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SPK81- Resurrection, Gift of Sonship

2001-04-14-Resurrection, Gift of Sonship
Spokane #81


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Resurrection, Gift of Sonship
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Paulo, Tomas, Machiventa, Aaron, Dolores
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Resurrection, Prayer
 3.2.2 Service
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Resurrection, Gift of Sonship
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Paulo, Tomas, Machiventa, Aaron, Dolores
TR: Gerdean


PAULO: This is Paulo. Thank you for coming. I am greeting you this afternoon, but all of us are here. “Aha!” you say, “ALL of us are here”? I am not going to admit to perfect attendance from everyone in the universe, no, but Tomas, Aaron, and Dolores and I are here, as well as many others. You like to know who is in the bleachers. There are several midwayers, some I cannot beat off with a stick; they are tenacious and effective. There are, as always, a commission of Companions, and a plethora of Technical Assistants [UB 36:2.14] and Recorders and the like.

I like to acknowledge that Michael is in attendance. He is always in attendance when we gather, and we derive great satisfaction from knowing that. We are never alone for we are always in harmony with others. We are here because of him and thus he blesses us by his presence, as he promised.

This is a great celebration of his almighty presence in your Christian calendar/ culture! The story of the resurrection, the pain and pathos of the human Jesus, in his dramatic exit from the flesh and entrance into morontia, never ceases to thrill us all, inasmuch as it is a recurring recognition of the fact of eternity and our place in it.

The revolutions of time are what denote the eras, the ages that conspire to bring a panorama of history to the development of evolving eternity. Even though it is said all of this is in the eye of the First Source and Center, even though it is regarded as “a done deal” in the mind of infinite deity, it is also true that in the realms of space there is time, thus history is possible, thus linear time has its place in helping formulate a sense of continuity, advancement and revolution. I believe Tomas would like to talk for awhile.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I would like to talk for awhile about resurrection.

Resurrection, Prayer

TOMAS: Paulo was discussing how time follows time in the extension of eternity, but in the revolution, there are many resurrections. This revolving experience of life is cyclic. It is advancing, also, yes, but in time it’s not always easy to see that you are advancing, and thus often you become limited in your perspective. You become dense, as your environment, and you become isolated in your tendency to pull yourself secure around yourself, in order to sustain some sense of comfort in what you might otherwise regard as isolation or at least a certain relevancy as to isolation since you are not always in accord and you are not always in harmony, and thus you sometimes lose sight of the fact that the Master can be there with you if you but will him to be.

But, getting back to this part of your growth that entails a deep slumber, psychic rest, emotional stand-still, spiritual dormancy, winter doldrums, dark night of the soul, oblivion. You pull the covers over your head and say, “wake me in the morning.” The seasons all naturally provide this sense of alteration between the dormant state and the active state. Thus the tulip bulbs and daffodils remain asleep and certain animals do hibernate throughout the course of winter and in the spring feel these stirrings, but science has discovered ways to trick Mother Nature. Certain plants and seeds are now induced to sprout and blossom after having been frozen artificially, for they feel they have gone through winter and now they can bloom.

This clever tactic on the part of science is something that you would all do well to emulate in your own periods of dormancy wherein you become lethargic as a result of your relative growth and your ability to rationalize your non-growth such that you become stuck in a place of inaction, not dreary enough to feel anxious about and not happy enough to be contagious. Sometimes it is necessary for you to trick yourself into a recognition of the reality of time passing and growth taking place. Your growth is so subtle, so difficult to measure. The lessons you have learned in these Melchizedek classes are difficult of definition. You cannot account for your time by certificates or degrees but by experiential growth and certain wisdom as a result of cosmic problem solving.

Occasions like your anniversary acknowledgment of Easter is a conscious opportunity to recognize growth. Your own resurrection from the dark places of your inability to rise up without the help and guidance of Spirit reality. This holiday represents an example of mass mind, the power of mass mind. All over the globe this week-end, hundreds and thousands, even millions of people are re-enacting and re-experiencing, in the privacy of their own mind/ heart/ soul, an understanding of our father/brother Jesus’ experiences when he was here as one of you.

All of you can identify with his Garden of Gethsemane when you face an experience, a decision, a crises, a moment that you would just as soon not experience. Any one of you who feels at all, have felt the same humiliation as he experienced in his whipping: undignified, stripped of rightful pride and acceptable righteous human confidence. And when you have known injustice, you have certainly had a fleeting recognition of what it feels like to be crucified on the stake of experiential living. Having these feelings is part of what it is to be human, but also a part of being human is to allow the Spirit to resurrect your mind/ heart/ soul from the darkness that is its natural earthen habitat, as a dense and material creature of the realm.

There is a vast difference between being able to, as an individual, trick yourself into accepting a resurrection for yourself in order for you to bloom out of season, and the awesome opportunity for you to take part in a prayer, an acknowledgment of our Creator that is acknowledged by thousands even millions of other souls, in a profound acknowledgment of Our Lord’s demonstration of the divine plan of ascension to the Father — the affirmative feelings, the acknowledgment of your greater reality, the poignant depiction of your value even as a lowly mortal –– so precious, so dear to him that he would ask forgiveness for your acts in ignorance as any mother would defend her babes, as any bird would defend her chicks.

The immensity of love is all encompassing, and the universe will go to any lengths to elevate your comprehension of your soul’s worth. You are invited to participate and take part in these many revolutions, these seen and unseen celebrations of the many, many resurrections that take place in the daily lives of those who are struggling against the darkness. You are encouraged to conspire with us to help bring about the un-seasonal flowering of divine love, even when you are alone. As he did.

These occasions of global prayer are also invaluable to a spiritual connecting with your brothers and sisters in a prayer for “God knows what” to bring about “what God will” for his children. In this way the resurrection of light and life will take place, for it is not limited to the Christian depiction of Calvary, but the searching souls of all these worthwhile sons and daughters of God who are floundering in the frozen soil of ignorance and cultural decadence, who are fearful for their safety and for their survival.
Mass prayers, like massive cultural and religious celebrations and holidays, have long range effects and yet each personal rebirth/ resurrection, is that which will provide the foundation upon which those global prayers may be offered, and so we will not cease our worries until we have made contact with the least of you and made him part of the whole of you. And we need you to do this with and for us.

We will succeed. We will succeed in part because of the lesson of the resurrection, that each morning provides the dawn, each winter is followed by the spring, each death leads to a new birth. And this is the actualizing of the good news, which is that our destiny is unfolding as we revolve and resurrect onto continual new planes of awareness and spiritual development, greater and greater embraces with that which is divine.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. I know I wasn’t on the scheduled list of guests but I have never much concerned myself with such formalities. I am glad to be with you and glad to be a part of your development, glad to be apprised of your participation in our schools and universe broadcasts.

I shall be the one then, today, who comes with the eggs and the candy, the nourishment and the rewards of the many grueling efforts that are undertaken in order to have a greater understanding of the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it, having found value in the life he lived and the example he set for men and women to follow in their dealings with their fellow men.
We seek a new resurrection of love. We yearn for a thaw of the defenses you have put up around you to protect you from the storms of life’s vicissitudes.

We long for the day when the rebirth of spring will blossom in the heart of all mankind, when the fragrance of fresh flowers is the spiritual fragrance you all carry in your presence, in your hair. The Easter basket is filled with love for you and you are encouraged to partake of the treasures you are offered by the Master and by his celestial hosts who work tirelessly to show you how to love and be loved in such a way as reveals the goodness of God, and this is a resurrection of life we celebrate.


AARON: Aaron here. The nature of the material live being as it is, dual, you are able to turn the tables now and see the other side of the coin for a season. Those of you who have been dormant will now be active and those of you who have been active may now have a season of dormancy. Those of you who have felt the cold can again know the heat and those of you who have sweltered will have an opportunity to “chill out”. Our hemisphere here invites a joyous season ahead indeed. A difficult planetary growth season but one which will yield a great crop of new, enlivened souls conscious of sonship.

Opportunities abound now for advertisements for God in everything you do. It of course does not have to be spelled out, as your language spells out “God-knowing”, but your indwelling Spark of Divinity is able to connect with other fragments of God and activate the ministry of mercy all over Urantia. In the days after Christ there was the fish that indicated a secret society of believers and you who have in you an understanding of All That Is, are in a position to carry in your eyes a glint of light that tells the world that you know something that cannot be denied and that will not be kept under a bushel but that is your treasure and one which you are wont to share. In this way your service fields are socialized and your socialization becomes a field for service.

Rejoice in this harvest.

DOLORES: This is Dolores. I would invite you to share with me an appreciation of what you will observe and experience in your religious life tomorrow, for you will share with these many souls the triumph that is ours in sonship. The jubilance is going to well up in your heart as the afternoon wears on and your spirit will rejoice to know that “He is Risen!”

As you acknowledge the thrill in your soul of his life as a son of man and as a Son of God, lift yourself up into the awareness of your rightful place in the universe as a son of this Son of the Eternal Son of the Universal Father, and embrace your place in the heart of Divinington from whence your spirit comes.

Rejoice in the perfection of Paradise and the perfection of your Paradise Parents, in the divine plan that invites all who will to come, and grasp within yourself the power inherent in those words, “Follow me.” As you follow, you will learn to lead, you will learn to forgive, you will learn love.

This is the great gift of sonship. Enjoy your fellowship with other sons and find ways to fool those wayward seeds into thinking they have already been frozen and now it’s time to bloom, for once they have felt the flicker and recognized the warmth of the Son, they will not cease their striving to be more like Him.


DOLORES:  And one more resurrection will have taken place. One more rebirth is recorded in the annals of history. We look forward to making history with you again. Until next week. Farewell.

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