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SPK61- Returning Midwayers

2000-10-22-Returning Midwayers
Spokane #61


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Returning Midwayers
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Veronica
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan, Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Midwayers, Rebellion
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.2 Motivation

Topic: Returning Midwayers
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Veronica
TR: Jonathan, Gerdean


ELYON: (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you all, this is Elyon. Father, it is a great pleasure to witness your presence in each of these, your children, my friends, embodied here on Urantia; to behold the faith commingling with your spirit presence, to see the trust, to witness the hope, to be one granted permission to offer service to feed my fellows with increased understanding, the nourishment therefrom that builds the soul. I, though enhanced by morontia senses, am aware that each one here is increasing the ability to perceive your presence among one another and in oneself. May your blessings always be perceived and received by these, my friends.

Midwayers, Rebellion

Today I would like to speak to you about conviction. Fear not for the rebellious midwayers, those who were convicted, for it is true that each is now convicted and dedicated to the cause of bringing Urantia to Light and Life, their original mission and goal before Caligastia instigated an alternate route to planetary destiny.

Every one of you has experienced the regret that follows behind the realization of error, all within the larger context of the perception of what is true and real and how the error further hindered the advancement of truth. You have received instruction from many avenues encouraging you to recognize and overcome unnecessary guilt or regrets from past wrongs. All of you have experienced the love and close association of our Father after even having taken actions that you now realize were improper. You know the Father loves you unconditionally, seeks to minister to you continually, and will minister even more so during your errant episodes.

The midwayers have likewise experienced this as a collective. They have undergone great training. On most planets midwayers have a period of training that you could call boot camp where they can train under situations that are exercises prior to a true battle to gain the strength and the stamina, the keenness and alertness, necessary to confront the hardship ahead. Here on Urantia this was suspended, and your close associates, the midwayers, were faced with hitting the field with little or no training. Today they have emerged with purple hearts, victorious in seeking not only the truth but the truth of rectification and the value of correction and reestablishment. They have also discovered the secret of Supreme advancement, that all things do work together for the good to those who love God.

Hold strong everlastingly to your faith and trust in the ministry and over-care of the Father of all and the manifold ministering spirits that stand in ever-ready state to be of assistance. There are more supernals present throughout this local universe than there are flesh and blood creatures. You are amply attended to. Trust these personalities as you would a handrail in your ascent.

Today this world is rounding the corner toward a more spiritual age. To you the corner will appear gradual. To those like myself from a perspective and life experience above yours, that corner is sharper in perspective, and it is being turned. Your engineering, transportation, and exploration are reaching a limit of physical ability for this current time period. Though you wish you could take to the seas and discover new continents, the hurdle today is getting beyond the gravity pull of your planet and traveling to another world. Your science is not quite prepared as yet for this.

Therefore, until greater advancements are made, your best avenue of discovery and of the advancement of civilization is the exploration of the inner realm of personality, the inter-associative realm of fellowship with your kind and your close planetary associates, and that cherished personal relationship with the Father. You are aided by comforts that ought to contribute to your ability to pursue the near morontia and pre-morontia experiences while here on Urantia. With your efforts, with your conviction to pursue the deeper or higher spiritual life, you will bring in morontia sensibility and consciousness and reactivity. By reactivity I mean your ability to respond to your physical and social occurrences with an application that could be summed up succinctly as an action that is what Jesus would do.

It is an exciting time ahead. Michael loves this world. You know he loves them all, but Urantia does have a special spot in his heart, for he dwelt upon this world. One day Urantia will stand in perfection. It will be a shrine to the overcoming of evil with good. It will be a testament to the emergence of Supreme values in spite of havoc and chaos, and willful and deliberate rebellion.

Your education system will invite into the classroom a rehabilitated individual to witness to the youngsters. When this is done, the intention is that a real life experience speaks more deeply and more profoundly than any theory, any rules of ‘thou shalt not’. You are receiving such rehabilitated individuals as your midway cousins who can bequeath to you much of the insight they have gained. Treat them as your peers, as an older brother or sister, rather than as an instructor, a parent, or a coach. They prefer to be your comrades rather than your commanders.

When you have traveled extensively upon a world, you overcome the anxiety of stepping into a foreign culture, the fears associated with ignorance and not knowing the behavioral patterns, the cultural requirements, the social standards. But soon with experience you realize the common humanity that ties all people together, the friendliness, the helpfulness, the curiosity. Today — and I speak beyond the construction of your 24 hour measurement when I say today — you are realizing the nationality of the midwayers. You are discovering another culture. Their language, their mannerisms, will be different, but you will find the commonality of two distinct orders of beings who originated on Urantia. Embrace them. Stand united with them.

That is all.

VERONICA: (Gerdean): Patient patrons of pattern, pastel petals of perfection strewn around the ground gathered together as potpourri, fragrant in your diversity and your ways: We gladly gather you into our company and make of you a poultice to salve the wounds of your relationship with your most intimate kin.

‘Human associations’ is a class you have attended in attempting to understand each other as creatures in this human species. You have still a ways to go until you have mastered your lessons in the brotherhood of man, but you will be attended and assisted in your appreciation of relationship as you begin to perceive the presence and association of your cousins, our precious planetary aids who present themselves to you and to us as participants in this pageantry of advancing perfection. Joyousness is upon us, and the work has commenced. Bring now together your tools, your perceptions, your human experiences, and add them to the mix, to the large vat of experience that will preserve the flavor of your lives and nourish your growth.

I am Veronica. I am pleased to have an opportunity to present my words to you for your pondering.


Gerdean: Elyon, I’m wondering about Beelzebub. Wasn’t he a bit of a stinker? I appreciate what you said about midwayers being assimilated and having conviction. Others wonder about this, too. If someone built a rehabilitation center in one’s neighborhood, it’s a concern.

ELYON: (Jonathan): I understand. I am sympathetic to your concerns as I have witnessed several rebellious realms in Nebadon, and have seen the effects, both good and deleterious. Beelzebub did promote and perpetuate much errantry. If I may put it into a bigger perspective, Lucifer and Satan undertook far more nefarious schemes than Beelzebub had even the power to accomplish. Beelzebub falls more in the category of a juvenile delinquent than a professional criminal. His deviancy over the long term has been easier to counsel and to rehabilitate. You are receiving word that midwayers are being reinstated. You have long beforehand received word that Lucifer had not. Therefore ones like Beelzebub ought to be given the chance to reestablish standing, forgiveness, as in the parable of the prodigal.

One other addition, it is simple for a child to trust a parent; it is simple for each of you to trust Michael, but there is a depth of faith and goodness which comes about in learning to trust one who is re-establishing and rehabilitating new and old behaviors.

Goodness will be recognizable, and far be it from me to circumvent free will, but it is the hope of all Satania that evil will not be present in the malicious forms, as long ago. There is compassion that can be granted to one who led the midwayers, for this individual is likewise concerned over reputation. It is hard to shake one’s past. If Van can express love and care for Beelzebub, then it is possible for any one of you, for each of you carries a common origin that is ancestral to your differences of being.

Let me add one other observation, and that is that this midwayer restitution is not completely smooth. Let me give example. Among your countries, for instance, Germany and your Russian and post-soviet continent, the political changes there were accepted by some and not by others. There are still those in the eastern and communist German boundary that wish the old order was still in place. Likewise there are those who sympathize with the soviet way of governing. Yet these countries have stepped forward toward the further evolution of government and care for peoples. As all trainees must do, each midwayer will receive new assignment. As verification of readiness is observed they will not be unleashed en masse.

Some reconciliation is still in need, after all, this has been several hundred years of time. Now that Michael is sovereign, now that your planet is governed with the sagacity of Nebadon, with Salvington’s methods, you can be assured that the havoc of long ago will not repeat itself, and that there is more to be concerned about on the streets of your own cities than the return of a rehabilitated midwayer. I hope this helps.

Gerdean: Very helpful, thank you very much. It reinforces what we understood from Melchizedek and our midwayer friends.

Ginny: You said that when Urantia comes into Light and Life there will be a grand celebration. We will get there through huge determination and effort.

ELYON: It is the hope of all of us who have had any dealings with Urantia, whether it is transient as is my case or whether it is for the whole interim of the birth of civilization to the establishment of Light and Life as is the case with your midwayers, they all anticipate this glorious event when the broadcast will put forth the announcement from Salvington that Michael recognizes the bestowal world as settled in Light and Life and attaining the epitome of spiritual, philosophic, artistic, cultural, educational experience in human form. To each of you who experiences communion with the Father, you have a taste of that joy. Imagine the amplification of that celebration when all collect together and receive the news of acknowledgment and the assurance of attainment.

Ginny: You said something about entering the classrooms. What was that? New teachers, something like that.

ELYON: I drew parallel with your common use of bringing in guest speakers who have an experience specific to a lesson to be taught and the value and sway it holds over the observer than the theoretical expression of what is to be learned as in the case of a rehabilitated alcoholic, a criminal, and how this experience impacts more deeply upon those who would learn of it or about it, and how much the midwayers will likewise present to you more profoundly their conviction of goodness and the Father’s will than could be expressed by one who has always been wholly holy.

I hope this helps.

Mansion Worlds

Harold: What will we be occupied with on the mansion worlds? Knowing it won’t be a whole lot different from here, will there be similar occupations and pastimes?

ELYON: Yes, indeed. You will be able to pursue artistic endeavors and do so with a greater allotment of time than is practical on an evolutionary world where survival dominates livelihood. These worlds are much larger physically in size than Urantia and are far more populated. There is a great need for infrastructure, and this doesn’t happen on its own. So, many collectives are established that can work out the requirements of the infrastructure: communication, transportation, the feeding and housing.

You will have the opportunity to hone the skills you are establishing now, and you will also have the opportunity to initiate the development of skills that this life has not presented you the opportunity to develop. In some regards the mansion world life will be very busy. It will be not unlike going to college and working your way through college at the same time, for you will have also the Melchizedek universities to attend and your daily activities for the benefit of the world.

In this life you sleep to regenerate. The mansion worlds are so full of activities none would seek rest, therefore the wisdom of the divine in the creation of the light recession period wherein all must seek some time for refreshment. Your Urantia papers tell you how your ideals of heaven are closer to either a planet in Light and Life or one of the first few mansion worlds. So, the afterlife to a mortal appears to be paradisiacal from the moment of resurrection to Paradise itself.

However, you are also informed that this life beyond your native life is really not much different. You have undergone death… but many conditions you find present on Urantia will be important to continue at that time. The one great factor that will be missing will be competition and strife. Selfishness will still be present and will gradually diminish, but the whole structure of society is based around cooperation, of communal advancement, and the fostering of individual unfoldment. This is across the board of personality ability and will entail many acts that, on Urantia, would be called mundane, but in the morontia life are as sacred as any other activity could be considered.

VERONICA: (Gerdean): I would like to augment Elyon’s commentary which I realize is utterly appropriate in context of you here today, yet, in terms of perspective, be mindful that when and as a world evolves in Light and Life, as indeed Urantia will one day attain, it is not necessary to apply the ascending son to each step on the morontia ladder. Indeed, as a superuniverse, as a local universe, advances it is possible to eliminate a mansion world experience entirely as the perfection has been attained on the evolving worlds of time and space.

I offer this as perspective for you. This may help you put in your mind an appreciation for our urging your advancement in this context, for while it is apparent that you at this level in your eternal career will no doubt stop on all floors of that morontia high-rise, you as an evolving race will not always be required to do so, for your animal nature will have been adequately curtailed and, your morontia reality will have become sufficiently developed that you will be able to receive from Jerusem as compared to beginning anew at the resurrection halls. Amen.


Harold: I wonder about the motivation for progress on the morontia worlds. Is it part of the function of mota? Here we are motivated to make a living by hunger. What is the motivation to do well there?


Harold: That is a function of mota?

VERONICA: God is love, and love is the desire to do good to others. Service is a natural outpouring of knowing God. It is a complete reversal of what you are accustomed to hear. It is no wonder you would inquire. You have new adventures and new experiences indeed to look forward to.

Tom: What is the medium of recompense? Do you get credits for love or for service?

VERONICA: It is typically mortal for you to wonder, “What’s in it for me?” This degree of self interest is one of the things that will diminish as you proceed in your advancement.

Harold: There will still be selfishness. I wonder where the motivation to be selfless will originate.

VERONICA: I must defer to future courses. It is an upper graduate concept, and you are still in grade school. As has been said, love is the currency of the universe.

ELYON: (Jonathan): Elyon speaking again.
Competitive play has corralled the warlike tendencies of the human race. Perhaps I should say is attempting to corral the warlike tendencies of the race. Any game, and truly any war, must be intelligently executed to be successful. In either case cooperation and harmony must be present for any team to win. The anarchist, willy nilly, self driven actions of one or many individuals disrupt the game plan and no one wins. In the morontia realms you will experience this in greater refinement. The reward is harmony, smooth functioning.

Imagine the motivation to rise in the morning and to no longer think, “I must head down to the shop so that I can earn some money”, but to rise and say, “Ahh, I desire to head down to the shop so that we all can progress on this world to become nearer to perfection.” The Golden Rule is [[magnified[[.

But I must add one last point. I hale from the constellation level of mortal attainment, and we are still learning this family-like cooperative interaction. It will not come easily. It will come slowly. But I am told and trust completely that by the time I leave for the Salvington headquarters and the local universe experience I will have this skill honed and established.

VERONICA (Gerdean): Perfect Parent in Paradise, prevail among us and bring us peace. Be with us all as we go about your business in our avenues of operation. Bring us the inspiration to be as you would have us be; show us the work you would have us do. Afford us the leisure we need to promote poise. Guide and direct our steps beside our patron partners in the path to perfection. Amen.

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