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SPK78- More On Love

2001-02-24-More On Love
Spokane #78


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More On Love
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Paulo
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 See also

Topic: More On Love
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Paulo, Aaron
TR: Gerdean


GINNY: Is the parenting in the morontia realm harder or easier, and I assume it is just as valuable as it is here.

AARON: It’s different, and obviously it’s different because of the physical factor, but it’s also different because the children you will be parenting in the Adam and Eve schools and the nurseries on high are fraught with their own voids that must be compensated for, but you see, you too have certain voids, and so the complementing nature of your future experience with parenting children who need parents, is going to provide those unique problems and challenges in lieu of, let’s say, immaturity in perhaps a girl getting pregnant or a boy selling drugs. There will be different problems to deal with but you will be eager to fit yourself to your challenges because the experience of parenting, even in mansonia, is as enriching and valuable as they are here for you and for your children.

THOROAH: I would think that might be something along the line of what we go through here when we adopt children. I’ve had the experience of adopting a child and I didn’t love it or didn’t parent the child any different than I would have with my genetic child, so perhaps there’s some analogy there. And then again we look at our brotherhood and sisterhood situation here, that family thing, we can get some of that family aspect in our brotherhood and sisterhood, too.

GINNY: Well, I guess I connect the physical act of being pregnant and delivering and taking care of the child as so much a part of parenting, that is such a bonding part, that I wonder if that same bonding is possible.

THOROAH: It would be different, probably, for females from males.

GINNY: Uh-huh. It’s a bond between mother and child that’s so strong that I connect a lot of that with the physical-ness of it. And on the morontia worlds, that physical-ness is not quite so strong, I assume, that this . .. the bond isn’t .

PAULO: Paulo here. I guess it’s my turn and I was reluctant to come in when you were talking about childbirth, but they pushed me through the door. (Giggles) The experience of physical birthing is a fascinating observation shared by all of the animal kingdom and it is very much like those hormones that were discussed earlier. The birthing experience is far more physiologically important than emotionally, and almost has no bearing on spiritual connection.

The misfortunes of Urantia are myriad and not the least of its problems are in this very heart-wrenching topic: that of family life and the ideals of family life which were intended to be far more elevated than the circumstances you find surrounding you on Urantia today. The neighboring planet chapter does give you an inkling of how important adoption is toward having meaningful parenting experiences. And yet neither you nor your neighbors are recipients of the pattern established by Nebadonia’s insights inherent in the Infinite Spirit that would be passed along to the daughters of the universe.

(Yes, Gerdean, I am aware that the Material Son and Daughter are the [Don’t be afraid.] the progeny of Michael and the Melchizedeks, but the pattern was established by and through the union of the Creator Son and his consort well before the coming into being of the Order of Melchizedek. No way is your Mother Nebadonia going to be overlooked or discounted in her creations, her contributions to life on Urantia.)

PAULO: Alright, where were we? I had mental block there to work through. Many of you have mental blocks that need to be worked through, that would not be a problem had you not been involved in so many set-backs. I don’t mean “you” in your few decades’ existence, but “you” in your planetary existence. You will not be called upon to parent by yourself when you arrive in the mansion worlds. You will first need to be taught what it is to come from a real family, a family before default, a family before rebellion. You will all need to “pass by” that hall before you proceed.

Many of you will proceed past the nurseries but many of you will not, and those of you who are given the go-ahead to pass by the nurseries because you have adequate parenting experience here will opt to tarry behind to observe and awaken in yourself a whole new frame of reference for the parenting experience based on what you have learned by getting your feet wet in the Adam and Eve Schools. Marriage itself constitutes another realm of reality than that which is visited by most of you in your mortal associations here. Oh, I just can’t begin to tell you how many things you have to make up for.


GINNY: Are you saying that if we have entered into the marriage or the parenting experience here and not done such a good job of it, we can relearn it there? Choose to relearn it there? Or is the mere fact of parenting and marriage mean that you have the experience therefor you go on, past the nurseries.

PAULO: : Doing it is not knowing. This is why anyone can physiologically give birth, but does that mean you have any idea of how to parent? Or what it means to observe your child unfold like a rose? Or a cactus flower? And then how to preserve its beauty while exposing it to truth? And retaining its goodness in the face of the inevitabilities of the creature existence? There are so many of you who are in such a hurry to get on with it and jump right up and meet Michael, shake hands and take off for Havona.

GINNY: And fuse somewhere along the line. Well that was very helpful information. I had not realized that, number one, the fact that you have had children and entered marriage that you’re done with it, and secondly, that we each have to learn what a true family is like before we can be really good parents.

PAULO: : Yes. Tomas has something he would like to say. We have resolved that. Never mind. You will realize, I am sure, that while it may seem as though everyone from a material world will have to pass through the Adam and Eve schools and nursery, you would do well to have in mind that this is a decimal planet, and many of the normal worlds that have progressed naturally have met the requisite requirements; thus will not need to tarry.

And there are even some of you who have been born on a decimal world who will be allowed to advance because of your applications to furtherance of your morontial reality such that the quality of your life experience has met the requirements as set forth. But there are very few from Urantia who will be free to pass over the detention halls that will enable you to make up for some of the inherent deficits – inherent in having been on a world of rebellion and default wherein the ideal of marriage, family, home life, have been markedly altered from the original plan.

Also, in the past you have been counseled that you are in many ways an oddity in the universe and you will be as a sore thumb when you reach the mansion worlds for your roots will show. (I’m not talking about hair dressing.) Your idiosyncracies are going to set you apart from your neighbors, as it has been inferred that it could be construed as an embarrassment that you are so retarded.

THOROAH: There goes the neighborhood!

PAULO: : But you are not the only planet who has experienced default and you are not the only decimal planet by a long shot, so you will find yourself with compatible peers all along. Just don’t feel sorry for yourselves, and hold your head up!
There’s one last thing that we’d like to point out before we close today. One moment please.


TOMAS: This point is one you’ve been recently reminded of, you in this base of operations by and through your studies. You must remember the conspiracy afoot to bring to the minds of mortals on Urantia the revelation of truth as is set forth in Urantia Papers, as was brought to you by and through the auspices of the Revelatory Commission, from instructions On High, and that is that within the mind of your mortal associates there resides the faithful Adjuster who will work ceaselessly to bring the mind of its indwelling into a cosmic awareness of its place in Our Father’s universe.

Therefore when you ponder and approach how best to teach and preach, how best to set forth that which you have come to know, believe in, and adore to others, rely upon their Adjuster to take what you say and use it in the advancement of the souls of those you touch as you pass by. Don’t rely on your creativity or your understanding or your intelligence or your instincts or your perceptions, but go beyond that to divinity itself. Just as we’ve discussed today the relative levels of love, be bold enough to take the Kingdom by spiritual assault and lay siege to the Indwelling Adjuster, by-passing completely the mortal you choose to serve, in trust of the Adjuster who will harken to that man’s soul needs. Trust Our Father to help you as you choose to serve His children as you pass by. Amen and Farewell.

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