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SPK63- More on Rebellion

2000-11-04-More on Rebellion
Spokane #63


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More On Rebellion
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Paulo, Tomas, Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Agondonters, Rebellion
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Midwayers
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: More On Rebellion
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Paulo, Tomas, Aaron
TR: Gerdean

Agondonters, Rebellion

PAULO: This is Paulo. I’m going to jump right in and continue our discussion on rebellion. I’m not going to talk throughout the entire meeting for there are others who also wish to address you today, but I will resume the discussion of rebellion, in part because of the release of the rebel midwayers from detention as a result of the adjudication and their being remanded back into action, as well as, in part, because you yourselves have been influenced by the planetary rebellion, that “war in heaven” that rendered you recalcitrant as a result of your upbringing. Thoroah, would you like to tell us what it means to be recalcitrant?

THOROAH: To refuse to obey. To refuse to follow the rules. To be contrary, evidently.

PAULO: Even defiant, and to the point that you believe your illusion to the extent that you would risk extinction rather than acknowledge your wrong-doing. My, my. What an inheritance! Have we any wonder, boys and girls, why we have confusion on Urantia? How can I help to undertake to understand how deeply infused you are with these energies?


As it is, I have to confess to you that even while you profess to be interested in doing the will of God, your immaturity and your distortion renders you erroneous, often to the point of detriment, but none of your beliefs have risen to the level of betrayal such as was brought about by Lucifer’s error. Thus you can all breathe easily as to the relativity of error but, in your career, your eternal career, it will forever be a point of fact that you incubated your soul in circumstances which, were you incubating a mortal fetus, could nearly guarantee you would be born with birth defects.

You have a sense deep within you, because of your primary relationship (that with perfection, pure spirit), you have a sense, because of your reflective powers (scant as they may be), that you have been delivered an injustice. If you can see this point you will recognize why much of your composition is profoundly influenced by the sense of righteous indignation you carry around, and while you most often raise your flag of anger as a protest against what was done to Jesus, (even holding up your anger as an icon of injustice, in having him depicted hanging dead on the cross, bringing outrage into an “appropriate” response to the injustice of it all), but in point of fact, it is in you that righteous indignation arises over your own plight and the injustice. And I will say that the words of the revelation have fueled your fury by accounting for the facts and pointing out to you all, indeed, that you have endured and have lost and have not known as a result of such folly. In your modern psychological phraseology, you are looking at over-compensating here.

It’s a way to keep from feeling sorry for yourselves. It’s a way of holding up your fragile dignity. It’s a way of assuring yourselves of your faith. It has a profound effect on how you inter-relate with one another, and here I speak to you who are enlightened, you who have come to recognize yourselves as a part of infinity, having a beginning but no ending, being a part of divinity which, being eternal, has no beginning or ending, but identifying those qualities which have rendered you less than you could be through no fault of your own holds you into righteous indignation and you become very sensitive about what your interpretation of your value is.

And this is why, students, you are so terribly sensitive of definition, of nuances of words. You have heard this phrase, “Just what is the meaning of this?” You ask “what is the meaning of this” because it is not understood in your mind if the remark was hostile or supportive because it has no foundation; no common ground has been established. Building common ground is what your Teachers have been working with you on, for it is all too clear that intellectually speaking there will never be clear understanding because every brain, every mind is designedly different. But every heart will open to the harmonious strains of divine love that holds you in its hand and lures you powerfully and patiently forward.

It is no wonder you have embraced this Teaching Mission. It is moving when we see the spontaneous outpourings of appreciation in the hearts and minds of those who recognize the divine hand at play in the unfolding of Urantia’s re-encircuitment. You have no idea how we rejoice when we are made aware of the reflection of the Divine Presence within you as it is revealed to us through your active cooperation. We can literally see the Supreme coming to life through your efforts. And these steps forward can only come about and as you recognize your need for help.

To recognize your need for help under your circumstances is no cause for shame. You lost the foundations of civilization in the original Daligastian civilization and you lost the pattern for parenting and planetary administration and superior plasma when you lost Adam and Eve. You do need help. To recognize that you need help and that help is here should rightfully overwhelm you with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for Michael’s efforts to reach his children who were alienated from him as a result of the actions of another, actions over which he had no authority to halt.

Knowing when you have the authority to halt rebellion is a part of growing into your comprehension of who you are, and how you stand, and what you represent, and what you will become, and what will come to pass in your world, your world that begins behind your eyes and between your ears and extends into the physical arena in which you live, as the territory set before you, as your challenge and opportunity. I will now cease my ramblings and, before I go, ask if there are questions in this context.


THOROAH: I had a bunch of questions at the beginning because it sounded like a long, long list of reasons that we should feel bad or justified or whatever. It’s that innate in us. That seems a little overwhelming. And then the idea of being in a position where we can’t help but produce error, no matter how good we get it, those things had me down in a dark pit there for awhile. But I understand the light at the end of the tunnel. So I guess I just had a comment.

PAULO: I commend your courage in allowing yourself to have a look. You have heard before from Teachers about why it is that you are able to fend, even in good cheer, in your environments, your planetary circumstances, even in the face of its dysfunction, and one of the methods is through denial. When you can break through denial and have a look at what is and not what you wish it were, or want it to be, you have an idea of what you are really dealing with and you can be far more effective. It’s a way of getting past the illusion into making your life a real experience, yielding real and lasting value.

THOROAH: We have a lot to look forward to.

PAULO: There’s nowhere to go but up and into the light. Those of you who have walked in the light and have known the glory of God and enjoy His company in meaningful ways, who realize what it means to be meek, are also those who understand how it feels to be exalted. Understand that in God we are one, we are equal, He loves us all. Infinitely. As His own. And thus we are in a position to help God, as it were. In helping each other.

Forgiveness is a vital element in finding yourself in a realm of light and life, for as long as you hold a resentment against Lucifer and Satan and Caligastia, as long as you maintain distrust and anger at Adam and Eve and their default, you will carry around with you the scars and wounds and open sores of imperfection. Understanding rebellion, however, and gaining wisdom, even experiential wisdom in this context, is enough to launch you into the dawn of light and life – in your immediate existence, and then to your outer environment, into your one-on-one associations, even to your community and beyond. My thanks for your tolerance of my expressions this afternoon. I am a Teacher. I shall return.


TOMAS: Tomas here. Good afternoon. I am glad to be with you and glad to reach out to embrace my friends and companions around the world and to settle into this small vortex of spiritual community here in this room. There is a lot going on in your immediate culture, as well as the extended cultures of Correcting Time. Noteworthy is midwayer influence. It is perhaps difficult for you to appreciate the fractured conditions we work under in revealing to you your lessons, your curriculum, given the difficulties of intellectual understanding such as Paulo alluded to.

The midwayers presence on Urantia, the loyal midwayers, that is, have always been here, have been of invaluable help to us in our dealings with you, served the revelators in their work, work in as many capacities as they are afforded an opportunity to work in, and even work incessantly to create new circumstances by attempting to engage your interest in them. They are your first contact up the scale of reality, and they have indeed loyally worked toward getting your attentions and working with you, and they have done as well as any heroic effort can be, given the circumstances under which they have operated.

Many of you have had contact with midwayers, and while you may or may not have given them acknowledgement for their efforts, it remains true none-the-less that you have been upheld and assisted in myriad ways by and through the services of the United Midwayers.

I am discussing this with you this afternoon because they have been in the news, they are making a debut, as it were, and there have been recent announcements to the effect that the “rebel midwayers” are returning, and while on one hand it is wonderful to be privy to the exuberance indicated in the midwayers as a result of their anticipation in working more closely with you and in having the assistance of their returning brethren, it also is true that in their return, they bring with them a new approach to Urantia, one which has been garnered because of their association with those loving, merciful ministers of justice and counsel which have given them untiring super-vision such as your world has not enjoyed until recently. And so these rebel midwayers are not juvenile delinquents; they are advanced in wisdom because of the constant training and counsel they have received. They are going to be blended in, over a course of time, much like a cook would blend certain ingredients in order to create the perfect souffle.

The entire growth and development of Urantia is a natural process. Nothing will happen before its time, but what will advance its opportunities is for you to step out and commit to working with your midwayer cousins in whatever capacity you can work and with their assistance to whatever extent they can assist. This is the same theory that is recognized as a part of the brotherhood of man. Working together is a cooperative effort. Teamwork requires that you have a goal toward which you work together. The “Kingdom” will be realized by that same method, through steadfast, loyal, consistent, persistent application to truth, beauty, and goodness in your lives, in every facet of your lives.

If you work in communications, you will receive assistance in communications. If you work in healing, you will receive assistance in healing. If you are a hypno-therapist dealing with mental deviance, you will receive assistance in this field. If you work in the trenches of addiction, you will receive assistance there. If you work in fine arts, you will receive assistance in fine arts, and so develop yourself to find out who you are and what your work is for the Kingdom and you will be assisted as you ask for assistance.

AARON: Aaron here, next at bat. Greetings to you and all of you, seen and unseen, visible and invisible. I’m elected to help you undertake to socialize yourselves in company with your cousins. You who want to take this course are entirely welcome but many of you will find it “above your heads”- that is to say you will not find time for it. It’s not your fault if you can’t find time for it. It’s just not time for it yet. For you. But those of you who have worked with midwayers or are working with midwayers also have a right to acknowledge you associations as the effects of these associations are always an example of a divine hand in your lives.

Let me tell you a little bit about these helpers. They are unsung heroes. Indeed, they often get overlooked in the rush to give angels the credit for whatever supernatural happens, unless, of course, it is too ridiculous, in which case it is simply “unaccountable” or “fate”. The midwayers are conscientious workers. They have integrity and loyalty but they are also funny and affectionate. Get connected with a midwayer if you can, and he will or she will help you find things in your neighborhood or bring you into contact with folk you need to meet. Be on the alert for “seraphic action” and have fun with accounting for much of life belonging to the realm outside your vision.

We’ll get a chance, as time goes by, to get into some specifics of our association. I may need to introduce you to some in order for you to have a sense of who they are, but you could probably invite them into your own circuitry and make acquaintances with them on your own, which I heartily urge you to do. And for your peace of mind, if you ask for one, only one of the 1,111 will arrive on your doorstep at this point. The ones who have been on extended holiday into higher education have not yet been assigned or relinquished to make indiscriminate contact. There is order in the universe, you know.

This is all a part of finding your place in the universe, all a part of understanding your association with the cosmic neighborhood, all a part of helping you realize that in every way you are companioned and you are not alone. You who have been urged to get on out there and create something, or do something of Outreach, or in expression of your own personality desire to contribute to the Supreme, will appreciate and enjoy the assistance, support and dimension they can and will provide. They rejoice in the renewed association in-coming. They have worked long and hard for you to become able to begin to re-unite with them in the higher realm of purpose.

So perhaps we can put rebellion behind us and get on with the work of creating a new age of light and life, a new awareness and appreciation of association in our very real, Very Real relationship with this living organism of love, the benign virus and its many manifestations. We’re going to have to step up our pace if we expect to keep up with the United Midwayers; they have an energy that is rather compelling. Any questions?

THOROAH: I’d like to thank you for the example of these rebel midwayers receiving divine justice. We have a tendency to look at justice as being one-sided, punitive, but justice could really mean the best that could possibly happen is justice, and the best that could possibly happen, happened to the midwayers. It’s a great example of the Correcting Time and what we can expect.

AARON: It is a very beautiful indication of your pure at heart quality, for those who are pure at heart respond immediately to the presence, the power, the love, the goodness of God and have not been ensnared eternally by the trappings of an intellectual commitment to a perceived reality that denounces that which it most needs. Rebellion is so insidious. You are obviously not that rebellious at heart, nor were those who were led astray unwittingly or through sheer ignorance.

The fact that your heart responds is illustrated in the instance wherein the man Jesus commanded the evil spirit to be gone from the mind of the youth. The spirit left because immediately it recognized the power of the Creator Son. Those who do not respond to the presence of God are those who are deluded. You will find that most people respond somehow. They may be angry or confused or in awe or in doubt, but they are able to at least respond to the concept. Those who cannot even respond to the concept are those, perhaps, who have gone too far.

And we will discuss this more as time goes by, for understanding these things will help you in discerning who it is you would do well to work with and those you would do well to overlook, as you pass by, in your being about the Father’s business.

THOROAH: I’ll look forward to learning about that.

AARON: And then you can teach what you have learned. It’s my favorite part of this Mission, the interaction, the exchange of experiential understanding that gives credence to what we know and what we do on behalf of God, on behalf of our relationship with divinity. And that which is truly real. Assignments are coming. Get your tools sharpened. Have a good time this week in beginning to “see” your unseen helper as they contribute to the reality of your existence. Good evening.

TOMAS: This is Tomas again. I have a response to a question. I am addressing those of you who are wondering if your involvement with this dimension of your consciousness, as it applies to your personal spiritual experience, as the name of “Teaching Mission” is wrapped around it’s shoulders, are somehow being so willed as to be inadvertently unmindful of the divine plan and thereby, therefore really being rebellious or overcompensating for the lack of spirit reality that has been bestowed upon your world.

Let me mention to you the original twelve apostles and point out to you the strength of Peter, “upon whom I will build my church”. Peter was indeed a fiery speaker. His emotional content was able to capture and sway hearts and minds of men such that they were converted on the spot. Whether they remained converted or whether they lapsed back into a faith in name only, is not for us to question, but see how Peter’s efforts, even as they were supportive of Paul’s efforts, were often in error, were a compromise from the pure teachings of Jesus, they none-the-less altered the course of destiny on Urantia.

And do we look back at Apostle Peter and suggest that he did not do the will of God? Not at all. His heart was true, in the right place. His motives were to be a deliverer of the gospel, such as he had experienced it and learned it by and through his association with the Master. His humanness is an inspiration to many. His religious zeal was a result of his personality expression in response to his faith. You who transmit, you who teach, you who are proponents of this Teaching Mission, you who wonder, question or doubt, have no cause for concern, for your enthusiasm and devotion cannot be different from Peter’s who, while imperfect, was truly perfect in purpose. And he therefore lived up to all that he could be and all that he was has been handed down to you in and through his works. In Christianity. Understood?


Thus, fear not. Advance. And be of good cheer. See you next week.

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