate this world and to bring it into the understanding that it is in a neighborhood.


From Editor,Bob Devine: Here is a hodgepodge of teacher insights that I had put together a while back as an overview and sampling of the group lessons in Spokane/CD’A. I think there are at least 5 or 6 TR’s that transmitted the material so forgive me if I don’t remember or identify them… Peace, Bob:

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