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SPK72- Psychic Circles

2001-02-03-Psychic Circles
Spokane #72


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Psychic Circles
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson

Topic: Psychic Circles
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good afternoon. This is Tomas here for your amusement this afternoon. I am in good company here this afternoon for we have with us many observers and if we have time and opportunity allows perhaps we’ll have a visit from one or two others. I have been enjoying your dialog about language. How cleverly the universe supervisors have conspired to tap into your current awareness of reality by adding atop the terminology of such as “Havona” and so forth.


I have not come to talk about the weather. I have scheduled myself this afternoon to bring you some thought surrounding the concept of the psychic circles, the seven psychic circles that we referenced last week due to Charlie Beyer’s inquiring mind. I will therefore address my remarks to Charlie and welcome him and all of you to this configuration of student/ teacher relationship. But in truth, all of you may benefit from a greater appreciation and understanding of what these psychic circles are able to do for you in your realization of your applicable attainment of awareness of greater reality in your lives on your world Urantia.

You have a computer, and with your computer you purchase floppy discs, and in a sophisticated computer you will have various programs that allow for you to save your documents in the various formats according to your needs. Therefore on one floppy disc you may have a combination of word documents or documents saved in rich text format or ASCII documents, HTML, JPEG, and so on, and while they may all be on one floppy disc, they are not all accessible.

The same is true in terms of your composition, your circle attainment. Some mortals, it would seem, attain nothing at all. They have a blank disc that has never been inserted into the computer. It isn’t even formatted. It might serve as a coaster for a coffee cup. But in time, with experience and a bit of adventure, it is readily learned that this disc can be the recipient of fundamental documents, and now that you have documents on your disc you are able to play in any given number of different computer systems, but only to the degree that you are able to be applicably programed at any given time.

In time, if you pursue your education in spirit reality, you will be led into areas of application that give you insight into other uses, and find, for example that rich text format is rather universal in application and can be readily transferred from one system to the other without much difficulty, so you have learned how to transcend separation by seeking the rtf language. Now this analogy can go on and will go on far beyond the capacity of this T/R brain and/or computer experience, to allow for many complex applications to be applied to one simple computer disc.

If you attain all seven psychic circles in your life, you still might find yourself best used as a coaster for a coffee cup, and occasionally you will find yourself in RTF format where you may access and have intercourse with all manner of general programs, because you have found a way to transcend separations; you have found a way to bridge the gaps in communications such that you are able to relate easily with almost all of your fellows.

And yet, in attaining each new psychic circle it is essential that you experience a breakthrough into a new revelation of truth and usage. You acquire your skills by your own will choice to investigate and find the solution to attaining the next revelation of your own relationship with divinity. Many choose not to investigate. They are happy at RTF or document formula, but those of you who would have 100% free and clear communication with your Indwelling Adjuster will persist, will have that perfection hunger and honor that compelling lure that leads you into further knowledge, that leads you into experiential depths that formulate for you a new psychic program that allows for yet another and more “sophisticated” application for you to be used in doing His will.

I will resort here to a phrase that is understood by many in 2-step programs having to do with a psychic change. It is commonly understood in alcoholism, for instance, that it is necessary for a psychic change, a complete psychic change, to come over an individual for the cravings to cease and for recovery to commence, for a new lifestyle to become actualized. This same core truth is necessary in your ascent from one psychic level to another. A soul-modifying, mind-altering, cosmic adjustment is required, and these are not done without serious soul struggle, without a certain degree of mental and psychic agitation, for what you are doing is giving up an entire foundation of reality of who you thought you were for an unknown and yet essential element of what you can be if you give yourself up to the Father in faith.

This is why it is possible for believers to experience rebirth, why it sometimes happens that presumably saintly individuals undergo tremendous turmoil in faith issues that completely turn them inside out insofar as their realization of this mystery that manages to mold our minds in such a way as to render us new, eventually in your case allowing you to become superhuman. Along with the stress of experiencing such cosmic growth, is a grace and a sense of responsibility that are almost side-effects of the “trauma” of psychic growth that yields new life from having entered another psychic circle level of existence.

In other words, if you have managed to attain the third psychic circle and you look around and presume to be smug about your attainment, you will very quickly be taught humility, for spiritual attainment is not about lording oneself over others, but affording you others to see with eyes to see in such as way as to be of service to those who follow.

Definitions will need to be re-evaluated, for when you, for example, come to realize that you are passing on universal truths to those who follow you, you are not putting yourself in an undeserved godhead position by realizing that they follow you. They are following the light of truth, and you have become an instrument of God so that His light of truth may be shown through you.

It is because of this inherent ethic that true circle attainment is rarely glorified, or even verbalized. It would be as arrogant as an individual strutting the claim to be a member of the reserve corps of destiny. When you have this kind of power, it’s not necessary for you to proclaim it. And that lesson is learned long before the power is actually acquired. Such that you need not promote yourself, but promote Him who sent you, He who is the object of your desires.

And there is an interesting assessment for you who attempt to attain these psychic circles. Look to your desires, without judgment, but with fascination to discover what it is that your next goal is going to bring you, is going to be revealed to you. For it well may be the impetus for yet another soul-searching moment in time that leads you yet into another psychic circle or into communication with your Indwelling Adjuster Itself.

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